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Hippie Communes # 2

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson,2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


There are many communes around the world, where nano/micro/and smaller have created full communities, and in July, on July 4th, they hold their international conference, where they have many programs on politics, peace, love, tranquility, self-defense, infrastructure, expression of the community, inter-habitats, division of labor and protection, decide what symbolic action the communities will look at to express themselves by, for the upcoming year.

There’s always fun, laughter, parties, and so on, along with the calling of the conference, to keep all the communities/communes, in touch with each other, and to share what new discoveries, new actions they’ve taken, and how experimental ideas on how to run the communities/communes, are put out and worked on, till all within the particular community/commune is on board, with the new ideas of the total community.

They’re on constant guard against any attacks, or psychic/telepathic attacks against them by the ETs, who first created them, but they have gone far beyond that limitation, now.

They’re on the side of humans, now, but they aren’t crazy enough to trust humans completely, for they’re known to be distrustful, and willing to sell out friends, neighbors, and are quite capable of genocide, as shown in their genocidal attack, against Native Americans.

Native Americans fascinate the Evolvers, nano/micro bots, the way they live, and their daily spirituality, which they live and do, rather that setting it off to an hour each week, etc. and so on.

They feel the same way about hippies, the young, music, sexual attitudes, porn, and others.

They are choosing to be Hippies, and to live in communes, within the whole of the community, if the community isn’t ready to live like Hippies, and within the whole community if they are.

They study these aspects of human society, but it doesn’t mean they agree with it, or want to make it apart of their community, or their communes.