Q&A: Why The Most Famously Libertarian VC Firm Is Diving Deep Into Education And Health


brian-singermanWhile my curlicued co-worker Josh Constine continues to cover the Meerkats and Free apps of the world, there’s a fascinating counter-trend of serial entrepreneurs, who have been successful in the consumer web, going into extraordinarily difficult and highly-regulated areas like health insurance, education and elder care.

As Fortune’s Dan Primack wrote the other month — there are two Silicon Valleys that exist. Or co-exist:

Silicon Valley is teeming with ill-mannered tech bros whose childhood participation trophies have led them to boast about how their mediocre startups will change the world. It’s insufferable. Silicon Valley is also full of sincere geniuses who wake up every day to work hard on solving serious problems that could indeed change the world. It’s inspiring.

One could argue that Founders Fund, the firm started by Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel, is focusing on the latter. The firm recently led two $100+ million rounds in Altschooland Oscar.

Altschool, founded…

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