Enviroradience: a Self-Genesis Fellowship

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson,2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

This week we’re celebrating the freedom defectors, from different countries, have found, and within that finding, they’re working to get news, information, etc., back to their countries of origin:

  1. Yeonmi Park- a North Korean defector, who’s a thorn, in the North Korean’s Leader’s, side. Go to you tube and type in her name, and watch all four of the you tube videos; you won’t get the full story, until you listen, and see for yourself, the battle this young woman and her family have lived through. She is a star, on a program in South Korea, which tells the truth about North Korea, and its repressive regime. She’s, also, a writer, on the internet, for a newspaper, which tells the truth, again, about the repressive environment in  North Korea.   Needless to say, Kim doesn’t like her, and the North Korean, intelligence agency…

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