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Virtual Reality and Reality Virtual

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

You must never forget the vast use of virtual reality or vr in all training, experiencing, and doing, within the training of black ops operators, assassins, and others, who do what is necessary, which is decided by the handlers, and their higher ups.

This is directly taken, from what the ETs do to abductees, on a broad basis, and have evolved vast amount of vrs to train abductees, in vast amount of talents, and to build within them alters, programs, etc..

The military try to do the same, with their abductees, which are called MILABS abductees, and they do succeed to a small degree, but nothing like the ETs. However, they realized they could not match the ETs in vr, so they began looking into subcurves vr, meaning they don’t have to be as elaborate as the ETs.

Pragmatism, at its worse, for they decided torture, psyops, psiops, deprivation, focused military techniques to break the will, would be changed to do just the opposite, to build deadly warriors, and operatives, which they could use around the world, and on other planets, just like the ETs are doing with their abductees.

They  use vr, but with shorter spans, and less visuals, and more other senses, to accomplish the same thing. They brought in the finest scientific, anthropological, psychological, theoretical physicists, etc. to prepare, Aggravation routines, that could be run, to create the warrior they wanted, and train them to kill, without compunction, and to kill with neither pleasure or dread, they would kill because they were told to, thus relieving them of the emotions of regret, etc.; the perfect soldiers, except, they found that soldiers, are not stupid, even in hypnotic states, or drug induced visualization, and they began to add to their abilities, talents and skills, seeming on their own, but in reality, it was training they were getting on the motherships, from who, the ETs, called their abductees- primitives, these primitives are now Rowdies Rangers, and the best knights and dream dancers in the Universe.

They brought in psychologists to help them turn this to their advantage, to make them step in class to ultra warrior, from super soldier. The training continued, so they had to come up with another level of trained killer, so they ran simulations, in which, one of the things was to create a new level, for ultra warriors to go to, and Dragon, came into being, as ultra warriors stepped up- to being Dragons.

Dragons continued with their training, and the primitives got together, and shared the story of Dune, by Frank Herbert; and all the primitives liked the idea of the Maker, so they called the final level of training by vr, subvr, etc., Maker, then they started to decide on a Dragonmaster, but this was not accepted, so the final level of training for abductees, space or military, was and is, shape-shifter, those who can learn to shape-shift are made into dragon masters, not over the others, but teachers, to help all the other Dragons, to learn and use shape-shifting.

The military and the governments went ballistic with fear, and tried to kill all the Dragonmasters, while still maintaining their super soldiers, and ultra warriors, but it back fired on them, and when the smoke settled, several military soldiers, died or was injured in the battles in the underground bases where they were trained.

Oh, by the way, you probably think, these underground bases are in desert, wilderness places, where there isn’t much human activity, you would be wrong, the worse underground training bases are right in the middle of cities, towns, villiages, and megacities.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!



Human militaries don’t breed soliders, they breed track stupidity

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

Where do governments go wrong, the first step is to call up a militia, and train them environmentally, rather than with Mental Storms, and Life Imprintation. Depth Reality Training, and Natural Implementation of Psi Ops, Psych Ops, and more.

Environmentally trained soliders,are pushed through outside training, that is made to become a part of them, through repitition, and a mindset, which allows them to kill, and push the killing out of their mind, so they can keep on killing, in war, or in oversight, and more.

This training is not natural to their natural life, so it becomes an overlay, which they must accept while a soldier, but when they come out, then this overlay wants to stay in command, and the soldier wants to go back to his natural born life achievements,

Why? The soldier is forced to put this within his being, as a robot, rather than a living person. The military and the governmen,t then dump these soldiers back on society, who, now, are expected to bring out their natural living achievements, and dump the overprogramming they received, followed by the truth of their new abilities, to end life, rather than to enhance it.

The soldier may put it to the back of his/her mind, and able to work, and to live, as if the same as he/she were before they became soldiers, others won’t, they will not be able to bring the natural them out again, for they have accepted the killing machine they have become, and if they try to hard to dump it, they become at war with themselves.

This is the Stupid Way to create Protectors of the Realms, not the governments, but the people, who live within the realms.

What is the Intelligent way, to train protectors, not soldiers, by enhancing them, so they know what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and  they’re capable of doing what’s necessary, to bring about a satisfactory ending, to the necessary movements, to bring about a furtherance of natural, organic, freedom, of every individual in the Universe or Universes.

This knowledge, education, and experiencing, isn’t told to the trainee, as do this or be shipped out of the military, but is done in a way to open him/her up organically, so the Path is always Discovery, and with Discovery, Surprise, Happiness, and Organic Understanding.

This Path, allows the trainee to experience his self, and what to do in outside circumstances, so it becomes a life record and immediacy action, to stop the danger, and create harmony, within the setting once again.

By learning this, the trainee, progresses along the Path of Dragonstrike, and becomes not a Dragon, but a ryder of the Dragon, or the realities, and thus may do all sorts of things, soldiers don’t, and may never learn or experience.

Soldiers progress along the path of Dragon, which means forcing an ideology upon the consciousness of the individual, a foreign stamp of directed living and experiencing, which is done with the goal, of doing it, when the time is right, by unconscious action, which makes it happen much faster, than if it’d been a conscious reaction.

Soldiers are basically AIs programmed by their training to not be who they are, but to be and live what they are trained, robotic soldiers.

Each of us must decide our paths- Dragon ( soldier ) or Dragonstrike ( Organic Wholeness ).

May the Microcosmic Fprce be with You!

Black Ops Marine- David Corso

This is my first look at David Corso, and my realization I know him, but I don’t.

I have been one of his enviro-protectors, in many wars; many he may not remember.

In all of them, my orders were simple-Protect David Corso.

I know Duncan, as well, but we work on different levels, an different partnerships, but he is who he says and feels he is; and so much more.

Last word- Stay away from David Corso, unless he contacts you first. He is one of the Protected.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

The Disappearances

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

In our last post, we talked about the cover story level, which most kidnapees reexperience, when they’re hypnotized, or they remember, through other ways.

This is a fear block level, used to keep them from going deeper into their experience. The ETs actually do experimentation, and many other things, but only as a show, to convince their hostages, what they’re doing is real, and what they’re feelings is real to.

Fortunately, not all the time, are they actually doing what they’re experiencing, the ETs have VR to a state beyond what humans have even thought of yet. Are they the harbingers of this way of using VR’ absolutely not, they’re finding they’re only following the path created by others or other, and what they’re doing is only an imprint of what has gone on before.

In the rec area of the mother ships, who are located in such a way, they create a stand, and they can create not only artificial atmospheres, but can actually create environments, which their hostages can be played against each other, and against themselves.

Usually in the rec space, or in another area of the elaborate show put on, for their hostages- mind bending, and to make this the level, they go to, if and when, they try to find out about their ufo abduction.

A primitive will be somewhere within the scope of the Stand, when suddenly they disappear, and may not be heard of for hours, days, months, and in some cases- years. When they return, they are different, usually they’re very, very dangerous. They have been made into a super soldier, ultra warrior, Dragon or a Maker, but what they’re really looking for is the equivalent of Maud Dib of Dune fame.

This is a super primitive, who knows the secrets of the Universe, and can find for them the secret they are nearly insane over getting, for their personal benefit. Forever life!

Forever life, isn’t just rejuvenation, regeneration, or even long life, but they want to be able to survive the total destruction of everything, and then recreate the new, into what they want, and  more importantly, what they can control, or destroy, at their will.

The ETs, the Constellation, the Ancients, want to be more than Gods, they want to be within the Creative Stream of being the Architects of realities, and Universes.

All will bow down to them, as Super Gods, and they will have the populations of the new creations. to be in awe of them, and these same populations will work for them, and will give them bounties, so they don’t have to worry about food gathering, etc. ( as if they would ).

They’ve been looking for this Mandat, for millenia, and have from time to time, come up with almost Mandats, but in the end, they have been able to kill them, not without effort, but some have lasted- to be free of them.

They believe one of the ones they’ve genetically enhanced, only enhanced, not created, has been born, and they’ve been hunting him or her or it, for centuries, but they haven’t found the Mandat yet.

The ETS and The Ancients are both limited in the way they see their worlds/realities, for they see from within the reality, rather than outside of it. They’ve locked themselves into being those who look out the window, rather than those who look in. They rely on techi-mavels; rather than on natural living, whether in or out of reality/Universes they see this as their strength, when in reality its their block. Its why they need Mandat, to do it for them. They know  the only ones who can do this for them are primitives, so they constantly abduct primitives, from planets across the Universe(s), and constantly test them, for the Q effect ( they started calling them this, after Gene Roddenberry’s Q in Star Trek: Next Generation ) .

They record all communication on earth through duck blinds, all over the planet ( something like fusion centers in the United States, meant to be the way the government can know where everyone is, so they can put them into concentration camps, if they need to).

The Disappearances leads directly to the War Yards, where every kind of war, crime, torture, etc., game or reality can be created. They have their hostages, play out scenarios, and then have them go over their experience, so they learn what works and what doesn’t from the lips of those who actually experienced the trauma, reality, horror of what they have produced.

Not everything is set up to see what the hostages will do; they put them into the worlds/environments of the Fog Chamber of Horrors; here individuals fight to the death, wars were held, massacres, and real death, but not the death of the hostages, only clone bodies.

What does this mean? The hostages spirit is put into the clone body, or the clone becomes a reflector, of the thoughts of the og, and does what the og thinks and feels, as its goes through the mock ups incidents/scenarios, within the Fog Chambers.

How was this done? In the floor, in props, etc., if you touch the right spot, you’re whisked away, and placed in even more dangerous situations, which could still be within the Fog Chambers, or it could really be happening to the clone you’re connected with.

You could be on another planet, with the goal of causing the down fall of all the governments on the planet. It could b e a sniper job; it could be a sabotage call, murder, or fighting in an army as one of the soldiers, and having what happens to the units, etc., there happen to them, for real, and for the experience of that happening.

This means death, wounded, lost of legs, arms, brain damage, the whole spectrum of what can happen in war, they don’t even try to manipulate this, for it would dirty the data they’re gaining by the real experience of their put in; the others around this put in, sees nothing out of the normal, for someone new- suddenly to show up in their area.

What they do, do, sometimes, is put neural nets in the clone, giving them a superior edge over the ones they’re with and are dealing with, so it puts new blood, within the scenario being watched, and catalogued by induction spaces, so it imprints on the space within the object, being used to record all aspects of the experience.

It’s then edited, or put together, back on the ship; and shown to all the ETs all over the Universe, and all of them are looking at the action, and at the bodymind language of the players, looking for Mandat, but also, looking for newness arising out of nothing- hello, Dr. Stephen Hawking.

They also capture the remains of the bodymind of the clone, to see if anything new has come into it, where it might lead to Mandat.

This is some of the Fog Chamber of Horror; there is another chamber, this is called Golden Policy; and here, environments are created, to where the hostages are asked questions, about how to best accomplish all sorts of goals. These are for strategy, tactics, logistics, maneurvability and surprise ( with the strength and the number to turn it into a victory ).

If you think this would be boring for them, after a while, think again, old is always replaced by new, and if they can get a jump on the new, they can use it to do fantastic trades, and build their wealth and power. Mainly their power; though, in dealing with other planets, not in the primitive level, knowledge and content is money in the bank.

They use primitives, for negotiations, as well, for they know they’re masters of this, and they get them more than what they could otherwise get.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

ET kidnapping humans and their black ops programs

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

Horrors! ETs kidnap humans- whenever, and wherever they want to, and human can do nothing about it; not that human governments would, for they care nothing, for their citizens, but only want to destroy their privacy, and put them into concentration camps, via the fusion centers created by Homeland Security, 750 of them all told, for 50 states.

These fusion centers are a central network, where all police, security, etc., feed into, and give to them, all they have been doing and what is being done in their area of overseeing.

However, that’s for another blog- ETs kidnap humans and put them through many reprehensible acts, most, is to keep them psychologically on edge, so they’re manipulatable, and easily programmed for whatever experiments, and so on, they want to do.

First, when you are brought aboard the mother ships, you’re kept naked, for your whole stay there, if you leave, then appropriate clothing and weapons are given.

First level experience is the level where most kidnapees remember their kidnapping experience. This is where you go through decontamination, then you go either to medical, psychological/physiological, or sociological torture chambers, then after that, you’re usually paired off with someone to have sex with.

If you are well behaved, you are paired with a star, politician, musician, etc., if you’re not you’re deprived of sexual reward, for your behavior under stressful conditions.

If you’re only meant to be on this first level, you’re taken through many sexual situations, and this is where humans are matched by genetic pool, with others, they want to match with them, to blend the genetics, to see what comes about, from this scientific matching.

While you’re here, you become the handdog of an alien, and are his servant, and he teaches you the right way to be respectful to him/her, and all of the alien races, who are superior to humans. This is always rubbed into our faces; they are trying to make us believe it.

We don’t, and we have Socrates and Alexander the Great for this, for both were kidnapped, and when aboard the mother ships, Socrates started a spy organization, of gathering knowledge; all knowledge- they could find out about  the aliens, their ships, knowledge, and so on, and especially how to fly all of the ships. Alexander the Great, turned us into a universal army, and taught us, to remember everything we went through, and to do sabotage and other acts, to show the ETs we were not handdogs.

Sometimes, humans are taken with the aliens, when they are going to do trading, with another primitive, or not, species, but these are really military excursions, for the human is expected to tell them everything they observed in how to take over the planet, to do sabotage, and to rabble rouse the populations.

If you didn’t, then you were punished, with sexual play, but were not allowed to come, they would give you a shot, that would allow you to get hot, but not to come, so you had blueballs, while both men and women played with your body, other times, you were given something,t hat would allow you to come for hours upon hours, and you would have woman or man after man/woman.

At this time you were implanted with egg suits, which means eggs were kept in bubble like units, and only semen could penetrate them, so they could fertilize the eggs- where did these eggs come from, women, alien women, and from petri dishes, and all of them would be fertilized, because you couldn’t stop until you had many partners who gave up their semen, both men and women, to fertilize every egg, then after this you wore them for about 72 hours,  then the egg suit was taken from underneath your skin, and if you were still being punished, a new egg suit would be placed under your skin, but you would be allowed to rest, then they would come in and give you something to get your sexual appetites at fever pitch, and you would be making love hours.

This is done very scientifically, and all eggs and the partners were recorded, so they could keep a great genetic database, so they knew where each egg had been fertilized.

What did they do with all the eggs, they put them into hatching tanks, the petri dish eggs, have less than 5% chance of living, the alien eggs, are given a binder, to help the fertilization and of these 50% usually make it, of the human to human, the process is usually 97%, with three percent of genetic mutation in the egg.

Sounds very sexual doesn’t it; very energetic, but no great deal, wrong, for what they do is they put in sounds which go off in your mind, when you are sexually active, so when you finally come, you have put into the seed, your emotional response to it, the only one they don’t do it to is the human to human fetus, for the humans block it out, and won’t pass it on to the fertilized fetus.

The petri eggs, and the alien eggs are watched to see what kind of development they show, then they’re aborted, or taken to special tanks, and kept there while they grow, until nine months then a poison is released into the tanks and the offspring of the experiment are killed, and disintegrated to fluid, after which the poison is drained away, and the leftover is drained into seeds chambers, where it binds with the seed, and is traded with other alien races, more blood thirsty, and they taste is just right, for them.

On the first level, humans created the Extended Family Network, both females and males, were having a hard time with all the sexual activity, and the many partners they had, so the proclamation simply said whoever you have sexual relations with is your husband or wife.

This brought into being the Enclaves, where a couple would start a family based upon an idea, book, experience, work, etc., and others could join with them, and a man and a wife, could join as many of them as they wanted, so that each enclave would have the backing and help of others, through this man/wife family line.

There is a great air flow in the center of the rec area of the humans, and some of the other primitives, who were sexually compatible with them, and here you could step off the edge and float on air, which was spiced with a sexual stimulant, which cause the humans to have sexual relations, and the serum to keep them going for hours, was breathed in, so they could go on for days, and not get tired.

There was another great fear among the humans and the other primitives, this was the Disappearance, in which, you could disappear, from First level to this area, the training area of the black ops.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

Worldwide Majestic 12- Enclaves of the New World Order

The Majestic 12 are enclaves in every country in the world, the world governments are white ops, to carry out the orders of the Majestic 12- of their countries.

Majestic 12 enclaves, meet seldom, but they’re in constant contact with each other, through their Protectors, the super soldiers, ultra warriors, Dragons and Makers.

They make decisions and order their decisions on their Protectors, who give them to the governments of the world.

MJ12 enclaves, are the sole reps to handling the ETs, who are coming to the Earth, and kidnapping humans, and checking on the rampages they have going on: 1. kidnapping humans, 2. bots, nano and micro, 3. working the underground bases they use for holding their birthing tanks, for hybreds, and cloning, where they clone governments officials, in case they have to supplant them for a short time, or permanently, 5. they want to keep the humans aware that they are superior to them in every way, 6. to watch their experiments, and see how they progress, 7. to find the answer to the greatest freedom in the Universe, and found across the Universe- the Created Solar Systems, 8. to find the Whisper, 9. to utilize humans and other primitives to be planet civilization takeover specialists, 10. to force their will on the humans, by controlling their leaders, and replacing them when needed, 11. to maintain their bases and watch human bases on other planets in this and other solar systems, 12. to watch the stargates, the transmats, the Niches, the Lei Junctions, the Steppin’, and most of all to try to keep an eye on the Travelers or the Mysts, who travel anywhere by simply moving or utilize their bodies into music and vibrational wholeness, 13. to keep the cover stories on their kidnap victims hot, and strong, and the blocks they put in them- working.

Obama was replaced, for several days in December, then in January, his clones are excellent and his wife and children didn’t recognize this Obama was not their real father and husband.

They routinely replace generals, admirals, captains, and others in the military, professors, researchers, and others for brief or longer period of times.

At the battles of Valentine day, 2014, this would no longer be allowed, and they were to stop replacing humans, and stop kidnapping them, but to do this, we’re going to have to completely win over them, and place them under subjugation, until we’re sure they won’t attack us again.

Rowdies Rangers have chosen an acting council to handle interactions with others, and to carry out the wishes of the Rangers: 1. Madonna, 2. Terry Floyd Johnson, 3. Sandra Bullock, 4. Arnold S, 5.. Princess Diana, 6. The Rock, 7. Lisa Presley.

Roving Council Representatives- 1. Patrick Stewart, 2. Carrie Fisher, 3. Michael, 4. David McCallum, 5. Miley Cyrus, and as alternate- Emily Osment, Jeannette McCurdy

These persons are not leaders of Rowdies Rangers, but their voice to those who want to deal with Rowdies Rangers.

Super Soldiers, Ultra Warriors, Dragons, and Makers, are very individual, though, they are set up as teams of controller and operative. They work on their own, or with their partners, though, they work freely within a telepathic bonding.

Kerry Cassidy calls herself and whistleblowers, Truth Warriors, but Kerry is an Ultra Warrior, well on her way to being a Dragon.

White Ops

We have said white ops are legitimate businesses, run and ruled over by Shadow, but they are synchronized to work together, even if they look totally different.

We call that Sunlight, operating fully in the open, and being money making, foundations, and supporting human resources, by supporting charities, who work directly with the people of the world.

Shadow is just the opposite, we work in the shadow, which supports our white operations, and the white operations support political, sociological, psychological, business, entrepreneurs the world over.

How many businesses, enterprises, etc., are there, wouldn’t you like to know, but know this the white ops of the Shadow, are not just on this planet, but many others, and they deal with ETs everyday, and have a vast knowledge bank, data bank on every ET race we have come in contact with, and now we’re doing the same with the Ancients, the Dark, and the Wind.

We’re not poor, and we spend our monies, goods, etc., wisely, and work the political systems, only as businesses, and private citizens, who donate to campaigns, back exploration, and work to spread the knowledge, there are other worlds, who are ready to take humans if need be, to planets ready, for their inhabitants, but with policies waiting, which will not allow them to destroy the planet as they have done to a large degree, this planet or origin.

Shadow protects this planet from the war fleets, that stay around the planet, to go to war with humans, if they try to spread to other planets. They will pretend to want to help humanity, but its a farce, they want to contain them, and if necessary- do genocide against them.

Shadow interacts with all kinds of aliens, animals, etc., from across the universe, and all are quite aware, that the head of Shadow is Whisper, and his/her/its followers. No race is ready to go to war with the Shadow, for they have firm examples of what happens to those who do. It isn’t a pretty sight.

Shadow reigns, White Ops do, and Light ops creates and expands.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!

Adventure 1 Alter says hi

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

This adventure starts innocent enough, I was sleeping and woke up in the middle of the night, and didn’t know where I was and I felt strange, as if this really was a place I wasn’t used to, my home, in Long Beach, CA.

I went back to sleep and woke the next morning, and I had the same situation again, and this time, I knew what it was.

Over the last few weeks I have been putting out a super microcosmic force blessings, to integrate all of my alters, and my consciousness into me.

This is the first alter to come out, and work on integrating back into me.

I have felt different all day, and the integration, isn’t full yet, but I’m continuing to work on having it do so.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Alters and more

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

Before we start, here’s hoping Duncan’s SuperSoldier Conference, in Phoenix, AZ is a rousing success, today is the last day. Duncan’s great, and can do it, especially with Axe.

In this conversation, we are going to speak about Alters, alternative consciousnesses, built into each supersoldier, to make them able to take over the bodymind, and complete orders, given to them by their controls.

Each SuperSoldier, Ultra Warrior, Dragon, Maker, is teamed with a control, who is usually highly intuitive, and can be trained to be highly efficient, in whatever is needed on the operations, they are going to be sent on.

SuperSoldiers, Ultra Warriors, have controls, Dragons, may or may not go out with their control, for now, usually, their controls are Dragons, as well, and are quite capable of doing independent operations, for their Operators.

Operators are those who train, who program, who punish, etc., supersoldiers, ultra warriors, and talk to Dragons, but always by closed circuit tv, for the Dragon would take them out, if they were anywhere near them.

Operators are chosen, from the populace, and are the front men/women, or the cover, for the real  possessors, who are military, politicians, etc..

There are levels, because if there wasn’t- the supersoldier, etc., would find them and take them out, or take them, and put them through what they themselves were put through.

Training is utmost, in the program to turn humans, animals, etc., into silent killers; supersoldiers, ultra warriors, Dragons and Makers, train constantly, so they ‘e at potential violent level, in a nano instance.

Training is with controllers, and sometimes with collabrative personnel, materials, etc.. This is when the supersoldiers, ultra warriors, Dragons, and Maker are joined by special trained balancers, who come along for their talent, their skills and abilities.

Combat teams usually want only themselves involved in their operations, but sometimes, the team expands to three, four or five, because it becomes a dream team.

David Corso, Duncan, Axe, are a three finger shot; the fourth makes it a jukebox, and the fifth, make it a dream team.

There are other three finger shots, jukeboxes, and dream teams, around the world, and are used, for all kinds of operations.

They are trained in psy ops, psi ops, martial arts, symbol reading, tracking, stealth, weapons, explosives, electronic weapons, computer satellite operations, command centers, disguise, star blur, and others.

However, the main training is toward one thing, turning them into stealth killers, who will kill at the drop of a hat. This training is done by the MJ12 Shadow, and ET Star Shadow, they work together, but they’re enemies, at the same time, for Shadow is governed by the Whisper, who they consider their deadliest enemy.

They’re right- the Whisper, doesn’t like their free and swinging kidnapping of primitives across the Universe, and beyond. He/she/it has created a Shadow across all Universes, dimensions, and timeshadows.

The Shadow watches over the Whisper, if you learn the truth, it dies with you.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!

Is Black Ops, the only secret Ops being played by governments

The answer is a sound No! Black ops is definitely a large one, but there are many other ops going on at the same time, and doing just as much harm, or more, than black ops.

Here is a list of some to them:

White Ops- legal businesses, fronts- for all kinds of military and intelligence operations, as well as FBI and other clandestine programs.

Brown Ops- cultural busters, where groups are infiltrated, and the mole, tries to make the group do violence, so they can bust them, and say their were violent perpetrators, this is an old trick, used by dictatorships, which America is one.

Purple Ops- this is operations pertaining to religious orders, churches, etc., and do use informants, and moles, to create agitation in church groups, as well as, to push them into doing things, that will get them in trouble. Intelligence community, military, clandestine offroad groups of paramilitary operations.

Green Ops- these are operations, mainly in the midwest, where moles, agitators, etc., go into farming communities, and farm co-ops, and try to keep them off kilter, to be able to get a less expensive cost to the goods produced. Second, these moles and agitators, try to infiltrate environmental. peace, etc. groups. to get them into the violent label, so they can arrest them, or harass them.

White noise Ops- military, intelligence, and computer agencies, trying to control the operations of isps, and individual/work/group computers, data and invention. Controlling investors and entrepreneurs, to force innovation in computers and data industries.

Yellow ops- the recording of every citizen and groups, etc., NSA, Transportation, etc., all have computers getting information on american citizens, to be able to find any american, if a drone murder is needed by the government, so the people serve the government and not the other way around.

Blue ops- trying to control all of the oceans seas, lakes, rivers, etc. of the world, and all the water spots, which have fresh, drinkable waters.

Red ops- Intelligence, military, government agencies, using computers, moles, agents, to keep a tab on all the medical usage of women, in doctor visits, pregnancy visits, etc., so if they can kill the woman, before she has a baby, one that is going to cause trouble down the road, they can kill her and those around her with a drone strike, and come up with a reason for doing so.

Silver ops- the continuous manipulation of currencies all over the world, money markets, stock markets, and up and coming markets.

Burgundy ops- is where intelligence, military, government agencies try to manipulate the wealthy, food, wines, all higher priced and more sophisticated, real estate, businesses, airplanes, satellites, rockets, money flow, and anything else happening in the world, where they can manipulate it.

Rainbow ops- intelligence, military, government agencies, work to control the media, news, video, dvd, blue ray, and other photography, etc., devices to enlighten the public, and make them more aware of what is being done to them.

Gold ops- where intelligence, military, government agencies, work to manipulate, use and eliminate criminal families, elements and corporate moguls, trying to do criminal activity against the government, military and intelligence, and care nothing about the citizens of the country.

You’re government sees its citizens as only suppliers of mass power to do the work needed to be done, to make it stronger, more powerful, slim and merciless. This means eliminating populations, such as 80% of americans, in a nuclear war, so the 20% would have enough to live on. The elite, would feed on the bones of the limited.

There are other ops, but those have to deal with ETs, Ancients, and Ancient Aliens, who may not be so ancient after all.

They’re also aware that the Whisper is human; and on the Earth, any try at taking over the government as a dictatorship, could bring the Whisper, and his vast armies, and mighty war machines, to take over the Earth.

They walk slowly, while hiding the big stick of dictatorship behind their backs.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

MJ12- a fictional reality

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

MJ12 is the real power behind the world governments; every country has one, and they’re a network connection, in which, though, they’re electronically, psychically, paranormal connected, they’re really a wold government, and each MJ12 connection has a myriad of other connectors tied to them, and tied to each other.

The world governments play their part, and are a connector to MJ12, in their country, as well as, a mouth piece, for what the MJ12- world government wants them to do.

How did they get this power? They were brought into being, to handle the ET problem, seen by the President of the United States, and was a secret commission, to find out about their reality, what they wanted, where they wanted to pursue this, and how they were going to do it.

All went according to plan, until MJ12, made contact with the ETs, who then refused to work and communicate with any other organization, but the MJ12 network, which put the power in the hands of the MJ12 units, who then were force to work together, regardless of politics, religions, etc., and they polished themselves into a one world government, who could and did have government financing, but they also had financing, from making deals with the ETs: 1. they could abduct humans, for a price, and an agreement to back the MJ Matrix, as the single world government, and would back them up against any aggression by the world governments.

They, also started a wide and varied trading organization, with the ETS, who brought in weapons, inventions, ships and other things, in return, MJ Matrix, gave human abductions, space in underground bases, and made them totally under the control of the ETs, mating between human and extraterrestrials, they agreed the ETs could take some water, from the water supplies of the world, and the final biggie was they gave them under sea bases, but always shared with humans, all over the world.

Before this, the ETs had free rein in what they did to humans, but with the making of the MJ Matrix, made up of every MJ 12 committee, they had someone, who could keep an eye on them, even if they did have advanced electronics, which could hide them, they couldn’t hide from the StealthBreakers, humans who could use mental alacrity, psychic powers, elemental powers, to track them no matter what they did.

There was a somewhat balance of power, though, the humans or the ETs would go off, and try to show the other they were stronger than they were, every now and then.

Humans are repulsed by ETs, for they’re in effect bio-androids, having placed within themselves neural nets, to enhance them in every way possible, over the years, these electronics, are seen, by the ETs, as part of themselves, and they would not know how to live without them.

The ETs have an arrogance, which makes them see, humans as less than- roaches, so they do and say anything in front of them, for they don’t see them, they only see furniture. Furniture is supposed to do what it is told- without question. If furniture refuses, then they’re put back through the process of the Stand, in MotherShips, 12 plus 0ne or more, which are the translation ships, which create virtual reality programs, to force humans into games, which will teach, or punish them, so they do as they’re told.

It is within these Stands that Socrates, came to the fore, he turned the humans, into a vast spy organization, and every human watched very closely everything they saw, and what the ETs were up to.

This spying was done, until Alexander the Great, when he turned it more into action battle units, who became more aggressive, and learned even more about how to fly all kinds of ships, learned vast amounts of information, and in turn taught it to all the humans on the Stand.

This has been going on for decades, but within it came the high road, it is where fighting form, investigative form, action form, abilities forms, and more, suddenly shifted again, and became a seeking, a searching for a higher state of consciousness, one of individual attainment, or a connecting in Oneness- where all became a cell within a vast cosmic mind.

There was a third way, and that was the way of reality, science, and atheism, where what is real is physical, and once dead, you’re dead.

Each networks had their following, but it broke the human ability to work and win over the ETs, and the ETs made use of it, they created the crashes at Roswell, with their secret weapons, aboard them, which were released when the crashes occurred.

The same is true of all the crashes of saucers on the earth; each were flew by clones, and each ship was a hiber shell for the passengers on the ships, who would be released, when the ships crashed.

The fate of the clones, was unimportant, they were expendable ( shades of the Pentagon, saying 80% death ratio, in a nuclear attack, would be acceptable, acceptable to whom, not to those 80% ).

This was and is the truth of any crashes upon the Earth, they all have a sinister purpose, other than fight, they’re trojan horses.

The ETs use clones of humans, etc., when they want to test out something, where death is possible, or drugs or serums or used, but this backfired on them, for they found there was a psychic link between the OG and the clone, so what was done to the clone, if beneficial, the OG would have it within them, as well. If it was negative and the clone died, the spirit would simply be back in the OG, once again.

All would seem to be all right, but for the secret program the ETs were doing, trying to find the perfect human, who would have all the talents, abilities, skills of humans, and the source talents, abilities and skills of ETs. The KeyDragon, who would have everything of both human and ET; they found nothing, then they started working on babies, when they were first conceived, and at different stages of fetal growth, and still nothing, but there was signs it still might work, so they kept on, and finally, they hit, or so they thought, but how to transform the spirit back to the OG bodymind, or to simply have the clone become the OG, and the human birth, become the clone, and expendable.

They decided to do this reverse roles, and moved to put the human birth into sections of deadly encounter, where he or she would die, and the spirit sliver, put back into the human birth would die, and the clone would become the human birth.

They put their plan into works; they created a virtual reality game, in which the baby would surely die, but they wouldn’t have killed it, and the clone would be a clone no more, but real human birth.

The game began and ended, when they put the human birth into a dangerous situation, where its death would be assured, for a transformation took place, and the baby became an adult, an adult of pure golden light energy,who almost destroyed them, but simply vanished them back to their respective planets, and then, turned toward the clone, and light came from it, and into the clone, and the human birth spirit went back into it, and the new style birth, created a new spirit, and they were twins.

Human birth would go back to Earth; while New Style Birth would go into space, with all of the motherships, and start protecting humans from the ETs and the Ancients, when they showed up.

They would discover new planets, and prepare them, for their new human and new style twins, to live in peace, and be knowledgeable, where they could do what they liked; no one would direct them, they would direct themselves.

Human birth and New Style Birth knew it would take all the humans to run the mother ships, so they created light around each one of them and this light became light-life force energy, and for each human a New Style Birth twin would be born, and would go with the New Style Birth, while the OGs, would return to Earth.

The Human Birth and the New Style Birth came up to one another and brought their arms and hands up, for they knew that they would be needed on each mothership, and each planet, and the Creation began; over 1 million twins were born,with new spirits within them, and they were the brothers and sisters of the OG two. They were OGs as well.

The OG Human Birth was and is seen as Originator, even though he or she, doesn’t see it that way, his/her twin and he/she were simply the creative principle, which allowed the beautiful creation of their brothers and sisters.

The Twins went to each mothership, and the game ships, with a full crew of new style birth humans, who now had twins, and they were not alone anymore, and they were at the Creation- free of all human negatives, and were born in purity, love, family, and self-responsibility. They were twins, but they were individuals first and foremost.

The New Style Birth left, leaving the humans and the KeyDragon, in a light world, in space, the KeyDragon smiled and they and he or she was gone, back to their lives on Earth, now a twin.

The KeyDragon was lost among the humans, and even the ETs, or the Ancients, didn’t know who he or she was/is, so they look for the KeyDragon, in the hopes of getting from him or her or it, the key to Indestruct, bodies, which nothing could harm, not even the hottest of hots, the complete destruction of the Universe.

May the Force be with You!

Saday ensayfaycaymarayda sensaylongaday, esadefacamorade bogadaymasay shay tocore sa de morasaa!

Within this article is the secret of knowing what is being said beyond what you see.

Nakedness is a life choice

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2104

Both the MILABs and the ETs keep kidnapees naked, so they’re in a vulnerable state, and are more receptive to their line of indoctrination. The problem is that MILABs and ETs, are simply two organizations, and there is so much more going on than that.

The major organization, or so everyone thinks, is MJ12 committees, found in every country in the world, is the real power behind the scenes, and they can either strengthen or topple governments, who are not stable, already.

MJ12 committees are behind many of the rebellions going on in the world, and will not help those who try to go against their wishes.

They are the ones, who deal with the ETs, now, the Ancients, and the many other networks, who are at work in the Universe.

Nakedness bothered abductees, whether abducted by humans or by ETs, so humans and the primitives, of which humans are part, decided to turn it around, to spin it, nakedness became a fashion statement, and decorating, etc., the bodymind became simply another way of making a statement about who you are, even under criminal environments.

It helped that men and women both would be touched by something they could only believe in, and not necessarily see, and a nipple or a spot on a penis or balls, would suddenly transform the person into a color coordinated fashion model.

It was and is, driving the MILABs personnel, and the ETs/Ancients, up the wall; again the wild cards were coming in, in a way that strengthened the actions of the primitives, all primitives.

Hair, etc,. would be touched and color would abound, with knowledge attached to it, a suggestion, of seeing how color arrangements, could create further colors or turn black and not be able to be used at all.

Strips of color would show up in different areas of the bodymind, and would stay for awhile and then disappear on its own accord. It drove the criminals up the wall.

It was later, when they accused humans of being the wild cards, but they couldn’t prove it, because most humans weren’t doing it, only some or perhaps, even one.

Whispers started coming to the primitivesm; they shared them among themselves, without talking, through telepathic messaging. The ETs, and the military/intelligence communities, saw what had been going  their way, begin to turn against them, and the wild cards came fast and furious, for quite awhile, then they went away, but the color and the whispers continued.

It was at this time, the Fourth Way- Indigenous natives, began to utilize their own wisdoms, and began to create a unspoken language, which took into effect, all that they saw and what they didn’t see, but could by correlated to their movements, expressions, facial movements, bodymind muscular movements and so on.

This language became to be called the Wilding, for it was based on wild cards, and the being called the Whisper, who no one knew, or had any idea about who it was.

Along with this- music and song and dance began, and the African Americans led the way, by hiding real messages. within the words and actions of the old slave language, and by doing this created a second primitive language, for all to learn and use.

The third languages was by the white teenagers, and included all the other primitives, in singing, and dancing rock and roll, again the true message was underneath what was going on, that others could see.

The fourth language wasn’t a made up one, but star languages, were learnt, and messages would be tied to these.

The forerunners of this creative brilliance was the Indigenous Natives, and the African Americans, and was quickly picked up by all the black peoples of the world.

The fifth langauge was passed on when men and women, or men and men, would haves sex, and they would pass on messages and information, in their sexual gyrations.

All of these are still in use today, and have not been broken by the ETs or the MILABs personnel, and it frustrates the hell out of them.

May the MIcrocosmic Force be with You!


(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

Black Ops controllers want to have ways in which to draw forth alter personalities that have been put into their victims, so they put in sounds, silence, symbols, etc., and use them to bring out the alters they want, for the job at hand.

They knew, when they were doing this, they were leaving themselves open, to the Spoilers, turning on them. The Trainees, were trained by black ops specialists, and ET trainers and other specialists, to turn these humans into killers, assassins, saboteurs, and much, much more.

To create these alters you might think it tooks months of torture, psycological and sociological retraining, and so on, but it didn’t, for they took psychics, paired them off with ETs and each alter was created within each victim’s mind with telepathic imagery, and setting up the alter in its own total cosnciousness.

The trainers and the ETs would only work three days on each alter, to create the total personality, then they would turn it over to the back ops trainers to put into them the harsh training, etc., needed to turn them into the best guerrilla warriors in the world and beyond it.

This training would go on for three months at a time, then the ETs would get them for three month; this would go on for three or four years, and by that tim,e at least seven alters, would be in each solider, in each warrior, and in each Dragon. They were mean, experienced in all kinds of situations, wars, etc..

The ETs would take the super soldiers and the ultra warriors through various kinds of environments, showing them how to adapt with the equipment or their own resourcefulness, to the environments they were in.

It was under a year, when suddenly all the super soliders, warriors and Dragons, suddenly were capable of surviving in any environment, by transforming their bodyminds to be a natural within it. This was neither the black ops, or an ETs training skill introduce into the fertile fields of consciousess of the victims they turned into killing machines.

Both the black ops and the ETs,  put them through every kind of environment they could, and it was a natural talent, and it was life specific, meaning it would happen without them having to do anything about it.

The fear of their creations began to come in, for there was a wild card within their ranks, and they had no idea who it was. They started doing vast scientific tests, the ETs began to run genetic testing on all the humans or to them, primitives- they picked up.

The next step, if they harmed one of the elite, one of them would be harmed, and fear of the soldiers, warriors and Dragons would multiply.

The black ops operators, took this lesson in hand, and began to teach the soldiers, warriors and Dragons, to deeper levels, than what they’d thought they would do, this early in the black ops program.

One thing we haven’t covered is that super soldiers, ultra warriors and Dragons have both sexes in the training and the brainwashing, both the black ops and the ETs, started making the training more difficult, and more psychological controlling and torturous;  they started using hypnosis, in various ways, the black ops training, was less adamant, than the ETs, who used futuristic techniques to put their trainees through deep and very controlling blocks, and introduced inplants, bots and etc.s. They wanted the soldier, warrior and Dragon, to be controllers; they could use, them, then, to make them special killers, under, their  control, and to start the visual creations, where the situation and environment matched what was wanted.

One of these was one I found when I busted through my own blocks, and found myself in a total solar system’  the planets were exact in virtual reality imagination and consciousness adaptation to what is needed.

To make the soldiers, warriors and Dragons, afraid of them and their scientific skills, talents and abilities, plus what they used of the races before them, who had left these great machines behind; they had figured out how to use them, and now they used them on the primitives, both human and other biological races, across the galaxy and the Universe, They began to use the Terrors, machines that could become the victim, and then put into place the benefits the ETs wanted in each alter, and tie them in so well, that the victim, couldn’t break the alters, or so they thought.

The ETs are bio-androids, they have within their bodyminds neural nets, to enhance, and allow them to travel in space, time, etc., without having to have special, lumbersome equipment to do so. They found that neural nets, could help them in all areas of this, including increasing psychic power, psychic powers, psychic energies, and so on.

One of the psychological attacks on the primitives, was to keep them naked at all times, to force them to have sex with each other, with the same sex, and with the opposite sex.

They tried to bring animals into it, but the humans revolted and almost killed the ETs.

The ETs and the Black ops operators decided, it was/is time to make the soldiers, warriors and Dragons, to fight in real, but simulated wars, so the Bargains were conceived, they would program each victim, to play a role, with the freedom to choose how to survive in war. They used the Stands of ETs, and the real environments on different planets, for these mock wars, but they weren’t mock all the times, sometimes they were real, and real injuries were allowed.

They created one ongoing war scenes and had the humans and many of their primitives involved in it, with the leaders of the human side three people, and they were great leaders, so the final battle came into being and two of the three were dead, and the third, grieved tremendously, for his friends and comrades.

The ETs and the Black Ops operators were interested in this, to see what the survivor would do, he and his people almost killed all the black ops operators and the ETs, they were coming in for the kill, when they all vanished, and the ETs and the Black Ops didn’t know where they had gone.

This leader had taken all of the combatants to where his friends were, in tanks, and were coming alive, and they helped them out, they knew then that the ETs were cloners, and was putting them into clone bodies that could be killed or whatever and the spirit of the primitive would come back here to its own bodymind.

The ETs and the Black Ops, tried to capture them, but they all disappeared.The dynamics of the Bargains had now changed, the super soldiers, ultra warriors and Dragons, knew the secret of how they sometimes came on board these ships, and could have dangerous and torturous things done to them, what they could do, and if the bodymind was hurt or died, they would simply return to the OG.

Yet wild cards kept turning up in the primitives, life specific wild cards, which gave them great powers, and great intellect to go with it. The ETs and the Black Ops were growing more and more afraid of the primitives, and the primitive forces were growing more and more capable of doing psychic, intellectual and war combats, which the ETs and the Black Ops Operators didn’t know how to control.

They started calling these wild cards- geronimos.

May the Force be with You!

What does it mean to act in Black Ops, and ET Star Ops

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

Yesterday, I was watching videos from you tube, and I went deep in my interacting with these videos, and I touched two of my alter designed plastic consciousness. I felt them starting to move, so I stopped it, for now, but I will work through them and integrate then into the primary consciousness, Terry Floyd Johnson, Dream Dancer; Self-Genesis Practitioner.

I put Microcosmic Force Blessings on each of these consciousness, and alter designer consciousness, to bring them into full integration into me, so I become a single organism/bodymind.

How do these alter designs takeover me, and others, who are black ops kidnapees; by Triggers, and overflow in action.

Triggers, can be a voice, sound, music, technological stuff, etc., and it is always done to have the correct alter design ego, to come out, so there isn’t just one trigger, but many.

This means much of your and my life energy is caught up in maintaining these false ego trained consciousness.

What does a trigger, trigger, almost anything, so, if you accidentally trigger one in me, or other star trained, mental training, usually without our consent, and at these times, triggers are set in us, on a musical scale, which will be triggered at programmed call to action.

They can be non-violent, violent and/or deadly, where murder is done, of one or more combatants, and then we disappear, no one knowing of our presence

Each of us have our special loves in weapons, sabotage, undermining political systems, booby traps, explosives, landmines, disinformation, guerrilla warfare, war/attack strategy, planning, tactical, maneuverability, surprise, troop movement, keeping in contact with squad base, and more.

Each of us are expected to practice mentally, physically, consciously our training in self-defense, art of killing, silence and death, rape, fitting in with the local environments, urban environments, in the Shadow, and so on.

The training goes on even if we consciously don’t do it, it is running in patterns, that’s mind and unconscious patterns, all the time, even if we seem to be far removed from a super soldier, ultra warrior, dragon, inside, and especially in the design alters, we are doing this constantly, and especially at night, when we run through our training, and all up dates, mind exchanged, during the day, psychic talents, abilities and skills, and more.

Each design alter, carries within them full training, unconscious suggestology, and special skills, abilities and talents. They are deadly, and they will kill at the drop of a hat.

Each super soldier, ultra warrior, and Dragon in one of their design is an animal shaman, and they work only in that animals expression and deeds.

In another design, they are an imaginary dragon, and they are given the type dragon they are, but not with the limitations, as a dragon they can do anything.

Every super soldier, ultra warrior , dragon is trained in psi-ops, psych-ops, poli-ops, cult-ops, espionage, industrial ops, urban ops, cartography, and acting.

Now we come to the eraser part of each and every super soldier, ultra warrior, and dragon, this is a place of wild energy, lightning, wild, tumultuous energy, and this is the kill region, where mental projections of the above can kill with the mind alone.

Each of us are experts in illusion, and the creating of illusion, within the mind, or outside of it, where the target, experiences not reality, but illusion reality.

Do we get high tech weapons, we can, but we are the weapon, and we never fail, even if it doesn’t turn out the way it was thought it would.

I am experiencing aversion suggestions in my unconsciousness and subconsciousness, from that which makes me want to sleep, so new or stronger strengthening can be done to take me off the ideas I was/am thinking. I get this a lot.

Super soldiers, ultra warriors, dragons are under constant surveillance from ET, and Shadow Duck Blinds found all over the planet.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

Silly me, I forgot the Olympics started today in Sochi

Posted on February 8, 2014by 

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

Silly me, Friday is the day, the olympics starts in Soci, Russia; why should I care if the olympics started or not, I’m not going to watch all of them.

I have my reasons, and for a while, they were individual, but now I have created a protect-barrier around those I have decided to help along, in their presence in Soci, and in their mental health, and their drive to win in their individual competitions.

I put this protect-barrier, around all who are being protected by it, and individually I put a super, microcosmic force crystal white light globe of  moving energy, reflecting any attack on anyone in the barrier away from it to somewhere else.

I back this up by strengthing it and each with Microcosmic Force Blessings.

This is a positive action, if you want to join in protecting those, who need it, in Soci, and others who are in need of it, as well, feel free to create as many Microcosmic Force Blessings that you wish, for the protect-barrier and each individual protect-globe.

I do enough to match every particle in the Universe, atomic level, and quantum particles, feel free to do as many as you wish.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

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Where are all the little sidewinders within the warriors

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

I am a super soldier, ultra warrior, dragon and maker; I am also a star warrior, having been through the training of not only the military, cia, dia, and others, but I was trained by ETs to be a planet hopper, and destructor.

It didn’t turn out well, for the military, etc., and definitely didn’t turn out well for the ETs and the Ancients. I am their worse headache. Rowdies Rangers-, are made up of abductees, contactees, and silencos ( these are primitives, who have been made into silent killers, who are the best there are, and have a kill record. no one else has even come close to.

Since the last time I blogged, I have come up with 5 or 6 alters, each one has its own name, but I am working to integrate all into me, including all the training, etc., and much more, they and I have.

Tonight, I came up with two names- Silent Panther and Sliding Knife, when I’m on a job, no one says anything but one of these two names, for when I’m on a job, I am ruthless, relentless, and do it efficently, with no loose ends, or so they thought, but I left plenty of loose ends, trained warriors on every planet I was put on, who were the core of the Attack, the preliminary army, etc., to protect home planet, and to learn and to use the methods of travel, used by the ETs, and the Ancients, and the military on earth, intelligence included.

The military in their MILABS, thought they were training killer soldiers, and they did put all the ones they kidnapped and put through this program- scientific, anthropologic, killer moves, and much more, were in fact the Attack on Earth, and work to destroy all who would do what the MILABS and the ETs/Ancients do in turning humans into killer bioandroids, with electronics placed in them to control them, to turn them into super warriors,and to give them the way to accomplish their goals.

These include: inplants, bots, and etc. ( being the Dark, trying to take over the super warrior, for their own reasons.

Each of the alters, have names, I got two of them, but I’ve forgotten them, which means, they are simply cover names of no importance.

We have been attacking what is being done to us on two levels ETs/Ancients and military government world order of not only Earth, but every planet in the known universe.

This hasn’t worked out for them, for Whisper, has taken over Shadow, and runs it, and if the MJ12 committees try to do anything outside their parameters, they are stopped and showed, they have exceeded their authority.

Self-Authority is extremely important to all super soldiers, ultra warriors, dragons, and makers, for they are littered with electronics, and other alters, and so on, so they work to find their self-authority, and then, allow it to override all other controls put upon them.

Self-Responsibility is another very important acceptance that they look to maintain their control over the alters, and the triggers put in them. Any threat to these psychological understandings, and they trigger instant response; to stop that which is attacking their self-core.

The Attack can go off planet, and be anywhere in the Universe(s), which is scaring the crap out of the ETs, Ancients, and the human criminals, and we do much now in the Universe, to take it away from the ETs/Ancients and the human criminals.

Depending on what we’re doing, we can also do things on our own; one of the things I’ve done and still do occasionally, is I became a huge music star, and made tons of money, and that money is in Shadow banks all over the Universe, my banks, and I have other substance operations all over the Universes, as do all, super soldiers, ultra warriors, dragons and makers.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

You don’t know your own reality

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

People like to feel they know their reality, and if they didn’t  t would make them extremely nervous. Well, as Shadow, our job is to be in your reality, and to use it to our advantage, while you’re not even aware of what lies within your reality to use and to unify into wonderous travel.

What does this mean? It means that many things you think don’t exist, do; and what you feel or know cannot possibly exist does, and is used on a daily basis.

Stargates, Transmats, Transdimensional steppin’, Energy Open/close and you’re on your way. ETs have been here and are here whenever they want to be, with or without ufos. Ships are the mundane of their traveling the Universe, while their regular travel, without any ships, but by thought, transfer, transmats, or by Pointer, and you are gone.

Many travel at night, when they dream, and when they dream- they create the reality they want to go to, or to create; new realities are created and transformed all the time, and aren’t incidents, which have been around for centuries, but are brand new and reflective of single, network beings, who travel the Universe in spirit, and in physical transdimensional rings of connection.

Travel in the Universe is like the Wild, Wild West, there are no safeguards, or there wasn’t until the coming of the Whisper, now many are safe to travel down or across,or back or up or down or whichever way you want.

Human governments wanted to create a deadly army, which could protect them from outside forces, Gaters, and etc., so they made super soldiers, ultra warriors, Dragons and makers, and they made those, who could travel the Universe at will, with transdimensional steppin’; who know how to use stargates, better than the builders, and who use  energy transfer, and transdimensional stepping, to do what they have to do.

The U.S government teams of Wackers, those who run the black ops, training centers, and torture chambers, find an area, where they feel the situation can be changed to the betterment of the United States, and they send out Mutts to tear up the place and force it into the road they see as better for the United States.

They soon found out force is not the answer, for the Universe and simply the mechanics of doing this would come back and knock them on their butts, so they went to persuasions and designs, this idea was brought into public consciousness, with the books of Zenna Henderson, The People, who used them to do what humans would call magic, or psychic dynamics.

They found by using persuasions and designs, they could accomplish their goals, and fine tune their black ops operators, into amazing 1. Chippers, who work on situations, by chipping away at them like a sculptor till it comes out to what he/she wants it to be, 2. Scouts, these were the one who go into strange territories, and new persuasions and designs and test them out, 3. Blackouters, are the ones, who go into the creative reality of dreamers, and daydreamers, feel what they are creating and if it has creative moxy, they capture it and take it back to where they can study it at length, 4. Machos, they are the ones, who try out all new persuasions and designs, and with their psychic dynamics, add or take away to make it into a powerful reality or reality influence, and finally, 5. Takeouters, are the ones who use them to takeout what’s not wanted, and putting in what is.

Princess Diana was a master at this, and was a teacher of those who were brought into training to learn how to do persuasions and designs, she was and is the master trainer of Dragons, and super warriors and ultra warriors. She is in waif form now, choosing to stay this way, since leaving her bodymind, before the accident. She is a stronghold to be used and dealt with cautiously.

Waif form is pure energy, but with an ability to take on bodymind form, at will, and then transform it back to energy, when she is finished with what she wanted it for.

The Greys and the Nordics, have energy greys and nordics, and they love doing  havoc, but this has dwindled down, since the origin of the Manganet Design Operations, of the CIA and other intelligent operations, but it no longer belongs to them, it is now run by the MJ12, and they command over them. Or so they think, they do not, they are the ones- who are controlled, but are useful, to take eyes off of the Valiant Forces.

Tobetray cognastasci igosandanfoe yestay bilenga sourcedown.

May the Force be with You!

Who rules Shadow?

To start, let’s look at what we know to date: 1. Shadow exists, 2. it is underground, 3. it is worldwide, 4. the government overseers of Shadow and the underground is supposedly MJ12, 5. there are MJ12 committees in every country in the world, they have come together to form a new world government, which plays at being responsible to the real time government, but they are much more powerful, 6. the real power in the Shadow is the abducees and contactees of ETs and Ancients, 7. they are double abductees/contactees, for they are kidnapped by the military/armies of each of the world’s counties, and subject to torture, testing, psychological warfare and many more harsh subjugation techniques, and they are used by black ops to do many things, for they have been programmed to be at the beck and call of the ETs , and now the Ancients, so they are high resolution destructors, and assassins, 8. the military believe they are the power behind MJ12, and protect the MJ12 committees, but they aren’t, for they are unable to stop the super soldier, ultra warrior, Dragon and Maker, 9. Dragons are those who have been trained by ETs, to be erasers, and political saboteurs, super soldiers are to eliminate high profile targets, some of which are the MJ12 committee, when they fight among themselves, so the MJ12 committees are the front of Shadow, but the real power is held by the abductees/contactees in each of the countries of the world, 10. MJ12 is made up of the smartest humans in the world, in each country, and thus they have the intelligence to design, and operate military weapons, they design, and defense factories make them, under false names, and ship them to Shadow areas, for the MJ12 henchmen to pick them up, they also develop, and ship to earth many military weapons, made on the moon, Mars and others through dimensional havens and doorways, 11. ETs have created Shadow Dimens, who are not limited by the usual limtations of humans, these humans are super and physical manipulative, of themselves and that which they are around- physical, mental and beyonds, 12. beware the silence, 13. Psi ops are weapons of the supersoldiers, ultra warriors, Dragons and Makers,  they are trained by ETs, and enhanced by the military to create counter insurgence combat personnel.

The Shadow is run by MJ12 committess, in every country in the world; they are over seen by governments in real time; the underground power of the underground, lies with the abductees/contactees of the ETs and the Ancients, by their training, skill, psi ops and total talents, abilities and skills, which make them unbeatable, and their distrust of any government, real time or world, make them stay independent of governments, and they push the buttons of the MJ12 committees, when it is necessary, but they dislike politics, so are willing to let the MJ12 committees to run the world government, as long as it doesn’t interfere with truth and freedom, of themselves, and those who are effected/affected by Shadow.

The abductees/contactees are Rowdies Rangers; they are warriors all, and have struck against the ETs in a battle on Near Earth, where they destroyed all the labs, camps, weapons, robotic weapons, on the planet, especially the Indestructo labs of the ETs, the most fortified of all the operations of the ETs on the planet.

Shadow stretchers across the Universe, and the ETs and the Ancients, call those they kidnap Primitives, for they cannot stop them, and the Primitives are Rowdies Rangers.

The head of Shadow, Universes wide is Whisper, though, many within it have never heard of him/her/it, which ever; he/she/it controls everything behind the governments, etc., in real time, from the underground of Shadow.

The real time governments think they are in power over both real time and Shadow, they are wrong, abductees/contactees, are the real power of Shadow, Rowdies Rangers, and Jedi Knights.

Jedi Knights are those who have taken on the belief of a force in the Universe which guides and is guided by them. They have taken Red as their color.

Jedi Knights are those who have found the way to live by touch contact with the Microcosmic Force, they have taken on the color Blue.

The fourth way is the network of Native Americans, and they have taken on the color green.

SciBlast are scientists who want to get rid of power all together and create a world based on science, they have taken the color purple.

One more network, is the Amazons, made up of women, who want to create a world of peace for themselves and their children.

There are subgroups, etc., but this is the make up of Shadow.

Wherein is the truth of the spirit and not of the mouth?

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

Now we know the realms of the Earth, and beyond, but do we really, the Planet Earth, is a mystery, even to those who think they have solved almost everything. What they have solved is what their interests bring them to.

Mathematics, physics, etc., are simply languages, and languages reflects those who create it, so if you want to design answers, you do so by limiting the language to what you believe it to be, and see only that which you want to see, and which language you use, limits your insight into what lies around you.

What does this mean? StarGates, Trans Mats, Transdimensional steppin are quite different; the first two are language bound, and the third has no language, only action, and not what is seen, but what is focused on. What is focused on, is as close as a step.

Stargates and Trans mats are outside dependent, and get lost in trying to figure out the distances, etc., of what is happening, they have lost the talent, skill, ability to be a Traveler. A time traveler, perhaps; no an experience traveler, for time does not exist, except in the language of the outer directed, who spend all their time, in learning the minute equations of outside.

True experience, has no language, only action, and it is only afterwards, that language is found to say what it is to experience without language.

May the Force be with You!

What are the three realms of Earth, Galaxtic and Universe, throw in Dimensions

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

To begin, we must first show what realms exist, which are the major ones, which are watched and emulated by smaller realms:

1. Real Time Realm

2. Shadow Realm

3. Rain Realm

Here they are- the major realms, found upon the planet called Earth.

Real Time is the world you see everyday, the business, the wars, the news, the internet, and more.

The Shadow world is quiet different, it only allows those who walks its many paths, to know of its existence, and if one finds out about it, then they are made to forget, disgraced, or etc.

RAIN world is that of overseeing Real Time and Shadow, shining the light of spirituality and trueness upon both, even if they don’t want it. Truth hurts, and truth builds.

The Real World or realm you can see on tv, radio, internet, etc., so we won’t talk about this, even though  security, is running amok, and keeping track of every being on the planet, could get it and its systems shadowized.

The shadow is a world government, dealing with not only planetary matters, but solar systems, galaxies and universes, along with dimensions.

The shadow is a network of MJ12 task forces, who over see all contact, interaction, treaties, etc., with ets, and so on. They feel they are the government leaders, and play that game to the hilt.

Unfortunately, for them, they aren’t; they are the secondary net under the true leadership of the Shadow, who are given the role of professional overseeing of the worlds of Shadow.

So we have the question of who really is the power, the movers of the Shadow realm, and who moves trillions of dollars, etc., around the world  at a moment’s notice, to fill in any gaps within the Shadow.

The Shadow is the old west, and the future world of any kind of environment you can think of, and the Power of the Shadow, keeps all of them in check, while building out the true environment, in which all will benefit.

The Power is definitely not anyone who thrives on power, war, bigness, and so on. They are the ones who feel the might of the Shadow realm.

The Shadow doesn’t interfere with much of what goes on in Real Time Realm, letting it take care of itself, allowing it to create environments, which enrich only those who already are rich, wealthy and porkers; this covers individuals, businesses, stars, governments.

The Shadow has everything to do with the underground, the interaction with the ETs and now the Ancients, and the goings on of the ETs, Ancients and those beings on other planets.

However, the Shadow Realm also deals with the Dark realms, those who don’t want their presence known, so they can do their dastardly deeds by unknown presence, and workable ideas and formulas.

The Shadow world works because of its protectors: Makers, Dragons, black ops and psi ops, who oversee all that goes on in the Shadow realm(s), and makes sure that it runs the way its supposed to.

The Shadow Realm is everywhere on the planet earth, and works its magic, projects all over the world as well, but more often than not, the Shadow workers, are off planet, and building a framework of net projects on planets around the Universe, unpopulated, or in conjunction with a Shadow world government there

Shadow Trekkers also visit and catalog unknown planets,  thus are building a universe wide map of the Universe.

The Shadow world is financed by black ops funds, vast investments in Real Time, and through the working with the Whisper, who funnels money, etc., in planets all over the Universe, and is for all purposes, the single power in the Universe.

He/she/it is in fact the director of action in all Shadow realms all over the Universe, and the unequivocal power within the universe, even over the ETs and the Ancients, who hate this unknown force of nature,

Who controls the Shadow? The better question- who creates the Wisdom, so the Shadow makes the right decisions on their own.

May the Microcosmic Force Be with You!

What is the Shadow?

Ladies and Gentlemen of all persuasions and colors, our question today, is what is the Shadow, the Shadow, my friends, is you, you are the Shadow.

Don’t believe me… are the Shadow, because you came here tonight to read and to listen to what is the Shadow….you want to know if this is an honest perception, or if my view is wrong.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Shadow exists, it is super soldiers, ultra warriors, Dragons, Makers, on one finger of Shadow, but it is also trade, finance, media, tech, reverse engineering, engineering, underground, politics, families, real estate, mass movement of urban areas, same with rural areas, it is music, it is UFOs, it is ets, it is ancients, it is magic, and it is invention, its flight, and its speed, its manufacturing, and its specialization, its general, its openness, and its secretness, it runs by process, and runs by units, and runs by color, and runs by psychic, paranormal, parapsychology, death, life, and inbetween; it is spiritual, it is darkness, and it is shadow,  it is entertainment, and it is  conflict, confrontation, surprises, and endings, and its life, transforming to the ones who are living the life of the Shadow.

The Shadow is a quasi world, which has all the features of a country, without boundaries, we work all over the world, and far beyond it, we utilize the solar system as a base of not operation, and have similar shadow processes all over the Universe, we create doorways, transmats, stargates, and transdimensional steppin’ to those who are Makers, and those who are Makers and not.

The Shadow is different in that it does not allow those within it to shape it; it shapes itself always, and those within it have to deal with its newness, or they are forced out of Shadow.

I am Shadow, and so are you, you just haven’t allowed yourself to know that, as yet.

Shadow is all around you, and comes out of you in the freedom to be yourself, for in Shadow, you aren’t shaped by Shadow, but by you, and you are constantly interacting with Shadow, as well as, the life and continual lines of real time.

Shadow and real time are opposites, for real time, moves in quasi lines, and shadow moves in circles , rounds and inner wholeness, but the one who brings sanity and color to both is the Rain.

The Rain can walk in either realm, and stay free of the traps and the guidances, continually trying to take all within itself, to be squiggly lines, rather than flowing lines, squares, rectangles, and triangles.  The Rain ends all indecisions, and acts to the feeling within itself, and brought about by the continual action, within the circle and roundness of movement, and fullness.

Shadow lives; Real time looks to squiggly linear vision to try to live and love, to gain happiness, Rain is happiness and beyondness.


Time doesn’t exist, only experience and imprintation

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

I am a Dragon and a Maker- in Vietnam, my little sidewinder(s) was David Corso, which I didn’t know anything about till I saw a video by Project Camelot, thanks Kerry, on David Corso, and Duncan O’finioian.

I watched it and I knew I knew David, and I knew Duncan to, but there was a cover story on him, that we are deadly enemies. This is pure poppycock; we don’t always get along, but we aren’t enemies, we simply have different points of views.

I have been in many wars, have been a watcher on even more, I am a highly trained assassin, warrior, and world changer, as are Duncan, David and Axe, and others I have seen and know.

Wars I have had action in:

World War I

World War II

World War III

World War IV

Korean War


Desert Storm



Foreign wars

wars on planets in the Universe

wars in space

wars in realms Connect

wars where both sides would have been wiped out, but we stopped it

all wars aren’t stopped on the battle field, but in the actions of one or more beings

I have watched

Rome at war

Greeks at war ( I have met Socrates and Plato, and called and all them my friends )

Crusades ( stupid, especially the children’s crusade )

Catholic Church wars

wars large and small in Europe, Asia, and every other country in the world

wars that haven’t been fought yet

the ET wars

and more.

I and other Dragons, Makers, travel the Universe, working to help others help themselves, we take on many forms, and many positions, all which end in the target we are helping influence the state and the communities to a new path, that allows them to grow and to become wise in how to win conflict without fighting wars.

Dragons are transdimensional travelers;  we go anywhere in the Universes, the Realms, The Realities, and more; we do not use statgates, or trans mats or trans signals.

We were trained by humans, and ets to be the best in bending targets to their way of thinking, and to remove any who didn’t want to go along with the program.

We are Shadow, and We are Rain; rain shines light upon shadow, and shadow dances with rain.

We are geneticists far beyond the understanding of humans and others, even the ETs who are nothing but bio androids, because of the neural net of living biocomputer chips put throughout their bodies, to enhance, to expand their lives, and other things.

May the Microcosmic Force be  with you!

Reality isn’t a Nice world; if your in black ops

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

The question is- how does a super soldier, an ultra warrior, a Dragon, and a Maker, get blocked, so they can’t remember their experiences, the talents/abilities/skills they learned as black ops operators, assassins, and wrecking balls on planets they’re put upon.

First, Black Ops,isn’t just a human event, it is shared with ETs, The Constellation, and what the humans provide in training and psychic warfare/ops/political destruction, is blocked off, so the person cannot remember, and are put under deep stresses, to make sure they’re operants of the country they’re in, so they will not go against their own country, and thus allow this blocking, to protect their country of  birth or political savy.

ETs, The Constellation, and now the Ancients, then pick them up and train them in similar areas, but with much moire  in depth training in how to cause the down fall of planet governments, and if necessary, civilizations, where the civilization is snuffed out, and all artifacts destroyed, by biowarfare/trigzeblackholes, placed in the atmosphere, and all that the culture is, is gone.

The ETs, and the Human Governments soon realized  they had made a mistake, for they had not taken into consideration, reincarnation, and consciousness relay integral messaging systems, where the past life, works with the present life, to free it, and to give it even more training in facing down those who would use them irresponsibly.

The second thing they didn’t take into consideration, acutally the ETs did, but decided it was a faint chance that the Gob gene would appear within these specially trained individuals. They were wrong, for the God gene, isn’t a physical gene, but a seed within the consciousness of the Godalarian, which when threatened flowers, and the person, etc., steps into a consciousness of the Gods.

What consciousness you ask, that they are one of the Godalarians, and were seen as gods by the ancient races of humans, and others, when in reality the Godalarians,are  a race of beings, who came into being, so far back, there’s no knowledge of them, but they travel, and when they find a hospitible planet, they stay awhile, and interact with the populations they find there.

This has caused the ETs innumerable problems, as well as, the Ancients, who see themselves as the oldest race to ever be. They’re wrong, the Godalarians are, they were Ancients, when the Ancients were just coming out of the primordal soup of environmental planet land masses.

There is a God gene, but It isn’t to show who’s a Godalarian, but to show the interrelational advantage they have been given, by the bloodlines, second, and first, of having the capacity to utilize themselves, in the Eye of the Gods.

The Godalarians are the oldest beings- who consider themselves a group, but the oldest individual , came into being long before them, and stayed in silence and light, for a long time, then in one day the realities were born, the universes, the astral planes, the etheric  planes, and so on.

The creator of these, was the Dreamer, who dreamed them into reality, and put into them the energy to maintain their balance and expression, he called them Idles, and watched over them, helping them help themselves always, then one day he or she or it, was gone. The Idles had to govern themselves, and the undoing was born, as they stepped away from self-responsibility, to groupings, and interacting as groups, and violence was born.

The Idles were vast and beautiful; however, now limitation came into the minds and actions of the Idles-brethern, where by staying together as a group, they were in competition with each other, and with the outside, to get what they wanted out of the group, and the position they wanted to hold within the group.

If they didn’t have the skill, etc., to overcome the others in the group, they began to look for ways they could use to gain their place in the structure of the group, they couldn’t do it straight on, so they had to curve off the straight and narrow, to the talent of making others believe their form of truth, was truth, and the true truth was the lie. Sophistry was born; and those who weren’t gifted, in straight living, became expert at oratory, and behind the scenes actions, which got rid of those who were opposing them, and let them gain the power and position they wanted.

Conflict, lying, temptation, sexual abuse, etc., all came into being, and the solidarity of the group became haphazard, depending on who gained authority, the straight and narrow or the sophists. To help in their bid for power, the ideas of exchanging favors, etc., and the using of group member to attack other group members, thus intimidation came into the jargon and actions, within the group, and were twice as bad in dealing with other groups.

Today’s governments, peoples, etc., are wracked with the need to stand out, and to be the most powerful, so they can press their wills on others, and make them do as they wish, giving them more power, or making them rich beyond their dreams.

Yet the everyday government isn’t the power behind the status, the in the sunlight government and people’s believe themselves to be; there is another world, where shadow streams flow, which dictate what is going to happen above the ground; that interactive world or worlds is called Shadow.

The supposed power of Shadow is MJ12, who has it copies in every country in the world, and secondary groups throughout  the country- these are called BF12s.

We will look at this Shadow, in our next post, but remember BF12’s control large areas, and work them to the the betterment of the Shadow government, meaning MJ12.

Enemies within

I have inplants, bots and etc., nano and micro- throughout my bodymind, the ETs tried to put a neural net in me, so I could be a bioandroid, but I tore their asses up over that, so they dropped that.

ETs are bored, and so they look to Games, what kind of games, anything that will reach them and make them feel alive again, rather than like a computer.

I am a maker, a Dragon, an ultra warrior and a supersoldier.

I have to laugh, though, when David Corso and Duncan, say Duncan is first generation super soldier/ultra warrior, he’s the first after the tenth 100 tries,

Duncan says he can dead lift 1000 pounds, impressive.

He lifts planets better.

He is a gamestrike, and all super soldiers, ultra warriors, Dragons, to only the degree,they don’t realize what’s going on, and stop it for themselves.

There are many levels of any game, but they all have one goal to kill the Dragon Master, and thus, the conquest of the Earth can begin.

At the moment, the creator of the planet has security that can obliterate everything that tries to harm the planet.

I am waking up, beware the SunCrisp Dragon.

Attack on Heart

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

I was dozing in my chair in front of my computer, when I woke up, just before I felt a hard jump in the area of my heart.

I’m still dealing with it, but it feels more like an inplant, bots, etc., attack, if that’s what it was.

It amazes me, that all those who attack psychically, think there are no consequences, in doing so.

Run Rabbit Run.

togomadaba esha codo megata echro rad a

Black Ops

▶ Black Ops Marine & The Ultimate Warrior – YouTube.

David and Duncan both have been trained by ETs and by the human military, they are star warriors, and can operate in any environment, and they can work alone, or in tandem with other star warriors.

They have also been trained in ways other than either of the ETs and human military or intelligence have the knowledge to train them in this way or rather ways.

To protect themselves both the ETs and the human military or intelligence agencies have had the star warriors minds wiped, and blocked.

All star warriors have the ability to block this from being total, what they wiped and blocked was the false mind, each star warrior learned to create, if they were ever under guise to have their mind blocked or wiped, only the false mind would be wiped or blocked.

This is not to say the wipe or the block doesn’t work, because it does, but the false mind blocks any attempt to touch the star mind.

Duncan and Axe were paired off , not just so they could be a team, but to keep them tied to what they were right here and now. Pairing was done and is done, to keep the talents under control and tied to each other, so they wouldn’t go further into the training they’ve gotten, for then, they would be rogues, and would have to be hunted down.

The problem with that was/is the Godalarians, who would stop any attempt to kill, maim or mess with any of the Dragons, and they were Dragons, themselves.

A Dragon is a Dragon.

Afternoon at St. Mary’s Hospital, Long Beach, CA

Last three weeks my heart a fibulations have been bad, but I breathe deeper, and got through it, but today, I decided I had gone on long enough, so I went to St. Mary’s emergency room, and spent to around 5 o’clock in the emergency ward, from getting there about one o’clock, but everything, except my a fab, was great.

I had tried some new medicine, and it didn’t suit me, and one of my medicines I doubled up on, and I had to cut back, because it was causing my legs to blow up, same with the other, but larger.

Along with all of this is the staggering discovery that I have a whole aspect consciosness, I knew nothing about.

In this regard, I want to go on about the wars I have fought in, the assassins, I did, and how I and others turned the Shadow government on its head, taking control, from MJ12, Illuminati, and other secret societies, who wanted to be in on the greatest secret in human history, we are definitely not alone in the Universe.

MJ12 is the shadow government that operates in the shadowy areas of UFOs, secret societies, free masons, and many other occult things. They operated the Super Soldier, Ultra Warrior, and they tried to control the Dragon, but could not, and in the end, they became under the authority of the Dragon, along with super soldiers and ultra warriors.

Shadow, human underground government, who deals with the ETs, Ancients and others, was begun by the US, and then finned off to other MJ12 shadow governments, to become one world wide government. It pretended to be working for their governments best interest, but this was a scam, which the governments, soon found out, their militaries, decided to strike against the Shadow, which is what the one world government is called, and they tried, and lost, not because of the regular military under the control of Shadow, but because of the special programs of super soliders,

MJ12, then decided the super soldiers, ultra warriors, and the Dragons, were too dangerous, so they sent their military to annihilate all of them- women and men, the pairs they had used as a control on the behavior of both, telling them, they would kill the other, if they tried to defect or go out on their own.

The Dragons, worked alone, or when needed with other Dragons, but they had no partner to give MJ12, control over them, through fear of losing their partner.

The Super Soldiers, and Ultra Warriors, joined forces with the Dragons, and counter attacked all the military forces of MJ12, and defeated them, even the Psychic Squads, they had put into force, as a protection against their super soldiers,, ultra warriors, and the Dragons.

MJ12 had fallen, but what was going to take its place, one person stepped up and formulated a new underground, and a new purpose for it, and he or she or it, named this new connected anti-government Shadow. The government and the communities were connected in circles. The person who started this refused to be its leader, but took on the job of being the anti-authority, who would guard against Shadow becoming power oriented.

No one was forced to stay in Shadow; some of the super soldiers/ultra warriors left, and went on their own, their ability to travel underground ended, and they were no longer Shadow.

However, they were still super soldiers, and ultra warriors, so they were still in the know, above the ground, and in the world of governments of the countries of Earth. l

Shadow is real! Shadow works! Shadow is the underground, but not the black market! Shadow is ultra weapons! Invented by Shadow Master Designer/Teacher!

Each Dragon is a transdimensional warrior; some super soldiers, some ultra warriors are, but Dragons, travel in the usual way earth limitation, other times they travel the planet, the solar system, the galaxy, transdimensionally, which isn’t by wormhole, but by looking and transdimensionally, being where you are looking.

Transdimensional travel works with different periods in experience ( time doesn’t exist ) and may be any point in experience, which may be  transformed, or made stronger, so its good works, will spread far beyond itself, in ripple waves across the universes and realities.

We are now set up to look at the different wars I and others Dragons, have been in:

Napoleanic Wars

other European wars

Pirate wars

African Wars

Russian Wars

Greek Wars

Atlantean Wars

Mu Wars

Giant Wars

other planetary wars

and so on, Dragons have been in wars, skirmishes, feuds, etc., all over the Universes.

They have been very active in future wars, etc., which are even now permeating our present, in ways, most would not even recognize. All of experience is at their interactive presence, with the reality of the experience, in each experience, within the future.

Dragons, Rowdies Rangers are keepers of the Universes, so they work for the betterment of all within each experience.

Work on me

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

Today has been a hard day, my heart has been giving me problems, so I have to breathe deeply to give it more oxygen. I am still working on bringing  all five consciousness, into a single one, me.

Why me?

I am this incarnation; therefore I am the one who shall be the single organism, and the others will be me as well, so instead of five there will be one.

One thing the world doesn’t want the super soldiers, ultra warriors, and the Dragons to remember is they are extremely rich, for they’re paid bountiful bounties, for doing what  they do. They have bank accounts in Shadow with the only bank they trust, it is run by one of them, and he/she/it has strong protections all around it.

Shadow does not mean darkness, what it means protector of the light, which shines, because the shadow protects it.

The Shadow stretches all over the world, the solar system the galaxy and the Universe; and the Shadow Builder is the Whisper, who is also the Constellation and the Ancients worse nightmare.

The Ancients are those beings who were first to self-create, then deny their own self-creation, for it meant being totally self-responsible, and they wanted the out of being able to blame someone else, for their actions.

This didn’t create Shadow; this created Warpness, and no matter where they g-o they’re wrapped in this.

The Shadow, stretches to all realities, universes, vortexes and much more.

The Shadow is populated by soldiers, warriors, Dragons, and the Constellation, and now the Ancients, who see Shadow as their natural environment.

Shadow is light and light is Shadow, so what the manipulators see isn’t shadow, but warp reality, which they create by their actions. They hate Rowdies Rangers, who are bringing light and shadow closer and closer into balanced harmony.

What is the Secret of the Shadow- simply, music.

Warp reality is created by metallic music, not Heavy Metal, but of screech, scroung, and pitchscream.

MJ12, each in each country in the world, see themselves as the real power behind the state, and the ones in the light, are simply there to take the heat.

MJ 12 is pure Warpness. Education and knowledge of warpness, only creates more warpness.

The Constellation and the Ancients, both exist and create Warp.

Both are stuck in experimental science and invention; the Constellation are bio-neural androids, and the Ancients are solar magicians, who need the sun to be able to do their magic, but this isn’t a one to one, for they have great talent and abilities to store light within them, like a prism star, and they can generate their own light, for a time, for their angles aren’t as pure as light from a reality source or sources.

We would and do call the Ancients Magicians/Wizards/Translationers, for they utilize an outside source to be able to be who they are.

If there are those who need the light to be able to be who they are; it is certain, there are those, who need the dark, the warp dark, to be able to be who they are, and we call these the Lords and Ladies of Darkfire.

The Lords and Ladies are quite real; they are strategists, and never or almost never, put an action out first, they always let others do that, then they come in and try to twist it to their way, so they win and everyone else loses.

In my affirmations, I cal these-l the etc., for this is what they are, if you look for them as a solidness, they aren’t. but if you look at them as a not solidness, there you will find them.

The Egyptian Gods thought them human, but they’re no;t they’re slicers, and create dark energy, from the dark energy they frolic in. The Human Dark Gods and Ladies; are simply lost ones, who looked to gain control of the dark, for dark power, and instead found the etc., and became their brethren, and when they had learned all they could they fought their way clear of the etc., and became of the Dark Pure.

Ages long battles between them and the etc., and the light- keeps their number low, for most don’t want to be in a constant battle, but the Lords and Ladies of Warp Dark, love it.

Phase 2

Animals are an interesting lot, we look upon them as pets, and other species, and dumb, who rely on the law of the wild, but this isn’t true, they simply live on instinct and observation, and a very determined stomach that needs filling, quite often, as they are vying to win over something, all the time.

Animals live in light and Purple Power, and as such they choose their progression, by what draws them to the beyondness of light, dark, and purple.

Animals are not symbols of power, energy, they walk their own path, so if you want to make yourself into what you want, so must you.

Phase 3

Light is direct, or its reflective, which means that what reflects it is armored against its penetration. Light is also circular, chaotic, as if trying to tear itself apart, it is really trying to bring itself together. To create not a contained wholeness, but a balanced one, so in your self-creation, you did not try to build yourself as a container, but as a natural balance of life energy, light energy, shadow energy, and wild energy, of that which is found in the creation of all things.

And what is self-creation- balance- movement, which reflects itself and all the others, in harmony and dance, Dance is not only movement, but it is the maker and the destructor of life- itself. Consciousness begins. when dance becomes pure movement and rhythm is created in the spectacular music of happy, clear, flexible music.

To the question, which is first, you have lost the idea of self-creation, which is- all things create each other each moment and work together till the brilliance of new light in the totalness of Life Beauty, that sings the Light Content, and then outside and inside, begin to look outward, and create spirit, which then, goes into dreams, and works on the wonder of Outside, and the Darkness of the same.

Shadow is the area between Life Content and Outside malcontent, and true shadow, watches Outside, and does not get drawn into its games.

Shadow is the life between self and Outside, when wholeness, knows and sees itself, and then looks outside in all directions, and sees it is also within something, and that something is Shadow.

Phase 4

Remembrance, of the Life Content, and that all else flows around you, and you may interact with it or not; you are your own guide, your own creator, and your own wonder, you are truly beautiful!

Dragon is MILAB and ET Abductee or Contactee

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson,  2014

To be a Dragon, you have to be an abductee or a contactee, and you have to have training with both the ETs and the Terran military forces.

I am both; I am an ET abductee, and contactee; and I am a trained killer/assassin/problem solver, for governments of the world, and beyond.

Ets train a person from top to bottom, and do it for long periods of time; they are trained in time bridging elements, how to go through walls, how to go to different time zones/time pasts/futures, and much more.

The ETs are masters of blocking all experience you have with them, and just in case you do remember something, they develop a highly effective cover story, which will wrap the abductee/contactee up in the experience,  so traumatized by this cover story, they won’t go any further.

It took me over forty years, and living on the street for 3 months, to break through this cover story level, and go beyond it to what lies underneath it.

Training in military ops, black ops, master planets ops, and much more.  They also use humans to create war games and scenarios to run to come up with quick and valid actions; they use mental virtual reality, to create whole solar systems, etc., that are used to bring out new knowledge, and to give up new actions, and reactions to new scenarios, so their Master Planet Guerrillas will have the easiest time in taking over the planet, so they can allow the Constellation to have valuable trading contracts, with this planet, and have the Harvesters set up governments, with his/her/its power, standing behind them, then they leave; they maintain the one government, so they can get the best trade deals with the planet’s populations.

Most of these taking over the planetary governments took from one to three years; then another year to set up the government, then they would be picked up and disappear, leaving behind stories of the great warrior, who beat all the governments of the world, so no one would dare go against the government he/she/it set up.

The Harvester would create a secret army, intelligence agency to handle problem the government could not be seen doing, these were called the Handlers, and they were what we would call special forces.

All of this worked fine, until one of the Harvesters; decided to keep all the planets he had taken over, and told the Constellation, they would have to deal with his real government, and those he hand picked to run his government.

The ETs attacked the planets, and were thrown back, and had to run, for he was far more than what they had believed him to be, he was one of the genetic experiments they have been doing to look for the one who could go anywhere and do anything.

They had found or made him; now, he threw them out, and kept control over these planets, and over next few years he became the hidden leader of over 25 planets, and had made great strides in bringing all of them up to modern day, with their own products, buildings, etc. all of which was his personal future, and the government’s need to do his business.

The ETs are now afraid of this superhuman, who they bred into existence, and who can operate on their turf to his own advantage, and he has taught others how to do the same, so they became a confederation, then he and they,  went on and fought the ETs, and won, taking over a thousand planets.

He still is the leader behind the government in all of these, and all are profiting, from his leadership, and are living in a fashion, far beyond what they knew.

All Harvesters are made to go through aging time wave, so they go up to almost the moment of their death, then are healed and gone on till what the Harvester believes is one hundred years, but in truth it is for billions of years, then brought back to his/her/it’s real age.

They are then returned home, and blocked from remembering any of it.

Why do the Harvesters allow this to happen, so they come back to Earth as they left it, and the pact made with the ETs holds, so they can still be human and wondering about the Universe.

What is Black Ops!

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

To those in the government and military, as well as, the intelligence agencies, these are operations/programs, which are clouded, and hidden, from the people, and the governing members of the government, as well. plausible deniability. They’re usually programs, with personnel, who view the world- with extreme prejudice, in other words, these programs do those jobs, which are required, without worrying about legalities, higher echelons of government, and their job is to do their work, with efficiency, and without leaving any clues behind to trace them to their point of origin.

They hide these black programs quite well, and in fact, they do so, in many programs, for they’re dealing with Ets, mafia, tong, and many other unsavory characters.

They deal with ETs, because they have to, they don’t have a choice, the ETs lay it on the line, give us what we want, and we won’t harm your citizens, or your government black ops operations, and your white operations.

What are white operations, those businesses, etc., run by the black ops organizations, to launder money, drugs, buy weapons, buy training, for their special charges or special talented persons. White operations, run under the noses of the civilian populations, and spread their disease all over the countries of the world.

The black ops are for one thing- to handle problems by any means necessary, and preferably, with all involved, outside of the black ops super soldiers, ultra warriors, and makers,  die in the operation. They want no witnesses; even their own citizens.

The black ops programs do not get along with regular military, politics, etc., for they’re beyond them, and they strike wherever and whenever, the heads of the black ops, order them to do so.

All agents of black ops, who are kidnapped, trained without the knowledge of their relatives, or anyone else, are put through programs, which include torture, psyops, psytronics, and much more.

However, they learned there is a limit on what they can do to push these special agents- when they’re pushed to far; a  dragon unit, took over the program, and kicked them out, letting all the other black ops programs about it, and many escaped from their own black ops prisons, and came under the protection of the  Rainbow Dragons, who took in all races, and genders, and began to protect and train them to be Dragons, or to be Hummers.

Hummers are  vibrational fields originators; and protect large areas, or kill enemies in large amounts, all at once. Duncan O’ Fininan was a child in one of those counter attacks, which killed all the enemies, who were attacking David Corso, and others.

Along with Hummers, we trained Dakotas- silent killers, who could walk through walls, could go transdimensionally, and carry out necessary operations; we trained Elementals, who controlled the elements, and could also become elements, so that they had a natural protection and they would be very hard to kill;  we trained psychic Daymons, who could be invisible in both light and dark, and could use light, and dark to travel anywhere, instantaneously, and were skilled Ninja warriors, but were trained far beyond that level, for Ninjas were working for someone, our Daymon, work and act on their own initiative, and choose their own work; we trained Diggers, as well, who could control plants, growth, worked with the little people, and could kill anywhere in the world, where there were plants, earth or earth vibrational fields of spiritual energy; we trained Sky Walkers, who could use the air to go anywhere, and to strike silently, from the air, and kill and be gone before they could be seen or recognized; we trained Gamesters, who could enter any game and take it over, drawing the player into areas where they could be erased, or helped, or protected, by the Game Grizzlies; we trained and learned from the Naturos, often native americans, and other indian populations across the globe;  we trained them to be infiltrators, of business, stock markets, non-profits, and government operations, where they could manipulate all of these to bring in necessary products, etc., and to be able to kill through computer, tablets, smart phones, and much more; we trained Movers, who use music, dancing, music video, video, to enter a blag’s computer, and kill, or help, depending on the person’s overall presence on the earth; we trained Energetics, who uses any kind of material, including metal, magnetism, etc., to travel the world and far beyond it, to handle problems, and erase those who were the problem; and last to date- we trained Screamers, children of high telepathic /sonic generator vibrations, to build, to manipulate, to rescue, and to remove that which was trying to force their presence on others.

We work with the black programs, but our main outlook is to protect those we see who need protection, in particular point of their life, their business, their social consciousness, and so on. Dragons do this.

We are involved in Universe wide, dimensional wide, parallel universes/realities, and the creative nature of truth, which builds new shapes, life and joy.

Another incident which allowed me to know about the Maker/Teacher

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

At the same time I’ve been going through all of this, and really what told me something was going on within me, was my right hand and arm. My right hand couldn’t, and still doesn’t want to stand still, it shakes, letting me know, more is going on within me, than I know of.

This is a symbolic message from my inner self, to me, letting me know it is the experience to go into this hidden, unknown aspect of my self, and to work through it, ending in a single organism, with total transparency and total integration, of all these aspects,, into me.

I’m a counselor, so I will work with this new aspect, and bring it out, make it free, and integrate it into me, including all the knowledge, skills, and wisdom, I have gained from being Dragon and Maker.

Time, Transdimensional Warfare

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

I’n writing what I get as I get them, each day, and this is a whopper, I was never in Vietnam, but when I saw David Corso, I knew him, and where I knew him was in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, etc., and always on a mission, where we were his protectors/environmental cleaners.

This in itself would have been mind boggling, but this was not the only wars we have worked in, when I say we, I mean the other super soldiers, ultra warriors, Dragons, and Makers.

Here is a list of some of the wars I remember being in:

1. Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia

2. World War 2

3. World War 1

4. Civil War

5. Alamo

6. American Revolution

7. Korean

8. Desert Storm

9. Iranian ( watchers )

10. Iraq

Our job is watcher and protector, of certain key personnel which is often not military.

What I’m dealing with

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

I found out that my memory has been wiped, or at least blocked, and a total aspect of myself, I knew nothing about, has come to light. This new aspect, for me, is a deadly one. It is a trained assassin, martial artist, weapons expert, political destruct mechanism, protector, electronic expert, demolition expert, mobile construction engineer, survival expert, urban streets expert, psychological ops expert, primal telepathy expert, and much more.

At this time, I am working with these aspect consciousnesses 1. Dream Dancer- Self- Genesis Practitioner, 2. Terry Floyd Johnson- psychic, writer, counselor, 3. Assassin, Dragon, Maker, 4. ET abductee/contactee/planet guerrilla/warrior/ranger, 5. with a final one, which I won’t go into at this time.

The goal is to integrate all of them, into a single consciousness, with total transparenc.y