UFO Interlude- Hotwire demands by ETs or Milabs or both

(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2019  ( Zoua; the OutRyder; StarMane: Wayward Listener )


Approximately, two weeks ago, I had a hearing- demand message, from the ETs or Milabs, it was distinguishable from my mind, by the fact it wasn’t effected by what I was processing at the moment. It was not like a thought pattern, but a hypnotic wire to me:        Go back to where you have been/ where you were!

This overlay message, was very strong, and demanding, apart from my mental going ons. What did this suggestion mean? It wanted me to go back to where I was the enforcer of ET wants or MILABS wants.

For many years now, I have been aware I have pre-message/demand aspect of my consciousness, and when one is triggered I would  act it out, but not with a loss of control, because I could control the automatic triggering of the hidden action brought into usage, for whatever reason.

However when this very intense overlayed my own mind to demand I go back, I allowed my consciousness to do what it would, and it said- ” Yes. ”

I stepped in then and said no way….and forced the message intensity out of my mind.

However, I still feel the different suggestions/commands overlaying my totality, but I fight to stop them from coming out now.

I have been an enforcer, troubleshooter, teach lessons to those who wouldn’t obey, and much more, like take over whole planets, being an outryder for David Corso, best sniper in the vitenam war.

The ETs, and the MILABS have fucked around with my life- payback is a bitch!