Post-Quantum Encryption No Longer A Laughing Matter


In these post-Snowden times a lot has changed. Big picture stuff, like politicians legislating to curtail intelligence agency capabilities (or not). And smaller stuff. Like a ‘post-quantum’ encryption startup no longer being laughed out of meetings when they pitch their business.

While U.K.-based PQ Solutions is technically a startup the team has actually been plugging away on their post-quantum encryption and data access software for some six years. The underlying encryption algorithms they’re using date back even further, to the 1970s — aka the (established but not widely used) McEliese cryptosystem.

What’s changed now is the climate around data security, says PQ CEO and co-founder Andersen Cheng. So the notion of selling encryption that’s intended to be futureproofed against cracking by quantum computers now, before anyone has built a quantum computer, doesn’t sound quite so crazy.

“We have been laughed at by all the VCs,” says Cheng. “People were still laughing at us up to 12 months ago. People…

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