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Net Neutrality

Unless you have been hiding under a rock this last couple of weeks you’ll have heard at least something about the build up to the decision over turning net neutrality in the US, a decision that was confirmed yesterday. See Zach Fuller’s post for a great summary of what it means. In highly simplistic terms, […]

via Disney, Netflix and the Squeezed Middle: The Real Story Behind Net Neutrality — Music Industry Blog

Spy section won’t be updated by runout time

The fight over a critical loophole in U.S. surveillance law may not be resolved in Congress before the year ends, but the Trump administration appears to have no qualms about keeping it open, even if the law expires. The law, known as Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), is set to expire…

via Even if Section 702 expires, White House says warrantless surveillance is fine for a while — TechCrunch