# 17 Red Ops

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016

corporate crime, blood banks, food banks, rape, strongarm crime, social crimes, murder, criminally insane, institutions, medical organizations and real estate, real estate, trains, for pay airlines, ocean litter, animal sickness, white collar hidings, blue collar orders, laborers, immigrants, homeless, in the red corporations/small businesses/non-profits, storms, hurricanes, twisters, earthquakes, diamond trade/biz, fashion biz, worldwide fashion biz, runway fashions, female latest fashions- have to buy, off racks, make their own; pride, anger, viciousness, energy, UFOs, psychic travel and fighting, psychic death squads-military, intelligence operations worldwide, terrorism, security ops overboard, outside cameras- strategically placed, NSA, FBI, want tech companies to give over data on people, color, alligators, crocodiles, boa snakes, insects, reptiles, desert, wind, life after death, reincarnation, cults rituals, catholic blood rites, restaurants, fast food, food oversight, payoffs, music payoffs, criminal minds, worldwide operatives, hidden agendas, fights, boxing, karate, Akiedo,  guns, knives, weapons, weapons of mass destruction, nuclear winters, melting ice caps, TV, films, snuff films, destruction, bombings, suicide bombers, water run outs, press, free press, alternative press, and so on!