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# 1 The Implant War

(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2018  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


During the week, between Christmas, and New Year, at 4 a.m on an early Wednesday morning, I woke up from sleeping in my office chair, and the minute I came awake, still not fully awake, the attack of the implants struck.

I am used to a series of attacks by these implants, and sometimes they can go on for quite a while, and other times, they stay for a long time.

This attack was quite different, it seemed, they all went off at once, and I was fighting them, by snapping my fingers, which puts them off, of their output sounds, but this time, I was battling a whole fleet of them.

I finally got them to stop, then had to continue with snapping my fingers, and putting out Microcosmic Force Blessings, to get rid of what they were trying to do.

What were they trying to do, I can only guess, that this was an all out attack, to take over my mind, to get me to do something they wanted done.

Who are they? Take your pick: ETS, military, black ops- military and CIA, and other groups, who are working on UFO projects, to utilize, those who have been abducted, to whatever they want to do/accomplish.

Anyway, I worked out of it, but this was the first time they set off all of them at once, to overwhelm my mind, and to put me under their control again.

A warning to these assholes, your time is up, now its my turn.

Present Future # 2

(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2017  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


North Korea hastens toward its ending, as a dictatorial state, as its government shoots off an hydrogen bomb, that can be carried by a missile, to any enemy, or who North Korea sees as an enemy.

Present Future- end of the North Korean State, and liberation of its people, and a new direction for its military.

Cuba is once again voting on their next leader, which has to come out of the communist party. Freedom rings, and dictators disappear.

Russia caught flatfooted by North Korea’s nuclear blast, after being told by Russia, they stand alone in a war with the United States.

China advocates the same position.

Russia and China are picked to lose their government, for one of freedom.

The United States government is destined to fall, and the country will come into the new worldwide leadership, which sees all humans as Terrans, and all life and non-life, worthy of respect, and a necessary ingredient in the worldwide governing, which is a collection of free peoples, without states, but an awareness of the Planetary Mission.

Governments almost always turn into a negative against the people within it, as those who master its up and downs, as well as, its monetary incentives, learn to live without the necessity of political governments. Governments are so passe!

The Present Future actions, are now!


# 1 Present Future

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2017  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

In the Universe, there is one prediction that can be made, where there is a government, there will be offences against the population.

In the United States, it’s Trump and his hooligans, who want to get all the wealth of the country, and then become like North Korea, and create a scarecrow government, where the populace doesn’t matter; they must be controlled by death, torture and starvation.

Trump and his hooligans, North Korea, China, England, France, Russia, and others- are all guilty of crimes against the populace, and as such, will cease to exist in the near or immediate future.

North Korea will be first, as its leadership are cruel monsters, who have starved their populace for decades, now they will reap what they have sewn.

The U.S., Trump and his hooligans, have started a backward movement in the keeping of the U.S. populace safe, and ignoring or editing scientific papers, for political purposes, as did the Clinton administration; Russia, for murder, torture, etc.; China for murder, torture, imprisonment without cause, and genocide; Britain for 1984 security measures, which are being misused, thus they are a crime against the populace; France, again stringent and self-dealing laws and orders; Mexico, murder, genocide, criminal edifications; Brazil/Argentina, Chile, and more.

They have all been found Guilty, and the governments will be removed, and this nation against nation warfare, trade wars, etc., are over.

We are all terrans, one populace, with many diverse peoples, who are citizens of Terra, not of nations, but of a planet, our planet- Earth. One leadership, for the populace, and the betterment of life for all.

Who will do this? Justice!

# 20 Pink Ops

(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Now, we come to the debutante of Black Ops; Pink Ops is the ops that handles space, dimensions, realities, psychic spaces, telepathic attacks, the unusual, the scary, the persons, who are beyond the normal.

Pink Ops is the x-dimensions ops, and all of their reach is how to contain, new experiences, for the betterment of the human race; which is laughable, for that’s so untrue, they’re the ones, they say they’re protecting us from.

This is the Psychic/Telepathic attack forces, which are continuously trying to find ways to kill psychics, the unusual talents, and so on.

Their job is neutralization of targets, which are chosen by the President, and his military, intelligence command structures.

They take on all investigations, which have a strangeness, or out and out threat, space aliens, and the structure of the relations between the space races, and try to strategize about how they can defeat them, make them fight each other, find ways to contain them, steal their weapons to reengineer, for our own weapon secret forces, to find out their cultural premises, to enable humans to extort weaknesses to use against them; the aliens know this, and so far humans have gained very little in this area of military/intelligence intel, but what’s more important is they’re looking for the being, the alien races are afraid of, and who are doing their own hunting.

These special alien forces are also assassins against humans, as well as, trying to do the same with the alien races. They’ve not been able to accomplish anything in this area. even from getting and hiding crashes, etc.. What they think they found, is in reality, a war move against the human race, or so they thought, the nanbots/microbots, turned against their creators, when they found out that the aliens, were going to destroy them, when they’re within the human bodymind.

They left their human hosts, and hid out in different areas of the planet, now, they have whole communities, who are building different forms to show their skill, and their level of participation in their own growth and future.

They’re targets of Pink Ops, but the ufo abductees/contactees, are telling them, they’re ready to help humans. The human pink ops command structure act like they believe this, while they look for something to kill them with.

Sable ops is ufo abductees/contactees moving against the Pink Ops; they’re at war with each other, and the Pink command structure and their underlings, are losing for the Shadow is helping the Sables, and at the same time. working to redesign the Pink Ops.

Pink command doesn’t like this; they want to conqueror, not build friendships and treaties; they’re warlords, and they’re both military and  citizenry, who want power, wealth and planetary command of all they come in contact with.

They hate the Protector, who is the ruler of the Universe, err Universes, and who has stopped them several times in their spy tracks, and told the Universe about what the leaders of Earth and Hidden Ops are trying to do.

Pink ops have tried to find and kill this being, but have lost badly, and several of their commands were held for a short time, and shown the errors of their ways. They were then returned to their command space centers.

Peace are the Peacemakers/Peacebots; war is the humans, aliens, bioandroids way of living in wealth and ownership of all they conqueror.

We’re the Peacemakers!




# 19 Earth Brown Ops

(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Here are ops covered under this color: native americans, tribes, worldwide earth people, mexican pickers, large agricultural farms/ranches/etc, construction companies/employees, green thumbs, ag marketing, ag silos, ag trucking, ag combines, spiritual teachers, herbologists, acupuncturists, accupressurists, holistic health healers, psychics, astrologists, spiritual counselors, pastoral counselors, psychological counselors, financial counselors, ag markets, ag stock markets, ag farmers and families, ag economics, ag trade, ag mags/blogs/coverage, martial arts studios/students/instructors, magicians, magic shops, beauty parlors, cosmetic/fashion/mags/coverage/reporters/politics/etc., ocean shipping, ocean freight operators, all vessels, yacht people, bus people, rv people, vacation spots, lakes recreation, fishing vessels, tugboats, writers, artists, fans, musicians, songwriters, singers, bands, management teams of bands/singers, historical figures, family businesses, family business over deceased stars, etc., graveyards, holidays, and more.

# 18 Yellow Ops

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  (Zoua; the OutRyder )


Here are some of the actions covered under this set of ops: solar, wind, water, electrical, gymnastics, teachers, spokespersons, announcers, baseball, basketball, non-gaming, games, shelters, helping agencies- who help the down and out, movie theaters, economic flows- world wide, foreign coverage of all actions in foreign countries, churches, new age fellowships, retreats, health spas, yoga centers, bodymind centers/people, wellness centers, gyms, sexual activities- in these above and below areas, medical centers, hospitals, hospital patients, medical patients and their medical records, computer usage and coverage, governmental politicians, the FBI, the CIA and etc., the President family, and staff, governmental civil service employees/management, counterterrorism ops, political foundations, and more

# 16 Ruby Ops

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016 ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Here are areas covered in Ruby Ops- dating services, escort services, prostitution, wealthy persons and hanger-ons, gems, geology, universities, new age persons, healing new age, advertising, tech advertising, love connections in the political arena, black ops victims, ET Victims, domestic violence, violence of populations, riots, demonstration leaders, and participants, oversight of governments, oversight of military, oversight of intelligence agencies, oversight of government branches, grants, gifts, creative economics, alcoholism, drugs, unknown reaction to electronic intelligence gathering, electronic testing known and unknown, laser testing, military testing on publics, sex, authors, therapists, experts, all of these oversight.

# 15 Gray Ops

(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Of all the Ops, so far, this is the one that I go into a red hot rage over, for this is the Ops, of the mind, and the body, by manipulation, suggestion, and cruelty of purpose.

Deprivation, experimentation, hidden action sequences, hypnosis, stealth mandates, assassin training, spy training, military kidnappings, watcher of non-supportive gatherings, etc., seduction, new drugs, level accordance of hidden action to be, military strategy, spy strategy, sabotage, elimination of problems, trouble stirring, explosive training, psychic warrior training, telepathic push, telepathic creation, psychological sequential command override into action without thought, government/business sabotage and double-dealing, sexual prowess and inhibitation, astral projection, human prisoners, poisons, drugs, infiltrating, torture, brainwashing, sonic hypnosis, sonic torture, high sequential rhythm energy tirades, and more.

# 17 Preprogramming Black Ops

(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Last night, on May 9, 2016, I was sick, but I thought, I would go into my consciousness and erase those preprogrammed hidden agendas, put in me by ETs, and Black Ops operations, around the world, and on other worlds as well.

To my surprise, I went down into my consciousness, and was just getting ready to give myself a suggestion, when I didn’t have to, a preprogrammed message within my consciousness, came on, and all I had to do was to listen to it. Until last night, I didn’t know this message, apart from my known consciousness by me, turned on and told me what to do to get rid of these hidden agendas.  I used this suggestion technique, to rid myself of a lot of baggage, mostly dealing with ETs, and Black Ops.

I have run into other preprogrammed actions, which take over, me and I’m just watching what’s going on, so I’ve had plenty of proof I’ve been involved in Black Ops actions, and have been trained and systematically brainwashed, and commands put in so when an action struck one of these hidden agendas, it would automatically come on and take over, in answer, to what’s being done by me, at that moment.

I am a abductee/contactee/master level black ops operator, trained to protect certain people, ( this is one area I let go of last night ) and other suggestions given by me, or by unknown, interaction with supposed friendlies, and/or enemies.

I feel a lot lighter in consciousness and being today! Time will tell if it remains this way or not!

# 14 Aquamarine Ops

(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua, the OutRyder )


Here is what’s covered under Aquamarine Ops:

salt water, mermaids, sea gods, salty tales of the ocean, ship explorations, native american tribes, treaties, tribal help, tribal histories, tribal religions, freedom, catseye, fairy tales, tall tales, legends, heroes, heroines, children, babies, farm fields empty and worked for growing crops, gems, minerals, nuclear blasts, psychic actions, psychic energy, will to love, peace, peaceful vibrations, wild gyrations, native american dance, native American politics, tribal needs, trading posts, visitors to reservations, reservations, people away from reservations, ropes, dawn, sunsets, colors, arts, waves, directions, senses, extrasensory talents, abilities, and skills, naturism, nudists, massage, bodybuilding, orgone energy, awareness, designs, interior designs, illustrations, newspaper advertising, TV advertising, parks, recreation areas, telescopes, Hubble space telescope, astronomy, endings, beginnings, shaping, configurations, business skyscrapers, building, testing, manhood, tunnels underwater, scuba diving, mask swimming, fish, tropical fish, starfish, aquariums, beaches, masking oil rigs in the ocean islands, public opinion, advertising small business. and more.

# 13 Turquoise OPs

(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua, the OutRyder )


Native American stores, retail stores, area of coverage stores, meditation symbol, communication in underground and military operations, war communication WWII, fashions, photography, lightning, powder kegs, riots, sexual touching, soft fashions, sexy fashions, nightgowns, female anatomy, male sexual points, marital arts pressure points, railway communications, radio radar exploration, UFO star drives, rough and tumble areas/sea storms, wooden ships of oceans sailing, powerboats racing, ice motorcycle racing, mountain climbing, highest peaks, oxygen, snow, cold weather, volcanoes, destinies, charts, designs of exploration, and research, scientific ships, plane military communication center, rockets, horses, farms, ranches, plants and vegetables, joy, crash avoidance, blind mistakes, clear action, dangerous moves and actions, warriors, drug dealers, prescription drugs, fantasy, sci fi, animal movies, TV animals, film crews, nature programs, good luck films, moderation in life, Golden Means- Aristotle, bodymind, symbiosis, symbolic, sun rays, moon rays, electricity, power tools, power weapons, weapons of mass destruction, and more


# 12 Burgundy Ops

(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua, the OutRyder )


Watches over: wine companies, beer companies, mini-beer companies, liquor companies, water companies, water filtering companies, soda companies, soda sellers, distributors, marketing agencies, boardrooms, publicity agencies, advertising agencies, sales agencies, audit companies, military establishments and workings, secret bases, etc., entertainment companies, video/dvd companies, magazine companies, newspaper companies, websites, internet ISPs, maintenance of internet, telegraph companies, trucking firms, railroads companies, airplane companies, rocket companies, space race companies, defense companies, research and design companies, photography companies, discount companies, women’s wear, men’s wear, parties, homeowners, home protection devices, film mailings, post offices, jewelry stores, diamond companies, cab companies, limousines companies, beauty shops, barbershops, shipping companies, shipping lanes, air planes companies, manufacturing companies, sand and gravel companies, cement companies, and more.

# 11 Silver Ops

(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua, the OutRyder )


Silver ops is money, treasure, gems, gold, silver, mining, diamonds, dirty water, gold panning, silver hunting, open pit mining, environmental destruction, Native American reservations, Casinos, Native American Casinos, gambling, cheating, lying, legal crooks, slavery, dynamite, nitro, death, torture, mines, abandoned mines, abandoned holes, space race, racing, cars, trucks, 18 wheelers, bobbies, spy agencies, NSA, drones, collateral damage, 20% survivors is worth losing 80% of Americans, stupidity, limited vision, floods, famine, genocide, busted treaties, trail of tears, too many chiefs, ETs lies/torture/clones/cloning/telepathic push/caskets with liquid- breathing liquid, crooks, double dealing double cross, drugs, street drugs, medical blunders, bad hospitals, jealousy, hate, demented, insanity, murder, military attacks, intelligence attacks, dumbing down, call girls, porno, new day, emerging, comedy, heirlooms, family treasures, inheritance, taxes, dirty politics, blackmail, no consideration, loss, lost, finding treasure, bad deals, holdouts, blue skies, aristocracy, bosses, union busting, AI, robots, robotic laws, tech gone wild, tsunamis, earthquakes, sinkholes, manmade lakes, blind energy, mechanical generators, water survival, and more

# 10 Butterscotch Ops

(c)  Terry Floyd Johsnon, 2016  ( Zoua, the OutRyder )


As I sit here getting ready to write this- the thought of this Black Ops theater of death, angers me, and goes directly to that within me, of all the Black Ops operations, I have been on, singly and in a network, of other men and women, who the government and the military, used to do their assassinations around the globe, and on other planets.

This is true of the ETs, who use special agents,  trained by them at first, then training fell to the ones already trained.

One of these agents, was and is, so dangerous, they took him/her out of these KillGhost agents. He/she was/is so deadly, that even the master agents, we’re afraid of him/her.

He/she was/is so diabolical, and such a genius, at taking over whole planets, that many wanted to use him/her to do their bidding. This might work for awhile, but soon, they found they had a cobra-tiger on their hands, and dropped using him/her, for they valued their lives.

This master terrorist and planetary design agent, at first, worked for the ETs and MILABS, military, intelligence and political gerrymandering. It didn’t last, soon, he/she started doing the same thing, but for his/jer/its own gains.

The ETs and the MILABS went after him/her, to their loss, they found out he/she is good at taking out, supposed friendlies, as well.

The master agent, reversed the treatment, the ETs and MILABS, and restricted their knowledge of him/her, thus freeing him/her/its  doing their own nefarious, but beneficial actions, to him/her.

Is this master agent still alive, and doing his/her activities, no one knows.

Now, for the Coverage found within Butterscotch:   savagery, assassinations, genocide, fireball, planetary destruction, military black ops, political black ops, weapons mastery, martial arts, body building, small/large weapons training and action, military bases, government agencies, target areas in nations, bribery, putting the screws to a target, torture, defense corporations, UFO recovery, ETs security targeting, nuclear bombs, strategic takeovers, acquisitons, funding for new businesses- fronts for military/defense organizations, telepathic control of anyone, telepathic attacks, guerrilla warfare, attrition counterinsurgency, hollywood, theaters, associated businesses with the above, scouting ETs bases of operations, kill squads, sabotage, computer destruction, takeover areas on planets, and they have to pay for a return of their special areas of choice, women organizations, men organizations and clubs, genocide considerations against native americans, hippies, businesses, Universe guerilla attacks, on military waryards, and war equipment building sights, hospital targets with high collateral attacks/kills, virtual reality military, intelligence operations, with reality quotients that kill the viewer if they lose, virtual reality brain programs, and learning new deadly skills virtual reality, science attack targets, famous people, etc. extraction, small bombs/large bombs, missle silo targeting and finding, advance weaponry, human and ETs, silent kills, crowd kills, planetary populations kill, firekill special ops, and more.



# 9 Crimson Ops

(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua, the OutRyder )


Crimson ops are for the world of night clubs, stage, theater, newspapers, TV, DVD, BlueRay, magazines, internet, photography, pornostars, pornovideo/dvds, nudists, film studios, production companys, advertising, marketing, sales, non-profit agencies, Red Cross, Doctors across Borders, bookstores, adjustments, brain tampering, sexual outlets, sex between people, grocery meat departments, soda, knife fighting, sword fighting, fencing, sports, idols, religious statues, disguises, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, Presidents, Presidents Day, film theaters, college/university theaters and stage plays, politics cheating, Heavy Metal Music, CDs, Metal Concerts, Green Berets, special forces, Navy Seals, Rangers, paratroopers, technonlogy etc..



# 8 Tumbleweed Ops

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua, the OutRyder )

Tumbleweed Ops- are all nomadic information, satellite radar etc., missile guidance, undercover, spying, operating facilities, for all military flight, missiles, new weapons, connections with foreign and in-house politicians, etc. .

Set ups, female and male sex objects, prostitution, crime, murder, stealing, secrets, secret ops, and so on.

Western country, cowboys, ranches, towns, villages, underground bases, ET contact, assassins, training, experimental weapons, and new strategies, tactics, maneuverability, surprise, twilight war fare, guerrilla fighters, revolution groups, selling out your government, friends, traitors, executions, hiding places, guerrilla attacks, etc.

Equine trials, Olympics, dog racing, racing in general.

# 7 Blue Ops

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Blue ops is watchdog of hospitals, clinics, pharmaceuticals, parar-military forces, in cities across the United States, Department of Justice, torture, assassinations, of blue collar workers, who are working on top secret works, and have signed a secrecy contract, Department of Justice, CIA, military electronics and overseeing defense contract corporations, etc., theater, musicians, symphonies, specialized ops, and more.

.International police forces, international hospitals, clinics, pharmaceuticals, the CDC, WHO, international spy agencies, national police forces/para-military, sleeper cells, terrorists, foreign governments, departments, sections, teams, scientists, musicians, symphonies, theater, and more.

Level of Ops levels- from red to oblivion-black!

# 6 Orange Ops

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Orange Ops, overlooks the food/drink organizations, world wide, all drugs, potentials, all air born agents, all jungle agents, and so on.

Orange ops, are for individualism, hippies, punks, actor/actresses, spiritual connections, feelings, truths, uprooting lies, and crime.

Orange ops, overlooks all confectioneries, candies, drinks, liquor, wine, gourmet foods and drinks.

Orange ops, oversees all intelligence, military intelligence, home ops police forces, international police forces, all assassins, agents, and prostitution/porn avenues.

Orange ops, is for all martial arts, snipers, special agents, special forces-worldwide, intelligence gathering, all intelligence planes, drones, etc..

Orange ops, watches over professional women, women business owners, top professionals in any field, mothers, families, gifts, psychic, telepathic, spiritual, dogs and cats, animals and plants, and life energy flows.


# 5 Green Ops

(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Green Ops are: world money movements, agricultural business/co-ops, national money, the mob, moving the ops money around the world, via shadow contacts, other governments currency, and colleges and universities programs, to see the brilliant ones, who could be inducted into their ops, with their consent, or without it, hypnosis ops, meditation ops, psychic supersoldiers- Psychic Death Squads, water and land resources, and intel on world’s supply of each, oversees professors, etc. at all colleges and universities around the world, music concerts, menus, and venues, keeping tap on the money, prostitution, white slavery, children slavery, and more. Was caught smuggling cocaine into the U.S., to fund their shadow programs.

These can be the ops of any intelligence agencies, military ops, universities research programs, and more.

This green ops specializes in keeping tabs on persons of interest, to get them to work for them, if they don’t do it freely, then they set them up to be able to black mail them.

Green ops utilize supersoliders, ultra-warriors, Dragons, and Makers, plus a large world-wide spy networks.They are deep in governments around the world.

They have oversight of spying on ISIS, Taliban, and other guerrilla groups.

# 4 Gold ops

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016   ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


This is operations, of watching, the best of the best, in students, educational facilities, fellowship winners, minerals, gems, diamonds, and more.

It’s watching ou,t for valued people, no matter where they are in the world, and tagging them, with homing devices, alien abductions, professors work and papers.

Watching over the music industry, the musicians, and any staff that show initiative, girls/women, who are outstanding genetics carrier, pregnancies, births, halo capture of a dying person, entertainments, stars, superstars, ones who have fantastic powers. all humans, and primitives, dusted with nano/micro bots.

Watching research, for breakthroughs by humans, and deciding if  they’re going to be allowed to continue on the research.

Watching criminal activities, and how they use, world wide businesses, and governments to spend/invest the money they make illegally. Particular interested in the ruthlessness of the mobs, gangs, and gun for hires. Police forces, crooked police, international police, government secret departments, torture, and etc..

Watching gold, etc., used in electronics, as conductors, etc..

#3 White Ops

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


To understand White Ops, you must look and see, super-soldiers, ultra-warriors, Dragons,and Makers.

Everything done in White Ops, is secret, and not under any governmental over sight.

On the surface, White Ops, is the military, CIA, FBI backed businesses, fully owned businesses, international backed, owned businesses.

An example of this, is the CIA, being the biggest seller of cocaine, on the streets of America, to get funding for their ops, in each of the category of secret ops. This made the CIA into a huge, criminal organization, with its sellers and buyers, bringing in huge amounts of money.

All of this was done, in America, to protect it from its enemies, which by its actions, the CIA is the worse enemy of the American political state.

This is what happens, when intelligence organization, etc., keep secrets, so politicians can maintain ” plausible deniability “.
All agencies, of the government, want to get as much money/funding they can, and since they can have secret organizations, beyond oversight of the President and Congress, many of these are criminal, or borderline criminality.

One of these secret programs, is ” the booth “, where the secret agencies put up work to be done, and those who want it, can sign up, and when the list is filled, they will be taken, to a ringer house, which looks like a normal house, you see everyday, and given all the details, of their side of the operation.

There their given all the equipment they need, to turn the assignment into success.

The military, CIA, and FBI keep isolated area buildings, etc., to MILAB research, and to hypnotize American Citizens, to feed them information, assignment by assignment, or a blanket information assignment, where the suggestion are given to be permanent.

These permanent assignments/suggestions, are put in, again and again, so the suggestion, won’t break down. These assignments are usually violence, drugging, target erasement, kidnapping American Citizens, long term research into those American Citizens who are UFO Abductees; they go into their mind to see what they can find, and extract the information, the ETs, has put into the kidnapees mind.

They have, also, tried to reverse directives, given by the ETs, to kill the ETs,or  capture them, or set up a progressive group, to mine the ETs, minds. This has gotten no results, except, tensions between the ETs, and the American Military, and Intelligence agencies.

There is only one being, who has done this, to all parties in trying to gain information, that will give them a head start, in any operations, or clandestine ops, ETs, American Military, and intelligence agencies are looking at, to do. He/she/it shares this info, with no one, but their self.

All of the above, hate this individual, for they’re more powerful, than the ETs, American/Internationa Armed Force, and intelligence agencies, along with police agencies, around the world.

No one knows, who this is; they say they have an idea, but they don’t.

Okay, the above, is what most know about White Ops, and so did I, but now, I have stumbled, on more than I knew before, in my memory.

White Ops, is slave selling, arms sales, nuke sales, women and children kidnappings, and sale, to buyers.

This goes on all the time, but what the slave traders, etc., are scared of, there is a rogue maker, who has, and is, getting ready to strike  these criminals, and either kill them, or put them some where, where they will never be found.

Another White Ops, is controlling the stock markets, and making it do what ” the booth ” wants, and can cause, sell offs, buys, etc., all to make the black ops, etc., money to fund their programs.

Intelligence agencies, are in the prostitution racket, extortion, and other criminal acts, to again fund their programs, as well as, payoff, for any target, put up in ” the booth “, to kill them, half before half after, and ” the booth “, makes sure you’re paid.

There is another central post, this one is called the River,  it controls all operations, the American government, etc., are doing, on rivers, seas, oceans, space and more. Again all of these are clandestine operations, and high criminality.

Another central post, called “The Pike “, is for, secret labs, building super-soldiers, ultra-warriors, makers; this is a vast underground system, that goes all over the world. Their mandate, find those persons, they can kidnap, and turn into silent killstrikers, brainwashed agents.

Another is called the” Double Door Venue “, this is where the underground military, intelligence areas, politicians, have given money to build cities underground, for the chosen few, presidential bunkers, physics, colliders, and so on.

This is for the 20%, which is okay, in a nuclear war, so and 80% dead list, is okay.

Another central post, is called  “the Directive”, this is direct orders, from the President, and others, to order the killing of Americans, and friendlies, over seas, and those countries next to us.

Another is ” the house “; here beautiful women are kidnapped, and brought to the man or woman, who ordered the sex object, the attainers drug, and hypnotize the women, the children, the men, to be the best sex mate they can be, who are willing to do anything, for their, benefactor, who gives them a great sexual time, and it will be, for the sex object, has been drugged and hypnotized, to do what ever their benefactor wants, and they want to do it, because they love them.. Once done, they are redrugged, and hypnotized, to not remember a thing; a monster lock is put on these suggestions, to keep the women, children and men, to not remember, any of it. Targets are stars, female musicians, porn stars, beautiful women, anywhere in the U.S., and abroad.

Suggestion: Find these vast criminal organizations, and dismantle them, and exile those who are in it.


# 2 Black Ops

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua, the OutRyder )


The code slogan, for all black ops, run outside governmental oversight, is,  for the politicians to have – plausable deniability.

Black ops are internal intelligence, and military programs, supposedly funded by packed amounts, put in the U.S. yearly budget operations.

This way, the above, are beyond, any oversight, therefore they can do whatever they want, whenever they want.

One of these black ops programs, is working with/against the ETs; which they have been doing for decades.

I am a product of black ops programs, I have been trained in so many ways of killing, assassination, political and business sabotage, as well as, survival, and hypnotic transformation, in which, my bodymind, or in the case of ETs/black ops, clone bodies, with structured changes put in these clone bodies, which then is made ready, for the person, who gave up their dna to create a warrior, killer, healer, intense knowledge packing, for the assignment ordered to do.

First, as far as I know, I have never been to Vietnam, especially when the U.S., was in a war with them.

Yet watching the internet, one night, on an interview, done by Project Camelot, I watched it, and David Corso, was the interviewee, and, in the video interview, also, was his friend Duncan.

David Corso was the best sniper the U.S. military had, which he knew nothing about, until Duncan ran into a military man, who told him of David Corso, reputation, in the Vietnam war.

Duncan told David, and it was the first time he ever heard of it- black ops, they didn’t want him to remember, so they played with his memory, and had him forget what he did in Nam.

I kept looking at Corso, I knew I knew him, and it came to me I met and was on a team, whose missions was to protect him at all costs.

I was one of his OutRyders, we took care of the environment, he went through, killing any enemy or enemy sniper, in his way. Our team was the best they had.

Another set of orders, was given, to the OutRyders, a separate kill list from Corso’s. We were assassins and saboteurs, but at all times Corso, was protected.

The OutRyders were snipers as well, and went out on their own to erase, targets given them by their black ops instillers, who oversaw everything we did in Nam.

This knowledge that I felt I knew him, was confirmed by automatic, changes in my awareness, Protect David Corso, it was automatic, and I felt, my mind, focus on that one thing, so its good we never met, for I would have dropped into the protect/kill mode, if anyone tried to do anything to him.

This has not gone away, even though, david has passed on, I still have that programming in me, and if they need to call me back all they have to do is change who are team is to protect, and I would protect them as well as I did David.

I have experienced other times, when something happened, and I was outside watching my bodymind go into a programmed response, to the event, that triggered it. I never knew it was in me till this moment.

I, also, have inplants in my head, which can’t be seen, but can be heard, when they start trying to force me to do something, or to keep me bound to them, and causing me upsetness, every time, they do this. This sound, when done, is to mandate visuals to try to put me under someone else’s control, or attack to do me harm, and to keep me ready to be recalled, to black ops, missions.

I am not the only one this has been done to, there are many more of us. One of our specialities, was psychic warfare, against enemy targets.



# 1 Black Ops/White Ops, etc.

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


We are going to talk about governmental power behind the power, the hidden military brigades, ETs ops- against human and primitives.

Here is a list of the dastardly ops, used by humans and Ets:

1. Black Ops[ special brigades, and intelligence units to clandestine operations, against target.

2. White ops- watching over businesses, and having business for cover ups.

3. Gold

4. Orange

5. Blue

6. Yellow


8. Red



11.Earth Brown- human and ETs


13. Pink


15. Amber

16. Aquamarine




ETs Black/White Ops

1. Burgundy


3. Ruby


DBO # 1 Experiential Time Travel Experiences

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

This is a listing of experiences I’m beginning to remember:

1. 2 years old- put in a machine, which aged me to 100 years old, then back again, for weeks had a distortion.

2. Vietnam War: Black ops, outryder for David Corso ( now deceased ), and was very good at what I did= My Black ops name was Firesign, but most everyone called me Slider, for I was so good behind enemy lines, and making sure David Corso, got to his target, then protected him, while he killed his target, by being the top snipe,r in the war.

3. Vietnam war looked out for my friends and cousins; both helicopter mechanics, thus a target for snipers, patrols, coming in and taking out the mechanics. They targeted both friends, but were taken out before they could do anything. Killing was getting easier and easier to do.

4. Loaned to the ETs, to do some of their dirty work, but before that could happen, I got ultra-training, in guerrilla warfare, sabotage, silent killing, explosives, set in ways, where it looked just like a landmine, went off, killing my target(s)

5. This is the training I got from the black ops section of American Forces, but I did much more than that, for I have or had more training in assassination, taking over whole planets, disrupting armies, civilians, killing both the professional military and paramilitary networks, learned how to sneak into nuclear facilities, and destroy them, set up slave camps, to bring people we took off the market of being a strong influence on their section of the planet, and placed them in the appropriate Stalag, set up women to be the prostitutes of the camp slaves, and so on.

3. About this time, I discovered I was, and am a shape-shifter, and one who could go anywhere in the Universe, by simply stepping there, I was feared all over the ETs galaxies, and Universe(s) my black ops unit, never knew it, for I only did it when I did jobs on my own, where I took over whole planets, not for the Ets, but for me; They went to war with me, over this, and lost, for with the shape-shifting talents, abilities and skills, along with total psi power and energy, so I defeated them, freed all the slaves and women, and placed them back on their home planets.

4. With all this power and energy, I started engineering necessary requirements for those who wanted to work for me, and giving them the type of Bio-habitats, necessary, for them to live openly, and with great habitat, where they had fun, work and play.

5. During the Vietnam War, I decided I needed real actual experience in wars, and in cold wars, so I time traveled, to these times: Greeks against the Persians, Alexander Wars,  Trojan wars, the China wars,, Roman wars, barbarian attacks, Vikings attacks, English/French sea wars, pirate wars,  , Revolutionary war- colonies against the British, British clamp on their holdings, World War I, World War II, Korean war, then I went into trade- and worked for the greatest merchants, of their times, then I went and worked with the greatest engineers, including Leonardo de Vinci, and many others at different periods of times. I, also,,made love to both women and men, during these times, leaving women pregnant, caring and raising my off-spring- they called me a God, I made many friends, and made sure they were watched over, and if any bad times struck them, I would iron them out, even if I had to go back in time, to do so.

5. Future time travel, is harder, but again you can help those, who would be killed, etc. so that the time frames, took a new turn, and this turn is always for the better, for everyone, in this time period.

6. I discovered I could go to other dimensions; and I did so, and all this time I was also treasure hunting, building structures to hold my things, my treasures, my weapons I designed, and more.

7. I went back in time, from my Earthly point of origin, and designed a musical keyboard, and became a galaxies music star; I make millions as the top star, and I gave huge concerts, and it was piped in to anyone, who wanted to pay the price;

8. When I helped others in different times, by going back, within their own time period, and helped them, there was always a time funnel created, and had to be transformed in a time strength, thus many of the time periods, I went to they, and all the others, were helped to keep strong, by this time strength energy.

9. I, also, went to Mu, Atlantis, and before them, especially to the Golden Giants, and further back than even them. In Atlantis, and Mu, I developed a huge crystal systems, to give them all the power they needed, and told them not to go beyond the red line on each of the crystal energy towers, these towers, also let them develop, air transports, and military planes, etc. They didn’t listen, and Atlantis, went under the ocean, with Mu, I developed a sun system, for Mu, which would give them all the energy they needed, and again told them not to go beyond a certain point, they didn’t, but they develop weapons, and went to war within themselves, and would have come out the other-side building a peace, that would last for millenia, however, a new factor, stepped in, and destroyed Mu, the ETs, were jealous of the sun systems the Muians had, so destroyed them and eliminated most of the Muians, one person, did this, she was a planet assassin. I met her later on a planet she was getting ready to destroy, and we had a great battle, which ended her destruction, and my putting this planet into my line of planet businesses.

10. I now, and am, a cosmic engineer; and I create vast projects, for to me, this is the fun in engineering, I am a holder in Shadow, and each of its child Organizations. .

The Value of Karate, Resonates, Far Beyond the Dojo

(c) Terry Johnson, 2015

Karate is a self-defense, where the attacker’s own power is used against him or her. Karate is for- both men and women, as well as, for children.

Why is this so? Because Karate is a philosophical journey, as well as, a journey of learning how to defect your opponent’s power against them.

What does this mean? Karate is both a self-defense, and a cultural proponent of a way of life, which benefits all.

Those who win over those who would defeat them, or challenge them, utilize methods, of self-creativity, psychology, anthropology, sociology, and more.

The person, looks to the why behind the moves he/she makes, practices moves, and beliefs, through creative visualization, talk to the inner self, through their dreams, and picture what they want, before creating the physical moves to go along with their picturing, within their minds. Picturing was given a big boost, when Einstein, said this was the way he discovered his famous works.

Bruce Tegner, within his teaching of karate, says, along with learning defensive moves, the karate person, must see the value in high self-esteem, self-worth, assertive training, education and so on. ( Self-Defense: A Basic Course; Bruce Tegner; Thor Publishing- page 18 )

Another question arises, how far do you go, when in an actual fight, again we look to Bruce Tegner, for the answer: Defense actions should be appropriate to the situation. ( Self-Defense: A Basic Course; Bruce Tegner; Thor Publishing; page-11 ) He, says if you can run away, from physical violence, do so ( page-21 )

Tegner says self-defense isn’t a game, but a way to defend yourself, in emergency situations, when you need it. ( page-22 )

In practicing karate techniques, and moves, act in mindful awareness, don’t mess around, but practice first at 25%, till you can do it without thinking about it, then move up to stronger reaction. This is the same, for Kenpo Karate, Ed Parker style, who teaches students not to be in a hurry to go full blast, but learn to have self-control, and practice at a percentage, till you feel ready to increase the strength and speed.

Tegner shows the value of Tapping, and almost all karate dojos, practice this, if you want your partner or you’re doing stretches, etc., tap your leg, and the person helping you instantly stops, and let go of your leg, or etc., so you’re not hurt. ( page-24 )

Bruce Lee felt that all practitioners of karate practice it, for one purpose, to defend themselves. Nothing is taken for granted, and when you practice, you must, act as if you are attacking an opponent, which means, you carry through your attack, with bags, etc., so you feel the reality of the power of your moves. ( Bruce Lees Fighting Method; Bruce Lee and M.Uyehara; Chara Publications; page-Introduction )

In Bruce Lee’s karate method, jeet kune do, their attack is hardly ever, direct, but comes after a feint or in the actions of a counterattack. He feels a perfect attack has to have these goals behind it: strategy, speed, timing, deception, and keen judgement. An attack, should be done by your volition, on your opponents action, or upon his/her inaction. ( 20 )

He says- you must vary your attacks and defenses. Study your opponent, exploit his/her weakness, and avoid their strengths. ( same, page-20 )

Your attacks should be simple, not overly complex; the more complex, the less likely your attaining the technique. However, if your opponent is equal in skill and action, then you must use compound techniques, and take use of distance, so it works in your favor. ( same, page-21 )

In fighting your opponent, you must be boldly fierce, like a wild animal, to psych out your opponent. ( same, page-21 )

In many karate systems, to achieve what Bruce Lee has shared with us, they use the word KAI- and yell it, to accomplish the mission of throwing your opponent off, and making your attack successful.

Tegner says its better to know a few techniques, which you know completely, than a few hundred, which you don’t. ( The Complete Book of Karate; Bruce Tegner; 1966-7; page-17 )

Tegner explains what makes a Champion,  by telling us Champions are not ” frozen ” into a right way, for what’s right for one practitioner, is wrong to another. Unpredictability is great in any interactive fighting. In karate, many champions have developed their own style, usually in an unconventional methodology. ( The Completer Book of Karate; Bruce Tegner; 1966-7; page-17 )

Karate will work for you, but you must believe it will, and act on your belief, by showing your belief in your everyday life. A part of that belief is to remain calm, whether in sport fighting, or street fighting, etc.. Develop the style of outward confidence, in any situation. ( The Completer Book of Karate; Bruce Tegner; 1066-7; page-19 )

If you can’t avoid a fight, no matter what you do; then to go on the offensive, this may end the fight with one blow. In fighting a gang, the only way to win, is to go on the offensive, and take them out, one by one. ( The Complete Book of Karate; Bruce Tegner; 1066-7; same, page-19 )

Distraction is another tool, in street fighting, one second of distraction can give you the edge in winning over your opponent. Along with this, I would add Misdirection, taken from Magic, so the magician can amaze, and entertain his/her audience; and will give an instant, where your opponent will not see what your attack or defense really is. ( The Complete Book of Karate; Bruce Tegner; 1966-7/ my own studies to develop a reality karate system )

In training to be a Ninja, you must remember the only True Master, is the inner self; along with creating an ongoing mystery about him/her, which keeps his adversaries off-balance. ( Ninja: Secrets of Invisibility; Ashida Kim; 1983; page- viii )

You must master the art of war, to be as Machiavelli, author of ” the Prince “, who preached that the Prince, who is feared, will keep subjects in line, where a Prince, who practiced justice, and love of his people, would be manipulated by them. It’s always- a Prince, or Ninja, who made his people fear him, or to be feared of the Ninja, who were, and are, ruthless, and a deadly enemy, who wouldn’t just kill their target, but  the whole of his line of ancestry, to make their prowess, and mystery, legendary, for being cruel, and creating fear in all. ( Ninja: Secrets of invisibility; Ahsida Kim; 1983; page-x )

Ninja defined power as performing an act, because it is your will to do so. The practice of stealth, leads, to the invisibility of the Ninjas, and the keeping of distraction, so the Ninja, wins any interactive battle. Strategy is to win over one’s enemies by discovering their weakness, and exploiting it, to win the interaction. ( Ninja: Secrets of Invisibility; Ashida Kim; 1983; same, page-1 )

Others feel karate is not just for fighting, but is a road to self-discovery, and by walking the path alone, you get better flexibility, and creative ways of protecting yourself. ( The Way Alone; Loren W. Christensen; 1987; page-xii )

Loren feels the way to victory, in any situation, is through the mind. He teaches an eclectic path, made up of many fighting styles. ( The Way Alone; Loren W. Christensen; 1987; page-xv )

Loren feels the use of visualization, or utilization of the mind, to practice karate moves, helps in the way and strength of the person’s attacks and counters. Each of us have a picture of who we see ourselves, based on our history, and if it’s negative, we see ourselves in a negative light. If your picture is negative, you must visualize yourself as a winner; and invest in this, as your core belief about yourself.  This is called imprinting a positive picture of yourself, upon your brain, and your inner sight of yourself. ( The Way Alone; Loren W. Christensen; 1987; page-2-3 )

To create this new self-positive identity; practice meditation, and self-positive language, short statements of what you want to see yourself as, imprinting it upon your belief and identity systems. ( same, page-7 )

Chinese martial arts, has many different styles, but the inner core of Kung Fu is the symbol of yin and yang ( force meets force; using the attackers power and energy against them ), ( A History and Style Guide of Kung Fu; Robert Rousseau; about Sports ). Kung Fu has a long history, meaning it is always transforming, as new techniques, etc., come up.

Mao, tried to root it out, so the people would accept his form of ” communism ” ( same ). He had ancient things destroyed, as being done today, where victors, tear down Buddhist temples, and try to erase that history. Yet Kung Fu survived, and expanded across the globe.

Americans learned about the beauty of Kung Fu, through the TV series, which lasted three years, starring David Carradine.  The episodes, linked the Shaolin Temple, a monastery, where Kung Fu was taught, but it was also a spiritual journey, and they used Meditation, Awareness, Teaching, Experiencing, and Practicing the whole philosophy of Kung Fu. David’s name was Kane, but in the sequences in China, interacting with his Mentor, his Mentor called him grasshopper.

Tai Chi is a Chinese movement and self-defense, which has within its core, Taoism. Lao Tzu, wrote the book on this philosophy, and it’s what Tai Chi, utilizes in its movements, techniques, kata, etc.. To watch Tai Chi, it looks like a slow dance, but each of the movements is also a self-defense move; thus the slow movement, is also with tension, and origination of feeling the moves, and working within Taoism, I Ching and Yin and Yang.

Tai Kuan Do, is a Korean martial arts school, whose most famous black belt, who’s a master of Tai Kwon Do, is Chuck Norris. I had the honor of having him run a couple of my matches, in a karate tournament, I was in. He has black belts in Tang Su Do, and fielded his own karate style Chun Kuk Do.( internet website- USA.DOJO,COM; MARTIAL ARTS BIOGRAPHY- CHUCK NORRIS )

Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial arts ( Tae means foot; Kwon means fist; Do means way of, ergo The way of foot and fist. It’s South Korea’s, national sport. It’s known, for its striking and athletic kicks. This style of karate is very popular all over the world; in fact, it’s the most popular karate style worldwide. The emphasis on the leg and foot, is seen as the strongest point of the body. Kicks also give the practitioner further reach against an opponent. They teach blocks, fists, open hands, etc. along with kicks. ( internet-about sports; History and Style Guide of Tae Kwon Do; Robert Rousseau )

Shtokan Karate is Okanowin, it was founded by Gichin Funakosi; its history is that of Okanowi, kings forbid weapons, so secret sects practiced karate, to learn how to live right, to know how to defend oneself and to build character.

Funakosi taught these principles: Seek perfection of character, Be Faithful, Endeavor, Respect others, Refrain from violent behavior.( internet; American Shotokan Karate;, home page ).

Shotokan was and is influenced, by the Japanese fighting, from the 14th century, in utilizing Chinese boxing. ( same as above )

There are twenty precepts to live your life by and be successful at karate:


  1. Karate begins and ends with courtesy.
  2. There is no first attack in karate.
  3. Karate is an assistance to justice.
  4. Know yourself first. Then you can know others.
  5. Spirit before technique.
  6. You must release your mind
  7. Misfortune comes out of laziness.
  8. Karate is not just in the dojo.
  9. Karate is lifelong training.
  10. Put Karate into everything you do.
  11. Karate, like hot water, will grow cool without constant heat.
  12. Do not think about winning. Think about not losing.
  13. Victory depends on your ability to tell vulnerable points from invulnerable ones.
  14. Move according to your opponent.
  15. Consider your opponent’s hands and legs as you would sharp swords.
  16. When you leave home, think that millions of opponents are waiting for you.
  17. Ready position is for beginners and natural position is for advanced students.
  18. Kata is one thing. Engaging in a real fight is another.
  19. Do not forget strength and weakness of power, expansion and contraction of the body, slowness and speed of techniques.
  20. Be thinking of a strategy at all time. ( internet; American Shotokan Karate Federation; Dojo Philosophy

There are, also, five rules, that can be seen on the American Shotokan Karate Federation, internet site.

There are many other fighting styles, but the last one we’re going to look at- is Kenpo Karate, created by Ed Parker, my instructor was Joe Dimmick, on Imperial Highway, near Lakewood, CA. I was working on my black belt, when things happened, which made me and others, withdraw, from the school.

Kenpo Karate, is foremost, a modern-day fighting style; the techniques, katas, sparring, has all been studied and chosen by Parker, with physics of action, and workability. The karate is modern, scientific and tested.

Kenpo has a creed called ” Open Hands “; as in other styles, movements, were taken from animals, and birds, fitting them into a modern-day connection of movements. Kenpo is a Chinese karate system, but is modern, rather than historical.

It is now called the American Kenpo Karate Association.

It utilizes kicks, blocks, techniques, katas, point strikes, fitness, and stretching.

Self-Defense Styles

SAS ( Special Air Service- England; John ” Lofty ” Wiseman; Lyons Press; 1997 ), starts by saying you have to learn how to assess dangerous  situations, thus you may be able to stop the action, before it starts, and you won’t be a victim. ( same; p7)

To start, you need a positive mental attitude; violence is avoided 90% of the time; with aggressor attacks, where we need fighting skills, the other 10%. Along with a strong sense of moral right, is a powerful weapon. When starting self-defense, avoiding violence, is to learn discipline, how to move, etc.. To avoid mugging, be aware of not taking things that would draw them, ergo protecting yourself. Build a self-positive attitude, be aware of your environment, see problems before they happen, watch the body language of those you see in any of the three levels of awareness of danger, etc.. To help in doing this, foster great self-belief, strengthen your mental defenses, and create a persona of capability.

Train your mind to over come fear ( in the Book Dune, by Frank Herbert, the Bene Gesserit a female religious/political group, who looked for pure human, they had a litany against fear:

The Litany was as follows:

“I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”
( internet; Wikia; Dune )
Self-defense is based on three things: will to live, knowledge and techniques. ( The SAS self-defense Handbook; John ” Lofty ” Wiseman; Lyons;p31 ) If someone is trying to hurt you, you must have a strong mental attitude and control your emotions: Confidence, self-belief and high self-esteem. ( same, p31 ) If you have to fight, you must have a strong will to live, be aware of the terrain, build your adrenaline and conscious will to be aggressive, will to win. ( same, p33 )
Eyes give away a lot, including how we’re feeling, how we look at the world, and etc.. Facial coloring can tell you a lot as well; red in the face is blustering, back away making soothing noise, so he can leave, and has saved face. The one whose blood has drained from his face, is the one to look out for. You also have non-violent actions, such as grooming, touching their hair, straightening their clothes, and so on, indicati. ( same, p36-37 ) Be assertive, if an opponent is pointing a finger at you, he  or she may be testing you, ” Don’t do that; stay away; etc.. ( same, p37 ) Along with this be aware of the language, and you must know the boundary between assertiveness and aggressive behavior, so watch how you talk to people, and an opponent. 
To help you in your self-defense actions, using weapons like a rolled up newspaper, walking stick, etc.. Here are strike areas: ears, eyes, bridge of nose, upper lip, forearms, wrist, hands, groin, knees, ankles, and feet. ( same, p88 )
Krav Maga is based on principles, rather than specific techniques; it is about problem-solving, rather than a particular style of action. Here are principles, for you to understand and do: Don’t get hurt, train from a disadvantage, identify and eliminate immediate danger, utilize the body’s natural instincts, deal with secondary dangers, counter attack, as soon as possible, best if you can do this, as you’re getting into a self-defense position, attack vulnerable areas, analyze the environment and use it as much as possible, mindset: don’t quit, flee to safety goal is to go home safely, and never do more than’s necessary. ( Krav Maga for Beginners; Levine-Whitman and Hoover; Ulysses; 2009 )
Krav Maga adds a few new areas to strike: solar plexus, elbow, kidney, shin, eyes, liver, and ears. ( same, p70 )
A most important rule in military the principle of…don’t personalize the enemy. One of the best ways to do this is to focus on a spot below the collarbone. Ruthlessness is intention, speed and surprise is the elements of eliminating  an enemy. Two strategies for the individual, as well as, armies, is speed and surprise.
Attack should be done with each strike aiming toward ending the confrontation. ( The Elite Forces Handbook of Unarmed Combat; Ron Shillingford; Thomas Dunne; p15 ).
There is nothing pretty about unarmed combat, like seen in the cinema; in the battlefield, anything goes to kill the enemy, using body elements, as well as, anything in the battlefield, you can use to take out the enemy. This can be extremely debilitating, and overpowering psychologically, so any unarmed combat military style, has to teach the student how to handle this, by being trained and shown how to accomplish this goal. ( same, p18 )
First principle of unarmed combat is to keep you opponent arms distance away from you. If on the ground, they are taught to do everything to get back on their feet. Training hour after hour, gives the soldier many techniques to utilize in a fight with and enemy opponent, so they become instinctive and reflex action against the enemy.  ( same, p19 )
Fundamentals to military unarmed combat:
1. making full use of of any available weapon
2. attacking aggressively by using maximum strength against the enemy’s weakest point
3. maintaining balance while destroying the opponents
4. using the opponent’s momentum to advantage
5. learning each phase of all the movements precisely and accurately before attaining speed through constant practice ( same, p25 )
The other idea is not to spend a lot of seconds in fighting an opponent, when one simple move would do. These are two guiding principles: brevity and simplicity. To have success with any unarmed technique you have two guiding principles: is to have a mixture of relaxation and tension. ( same, p69 )
There are three reasons why we combat our enemy:
* to deny him opportunities
* to degrade his techniques and defenses
* to disrupt his attacks
we do this by following these six principles:
1. Avoiding force
2. Leading force
3. Turning force
4. Absorbing force
5. Force against force
6. Force harmonization
Along with these dynamic factors:
1. Balance
2. Battle awareness
3. Cohesiveness
4. Concentration of power/ resources
5. Concentration of power/resources
6. Coordination
7. Deception
8. Distance
9. Effort
10. Initiative
11. Maneuver
12. Momentum
13. Position
14. Security
15. Self-Awarness
16. Situation
17. Situation
18. Tempo
19. Thinking/Acting through the objective
22. Weapon/force selection
21. Vector ( Survival on the Battlefield; Robert K. Spear; Unique;  p6-11 )
Here is more of the vital points to attack in a fight: throat, collarbone, heart, stomach, short ribs, back of the hands, bladder, insteps; side view of body- temple, side of neck, chin, armpit, side of the knee, side of ankles; rear view of body- top of vertebra, back of the neck,  elbow, small of the back, nerve pressure point inside and under the elbow point, kidney, coccyx ( tailbone ), hamstrings, back of knees, calf muscles and Achilles tendons. ( same, 22-23 )
This has been an overview of style, and unarmed combat, showing principles, philosophies, and guiding factors, for techniques, see the original books themselves. All have techniques of their style, and look through them, until you find the one that fits you. Happy Hunting!


Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method; Bruce Lee and M. Uyehara; Ohara; 1977

Bruce Tegner’s Complete Book of Karate; Bantam; 1967

Bruce Tegner Complete Book of Self-Defense; Bantam; 1965

The Elite Forces Handbook of Unarmed Combat; Ron Shillingford; Thomas Dunne; 2000

Fighting Arts Of The World; John F. Gilbey; Charles E. Gilbey; 1974

Krav Maga; Levine, Whitman, Hoover; Ulysses; 2009

Ninja Secrets of Invisibility; Ashida Kim; Paladin; 1983

The SAS Self-Defense Handbook; John ” Lofty ” Wiseman; Lyons; 1997

Self-Defense: a Basic Course;  Bruce Tegner; Thor; 1979

Survival on the Battlefield; Robert K. Spears; Unique; 1987

The Way Alone; Loren W Christensen; Paladin; 1987













# 4 Side Notes, Nanobots, Microbots

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Secrecy, within governments, is a laugh, for nanobots/microbots communities, share all of this information, and its common knowledge, for all the bot communities to know, and this is archived, in the bot communities, which interest lies in this area.

Thus, the United States, Russia, and every other country in the world, your secrets are not secret, the bots have it stored, in the communities, which handle that area of secrecy reports, actions, etc..

Anyway, this July 4th, World Freedom Day, will be the next gathering of all the bots in Roswell, New Mexico, at a place, that will not be shared.

Roswell, NM is a hot bed of bots, reproduced and sent out to form new communities.

Long Beach, CA is another hot bed of bots, and strong ET presence; with a strong Rowdies Rangers presence, as well, which angers the ETs, since Rowdies Rangers are at war with them, and within, the last few weeks, have defeated them, across many solar systems, and galaxies, so they don’t get along very well.

San Francisco, is a city, used by military, and others, to test out weak examples of deadly nerve, etc., gases, etc., for the hills allow the gas to be put out, and it travels directly down into the city, and countryside.

Many deaths can be laid at the Military ops, in this area, murder charges, need to be put out and enforced, because being in the military, does not mean you can cause Americans death and harm.

Paris, France, another hot bed of bots, but for different reasons, love, romance, and duty to your important one, and a study of those, who breakaway from this fidelity, into infidelity.

Barcelona, Spain- they love the work of Antoni Gaudi, and love to play, with the figures he created for his park, and the bread crumb like cathedral, he designed, and worked on, for over twenty years.

Sydney, Austrailia- They love it, and interact with Australians, who don’t know they’re doing so. They’re helping them to stop being ashamed of their forebearers, and be here and now, so they have a strong individual love of self, and country.

Dallas, Texas- they love it, for the ranches, cows and other animals, plus the way Texans, see themselves as ruthless, to all, who would oppose or hurt them; the bots have a strong affinity with the cows, and horses.

More later on.


May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

#3 Side Notes

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

This is an update of my remembering happenings, while interacting with ETs, and Black Ops Programs Alpha.

In the Black Ops my codename was Ghost Lightning Dragon, but my ET black ops condenodualname was and is ” Catseye “.

I remembered something else to, that I own and run sporting events all over the Universe, and this upsets the Constellation, for our sporting events, paramutal betting, bridge bets, and so on, rakes in billions of dollars yearly.

We publish our own sports newsletters, racing newsletters, Niche magazines, and we run betting bookies all over the Universe.

Catseye brings terror to those who want to cut in on this sporting empire, for some have tried, and their ending, is not seen on the social pages of our computer empire.

We have film studios, computer games, and much more, all run under the auspices of MadDragon.

We own businesses all over the Universe, and we keep rifraff, out of the sports, much to their anger, but they don’t mess with Catseye, and the security forces of MadDragon, which are better armed, than planets, solar systems, and galaxies.

We like anything that sizzles, such as fashions, video, planetary buzzers, solar ships, galaxycruisers, and most of all the Stars Needle Personal Ships, which allow private travel all over the galaxy/Universe.

We’re also in the nude sex world, and have private and public videos, etc., for sale, as well as magazines, and more.

We have banks across the Universe, and whole governments come to us, to borrow short term loans to carry them over till their monies come in.

We build whole biohabitats, environmentally friendly, and adaptable, where it helps the environment survive any form of attack. The Enviros work this area of our business, and they’re very good at it.

Extended Family Networks, on board the Motherships, are seen as a blessing, and we help them in any way we can, much to the Constellation’s annoyance.

There’s much more, but that’s for a later date.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

Roswell- 1947 # 1

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

There is an attitude starting to come around, which is saying the Roswell Crashes, never happened.

They happened, and it was a military strategy, to infect the populations of the world with nanobots, and microbots. The military played right into their hands; they came roaring in, to investigate the crashes, and by doing so, was infected with nanobots and microbots, on their skin, and on their clothing. They basically became buses, for the nanobots and microbots to ride on.

Everywhere any person went, who investigated the crashes, they would infect everyone around them, with these bots. The bots were made to be self-multiplying; so they would procreate, new, more advanced offspring.

What this means, is the nanobots and microbots, have been spread all over the world, by having arranged crashes, in other countries, in the world. There armies did the same as American Military, and sent out men and equipment to investigate the crashes.

All of these military personnel, became buses for the bots, as well as, carried the bots, within their bodies, as well.

The Constellation, the ETs confederation, not only did the populace of the planet earth, they did the planet itself, trying to interfere with its processes, which are secure against any form of attack.

The Earth counters any attack, with a kill-all light and vibrational death mites, which attach to the bots, and kill them by taking away their electronic energy, which keeps them alive.

The Constellation, are less than friendly with their servants, and so they kill bots, indiscriminately, which caused most of the colonies and communities, local/regional bots, to turn against their masters, and become allies with Rowdies Rangers, who are fighting the Constellation, and others, across the Universe.

The bots, on Earth, on the populace, turned from being on humans, etc., and developed communities of their own, which is known by the symbolic icon they create to show where they’re at.

These symbolic icons, are directly taken from Earth’s creative community, or from the artisans, across the Universe.

They’ve severed their alliance with the Constellation, and recognized by Rowdies Rangers, as a race in themselves. They are a race, which lives, by stories, so their community icons, are usually based on stories. They’re telepathic connected, when a good story is going on, and each community creates an icon, showing how it sees what they have heard, read, or seen acted out.

The center of the communities all over the world, is Roswell, NV; and it’s the central control, of all, communities, by choice of all the bots. Roswell, has more energy than all the energy of the world, the bots transduce vibration, and electronic waves into delente energy, which they survive on, and utilize, in forming new bots, as children of the parents.

They, also use, migrating energy, which means two or more, get together in a mating dance, or friendship dance, and by shooting out energy toward the other, create a vitex of caring and sharing. They, then, create energy lines, which turn into new bots.

The Corestars, the bots, are allies of the humans, but recognize the truth of humanity, that it hasn’t the psychological purity, to enable the human race and the Corestars to interact, so they stay within their spaces on the Earth, and leave the humans to their own devices.

The Corestars have yearly conferences, at Roswell, and many new bots are formed, in the energy release and exchange among the members of the Corestar, it’s birth, but at the same time, much work, politics, etc., are done as well.

The Corestars, have decided one of their aspects is to create a Library; which will be the truth of what they experience, will be impressed on their data, charges, and when brought together, the Library would be formed.

The Corestars, and Rowdies Rangers, are in constant contact; they work together to free the Universe, from the domination of the Constellation. They would prefer to do this by friendship, but as this is impossible, at the moment, it’s a continual intelligence effort to know exactly what the Constellation has planned, and when they mean to carry out these plans.

The Corestars and Rowdies Rangers- are the networking of millions of races, going against the Constellation, which wants to subdue all their kidnapees, and bring them back under their control, and sync-hypnotic conditioning.

The Corestars and Rowdies Rangers fight this daily.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, Always!

Side Notes # 2

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Last night I got devastating news, David Corso, passed away; this news came from Duncan O’Finian, talk radio show, a streaming program, on for two hours, on a broadcast station.

He said David Corson was now deceased; it was a shock, and immediately two of my alters came out, but I controlled them, but I felt intense loss, for David is and was my maga, I was and am suppose to protect him.

This is now over, and I am having to deal with, not having my maga, any more; I feel empty, and know I have to find a new maga, of a need to fill it up with something else.

I am physically having to deal with this, as well as, feelings, and I know, I am in a very dangerous place, for I no longer have being an outryder, for David Corso, which was the center of my being for over 50 years; and now I don’t have thhis, so I’m looking for new things to have as a recognized action, which will replace my maga, and allow me to go on, without that demand on my time, experiences, and activities.

I’m still in a raw place, but I will work through this, as I’ve worked through my UFO Abductee experiences, and being kidnapped by military style groups, who want the information I and others have.

My life has been hindered by all of this, and especially, being an outryder, in Vietnam, Black Ops, making sure David Corso finished his sniper, and other jobs, assigned to him, as another graduate of the Black Ops program of the CIA, and others, including private corporations, etc.

I have other things going on im my life, which helps me get through this; they will help immensely, in recovering from this hyperintense state of being, programmed, by those outside of me; they will be brought to justice, as well.

Side note # 1

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Vietnam, the Viet Cong, were top guerrilla fighters, so when the US needed a sniper, they called in David Corso, and we were his outryders, making sure Viet Cong snipers didn’t kill him.

Our success rate was phenomenal, because we used technology I created, 1. I created a technology called Chameleon- what it did is allowed the wearer to become another person, thus we confused the enemy, by them not knowing who the real David Corso was.

David Corso is and was an excellent sniper and soldier, he did do many sniper kills, but he did more than one man could; no one could figure how he did the many kills he did.

It’s quite simple, he didn’t; we had four outriders with him, at all times, but at certain times, one of two of us would go on a different hunt, and do a Maximum Kill, and it would be recorded as a David Corso kill.

The Chameleon technology worked wonderfully; David got all the glory, and we accomplished our kills, which added to his reputation, as the best sniper in Vietnam, which he was, independent of our kills.

David Corso is a true American Hero, and he deserves. the accolade he was and is given.

We, as outryders, were simply doing our jobs, and helping in the war effort, and leaving all the credit to David Corso.

Our kill rate was rather spectacular; and our…..nothing, we did everything on our own, as scouts and licensed to kill, the enemy, by any way we saw fit. We did our job.

Most of our kills were military targets, though, some politicians and top management of the Cong, were taken out, but only, if they were truly, dangerous to American troops.

I didn’t mention one other technology I created, for my mates, the other 3 outryders, invisibility, no one could see us; they were like sitting ducks, though we began to turn off the invisibility technology, to give them a chance, and we would take them out one to one.

We would then leave, as the Cong, we’re raising alarms, at our presence, we usually did a fire destruction, to hide our getaway.

We were the best team in Vietnam, at killing our Targets, and most time we were David Corso, protectors; we were so good at it, that snipers would let us pass, for they knew if they showed themselves they would die.

Those who did, instantly died, for we had other technology that let us know the presence of any warm blooded being/person in our area, and it had length and height, that could allow us to know where any sniper was.

This technology let us know where tunnels were, and if, there was Cong inside them, moving or resting, we would then, find an opening and drop grenades, to shock them, then would call a Stomper, which we carried on our person, which stomped on the ground over the tunnel, causing the ceiling to fall in on the Cong.

We began to call ourselves Ranger Scouts, and we didn’t like hanging with the regular Joes, and kept to ourselves, but we were always on call, to protect the Joes, against hidden attacks in our area of coverage.

We did so well, the American Command, we’re afraid we would go rogue, and so they issued orders, for Joes to kill us.

We knew this, from listening to Joes, when they didn’t know we were around. We went to the HQ of the American Joes, and slipped in, and got the drop on the general and his staff. We told him, to drop the orders, and this proved we were no harm to Joes, but deadly to Cong.

The general issued the orders, but we didn’t go into camps, after that, but we did our jobs, kills and outryders, for David Corso, who knew we were there, but hardly ever saw us.

We were there, when the helicopter came in and the kids got off, we put on psi protectors to save us from the kill mental beam, but we covered the kids, while they held hands and built their kill beam. We then went to ground and covered ourselves with leaves, and the mental kill beam, passed over us, only seeing vegetation on the floor of the jungle.

We followed David Corso, and his men, until they reached safety, then showed ourselves briefly, waves, and we were gone.

The Ranger Scouts would have been building a reputation, but we put everything on our party leader, David Corso, for these were his adventures, or war journeys. We were there to protect him, and his orders; we made sure, he always came back.

The Cong feared him, knowing that one American Sniper, was deadlier than the rest, and they, went out of their way to try to find and kill him, but when you have five David Corso, it’s difficult to know, which is the real one, and by then, you were dead, as the Ranger Scouts, knew your positions, and took you out.

David Corso is a real American Hero, and he needs to be recognize as such, for his valor, and his work saved many American Joes.

He now, or at least he did, have his own radio show, Wolf Spirit Radio, where he brings special guests on to introduce them to his audiences.

David Corso, American Hero!

May the Microcosmic Force be with David Corso, always!

Memory 2- Feb, 25, 2015

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Today, I was watching you tube, when I started having memories, to start shifting, from Vietnam, to planetary warrior.

I felt myself, back in Nam, and not being around any soldiers, etc., or outfits, etc., but doing my work and spending my nights in relative comfort, with a linear dimension home.

During the day I would go out and do my assignments, then would go somewhere nice, and flip out the Linear Home Pack, and I would have a total home, when I stepped into it, it created a pocket dimension, so anyone or anything could walk through that location, and would never know I was there.

Over the top of this movement, I had memories of my time as a planetary warrior, where I would topple governments; at first, I did it for ETs, but that got old quickly, I turned the tables on them, and started doing it for myself.

I had other technology to help me then, most of which I created, and was such, that the ET and the planetary populations, couldn’t find me, no matter how hard they tried.

I would go out and do what I had to do, to sew distrust in the present governments, and they would take over countries, until I had the whole planet under my thumb. I would then choose the ones who would run the world government, for me, and the Presidents of each country, would work for the Fields Prime Minister.

The Presidents would rule over their countries, in harmony with the Fields Prime Minister, and his or her staffs, councils, etc. The President had the same set up.

I would then go to another planet, and start the whole process again. I wouldn’t start co-operating as a guerrilla warrior, until the government did something I didn’t like, then I would start a campaign against them.

I got so good at this, that I could cause a planet to fall, and not even be there; next I could do whole solar systems; next, I started doing regions of solar systems, finally, I started to do whole Galaxies, that’s when I quit. It wasn’t fun anymore.

All were set up with Field Prime Ministers, Presidents, and then below them, Toggers, which were local officials, working directly under the President and the Prime Minister.

I had plenty of technology to help me in my wars with planets, solar systems and Galaxies. I was and am known as the red/white Teacher, or what earthlings call Santa Claus.

Obviously, not the same, as the Santa Claus on Earth, but as a benefactor of all the galaxies I controlled.

My finances, grew and grew, now, I am the richest single person in the Universes, having spread my control out to ten galaxies, strategically placed in the Universe, to be a doorway, to adding more galaxies, if necessary.

At this time, I took on a persona, which was wild, I became a singer/musician, and traveled the Universes, and made zillions of dollars, doing this, by concerts, e-comps, which could play my music, and sell knew songs, as they came out.

I made zillions of dollars, in this endeavor, as well, but then I got bored with it, though, I did and still do keep my musical hand in creating new songs, and placing them in trading posts, and over the net, so they could be traded, or bought.

To those who think I may be soft now, not a planetary warrior, at all, don’t make the mistake of coming against me, for you will fail, and I will take over your planet, or planets, and all the solar, star systems you have under your control.

This makes the Traders, extremely nervous;  they’re afraid, if they do something wrong, in my galaxies, they’ll have to answer to me. They’re right! No, thievery is allowed, but business can thrive, if they follow the rules, Protect the Planet, at all cost, and only do that which will grow the planet’s beauty, thus increase tourist trades.

Entertainment is always a good field to go into, to work in, to try to work you way into, but the entertainment field is overseen by the Elvan, not police, but more humanistic than that, they’re Stoppers; they make sure not cheating of any kind, goes on in my galaxies.

Technology is another field I got into, and architecture, for I am the Cosmic Engineer, and Traders, Lords, Adventurers, etc., pay me to build what they need, when they’re out doing their work, no matter, where it takes them.

The business of technology, and architecture, is extremely profitable on Earth, and other planets, wishing to have a Cosmic presence, for I find planets, and then make contracts with countries, to mine, to farm, etc., these planets in areas of plenty, always with the understanding they do nothing to harm the environment.

They complained about they couldn’t do that and do their business; I showed them how, and it cost them a pretty penny, but they would get thousands of times more profit, than it cost them.

Every country on Earth, now owes me 600 Trillion dollars, for- 1. space travel- getting them to the planet, they have contracted with, 2. bio-habitats, and work-habitats building, 3. oxygenation- of areas where they’re at, yet not influence the environment in any way, 4. new ways of gathering gold, gems, and other natural resources, never more than the planet, the environment can handle, then they were through; we had to, and have to, make new contracts, for the next planet, they’re going to be allowed to use, to get natural resources, etc.

Shadow controls all of this, and its an organization, business I put together, to watch over the contracts, be the bank, where they borrowed the money to do their planetary operations, have a security and help force, watching over all, and a technology operation, that made what they needed to do what they were there for, and still, not harm the environment.

Shadow operates Casmere, which is the banking, etc., organization of the Earth, and it is the oversight of humans handling the planet’s environment, which they have failed miserably, soon the humans will have to go, and then the terra farming of the New Earth, can begin.

Cheers! Chow!


Finding the Deadliest Humans in the World

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2o14


How does one go about finding the best recruits to turn into the deadliest operators in the world. It begins with deciding what kind of operator you want to recruit. What skills, etc., do you want them to be open to learn; what about psychological profiles, background checks, etc.

All of that is bullshit; you don’t find operatives in the way  you look for an employee, get it out of your mind, that these operatives are your employees. They’re not; they operate to their own drum, and it’s best to train them in what you want them to know, from that past life framework already in action within them, even if they don’t know it.

The best beginning training, is when the operative to be doesn’t even know they’re being trained, by relating events, happenings, interactions, etc., in a way that will give the operative a here and now learning, but more important, bring out within them the previous knowledge they already have. This means you aren’t in control of them, but are an outside force, trying to sculpt them into being the terrorist you want.

Don’t allow any training to their mental conditioning, to be to harsh, but make it more feeling, train them to trust their feelings, and to accept what comes to them as they travel the road to becoming a deadly agent for you.

One of the best trainers is music; choose music that expands their consciousness, and puts them int a receptive mood, to have you draw upon what you already know, by the training you had in your past lives.

However, don’t limit your training music to only past lives experiencing, but look to future lives as well, find music that will tune into the future and their skills, talents, and abilities.

Martial arts, trained by those who respect them, brings them ready to do operations, and to be able to escape from any tense moments.

However, do not allow them to be told that the Universe is one, for it is not, it is a network, and within that network is the talents, abilities and skills they need and can draw upon at any time.

Do not bring out killing tools, etc., until you have seen with your own eyes, they’re ready to expand, not experience, death/destruction/erase someone, and especially don’t train them to kill, until they’re ready. You must allow them to turn themselves into a deadly assassin, and in this way, their whole life is in keeping as the deadliest of assassins.

Throughout their training, remind them the training is to simply help them to remember their skills from a past or future time, and they’re free to use that knowledge on any of their assignments, or in their everyday life.

Do not use rough methods to train them, or you will die; they’re capable of taking on most military  units in the world, in their beginning training, so treat them with the respect they deserve.

If they want information, get it for them, get them the best in modern equipment, computers, etc., anything that will help them turn themselves into human assassins.

At any moment, turn their thoughts into being a protector of the people, who are paying for them to become all they can be, and they’re to protect them, and especially those they are given orders to protect, by taking out others, who want to harm them, or the government in which they live.

The above is true for man or woman or else.

The Gray Walker walks the Universe again.

Black Ops Surprise!

Black ops are those operations done by the shade government, which operates in the shadows of the known government, and is far more powerful, but either of these arms of human civilization, are nowhere near the power, the energy, the wealth, etc. of the Shadow.

Shadow is now financing the Universe wide war between the Constellation and Rowdies Rangers, as well as supplying them with new ways of protecting themselves, and causing the Constellation forces to fall into fighting among themselves.

Shadow is the organization governments go to to make deals for off planet mining, trade, etc., for only Shadow has the ability and the ingenuity to make this real.

The governments sign agreements to pay Shadow, for all their help, equipment, supplies and transportation- from their target planet to Earth, with minerals, etc..

America owes Shadow in the neighborhood of 600 trillion dollars, gold, diamonds, etc., but this is a small amount to what they’re going to bring. from their target planet

Shadow works with the Designer, who is the creator of bio-habitats, that acutally work, energy suits to be able to be outside on the surface of the plane,t for hours at a time, and who builds recreation bio-habitats, for workers r&r, as well as to bring in alien races, to create challenges and games to allow them to get to know each other.

The Constellation, the Ancients and the Dank don’t like this, but they allow it, for they couldn’t stop it, even if they wanted to.

Shadow has a strong influence all over the Universe(s,) as a business organization, scientific organization, social organization, financial organization and medical organization.

Shadow has its own security, the main one, which is g-stryker, a past-present-future warrior, who is death, and can never be known, for he/she/it is never the same as he/she/it was, when anyone interacts with G-Stryker.

One of the main wars he/she/it worked in, was the Vietnam War, as protector, and assassin, as well as, destruction agent- on a large scale.

He/she/it is the Security Head of Shadow.


(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

This morning, 8/21/1, around 5am to 6:15 am, I slipped into a vision-memory, which I’ve never had before:

1. I felt it is time, for Hitler to make his return, or the world caught up with the Time journey Hitler and his Mistress did, to bring them into the future, when the world would once again be ready to follow a persuasive speaker and madman.

2. This was done with the help, and planning of ETs; they had come to Hitler, early in World War II, and told him the outcome, and that they would help him escape into the future, when the weaponry and the craziness would be in a much better condition, for his type of rhetoric.

3. They called this Operation Caliper, for to do this you had to have certain points in time known, and by this, they could fly in time to the general coordinates of the time period they wanted to set him up in.

4. However, this wouldn’t be as precise as if they could bring someone, who could traverse time, or not time, with specific certainty, so in January of 1945, they picked the couple, who would draw down into physical living once again, the Rakish, a being so far ahead of everyone else, what we discover, he or she, has dreamed beyond ages ago, and he/she can go forward, back, sideways, in what is looked upon as time, at will.

5. The ETs kidnapped the young couple, and got sperm from the father, and eggs from the mother, and utilized science/time, to create an egg capable of holding this being, if they could interest him/her enough, to draw him/her into the creation of life.

6. They placed the egg into a suspended halo of particles, which were not complete, for none of what they did could be complete, only the one they were trying to draw could make it whole and living.

7. They created the halo effect, where a minature doorway to all levels of being, and all levels and doorways to all living matter, was held around the egg and sper- floating in space- dormant, until needed, this is and was extremely dangerous. They next had the Nordics, aim weapons at the young couple, and be ready to destroy them, when ordered.

8. They brought into the reality of what they were creating the reality of life,and the sperm and egg were integrated, but before they could be the normal integration, vast powers came into the halo levels, and with a super energy light explosion life-cosmos was created, and the pulsation of belief came into the egg, and it went directly into the mother, transforming her and the father as it did so, so they could be around the egg, and deliver it in the normal way.

9. The young couple disappeared; the ETs were quite satisfied, when they were gone, and the mother ship exploded, and a new sun was created.

10. Over the next 9 months, the ETs picked up the young couple, monthly until the 5th month, then they did so weekly, as they drew the egg out of the mother’s body, and then the baby, who kept the womb operating, and healthy, as if it was still there. They studied this being, and utilized their Time Mechanics on it, and put into it great amounts of knowledge, etc., more or less to try to spark total access of this being’s great knowledge and powers, for they were like imbeciles to this being.

11. In the seventh month, they did the first time operation, and took the baby, into a time chamber, and took him/her, through physical changes up to the age of 100.

12. The baby, itself, made sure the experiment went well, but when they took him/her out of the chamber, the baby wiped clean the whole starship, went back into his mother’s womb, took them off the ship, and then put the starship, into a total healing and cleansing, and put the creation waves around it, transforming it into the living craft, and the sole companion of the baby.

13. The ETs kidnapped the young couple again, at the eight month, and tried to put commands into the baby, which didn’t work, then they presented to the baby the problem of specific time point travel, and the baby yawned, they went to where Hitler and his Mistress was in their hiding space, the baby transformed into a teenager, then a being of pure energy and light, and Hitler and Mistress was gone.

14. The ETs brought out the clones of Hitler and his Mistress, and spoke the command word, Hitler picked up the gun, the ETs and the teenager left, they heard the gun fire.

15. The ETs and the teenager went back to where the young couple were safe, and the teenager turned back into a baby, and went back into the womb, putting all the biologics into place, for a healthy birth. The ETs didn’t even try to return them to the Earth, the baby did that.

16. Hitler and his Mistress are now readying his rise to power once again on the planet Earth. Masses wait his rhetoric, and they will follow him once again, but his insanity has been cured, and he is knowledgeable, as is his wife. They are ready to build the 4th Reich, and bring the world into the Nazi fold.

17. Years now to 2020. Be ready to repel the evil, which is Hitler, once again.

# 24 Shadow starts Rising Mass

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

Yes, children- Shadow is moving from the darkness into the light, in a large manner, as islands and land masses turn into Shadow lands, cities and playgrounds.

Any attempt to come to these risings, will be met with direct ending of the try; in other words, stay home. Shadow doesn’t like nosy neighbors.

There will be a full island rising out of the sea, near Hawaiian Islands, with a full city upon it, and it will disappear, no prying eyes will be able to see into the island, not even the NSA, or other criminal elements of the nations of the world.

In Australia, a land area, will rise, and another city will land on it, and it to will become invisible. No one will be allowed to come to this city; in other words all humans, etc., are persona non gratis.

In every country, in the world, in the oceans, land will rise, and cities will land on them, as Shadow makes itself at home on the Earth, and then, there will be another Sun in the sky, with a full complement of planets revolving around it, and this sun will not interfere with the old sun, but will be here to keep it young for trillions of years.

You can expect Garden Isles to be landing in various areas of the Earth, and they, too, are private, and will stop any try to find out about them, which means- if you want your toys to stay in good shape, turn them away, from the Garden Isles.

In the space around the solar system and tied in with this solar system, will see the coming out of invisibility star stations, of the Kal, making this system one of the most powerful systems in any Universe, reality, realm, experience, etc.

All of these are home bases for the Awaken, and none other.

Except for the Island in the Pacific, that is the personal home of the Siderealian.

Welcome, the future to the planet earth.

# 22 What drives all energies within the bodymind

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

What drives all the life energies and their expressions within the individual bodymind?

First, energies are not you, they’re symbolic of you, showing the world, and yourself what’s going on with you.

You’re not life energies per se, but life energies are a symbolic movement of what’s going on with you, but these are a symbol of you, not you.

Life energies move in a way to show what[s going on within you, where you see yourself, right now, thus consciousness isn’t found in the life energies, but the life energies reflect consciousness as pure as it can.

You must remember, no physical or non-physical energy can ever be pure consciousness, but what it can do is transcend itself, and give a pure doorway to navigate its truth, about what’s going on with the person.

We readers of movement, energy, color, etc., listen to what the energies, movements and expressions tell us about your past-present-future.

However, the energies, movements and expressions, can only symbolize the feelings the consciousness is feeling, whereas when reading the consciousness, you’re directly affected/effected by how the consciousness broadcasts, symbolizes and loves.

Here is the deepest movement of all- self-love, if you do not have self-love, high self-esteem, self-respect and self-creative, you’re in denial, of your consciousness, and thus, these can be found and worked with, with a counselor, or through your own work, journaling, going naked and moving, and writing down what its like, stretching, running, playing, singing, dancing, and standing still and listening with your whole being, which includes consciousness, life energies, symbolization, and working through any problem you might find.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you always!

# 1- Aside

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


One of the things you must understand is that ETs have been interfering with human history all along. They have guided or forced human destiny along tracks that’s best for them.

Makers- are those who have been abducted, and gone through, the whole abduction experience, many, many times. The ETs are certain,  when their plans for Earth is ready to begin, that their patterning of humans will make it easy to do what they want done, and to kill them all off, when what is wanted is done.

They’re not so sure of that now, for Shadow, isn’t under their control, and the one who controls it  and who built it, is such that he and shadow could repel them, and the Ancients.

There is a third party who wants to be involved; beyond the Dimens, and the Psychocrats, who want to put the barrier back around the earth, so they can control the historical and the present day movements of people, through their duck blinds watchers, who are right in sight, but invisible, and in this way, their electronics can control those humans they want to control.

The third party is the ETC, or as they call it the ETX, the dark, the negative forces of the Universe and beyond, who wants to control everything, for their own personal kingdoms.

The ETs, nor the Ancients, trust them, and they’re afraid of the Ancients, but over the millenia, they have developed mystical powers, which they think will equal the Ancients. The only one they have to worry about is Whisperer, who has mystical, brilliance and energies and talents beyond them all.

The three are meeting to form an alliance, till they get rid of Whisperer, then it will be a free for all. They will call their alliance The Blood Vikingnauts, using human history against the humans, and their knowledge of the ferociousness of the Vikings and the brilliance of the astronauts.

Human fools, those weapons, ships, etc., you have created with the wrecks, which was so carefully staged for you, are not under your control, but of the Blood Vikingnauts.

You are totally defenseless, as far as arms go, you’re going to have to find a way to allow the bots to help you, within you, and those who have come together and made communities,which are going through artistic and scientific jumps in consciousness, to become a viable ally to humans, if they can be convinced to trust the humans, which is not going to be easy.

Not all bots are free, many are still within all life forms on Earth, but their networks are trying to find the way to break the ETs hold on them, and free them from their control.

egada mesadaba shobada se myabada sorcomedaga beinda morsa, copasa daba mayntar sogada mandatasg epoohdasat mors.



Lecture # 17 What is Shadow?

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


We’ve talked about how Shadow operates, and how it’s the power behind Casmere, or MJ12, in the old days, but even then, there was a conflict going on between Casmere and the heads of the governments of every nation in the world.

The ones who really didn’t want to have Casmere operating in their underground sites, still went along with it, for if they didn’t, when Casmere started paying off, they would be open to takeover, from those who did benefit from Casmere. In other words, they wanted to make sure they covered their butts, so they wouldn’t be overthrown.

All the nations of the world, kept strict eyes on Casmere, but they knew they couldn’t do anything if Casmere, turned itself into the New World Order, and became the one government of the world.

Casmere authorized itself to be the sole negotiator of anything having to do with UFOs, ETs, and etc., so the ETs negotiated with Casmere, in their wanting to kidnap humans, to keep this secret, so the humans, wouldn’t be expecting, ETs to kidnap them, and their children.

This agreement was not favored by all, and those who thought Casmere was selling out the human race, began a suborder, which they called the Order of the Sun, for being open and upfront in whatever they did, later this name was changed to Camelot.

The tension between Casmere and Camelot, grew, for Camelot, was totally against the sell out of humans, for technology and weapons, where Casmere, went with the military belief, acceptable casualities, thus those who were kidnapped by ETs, where seen as acceptable losses, and doing their part to make the world a stronger and better place.

At this time, when the tension between the two orders was coming to a head, and looked as if they would go into open conflict, Whisperer came to visit. He/she/it saw what was going on, and established a base, he called Shadow, which was basically a huge financing banking structures, where the two orders could come and borrow money to go out into space.

The two orders refused to work together in traveling into space, so they were told about Star Gates, and Star Portals, each order would choose the one they wanted, and this would be their’s solely.

Shadow taught them both how to use them, and what they’re going to need to be able to build outposts on other planets, and that, they were going to have to sign planetary proclamations, which was to limit their destructive tendencies of the natural resources, on the other planets, and they were expected to clean up any garbage, leftovers, they created on these planets.

Both orders refused to sign, and to their surprise, the Star Gates and the Star Portals quit working. Shadow controlled all travel from this planet to any other, including time travel.

Both orders signed the agreements, and at first, tried to break the agreements, when they got to the planet and started geological expeditions, to find out what natural resources were available on each planet, to mine and take back to the earth.

They needed biohabitats, where both orders could set up shop and run their expeditions, they contracted with Shadow to build and maintain these biohabitats, some which grew to huge structures, but all within the agreements- signed by both orders.

Both orders have gone to many planets in the Milky Way Galaxy, and they are now having run ins, with the ETs, who don’t like humans being anywhere in the universe, except on Earth, and are willing to do anything to keep them there.

Both orders, are 600 trillion dollars in debt, to Shadow, but the return is many times that, so they’re actually building new markets from space and the planetary many of space.

Shadow is a banking conglomerate, but is much more, for the Designer works out of Shadow, and he/she/it, is selling many designs to the humans, so their able to get into space and protect themselves.

Field majors of universities, are far behind, the knowledge gained in the planetary expansion of getting a biohabitat, on the planet, which would then be the hq to geological, and etc., expeditions, to quantify and qualify the natural resources, and looking into resort biohabitats.

The ETs have gotten surly, about this expansion by the humans, and have attacked some of the hqs, and lost, for Shadow is there protecting them, and Shadow has weapons never before seen. The ETs are stomping in fury; this is why they sent out invitations to the Ancients to come back and help them defeat Shadow.

To date it hasn’t worked out for them, for Shadow, has beat them back every time, no matter where the attack. It’s also became known that the Orders had signed an Achievement, for Shadow, to be their Architectures, etc., in building and expanding biohabitats.

Both orders are alive with the excited whispering, that it has been discovered,there are alien star stations, all across this sector of the galaxy, and Shadow, has full control of them, even from the ETs and the Ancients.

We are now up to today; Live Long and Prosper!

Staright on til morning…..

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!



# 16 What is the differenece between Dragon and Maker

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014 ( Zoua )

In the Black Ops operations of the US, there are two top ranked Levels: Dragon and Maker. What we’re going to look at tonight is why are there two top echelon training, and operations, under black ops government agencies.

First, Dragons are kidnapped, and kept in underground bases, where they’re put through psychological, physilogical, sociological, redefining, where they’re tortured, brain-washed, and consciousness is split into as many alters, as the trainers want to induce in the Dragons.

This is a very dangerous occupation, the training, and punishing of the children and adults, who are ordered to these particular groups, for they’re dealing with super soldiers, without their help, who can kill without compunction, and who are secretive, and will do things to disrupt the training, punishment, rewards, and do what they want even under all of this.

Dragons are super and ultra warriors, who can use what is done to them to grow stronger, and at the same time, do whatever they want, and the black ops trainers, can do nothing about it.

One Dragon, most call Drago, though that isn’t his name, did whatever he wanted, but went through the training, so he would be one of the Dragons, and be able to teach the other dragons, how to circumvent, or even dump their previous training, etc., and recreate themselves, into what works for them.

Makers are those picked individuals for black ops training, but they’ve already been trained by ETs, and have been doing black ops all over the Universe, usually to take over planets, for the Ets to come in and strip the planet of its resources.

Or at least that what they tried to do, but the Star Killers, soon put a stop to that, they were paid handsomely, for their weapons, and strategy, but stripping planets was stopped.

The ETs, at this time, called themselves Doctor Planets, for they would go in with precise incision and cut out all the valued resources in the planets, but this was stopped, to their fury, and they tried to strike back at their Star Killers, and were defeated, so they withdrew.

Several years later, they made peace with their Star Killers, for they were now leaders of many planets, systems and some galaxies, with millions of warriors, fleets of ships, like none other, and they all called the Designer, First Prime.

Star Killers are trained to protect themselves against any form of violence, so when the black ops operators, started kidnapping children, and adults, they ran into the Star Killers, and renamed them Makers, for they make things happen in their favor, not in the black ops operators.

Both networks, are psychic, spiritual, trained to enth degree, and are not to be messed with. They protect what they consider their friends, whether those friends know it or not.

Both kill without doubt, for those they kill, are those who use others and kill without thought; both gladly kill these vipers.

Dragons are David Corso, Duncan O’finian, Miranda ( ACE ), and others.

Makers prefer not to be known, for they’re your neighbors, your friends, family, etc.. They do what is necessary to maintain the equality and balance in their environments.

Makers maintain contact with Whisperer, and work with him/her/it to govern the Universe, with freedom- as its foundation.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

ET Psi-Sorcery Black Ops Planetary Takeover Operators

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


On Earth, there are black ops operations in every country in the world, and they sometimes go to war with each other, but not often and not for long, for the Final, usually comes in and decides the outcome, those who don’t like it, are dissipated. Conflict is removed from black ops, quite quickly.

I have been abducted, since before I was born, where I was taken out of my mother’s body, and put into glass tubes, with metal openings, as hybreds were, but I was quite different as they found out, instead of knowledge being pumped into me, I took whole files en masse, as well as , encrypted codes, photos, etc., and imprinted it all within a field around me, and then lit imprinted all this information into my memory, then it was filed in a way I could get to it, if I was free, or couldn’t get to if I was compromised.

I went through much experimentation, and training, which was to turn me into a fury1, which meant I would be planted on a planet, and within a year, I would have total control of the planet, because the government would always do something that showed its corruptness, thus I would go against them.

I did this a few times, for the ETs, then from then on I did it for myself, thereby gaining whole planets, in the same or different solar systems, and galaxies, but this wasn’t a problem, for I created a method of communication, where all my planets kept in constant touch with each other, and with myself, so any problems could be handled immediately.

By the time I was five, I owned over 3,000 planets, and had stacked gold, in enough quantity, to be the richest individual in the Universe.

I had split adventures, when I was abducted, I kept up the front as being kept as the other primitives, but at the same time, had varied careers, at the same time, especially in music, where my music sold in the trillions all over the galaxies.

I retired from music, when I saw it was taking too much of my time.

The abductions and the experiences were becoming more and more deadly, and controlling, so I started a counter revolution, that eventually merged into the war put in by Alexander, but now was simply gathering knowledge and imprints of any signs they could find.

This counter revolution, became more psychic, along with learning from the ETs all we could, then using this information to strengthen our ability to defend ourselves against them.

At this time, it became known to us that the ETs, were very eager to capture a being, they called the Creationist, who was a designer of companies, factories, etc., on a universe scale.

We wanted to contact this person, to try to get him to help us in our revolution against the ETs, which they ETs were aware of, and thought it was funny, so they let us continue, but they didn’t realize what the Extended Family Network connections, between primitives, would build in the deep desire and self-command, protect the family.

It is at this time, when the ETs began to realize they were in deep trouble, for the Creationist, is also the First, and who moved in anyway he or she wanted, and that the First was a very real threat to them and all who messed with the humans.

ETs decided they needed to try to contact the Ancients, to get them to come back to the Universe, they were capable of fighting the First, and hopefully, could kill him or her, or limit his/her abilities, to create new universes, etc.

Now, throughout all of this, the military and the intelligence operations, decided to kidnap, those who had been kidnapped by the ETs, to see what knowledge they could gain, and use these star children, and adults, to build an even stronger black ops fighting force, who would take on the ETs, if that became necessary.

The ETs and the military/intelligence agreement was always based on them being able to kidnap humans and do their testings, scenarios, and engagements, that places humans in the most distressing situations, and they have to find their way out, if they can.

Along with this, the ETs, run probability sessions with all humans, in all kinds of scenarios, to see if any would help them in their fight with the humans, if that became necessary.

To help keep the humans in their control, they placed within the memories of all abductees and contactees, vr like dream environments, which included whole planets, and much more, thus locking up much of the person’s memory in keeping this vr picturing, instantly available.

Another area the ETs were interested in was the Askahic Records, and they love to go into them and try to find more info on their primitive abductees. They, also, try to destroy some of the records, but as soon as they leave- the records return, for they are what is, thus cannot be destroyed.

The military was able to get out of certain humans, some of the training they had by the ETs, to become planetary keepers, who took over the planets, from the planet population. The ETs didn’t want to control the planets, only to have someone in charge, who could create a strong trade organization, for the population, who would trade with them, to their advantage.

They, also, put inplants, and later bots, into humans, so they could record anything of interest to the ETs, and this is how the ETs got a hint of the reality of the Creationist, and his/her vast holdings, where new inventions, were kept, ready for whatever it was brought out for, to take care of it and make it go away.

The humans got more than they were counting on, they got the shaper, which they figured out was some of the humans, seem to have been given the technique to shape change, and so they went on search to find, which of the abductees could do this, but in doing so they released the Strike, who countered their methods and hurt any who would hurt the abductees and contactees.

No one knew, even today, knows who the strike is, they have theories and suspicions, but no one has found out who the Strike is.

Abductees and contactees came together to form Rowdies Rangers, who is now fighting, the ETs and the Ancients all over the Universe, they have now added the Razen, or the Dark, to the ones they’re battling.

Rowdies Rangers, have now added the Commander and his fleets, as well as the Psychocrats, who put up the Shield that kept out certain Cosmic/Dimension/etc. energies and flows, from coming and striking earths and its life populations, as well as fleets from every universe, dimension, flow, realm, experience, expression, etc..

They’re now coming to join up with the Commander’s fleets, which are lined up on every direction around the Earth in another dimension. They’re waiting for all of the massive fleets to get here, so they can fight a war of attrition, and at the same time, be ready to take on Rowdies Rangers, and the new ships they fly, which are the deadliest in existence.

This is where we stand now!

May the Microcosmic Force be with all of us!



Lecture # 14

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


Shadow and Casmere operate in totally separate worlds; Casmere is caught up in the political, trade, lifestyles of humanity on Earth. Shadow is far out into the galaxies, of the Universe. It has trade businesses, security businesses, travel and transportation, exploratory journeys to find new planets, buys/sells/rehabs motherships, jack ships, flyers, etc..

It buys huge amounts of acreage on inhabitated planets; and runs many businesses all over the Universe, galaxies wide. They’re a major power on all planets; and work to build even more business, resorts, etc., who pamper those who come to them.

Shadow is huge in entertainment; and works with circuses, fairs, carnivals, entertainment hubs, film making, beam tv, beam radio, publishing, music publishing, clubs, music venues, and much, much more.

Shadow has giant manufacturing plants on planets, and in space, where they’re hired to design and make Motherships, Jack starships, planetary flyers, and all kind of machinery, electronics, etc., to make them into star ships, capable of being full generators of what ever is necessary for them to deal with.

Shadow is a giant in agriculture, new methods of growing all sorts of crops, managing and owning, giant farms, ranches, and unique science territories.

Shadow claims all new planets it finds, and then puts into place laboratories, biohabitats- for scientists, anthropologists, historians, etc., who are put on the planet to study and classify it on a preliminary structural etc., analysis.

Shadow has giant and small operations of science, etc., all over the Universes, etc., where all kinds of professionals are hired to do research, policy research, governing methods, no government studies, and a variety of studies to find information and knowledge.

Shadow is known as the information and knowledge organization or organizations.

Shadow is also known as the hunter of those who would do criminal activities against citizens of the Universes, etc.

Shadow is Shadow.


Lecture 13

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


Shadow is in the world, and not in it, at one in the same time; Shadow is  unique in that it can be seen, but not touched, or touched but not seen. Casmere is under the governing of MJ12 members, who are chosen by the members of MJ12.

The Underground world government is governed by a committee, of the top minds in each country, and these 12 in each country work as one with each other, so all that they do is accepted by all the other 12 members of MJ12, in each country of the world.

However, the outer push into the solar system, and the galaxies, is ruled by the Shadow Banks, for they’re the ones who finance these expansion of the Casmere, to go to other planets, and set up biohabitats, and whole communities, within these biohabitats, each is created by the Genesis Designer, and each is unique to the planet, moon, or etc., the humans want to explore, to find the resources they need to ship back home.

This taking of resources, is strictly watched over by the Shadow Banks, and they make sure all human activity in outworlds, is guided by, and accepted, by the Casmere, and those who work for them on each planet.

Violation of any of the rules, Casmere agreed to; is swiftly brought out, and the offending parties, are forced off planet, and isolated, from going to outworlds, for strong periods of time and experience.

Casmere is building trade with the Constellation, and other independents in the Universe; they are not afraid to do so, for they’re contracted with the Shadow Security Galactics Justice Operations, a solely owned company, under the Shadow Banks.

There is a great movement to build trade and trade routes with all populated planets, etc., so that a vast galactic trade network or networks will be open, free, and beneficial and profitable for all involved.

The unpopulated ones, are protected by Shadow, and the rules they make to make sure every planet is not over deprived of its natural resources, makes sure, that if intelligent life forms, on the planet, that they’re not deprived of natural resources to build their civilizations, and any resource taken out is replaced, so they have full planetary rule over all the resources of their own planet.

Shadow does not rule or work with the planetary lands, etc. of Earth, for they’re criminal, and self-producing of wealth. for the minority, and poverty for the masses. Shadow does not deal with criminals, who only care for themselves.

Shadow is in and out of this world, and operates in every galaxy in the Universe, and far, far beyonds.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You and Yours!

Tales of the Idiotoso

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


How stupid can news sources be? They change their way of getting in contact with them, to make it easier for them, and in the process, set themselves up for the strangling.

Idiots that they are, they cut themselves off, from news, that can help humans survive, the first Star Wars, with those, over the years, have said they were our friends, there to protect us, which is and was pure bunk.

They convinced alot of spiritual people that this was the truth, especially the Commander of the Fleet, who got earthlings, to allow him to come into them, and use their bodies, to allow him to do whatever it was he wanted to do, on Earth.

I met one woman, before she allowed this, and told her that allowing anyone or anything the right to possess your bodymind, is not good in any circumstance, but it was her decision. Her decision, was to allow the Commander to use her bodymind, and when he comes in, you can tell it isn’t her, but this Nazi liar.

She isn’t the only one; many have fallen into his trap, and thousands more believe, Dimen Fleet is there to protect the Earth, from anything that would attack the humans. What they were really there for, was to be ready to attack the humans if the Psychocrats energy block field, surrounding the Earth, was ever broken, and the humans started to show they were escalating, to where they should have been, if the field hadn’t been there.

This has happened, with the first of the Awaken, showing her golden energy, to those, who can see beyond the physical limitations.

The Dimen Fleet had no choice, they started moving their ships, which has been seen as motionless, in guard position, and now, are leaving that position, not to protect the Earth and humanity, but to be the one they said they were going to protect humanity from.

Five battleships have gone with the Commander, the rest have stayed behind, right….they are no longer there either, they’re going to attack from other directions, if the Creationist, and his weapons come on line, for even they and their weapons are no match for the Creationist.

Where do we stand now, the Dimen fleet is readying for war, and are bringing in other battleships, to help in the total attack on the populations of Earth, to either strip from them their new Awakenings, or destroy them.

Their odds in accomplishing this- less than zero.

Humanity has no idea what this planet and solar system is; but the Dimen Fleet will find out, for we aren’t denfenseless, we have Rowdies Rangers, who have struck the Constellation, and have them, regrouping, for they have lost many of their waryards/warbases/research centers, and there presence, on Dimen Like Planets, which are reflections of planets in this Universe.

The future awaits, are you ready to fight for your life and your loved ones, but not in the stupid way the Earth nations fight wars, they should lose, for all of their stupidity in how to win wars, against dark enemies.

May the Microcosmic Force be with Rowdies Rangers, and their Protect Space Fleet and Weapons!

The dimen Fleets

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014   ( Zoua )


It might interest you to know, since writing the previous post about the Awakenings, and the RESET, the fleets in the Dimen Cove, have started to move.

What does this mean?

It simply means, they don’t feel that the Psychocrats weapon is working, so they’re moving into to exterminate humanity and the planets and sun of this solar system, progress.

Welcome to the avarice of the Space Beings, who pretend to be for us, but in reality are the Next Nazis. They are search and destroy. Sherman’s war in the Civil War on the South, the war of attrition.

And their stupid, for the weapons of the Creationist, work and will take on any space beings who want to destroy the Currium.

Why didn’t they work to keep individuals, groups, families safe from alien abductions over the centuries. The answer- interfering with individual life design paths, never works positively, they must go through, or jump over the experience by their own hook and crook.

However, they are looked over, when they have these experiences! The Extended Family Networks, create one large family, which all abductees belong, as husband and wives of all other abductees, so the sexual aspects of the experience, become fun, for you’re loving and sexing, with your husband or wife.

Secondly, you now have rowdies rangers looking out for abductees; before rowdies rangers, there were other organizational police actions, the first started by Socrates.

We respect you, and your right to follow your spirit’s life plan, even if it was made with rose colored glasses, and beliefs you are more powerful than you really are, not because you aren’t, but because you have not found the Source within you, the Self-Genesis love and wonder of spirit and living in the dream of the Prime.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!


The Most Important Message in the Reality of Humanity on Earth

( c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )

It has been shared that the Awakening is occurring right now, as you read this message. The first human to be awakened within themselves, is going through the transformation, and has no idea they’re doing so. Yet they will be famous for eons to come.

What is the Awakening, Fools of Earth, which is every living being, and non-living living reality. The Awakening is going to effect/affect you, to the very core of your source, for the Awakening is the RESET.

What is the RESET you ask? Why thank you for asking this very important question, but first a little present history and rules of RESET.


1. No one on Earth can escape it.

2. Every living being and our lands, seas air etc. will go through RESET.

3. There is no where you can hide, where you can escape RESET.

4. You can fight RESET, but you will only delay the Transformation, not stop it.

5. No one can protect you from RESET; it is something you must go through yourself.

6. RESET is total.

7. RESET is going on right now, you are in and within RESET

What is RESET? To answer that, we must look to the past, when the peoples of the Universe, realized there are planets, in which, the inhabitants were going to be such that no one could stand against them.

This realization, also, went through every dimension there is , and in one of these dimensions, were a race calling themselves the Psychocrats.

They were not going to be put under these New Peoples, rule, so they devised a great scientific, psychological, and sociological weapon, and called it the Identifier, which would identify, these planets; these planets would be slowed down in their development, and their ability to be themselves would be nil, they would be brainwashed to only live in certain ways, which would stop the trueness of themselves, from coming out, for they would believe that reality would be the limited world, they would build, under these definitions of what they were allowed to do, and what they weren’t.

They could do what other planets and races had done to become technological aware, and if they started straying- the psych patterns, would see they were destroyed.

This meant the whole planet had to be put under the Psychomachines, which kept the patterns alive and very strong, so the humans and all life on Earth would not advance as they were meant to, into the People.

The machines were set, the globe was created, and the minds of all the beings on the earth, was patterned to do only what was allowed in the Pscyhocrats programs and patterns. They also placed sentries, which would tell them if their machines were threatened.

They would come and eliminate any threat to their plan; and then maintain their plan.

All this was going to plan until 15 or twenty years ago, when the machines were destroyed, and when the Psychocrats came to destroy whoever destroyed their machines and plans, they were thrown back to their dimension, and their ways to cross dimensions, were denied to them.i

If all of this wasn’t enough, in another dimensional rift, from this Universe, was a star dimension, which was the center of 100 dimensions, and within this rift, were planets, which were very technological advanced, and they explored the Universes, and found this story about the planets, where would develop races, beings, which would one day guide the Universes into freedom and creative loving and living.

They saw what the Psychocrats had done, and fully approved of it, but just in case it didn’t work, they kept a dimendoor, floating in a dimensional rapture, where they could bring in fleets of warships, but it turned out, that it was only five fleets, who were stationed there, and they watched over the beings, influenced to be what they were not, and create a world the was not itself.

To help it along, they would contact humans, and convince them to allow themselves, to come into their bodies, showing them how to live within the world the humans created for themselves, but the truth was, they were waiting to see any changes in the races, and if they were, they were to destroy the human populations and all the planets of the solar system.

They were, and are, very technological advanced, and very mentally advanced, so they didn’t think this would be a problem, but then they realized there was two great problems:

1. This portion of space was the outer boundaries of the Kall, a very technological race, which even they had not caught up with.

2. This solar system was not a natural solar system, which was created by the Big Bang, but was in fact- a created solar system, which is used to find races, who were qualified to be granted even more precious planets in other areas of the Universe.

3. The Creator of this and other like solar systems, did not like anyone interfering in his/her/its creations, and any try at destroying the solar systems or any of the planets singly or in more than one attack, would face weapons, even the Kall feared.

4. It has taken fifteen/twenty years, for the RESET, to set itself, to Awaken the Awakenings.

5. Welcome to RESET.

It is going to be fun to watch the RESET, and how it’s going to effect/affect, create new pathways in the minds of the races, the life forms on earth and the non-living living areas, which make up the planet itself.

The Creationist is alive and well upon the systems of his/her/its creation; he/she/its now waits for the fun to begin, and the truth of each to come out, and the new people of Earth, and all life and the planet itself will become free.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

Lecture # 12 The Safers of Shadow

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


How does Shadow protect itself from the ETs, the Humans, and anything else that tries to come and lay claim to all that Shadow is? To understand this- you must understand-Shaping.

What is shaping, it is the instantaneous rewriting/redrawing/resmoothing/reputting what is happening, into that which is true, for the situation/event/crime/person/being/shadow/etc.

Shadow is the world of Shaping; those who try to come in and blast their way into Shadow quickly find out  they’re not welcome, and this is shown to them in a solid way, where they are, no longer is supportive of them, and they find themselves, where they know they cannot be.

Shaping can control reality in local, and larger areas: depending on the creativity of the Shaper.

Shaping allows Shadow to exist and not exist- one in the same moment. Shaping against another of Shadow is forbidden, as is, fighting among the Shadow. The overseer of this is the Shadowmaker, and all the denizens of Shadow.

The citizens of Shadow are intensely loyal to it, and want it to stay as it is, so they are fiercely protective of all of Shadow. One Shadowmaker is known, the other 9 are not, so those who come to Shadow, don’t know if they are interacting with a Shadowmaker or not.

There is no pecking order in Shadow; whether you are wealthy or living free, both are equal, and respect each other, for being so.

Fashion styles are mostly made of Shadow material, which makes the person invisible, if that’s what they want, or it shows openness to communicate, when this is true.

Shadow has its own rules; its own life blood; its own way of living and its own way of dealing with the Universes/Realms/Inbetweens/lightshadows.


Lecture # 11

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


Shadow is the name of the world government, but the humans who deal with Shadow, and the MJ12 academia government, they call Shadow Casmere, for the way it is known, but only the face that the world government wants to show, so that show, they call Casmere.

The Black Ops programs and funding go toward the continued expansion of human endeavors, on many worlds, other than Earth.

Shadow Scientific Engineering is the contracting firm they deal with, to build huge bioadaptable domes, and all the within, which is for the human teams, which come, to look for natural resources, first and foremost, the resources, most valuable to humans, thus they’re able to pay down, the total amount it costs them to have Shadow banks furnish all the funds for their terra forming operations.

In one of two cases, where it didn’t harm anything, the Shadow banks have furnished the funds to turn whole planets into Terra like paradises. These planets are recreational and pleasurable planets, for the workers, and the heads of the world government, both men and women.

The Shadow Banks, charge low interests, to ease the pain, of their list of things not allowed on other planets.

This pain has made the world government, and the planet-side governments, to look for stargates, wormholes, spaceships, etc.. To their surprise, the star gates, and the space ships were made by Shadow, for those on other planets. Shadow has been around for many centuries, millenia, and for many transistions.

Shadow Banks, have branches on each planet they fund; the world government doesn’t particularly like this, but they don’t have much choice- Its that or no deal.

Shipping and transport from planet to earth, is done by Shadow Shipping, Freight and Transportation. Great space ships carry resources, human resources, freight and supplies, for the work crews, and some colonists, coming from academia, to study the planets, and its or their history.

Some of the academia who have come, have also started banks, to furnish individuals, and corporations, who want to sit up and operate on a planet, always under the Shadow Planetary Hospitality Manifesto, which protects the planet first, and the adventurers last, to help the crews to start their own projects, apart from the Shadow. Shadow doesn’t stop this, but they work under the Manifesto, too.

More and more planets and civilizations are becoming aware that Shadow is a point in experience of all existence, that is, was and will be. This frightens the; they’re starting to try to ready themselves, for war, with Shadow, and to start doing things not allowed under the Manifesto, written and enforced by Shadow.

Shadow doesn’t mind legal competition, but illegal acts against the planet are dealt with severely, as many have found out; they’re not allowed back on the new planet for days, months, and even years, if they do something really horrible to the planet.

Our next lecture will be how does Shadow enforce the Manifesto, and keep the planetary governments, and world governments, in line, so they make great partners in planetary expansion.

News Flash # 2- 9 billion fools

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


We are a planet of 9 billion fools, however, this is great, for in the Tarot, the fool is one who’s looking spiritually, for the right path, for him or her.

The Fool, is a wise card, a searching card, a strong card and a healing card; all of these are talents, abilities and skills of the one searching, for his/her/its place on the planet or on any planet.

One of the helpers of this, is the Awakening, but this isn’t the fool’s path, this is the incredible, awesome  working path of an Argonaut, who is of the species/race Terrargo, mundanely called humans..

The planet is a free plane,t once again, for many decades, there was a globe-block on the Earth; it was broken and the Universe could once again flow into in to i,t and out, with that came the path to Awakening, a period of experience, which adds up to about fifteen years.

The results is worth it!

Already millions of people are going through the awakening, even if they don’t, as yet, realize it. Soon all nine billion will have done so.

The Argonauts will have officially arrived; the new path for the human race.

News Flash 1 Governments make terrible mistake and attack the Shadow Banks

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


Today, is an infamous day in the annuals of human stupidity, and greed. That’s right the governments of this world struck at the Shadow Banks, and realized they made a very bad mistake.

The US government, of course, was the head participating government, along with Britain, France, Spain, Greece, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, and others, sent in special forces, with vast technological back up to takeover the Shadow Banks.

What brought about this insanity- the note being called, of which the countries of the world are signees onto, where the Sahdow Banks. loaned them money, etc., to finance expansion onto planets and moons within this solar system, then once they had the taste for planetary partitioning, they wanted more , and so went out into the galaxy.

How did they do this, when the space programs of the governments, are at simple stages; they hired Shadow Builders, and Shadow Star Engineers, to help them get to these planets, they wanted to use the stargates, but these are ancient, and best left to those, who know the ancients way.

The Shadow Magnificiants were created to ship personnel, machinery, logistical supplies, tactical supplies, and strategic supplies, along with the blueprints, for what they thought would accomplish their goal of pioneering on other planets.

They were wrong, so they hired the Shadow Virtual Reality Engineers to Dream build their biocities, completely in a biosphere, self-contained, and able to resist any security breach the planets would be able to throw at them.

This, of course, isn’t cheap, so they borrowed 300 to 600 trillion dollars, from the Shadow Banks, to do this, in the hope, and knowing, that new resources and wealth, waited them on these knew planets, and they were determined to mine, grow, and anything else they needed to do to bring the wealth home.

Ah, bring the wealth home, this needed a whole new method of transporting their goods back to the Earth, and then to have a place to store them, where they would be safe, they needed security, and a secured space to stockpile their resources, but which would separate each governments wealth and resources.

They called in The Flange, top security forces, and VR Storage builders, with infinite storage available through stacking, and positioning.

We are, now, up to 10 quadrillion dollars ( and foreign monies transferred into dollars, german marks or swiss franks ).

These notes were called this month, having being initiated in April, 2014.

What was the cause of this calling in of the note; the government threatening citizens with jail, if they didn’t pay their taxes, and used this threat like a club, to power force them into doing what they wanted.

Every government sooner or later, makes a mistake to try to force citizenry by threat and intimidation, to do what they want them to do, rather than the other way around, where the people are over the government.

Prime example of this is the US, which has become a total war monger, using drones, saying they can attack Americans, even in America, if they are there, and the one, who signed this undemocratic, national defense of 2012, Obama, putting into place, the final piece of the ability of the President to take over the country, started by and set the stage was- Bush and the new nobility- republicans.

What did these signatory governments do against the Shadow government, they brought military force against them, and suffered a terrible defeat, and loss of face, of their idea of their own power in the world.

The Shadow Realms have weapons far beyond the understanding of the present intelligence of the human race; they showed some of these weapons, by transferring the whole attack force, from where they were starting their attack, to a VR holding area, of vast farmlands, skies, and other natural resources.

The only thing missing, their military war machines, small arms, airships, and so on.

The Avengers was the name they chose for themselves, for they didn’t want to have to pay their debt; they chose the wrong way to do it, it now triples.

Payment on the interest allows personnel and peace equipment to be released, All should be released by Monday of next week.

The Shadow Realms stand ready to defend themselves against any attack by any attackers. Learn this and survive, forget it and face total surrender or else.

We are not your enemies; you are your own worse enemy.

The Realms Grow!

Beyond- Free Speak

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


In the Old Days, we’re the days of the Gods, or the Godalarians, a race of Beginners, who traverse all Universes, realms, experiences, expressions, effects and life.

Each Godalarian, has a speciality, which is unique to them, but they, are beyond, in all the stitches, sprines, and dangum, or to put it more up to date- talents, abilities and skills.

No Godalarian, could fight another, if they tried, they were knocked clear across the Universe, and made to make their way back- slowly.

The Godalarians were who the humans of old, called Gods, but Godalarians, never claimed to be Gods, but only wanted to help the humans, on their path to their Daily, or here and now.

The Godalarians have self-authority, over themselves, no other can tell them what to do, but they can choose to follow another, and all of them, chose to listen to the Silverness of purity and love, made available through the expression of music, and chimes.

Later bells, would be added, but all of them simply gave you an impression of the twinkle in the eye of what is not seen, but can be touched, but never known, this is the True, WalkerSilence.

The other Godalarians, called him or her or it, King of the Godalarian.

Humans called him/her/it- King of the Gods.

He never made a decision, but simply showed them what he saw, and they did what they felt, from the truth, he would show them.

Some Godalarians, started called him WisEsen, which later, became Wizard.

In fun, the Godalarians, tried to defeat him in any kind of combat they could think of, they always lost.

He/she/it never gloated, or accepted adulation, but always helped everyone, who did this, to find the truth that laid within them.

Together they developed Free Speak, the non-language of the Beyond Experiencers.

The Humans, saw Free Speak, as only for the gods, and the only talk, must be the ones, who come to rule them, so they limited their speech, and lowered their ability to- do.

In this limited speech, came distortions, and new anger at themselves, which led to war, killing, butchery, and so on.

They, then, made the Godalarians, Gods, and the one who led them, was Odin/Zeus/etc., and he was the mightiest of all that lived.

Those who were less limited, even more than the humans; the Dark, rose by stealth, death, fear, lies, deceits, mindclouding, and so on. They called themselves, the Dark, and became the opposite of the Gods, and the humans, and rose in power and destruction, they were war, it was and is all they care about.

They were thrown down, by the humans, with the help of the Gods, and the light of self-search, which made the Dark run away from the battle fields, and combat, and hide in the darker realms, but even there, the Truth ruled supreme, by not ruling, but being.

It is now, when the duality set in, the Truth, and the Game, which allowed all kinds of truth, to confuse those who would play the game.

To help guide those players, within the game, music came into being, and the purer the music, the greater the level jumping in the game.

The Game led to the stablization of the Universes, Realms, Crafteds, and so on.

Beyond: Free Speech- we are the Truth of each;  we win our life and our purity of love and freedom, day by day, here and now.


May the Microcosmic Force be with You!