DragonStrike Black Ops is a personal account of Terry Floyd Johnson, who when watching a video on you tube, by Project Camelot, of Dave Corso and Duncan, a marine black ops person, and a super soldier, found himself recognizing David Corso, saying I know him, and when he tried to visualize how, he got that he was a Protector of Dave Corso, when he went on his assignments in Vietnam; he knew nothing about us, we were his environmental area scalpers, and we made sure no enemy lived, to hurt him.

Our kill record is outstanding, and our trainers- Military, Intelligence and ETs, were quite happy with our success rates.

We were continually training, with all kinds of weapons, chemicals, bombs, landmines, etc., in every kind of environment, we didn’t do what the military did, with their  bomb squads, we simply took them out, by exploding them,  or putting them into a dimensional pocket, which then faded away, and they did to.

We are highly trained assassins, erasers, control agents, planetary op managers, reassigning government officers, and so on.

We were given the best of the best, all the liquor, women or men, we wanted, but we saw this as a control agent, and didn’t take them up on it. We were primed to kill and preferred to stay on mission, at all times, that way we always came back, with our partners, or alone.

We are the shadow; and we work very well, and very skilfully with psi telepathy, as well as physical skills and action.

Shadow Wins!


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