Imint’s Vidhance Algorithms Could Soon Replace Live Video Producers


A few months back, we looked at Iminit‘s video stabilization technology; now the Swedish video technology wizards are back with another demo of what its final product will be able to do with basic smartphone video. Instead of just stabilizing the video, Imint’s defense-developed auto-zoom algorithms can now also automatically track and zoom in on the most interesting parts of the video.

Just like all of Imint’s technology, auto-zoom is the result of the company’s work on defense technology. When you are using a drone, after all, you want to be able to easily track that truck of insurgents (and maybe even fire a missile at them — at which point you put in a little prayer for them to be insurgents and not just a rowdy family on a weekend trip). The technology is also used in search-and-rescue operations, though, and during basic surveillance missions.

As Imint CEO

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