Monthly Archives: October 2019

Another attack- strong and supporting charlie horse I was having!

(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2019  ( Zoua; the OutRyder; StarMane; Waylight Listener )


Well, attack number 2, of the blast of power coming from outside. It was early morning, and I suddenly got a charlie horse, and as I was dealing with this, I felt a clump of power go over my bodymind- going down my right side to strengthen the charlie horse, and causing me even more pain, and it was very painful.

I told my total bodymind to take the pain, and when I did the clump of power went away, after doing this twice.

I survived, but the first blast of energy direction, which I ended up on my knees on the floor, after being blasted with this power attack when I was in a deep sleep; they caught my mind before I was aware of their attack.

I came out of it fast enough, but now I’m having problems with my psychic seeing, as they implanted a shadow in my consciousness; I have to fight this shadow to be able to open up my third eye journeys.