YC-Backed Smyte Launches To Fight Online Fraud


As we spend more and more of our lives on social networks and marketplaces, YC-backed Smyte is launching out of beta to make sure we don’t get defrauded, spammed, or harassed.

While the Googles and Facebooks of the tech world have entire departments dedicated to preventing spam and abuse, building this infrastructure is a major pain point for smaller companies.

“To solve this problem, a lot of companies will take one engineer and stick them on it for a week, and they’ll have all these problems because you really need a specialist who’s done this before,” says Julian Tempelsman, co-founder of Smyte.

Tempelsman previously worked for Google, where he fought financial fraud for Google Wallet, spam and phishing for Gmail, and general Google Apps abuse. “I was pretty much seeing the worst of the worst of how shitty people can really be online,” Tempelsman says.

So he joined forces with…

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