New Psychic Attack

(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


A couple of weeks ago, I had another- new psychic attack, which took me a few days to get rid of:

I was in the middle of something, when I got a psychic view of someone, who was far away, coming toward me, but I thought I had time to finish what I was doing, so I continued doing it.

I wasn’t done, when I felt a flash of fear, and I looked up, and the man I had seen, was now almost right up to me.

This person’s goal was to take me over. Fought him or his Sensi all day.

Aspects of the attack:

  1. person, who would seem to take awhile to come up to you psychically, now uses hyperdimensional speed to get next to you almost instantly
  2. He and his Sensi, attacked immediately, still using hype dimensional hypergates to go on the attack, and if you try to grab them, its hard, for they can move quickly
  3. I’ve had similar attacks where attackers use superspeed to come at me, and to keep me from grabbing them, so I have to use my psychic talent, to try to guess where they will go next ( a tv show the Avengers had a similar scene, except this was in the real world, where John Steed, was in the center and a man in a miniature racing car, going around him, Steed got him, with a machine gun, which he sprayed the whole area, hitting and killing his opponent.
  4. I’m getting hyperdimensional or dimen attacks daily now.

This is now within the band of attacks I get throughout the day(s).