The Warning!

(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015   ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

This is a warning, to all those states, and the people, creating this state of oppression, you had better change your ways. Your end of time is building itself, in the need, to clean itself, of your barbarian attitude, and actions.

What states are we talking about: the United States, and their paramilitary police forces, which feel they have the right to kill any black person, either shooting, or arranging, for the person’s death, trying make it look like suicide, or that the police killer or killers, had to kill them, because they felt their life was threatened, these killers, and those who back them up, are enemies- of the people of the United States. Retribution is never pleasant.

Russia, for its belief, it can do anything it wants, and can kill anyone it wants.

North Korea, a dictatorship, which will no longer be allowed to exist; any move by North Korea, toward Younmi Park, will be seen as an act of war against the freedom of each individual.

Dictatorships, any where in the world; your presence will no longer be tolerated, change or be replaced.

Those states, in which they feel they have the right to spy, on their populace, by cameras, everywhere.

Those states, who are warmongers, and who, treat the populaces with barbarism, such as beheadings, etc., this means the arabic countries, and any other state, which is negative toward its citizens, and do not make their prisons, safe and applicable of decent treatment.

The New Earth, will be peaceful, loving and dedicated, to help any individual, to reach their full, and maximum, human potential, which fit them, and their choice of work, etc..

The United States, president office of power, where the president, sign a defense act, which, gives the President, total power, to dictate, who is to live and who is to die, and who can utilize the military, within the borders of the United States, who wants to rule over all its citizens, you’re no longer needed, which includes Congress, the justice department, and the Supreme Court.

You still have time to right these wrongs; if you don’t, see you later, dead cat!