Up a level night attack new level of fighting

(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2019  ( Zoua; the OutRyder; StarMane; the WaySight Listener )


About four days ago or so, early in the morning, Pacific Time, around 4 am, I was in a deep sleep, when I suddenly, began to wake a little, then came a powerful push in my mind and body, and this also turned on the junk-electronics in my head, and my bodymind, was pushed violently up from where I was sleeping on my office chair, out of the chair and onto the floor, so I was on my knees.

At this time I woke up, and reviewed what had just happened, and said, ” Very good. ” This is a new level of Psi attacks and level of expertise.

Its been four days or more, and every day they are manipulating the electronic forms in my head, and thus keep a constant pressure on me, trying to breakthrough, so they can hurt or kill me.

This is what happened; but at the same time, it opens a whole new field of psychic activity, done by individuals, couples or groups.

I’m trying to decipher, how they did this telepathic push, so I can use it for constructive use, rather than destructive use, as my enemies are doing.

Straight on til Morning!