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Update on ET leaving, and what they want for the human population

(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2018  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


The ETs have now retreated to the tenth dimension, and are setting up all kinds of time bubbles, time gateways, and more, along with sending communication broadcasting units to dimension 3, and setting up these communication devices, to watch the end of the human population on Earth.

What they express to each other, gloating over, when it takes place, if it does: 1. The White House destroyed, Trump laying dead in the oval office, and all who work for the leader of the United States, joining him in death.

All of Congress, Justice Department, IRS, FBI, CIA, military bases, military equipment, spy equipment, and so on.

All state governors, dead , as well as assemblies, and government tax organization, DMVs, banks, police stations, roving police, national guard destruction, completely, with all loss of life.

TV stations, radio stations, internet-busted, churches, transportation agencies and yards, corporations of trucks, etc., schools, high schools, colleges, universities, taxis, uber, lyft, freeways, tollways, crossing national line into other country gateways, satellites, spy statellites, weapons in space, Hubble Telescopes, radio telescopes, desktop/laptop/smart phones, destruction, and all hospitals, med centers, airports, planes, military bases, equipment, military personnel, communication devices, radar systems, nuclear missles, ending of nuclear strike effectiveness. and so on.

This is true for every country in the world; is it a fantasy or reality, only time and psychic vision will tell.

Psi-ET Update Report

(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2018  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )



In our last report, we told you the ETs are leaving, and leave they did; from the Earth, from the time balloons, where they have or had their duck blinds, from the moon, from mars, and other strategic overlooking stations, they maintained on Earth.

Humans were stripped of their Great Library departments, where they have all the information within them, of everything in the department put into them.

Now, today I was doing my walk and I thought, I’d check out what the ETs are doing: a few days ago, I checked- they were back, but in the third dimension, from our dimension, and were busy little ants going over everything, getting ready to set up stations, if the word came down to put Operation Time Dimen, operational.

They got a limited go, for certain necessary equipment set-ups, but no overall general, okay, to set up Boneyard Stations, named for how the ETs see humans, as boneyard idiots, even when they have seen some humans, who can outdo them.

They’re just starting this, when the word came down, to stop, pack everything up, total moving was/is necessary, so they’re moving to the 10th dimension, from our dimension.

They’ve been doing this, for the last few days; now, they’re like ants, setting everything up, along with dimensional projectors, to project moving pictures, of them on dimension 3, setting up Boneyard Stations, in Operation 10 dimen Theatre Black Ops Tactical Stations.

Now, they’re scurrying around setting up duck stations, moon stations, mars stations, earth hidden stations, space stations and star stations. The 10th dimension is Operation Hot Dice!

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