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# 1 Present Future

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2017  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

In the Universe, there is one prediction that can be made, where there is a government, there will be offences against the population.

In the United States, it’s Trump and his hooligans, who want to get all the wealth of the country, and then become like North Korea, and create a scarecrow government, where the populace doesn’t matter; they must be controlled by death, torture and starvation.

Trump and his hooligans, North Korea, China, England, France, Russia, and others- are all guilty of crimes against the populace, and as such, will cease to exist in the near or immediate future.

North Korea will be first, as its leadership are cruel monsters, who have starved their populace for decades, now they will reap what they have sewn.

The U.S., Trump and his hooligans, have started a backward movement in the keeping of the U.S. populace safe, and ignoring or editing scientific papers, for political purposes, as did the Clinton administration; Russia, for murder, torture, etc.; China for murder, torture, imprisonment without cause, and genocide; Britain for 1984 security measures, which are being misused, thus they are a crime against the populace; France, again stringent and self-dealing laws and orders; Mexico, murder, genocide, criminal edifications; Brazil/Argentina, Chile, and more.

They have all been found Guilty, and the governments will be removed, and this nation against nation warfare, trade wars, etc., are over.

We are all terrans, one populace, with many diverse peoples, who are citizens of Terra, not of nations, but of a planet, our planet- Earth. One leadership, for the populace, and the betterment of life for all.

Who will do this? Justice!

News Flash # 2- 9 billion fools

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


We are a planet of 9 billion fools, however, this is great, for in the Tarot, the fool is one who’s looking spiritually, for the right path, for him or her.

The Fool, is a wise card, a searching card, a strong card and a healing card; all of these are talents, abilities and skills of the one searching, for his/her/its place on the planet or on any planet.

One of the helpers of this, is the Awakening, but this isn’t the fool’s path, this is the incredible, awesome  working path of an Argonaut, who is of the species/race Terrargo, mundanely called humans..

The planet is a free plane,t once again, for many decades, there was a globe-block on the Earth; it was broken and the Universe could once again flow into in to i,t and out, with that came the path to Awakening, a period of experience, which adds up to about fifteen years.

The results is worth it!

Already millions of people are going through the awakening, even if they don’t, as yet, realize it. Soon all nine billion will have done so.

The Argonauts will have officially arrived; the new path for the human race.

News Flash 1 Governments make terrible mistake and attack the Shadow Banks

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


Today, is an infamous day in the annuals of human stupidity, and greed. That’s right the governments of this world struck at the Shadow Banks, and realized they made a very bad mistake.

The US government, of course, was the head participating government, along with Britain, France, Spain, Greece, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, and others, sent in special forces, with vast technological back up to takeover the Shadow Banks.

What brought about this insanity- the note being called, of which the countries of the world are signees onto, where the Sahdow Banks. loaned them money, etc., to finance expansion onto planets and moons within this solar system, then once they had the taste for planetary partitioning, they wanted more , and so went out into the galaxy.

How did they do this, when the space programs of the governments, are at simple stages; they hired Shadow Builders, and Shadow Star Engineers, to help them get to these planets, they wanted to use the stargates, but these are ancient, and best left to those, who know the ancients way.

The Shadow Magnificiants were created to ship personnel, machinery, logistical supplies, tactical supplies, and strategic supplies, along with the blueprints, for what they thought would accomplish their goal of pioneering on other planets.

They were wrong, so they hired the Shadow Virtual Reality Engineers to Dream build their biocities, completely in a biosphere, self-contained, and able to resist any security breach the planets would be able to throw at them.

This, of course, isn’t cheap, so they borrowed 300 to 600 trillion dollars, from the Shadow Banks, to do this, in the hope, and knowing, that new resources and wealth, waited them on these knew planets, and they were determined to mine, grow, and anything else they needed to do to bring the wealth home.

Ah, bring the wealth home, this needed a whole new method of transporting their goods back to the Earth, and then to have a place to store them, where they would be safe, they needed security, and a secured space to stockpile their resources, but which would separate each governments wealth and resources.

They called in The Flange, top security forces, and VR Storage builders, with infinite storage available through stacking, and positioning.

We are, now, up to 10 quadrillion dollars ( and foreign monies transferred into dollars, german marks or swiss franks ).

These notes were called this month, having being initiated in April, 2014.

What was the cause of this calling in of the note; the government threatening citizens with jail, if they didn’t pay their taxes, and used this threat like a club, to power force them into doing what they wanted.

Every government sooner or later, makes a mistake to try to force citizenry by threat and intimidation, to do what they want them to do, rather than the other way around, where the people are over the government.

Prime example of this is the US, which has become a total war monger, using drones, saying they can attack Americans, even in America, if they are there, and the one, who signed this undemocratic, national defense of 2012, Obama, putting into place, the final piece of the ability of the President to take over the country, started by and set the stage was- Bush and the new nobility- republicans.

What did these signatory governments do against the Shadow government, they brought military force against them, and suffered a terrible defeat, and loss of face, of their idea of their own power in the world.

The Shadow Realms have weapons far beyond the understanding of the present intelligence of the human race; they showed some of these weapons, by transferring the whole attack force, from where they were starting their attack, to a VR holding area, of vast farmlands, skies, and other natural resources.

The only thing missing, their military war machines, small arms, airships, and so on.

The Avengers was the name they chose for themselves, for they didn’t want to have to pay their debt; they chose the wrong way to do it, it now triples.

Payment on the interest allows personnel and peace equipment to be released, All should be released by Monday of next week.

The Shadow Realms stand ready to defend themselves against any attack by any attackers. Learn this and survive, forget it and face total surrender or else.

We are not your enemies; you are your own worse enemy.

The Realms Grow!

Beyond- Free Speak

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


In the Old Days, we’re the days of the Gods, or the Godalarians, a race of Beginners, who traverse all Universes, realms, experiences, expressions, effects and life.

Each Godalarian, has a speciality, which is unique to them, but they, are beyond, in all the stitches, sprines, and dangum, or to put it more up to date- talents, abilities and skills.

No Godalarian, could fight another, if they tried, they were knocked clear across the Universe, and made to make their way back- slowly.

The Godalarians were who the humans of old, called Gods, but Godalarians, never claimed to be Gods, but only wanted to help the humans, on their path to their Daily, or here and now.

The Godalarians have self-authority, over themselves, no other can tell them what to do, but they can choose to follow another, and all of them, chose to listen to the Silverness of purity and love, made available through the expression of music, and chimes.

Later bells, would be added, but all of them simply gave you an impression of the twinkle in the eye of what is not seen, but can be touched, but never known, this is the True, WalkerSilence.

The other Godalarians, called him or her or it, King of the Godalarian.

Humans called him/her/it- King of the Gods.

He never made a decision, but simply showed them what he saw, and they did what they felt, from the truth, he would show them.

Some Godalarians, started called him WisEsen, which later, became Wizard.

In fun, the Godalarians, tried to defeat him in any kind of combat they could think of, they always lost.

He/she/it never gloated, or accepted adulation, but always helped everyone, who did this, to find the truth that laid within them.

Together they developed Free Speak, the non-language of the Beyond Experiencers.

The Humans, saw Free Speak, as only for the gods, and the only talk, must be the ones, who come to rule them, so they limited their speech, and lowered their ability to- do.

In this limited speech, came distortions, and new anger at themselves, which led to war, killing, butchery, and so on.

They, then, made the Godalarians, Gods, and the one who led them, was Odin/Zeus/etc., and he was the mightiest of all that lived.

Those who were less limited, even more than the humans; the Dark, rose by stealth, death, fear, lies, deceits, mindclouding, and so on. They called themselves, the Dark, and became the opposite of the Gods, and the humans, and rose in power and destruction, they were war, it was and is all they care about.

They were thrown down, by the humans, with the help of the Gods, and the light of self-search, which made the Dark run away from the battle fields, and combat, and hide in the darker realms, but even there, the Truth ruled supreme, by not ruling, but being.

It is now, when the duality set in, the Truth, and the Game, which allowed all kinds of truth, to confuse those who would play the game.

To help guide those players, within the game, music came into being, and the purer the music, the greater the level jumping in the game.

The Game led to the stablization of the Universes, Realms, Crafteds, and so on.

Beyond: Free Speech- we are the Truth of each;  we win our life and our purity of love and freedom, day by day, here and now.


May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

Lecture # 9

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


What lies within the Shadow Worlds-

1. The main focus is political savy, diplomacy, intelligence gatherings, wanting superior technology and inventions, of daily living or space travel

2. Being seen as the real world government of the Planet Earth.

3. MJ12 networks are the head of the information gathering, the data gathering, the culture gathering, the socio-political gathering, and much more of the ETs and Ancients, and when possible- the Dark

4. There can be up to four MJ12 groups, in any country, and they’re the hqs of the new world order of Shadow

5. These men and women, and in some cases, extraterrestrials, and now Ancients, as well as, some of the Dark, are the new world order

6. They have deep financial pockets, from black ops, as well as, trade with the ETs, giving rise to white ops corporations, run by black ops personnel

7. Yet, even they don’t know, who runs the Trek Banks, shadow banks, who has loaned the new world order, trillions of dollars, as well, has loaned governments, who are democracies, trillions of dollars, or the money script they use.

8. MJ12, has put into place Shadow organizations, who run their vast resources, and who, run the black ops programs of kidnapping, mind control, black ops psi/psych/etc. training courses

9. These organizations, are directly responsible to MJ12- and those, who work for these organizations, know they’re the top of the human chain, so they’re totally loyal to the new world order

10. No, talk of discord is allowed, except for the Trek Banks, who say what they will; the new world order found out that it isn’t safe to go against Trek Banks, when they tried in the early 50’s, with military, special forces, private armies, to take the banks by force, and went down in total defeat, and the black ops human tools, they counted on, refused to go against one of their own.

11. They stayed quiet, mostly, though, they did do some new world order stuff, in the Korean War, it was the Vietnam War, where they used their black ops tools in psychic, psychological, combat operations, which was extremely effective, even though, we didn’t win

12. Training new black ops operators, soldiers, or rather super soldiers, ultra warriors, dragons and makers, who could go into a war area, and destroy the enemy, without the help of the main military might and mass power

13. Black ops/White Ops/Rainbow Ops can be found in these earthside operations: Fashion, entertainment, manufacturing, space flight, politics, and survival games, war games, fantasy games and so on

Shadow works and exists as a trigger point, for human invention, and gathering of information, technology and funding, of which bar none, the Trek banks, are the kings of the roosts.

They utilize triggers, in trained black ops operators, to get them to do what they want, by using alters ( alter personalities, built especially, for these purposes ), Jenies personalities, and mind weaponry to win isolated and full attacks of those who would destroy Shadow.

Trek Banks, are freedom for any black  ops operator, who wants to be free, and once listed as within the Trek Banks, domains, they are free of hassle, from the new world order.

Three who are now listed within the Trek Banks are: David Corso, Duncan and Miranda or Axe.

There are others; which anger the new world order, to no end, but they do nothing, for the rumor got around that Whisper has bought into the Trek Banks. Shivers are running through all who are associated with the new world order, the ets, the ancients, and the dark.

A New Day is Arising

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


In the past month, public health services was broken into, and eight computers were taken, my name was on one of those computers.

Today is the 26th of April, today the Awakening began; since the destruction of the holder net, which encircled the Earth, I have been awaiting this day, and it has happened, the human race is beginning the road to Awakening.

Lecture # 8 The Impossibility

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


Shadow is all agog, at the news, that Rowdies Rangers, has come to the point where they no longer hide, but have faced off the Constellation, the Ancients, and some of the Dark, who have found, their power is not as great as they thought it was.

Rowdies Rangers, those who have been abducted by the Constellation, and recently, been hunted down by the Ancients, while the Dark hunted others. Not very nice at all!

However, in time immemorial, nothing has surprised the Constellation, the Ancients, the Dark, as Rowdies Rangers, and their Shiver fighters.

The Shiver fighters are from the Zallion Carriers, who is protected by the Energie Battleships, and the Secre Destroyers, and backed by the fliv Frigates, while keeping in contact, at all times, with the Destination, the control center of Rowdies Rangers.

The Shivers have caused consternation with the ETs, Ancients, and the Dark, for they’re lethal against all of them, something that has not been seen, in trillions of millenia.

Their hatred is boiling over, for there is only one individual, who is known for his designs, his construction of those designs, and creates them from pure energy- the most hated enemy of them all- ShadowLight, opposites begin creativity.

Yet they’re not so stupid, as to try to go after ShadowLight, for if his inventions are deadly, he is many electra more dangerous, and doesn’t hesitate to erase, those who come after him. Thus, no one has ever seen ShadowLight, only his reputation, but that reeks of helping empires spread their boundaries, but without bloodshed, for he does no believe in killing, only putting the Rest on those they do battle with.

Along with ShadowLight, is DesignShadow, who designs, the reality of all realities, and who is the companion of ShadowLight. Together they make the Harmony of Shadows, and do not rule over Shadow, but keep it in harmony with itself, and because of that, those of Shadow are fanatical, in protecting them from harm.

The fighter/ship constructions are telepathic, and sentient, so those who ride within them, do not ignore them, but are in constant telepathic VibeNational, meaning- contact is individual, and not a group thing, which could turn into a menace.

The Harmony is joined by the fourteen, the SlenceShouters, who each have many talents a piece, and who are the structure of the harmony of all things.

Around these Shadow fighters, are the Rulings, vast numbers of beings, animals, etc., who walk, play, and practice being them, each and every day.

All are ShadowCreators.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!



Lecture # 7 The War of Wars

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


Shadow news, here, yes you are hearing it here first, the War of Wars has begun, on a Universe wide front, on one side is the Rangers, and Friends; on the other side is the Constellation, the Ancients, and the Dark.

The Constellation and Friends, struck on a wide range of places across the known Universe; they were surprised, when the Rangers & Friends, were there to meet them, and to keep them from hitting their target planets, star stations, and etc.

The battles were fierce, and either very long, or very short; the Constellation didn’t bring out their new fighters, but relied on the cone to do their fighting, for them.

The Rangers on the other hand, had new ships, never seen before, and they were deadly. They fought the formations of the ETs, and the Ancients, as well as action, from the Dark.

This first battle lasted for four hours, then the Constellation withdrew; satisfied with what they had learned with the engagements, in this opening move of the war.

The Rangers knew, very well, what they were doing, testing out their new fighters, and given them some idea what the Master Class battleships, frigates and destroyers had, as well as the star carrier stations, with brand new weaponry, and new inventions, to help these new planes, etc., along.

The Constellation is fairly smug, for having not had the best day of the first movement of the War of Wars.

The Physical War, was fought tooth and nail; the Psychic War was fought mind to mind, with those minds of distaste and stupidity, used their elemental, and such, to try to destroy the freedom fighters.  It didn’t work.

Rangers, and others, brought with them, in every corner of the war front, the Dune Healers, massive hospitals to handle the injured, shot, etc., they are marvels of the Universe, and they all project a large Red Cross, showing they’re hospitals, and not war machines.

The Dune Healers, are for everyone, our side, or the other side, wounded, etc.. We treat prisoners of war with respect and determination, to show them we will win this war.

A shockwave went through the known Universe today, along with the Start of the War of Wars: The Whisperer, was on the front lines commanding the battle, showing his military leaders, how to use the new ships, he had built, and then trained Rangers on, so they could train others.

He/she/it made an important announcement; on the request of the women of the Freedom Rangers; they were allowed full military duties in all situations.

It is hard for any of the Rangers, or the populations of the planets of the known world to be in the presence of the Whisperer, for his/her/its energy is so great and so demanding, that they do for themselves, what is best for them, that they have to find ways of controlling it, or rather disciplining themselves, on how to be in his/her/its presence

The Whisperer introduced his new second in command military, politically, socially and computer ranching; his/he.itsr name is Dymond. He/she/it is a Menta-Telepath/Ranger Wilder.

The Whisperer is to announce the new heads of the areas grided off; each of these new leaders, are only the Voice, of the Rangers, etc., within that section.

The Commanders declared this Hope Day!

Lecture # 6

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


We now know, that MJ12 units are not to be found in the physical levels, which we upgrounders, live on, but in Mogs, which are energy shapes, which are natural shapes, which balance themselves out, thus are stable transport points, in Energy Circles, which make up the realities, realms and so on.

Mog energy placement can be shaped, so shapers come in and and shape the Mog placement energies into what will be comfortable, for the shapers.

It does come about, sometimes, that two different species or more, want to shape the same Mog energy placement balances; this leads to bargaining, fighting, or Shaper standoff, where the best Shaper wins.

It doesn’t happen often, for these Mog energy placements, are balanced, because of lines of energy, which balances between inside and outside of itself, and this balance, causes placement of energy in particular symbolic levels of movement, vibration, musical notation, and energy soma, meaning the shape of the energy, stabilizes it and creates a musical pattern, for it to shape itself to, this is a microcosmic, holistic creation, where all energies are needed to create the functional shaping, of the Mog circle or circles.

None of the energies are first, for they’re needed at the same time, to balance out the musical pattern being shaped by their forming, so all creation is a holistic, symbolic pattern, created holistically, microcosmically, so none are more important than any other.

The secret of realities, realms, experiences, physical creation, is microcosmic, holistic creation, where all come together, to create the symbolic musical patterns, which make up the symbolic structure of the Mog Circle, at the same moment of microcosmic, holistic creation.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!

Lecture # 5

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


One of the ways you can find where Shadow hangs, is by finding StarGates, translation labs, time chambers, orgone chambers, lei junctions, poppers ( time distance hoppers, which are instantaneous ), natural leaps, where a person can leap anywhere in the Universe, as well, as any other life energy spot that exists, by hanging out at this particular areas, er, spot.

MJ12s are very aware of those areas/spots, that are tied to space travel, instantaneous stepping out onto a new planet, etc..

Americans, and I’m sure other governments, have allowed the kidnappings of humans, for the ability to space travel, anywhere, within the solar system, then anywhere in the galaxy, and finally the Universe.

MJ 12s are in constant awareness of each other, what’s going on, instant communication, and they’re in constant communication with every ET race, they, and we, have come in contact with.

There are many organization circles in MJ12, MJ12 centers have everything needed to govern, protect, and to interact, with those outside the realms of this planet. Each center Mog area, has an inner sanctum, with huge spaces, for any kind of activity, and an outer shell, where all the interaction goes on with the ETs, Ancients, and the Dark Lords and Ladies.

Shadow News is the newsline, which is given by Mog energy, and then translates itself, into an historical document, and archives itself, in MJ12 Libraries.

Shadow News is a hotline of news, which is updated automatically,with new news coming in from reporters, news balls, and vibrational shapes, from across the Universe, and Beyonds.

Shadow News covers all news as it happens, and sometimes, before it happens.

Shadow News is shaped into area departments, and any vibration within its realm, is instantly tuned into and allowed to shape itself to the true news, that is happening, that’s causing the vibration.

This instant news, is then shaped into readable news lines, by shapers, who work with the energy, and shape it into a readable hotline.

Those within the Shadow, are in one way or another Shapers, and humans can be trained to shape this vibrational energy, by will and telepathic harmony.

Is all news broadcast, through Shadow news, no, for some is too horrible to pass on, and others are going against an individual’s privacy.

How is this decided, by the way the news is shape; it by necessity, shapes out certain news energy feeds, by its shaping lines, and what isn’t controlled, within itself.

Humans shape the news captor, and at the same time, they gather information on many subjects, with the help of the Helix System Identifier. The HSI, is a vast shaping translator, and translates the vibratory streaming, into its shape, and then into the area of the library, by its vibration shapings, place it, by its rate of vibration, and its frequency shaping, into defined systematic energy shapings, which are defined by the vibrational rate, and the frequency of the vibration, to shape, and to vibrate in harmony with energy systemized into shapes of revelant .subject headings, for library sectioning, and cataloging.

This is what the ETs, do, within human, energetic vibration and frequency, where they implant vast catalogs of data, in the Great Library, which is found within all primitive societies, not only from those who have been abducted, but in those they’re in close contact with.

Any energy can be shaped, but not all energies should be shaped, for there, are representatives, of vast energies, which are not easily shaped, or corraled, to do someone’s bidding, even energies can’t control them, for they explode the corraling energy apart, and it dissipates, so it’s no longer a functional like energy captor.

There are many energy artists, musicians, dancers, etc., who work with these energies, and use them in streaming ways, not trying to control them, but to work within them, on their turf, and not to try to shape them into turf they want to create.

One of the areas, humans shape, is the special effects, shaping, which allows a person, to take on the facial-bodymind shape of another, or of anything they can imagine.

The intelligence agencies love this, as does the military, and underground, governmental operations, who want to operate freely, without being outed.

Any Mog Interference and Interferon vibrational center, can be translated to another area, instantaneously.

Shadow Shapes!



Lecture # 4

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

Ah, my fellow Shadowians, how are we today, does the light of day hit you, and you squirm away in anxiety of maybe being seen, rather than being a lurker.

We shall now talk about the structure and layout, if any, of Shadow.

First, Shadow, is not only the construction of MJ12, networks; but it was principally designed by the Helpers, who were human and not, and are not limited to body time clocks, and live when and as how long as the wish.

The Helpers, come from the Engagement of the Helper of the Universe; they came to help, to help the MJ12 networks, deal with the ETs, and eventually, as well, the Ancients; the Helpers, trained specific people, to deal with the enroachments of the Dark Sage, who wants to take over the realms of Shadow, and then of Real Time.

The organization and workings of Shadow are myraid; they utilize Mog lines, that are quite different than lei lines, which are found throughout the Universes.

Mog Lines are musical lines of circular positive energy, coming directly from the Universe(s), and which are not lei lines stable, but are creative, and appear as what is needed, and called for its creation.

It is what keeps the Shadow safe, from the ETs attacking them, and sealing off the freedom of Shadow to operate.

There is one more thing that keeps the ETs, fairly in line, The Whisperer, they have lost great battles with this being, and the Whisperer is now the Helper of the Universes, and all other realms of reality and non-reality.

Mog realities are created by need, perception, feelings, and knowings, as well as, Seeings, and they last only as long as needed. Shadow offices, communities, travel lodges, and so on, transform its presence, from one place to another, before the second arrives, from the last.

All Shadow Circles ( see the header menu ) are kept safe in this manner, ETs utilize time, and Shadow creates and utilizes between time, into chaos, and sereneness.

We call these Mog Centers, Lightshelters, along with Garden Isles, they’re found wherever they are needed.

How do they know when there needed, or need to transform to between time and space; by the Shadow Callers. Duncan O’finioan is a Shadow Caller.

David Corso is a  Bender, a defense Shadow, and much, much more.

Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan are wynd callers.

Ace is the See Caller.

We, now, see the truth of MJ12 networks, and how they keep themselves safe from ETs, Ancients, and the Dark.



Lecture # 3 The U.S is in for an Economic Uproar as Debt is Called

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

If one is going to set up dragons, then one, would want them to have a trigger, and that trigger, if the target is planet or planets, is to have the government or governments of that planet ,to show their true breed, by seeing the government more than the people in the country.

Most times ,it has something to do with the economy, or raising funds, to provide for the private wealth of the leaders of the government, or, in some cases, where the government wants to support all the governments of the world, and does so by going into debt itself, thus threatening the livelihood of all the citizens of that government.

To be able to pay the loans and the interest, they must find a way to extract more and more money from the citizens, and if they can’t pay, then to threaten them with criminal charges, if they don’t cough up what they owe.

Real bad mistake, when the one their threatening, is one, who has brought down planets, and whole solar systems, of those, who thought the government and themselves, were more important than a citizen’s freedom,–wrong imagination.

1. The U.S., has borrowed much more ,than the 16 to 18 billion, known.

2. Shadow is alive with huge amounts of money, gold, and precious metals and gems.

3. There are private banks, financial coffers willing to loan money to governments, and other assorted financial means, if you know the right code, to be able to be shown into the private wealth of not only this planet, but many others, the ETs are basically traders, so they love to loan things, with high interest.

4. On this planet, you must go through MJ12, or the new name it has taken for itself- Cashmere, Cashmere is highly integrated into all kinds of financial arms, legs, and everything between

5. The US has been borrowing heavily from ET backed financial banks/companies, but nothing compared to the amounts they’ve been borrowing from The Burrows, a private line of banks, world wide, system wide, galaxy wide, and universe wide.

6. They have borrowed trillions, on the expansion of the US onto the solar system, and new planet resources, availability,  to pay for the expansion, and wealth gained, above and beyond, what they consider pennies, to dollars.

7. ETs, never trust to luck, they always like to stack the deck in their favor, so they kidnap, Presidents, Dictators, key Congressional people, key elements behind or with powers that be.

8. In the US they kidnap the President, and put a clone in, to keep anyone from knowing, from time to time, to program him ,in the way that will benefit them the most.

9. They do this to anyone in power, stars, future power figures, through a form of astrological indexing, and they do it many times, over and over, expanding their control, and what they want, which this person of power, will see that they get.

10. All abductees are kept naked, so they are psychologically in a vulnerable place, and easier to control, until they have been programmed with hypnosis, sonics, and etc.. After this, telepathic control, is simply to give them the triggers that set them into a organic trance state.

11. The ETs are angry, now, because they’re losing to primitives, called Rowdies Rangers, and to the leader of the Universe, The Whisperer. They see all their profit, hard work ( done by others ), their business ventures, clone meat, and others, in danger of imploding.

12. A threat has been made, about owing taxes, and possible criminal charges, if it isn’t paid immediately, arrogance, before the fall of the government.

13. The call has gone out, to call all the debt owed by the US government, to the private banks, who have loaned them the most money.

14. The call has been heard, and the US government, has sent a team from Cashmere, to try to work a deal, rather than wanting all of the money, etc., right now.

15. They want to deal, they can pay it now, or face an end to the government, or ?

16. It’s hoped compromise can be found, if not, the economic power of the US will be zero.

17. The clouds of war gather, but if the US is so stupid as to try to force their way out of this money they owe, they will find out what is really the reason the ETs want to make this planet their own private planet.

18. Cashmere is working diligently to see that a diplomatic answer is found.

19. The question is will it be accomplished before the economy goes into economic shock.

Governments fall everyday somewhere!

Shadow lecture 2

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


We have started our journey into the underground, and the above ground, under clear and present danger, with Silicon Valley, and other tech centers the result of decades of work by MJ12, and its shadowy predecessors.

What shadowy predecessors, you ask. That is the question- isn’t it, who is responsible for MJ12, and all the conflictual, interactive experiences. going on between, the above ground governments, and the shadow underground, which is the real power of every country in the world.

How did MJ12 become the most powerful organization in the world, and take the power of governing away from present governments. It is even more powerful, than Illuminati, masons, freemen, rosicurans, and so on.

MJ12 isn’t based on wealth and power, but knowledge and power, and how to use that knowledge to eradicate all challenges to their power, above ground, and cemented by their circles, so all worked with each other, and not at odds, with each other.

MJ12 circles were already going on, without official government recognition, but Shadow black ops, was going on, and the brilliant geniuses of the academic, military, political worlds, and those who had influence in all sections and levels of society, were working to build their powerbases, and set in place invisible forts, in which, the above grounders could not use their military might against them, like the Pope did against the Templars.

Religious powers in the above ground are carefully guided to expand in ways, that benefit the secular intelligence of the Starbreakers, and benefited knowledge, in all areas, but especially in the technology of the stars.

Wealth, clubs, fraternities, etc., were seen as a building ground of controlled activity, so the wealth and the to be wealthy, thought they were free, and building their own wealth and power, but in reality, they simply came together in groups, which allowed the Starbreakers, to control them, even more than they could have, if they didn’t have the clubs, etc..

The Starbreakers, were also vastly watching and going to where reports of crashes occurred, and field work was disguised in one way, to cover up the real reason, for their constantly expanding searches, to find more about the ETs, and to find out what they could about the technology they used.

This led to a meeting between the Starbreakers, and the ETs, where much to the surprise of the Starbreakers, a mystery person showed up, who didn’t say anything, or join in the talks, but when the ETs started to get hostile, a move from this figure, cut it off immediately.

The ETs were afraid of this being, even though, there was only one of him or her or it.

Each meeting this figure showed up, and the ETs hatred of this person or being, was tangible, and the Starbreakers used this to align themselves with the ETs. and make agreements, to where the ETs could have breeding tanks here on earth, and could kidnap humans, at their discretion, and not the Starbreakers.

This silently infuriated the ETs, as this being, had been holding them back, forcing them to give up their plans of using the humans in certain ways. They, now, were only allowed to do certain prosecutions of humans, animals and plants.

The ETs bided their time, and on the day of the beginning of WWI, they attacked this mysterious being, with the help of some of the Starbreakers, who were promised planets, which to rule, and would be their own kingdom planets, and populations.

It was put out that a meeting was to occur between the Starbreakers and the ETs, and so they set up an ambush, with several levels of firepower, psychic attackers, ET attackers, and others who were occult oriented and had very definite psychic powers.

The meeting was held on the day the archduke was killed, and the world fell into WWI, and at about the same time, the doublecross, meeting had begun, and the mysterious figure, showed up, and they all attacked the mysterious figure.

The battle was short lived, for the mysterious figure, turned into pure energy, and shocked all involved, and then hung them in the air, while he/she/it went about their business, until he/she/it was ready to leave.

The being branded them all as traitors, and told them they would experience the proper punishment, for their betrayal, and assassination attempt.

The ETs left, as did the Starbreakers traitors.  The ETs went back to their ships, fully aware, there were other ETs, watching, and waiting, for the right time for them to step in and take over everything.

These other commands were using a special concentration of light pulse and frequency, which kept them young and long living, they’re still alive today.

The Starbreakers couldn’t tell the other Starbreakers, they were traitors, so they began a whispering campaign, to turn the Starbreakers, against the mysterious one. They built their contamination by word, by passage, by conversation, by creative, by twisting the truth, so the mysterious one, was began to be seen as opposite of helpful to the Starbreakers, but he/she/it, didn’t seem to notice, the change in vibrations toward him/her/it.

The ETs and the full Starbreakers, decided to attack, the mysterious one, with the full help; of the war machines in every country caught up in the conflicts.

It was done in France, on the France/German border, toward the end of the war, and the Stargate was used to take the battle to a place, where humans wouldn’t be able to see the conflict or its outcome.

They lost, the mysterious one, again beat them.

The ETs went back into space ( supposedly ), and the Starbreakers, were told to stop their machinations of taking over the world, and being a new world order.

The ETs were put on notice, if they tried this again, they would be punished much harsher, and in ways that would see all their machinations end, and all their centuries of work, ended.

Now, came a free period, without knowing about ETs, and to look for peace, kept the need for Starbreakers, at a low minimum.

The mysterious one, put a 3/4 atmosphere around the Starbreakers, and they were satisfied to simply do, without making a war out of it.

The Mysterious One, smiled, though, he/she/it knew it would only be for a short time. The would be assassins, were being punished.

The mysterious one, was satisfied.

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Shadow lecture 1

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

To know the circles and the circles, which go this way and that, please go to the pages in the header menu, and read about Shadow. Color is very important in all Shadow work.

This is going to be lectures on Shadow, and far, far, far, far beyonds.

In this series, I shall be known as the Professor Who, for am I a professor, simply a researcher- who has discovered all of this, or am I somehow found within the Shadow worlds theirself, or am I out to destroy, or build them. See if you can find the truth about Professor Who!

Shadow worlds were thought to come into being, when Truman, created MJ12, not only at his own request, but with the other countries, in the world, who created their own MJ12 circles.

MJ12 circles, were made up of the most brilliant minds, both mentally, and physically, being able to build and repair machines, minds, etc….

The MJ12 circles, were mandated to share their work with the other MJ12 circles, in other countries, and the circles on the moon, mars, and the moons of Jupiter, along with Saturn, and the Earth.

MJ12 circles began to grow, into different colored MJ12 circles, created a world wide web of study, and interaction, with extra-terrestrials, and other beings, found across the Universe.

MJ12 circles had total power to work on, with, or separat,e from these extra-terrestrials, if they proved to be untrustworthy.

MJ12 began to use the media to prepare the world citizens for the New World Order, which would be made up of MJ12 circles, with the secondary levels of universities, colleges, and special technology units and circles across the world.

MJ12s across the world began to appropriate military personnel, weapons, black ops funding, and much more, with this militarilistic world view, power began to creep into the picture, soon MJ12, were seeing themselves as the only true academic power in the world, and the natural in place, government, which would be, for the whole world and not just a single one.

They took over MILABS, researching UFOs, UFO abductions, knowledge gained in these abductions by ETs, for the human kidnapee.

It wasn’t how to find a way to work with the ETs, they wanted to know, but technology, which would allow them to have the power to take over the countries of the world, and put the world on an academic standard, which would benefit all, and not just the favored few.

To this end, they began to study, Illuminati, free masons, rosicurans, and other private organizations, who were interested in academia, occult, and psychic powers, to work in sync with the military in helping them take over the world, then helping with the security, in maintaining their control.

They have not moved to take over the governments of the world, openly, but they, now, have total power in dealing with all phases of contact with ETs, and others.

They’re the middle power of political diplomacy, business negotiation, and academic study, in finding out how to give humans equal power with the ETs, and others.

To accomplish this, they stepped up, watching for UFO crashes, seeing, abductions, and interrelations in underground bases, they maintained with the ETs, for space technology.

They gave the ETs birthing tanks, and half of the underground bases to do their reproduction, hybrid births, and more.

This uneasy truce sometimes erupts into violence, as in Dulce, New Mexico, where it is said over sixty humans were killed.

We, now, have the game players: 1. world governments, 2. Military, 3. Universities and colleges, 4. politicians, 5. human communities, 6. MJ12, 7. Abductees, 8. MILABS, 9. ET kidnappings, 10. human spirit freedom- kept at a controlled basis, so what the ETs did to the abductees, would not be erased or jiggled in any way.

MJ12 became a criminal organization, who kidnapped human abductees, putting them through kidnapping without a shred of compassion, for their experiences, or their freedom, to live free without being hassled and tortured by their own governments, or other governments.

We, now have a criminal organization, who is the most powerful community of political power, in the world, who is shaping the real government, which people know, and believe is their government. into puppets of the MJ12 community of Geniuses, chosen for this very intelligence, now, turning that brilliance, into criminal exploits against their own people.

Humans are being herded to become what the MJ12 community wants them to be….be very afraid!


Internal Revenue gets its unjust reward

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

The internal revenue office, time, has come and gone, and if the government won’t do it, its own financial workings, will bring it down, and this could happen this year, as its role as the SS organization of the United States, is blown to smithereens!

Stock markets fail, and money is worthless!

What brings this about- payback is a bitch!

Time Travel Doesn’t exist

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

Time travel doesn’t exist, for the idea of time travel, in this manner, is linear, meaning time is a single line going on forever, never curving back on itself.

However, reality isn’t linear, and it curves and is rounded, throughout its existence, and that means doubling back on itself, time doesn’t exist, but existence, does. Existence is how reality shapes itself to what it wishes to portray.

What or Who shapes reality- those who are within it, throughout it, and outside of it, time or rather Existence, isn’t static, but is evolving, and is shaped here and now, by all that interact with it.

Existence is pragmatic, creative, and shaping, so that it fits what’s best, for those within it, throughout it, and outside of it.

Reality is created daily, and grows, as those within it, and throughout it, move, and build energy though their daily living.

The Universe Breathes!


Short and Sweet!

Short and Sweet!

This planet is far older than 15 billion years, and has gone through many transformations.

The Big Bang, is really a starter bang, to reenergize the Universe into fresh vibrations, transforming from the old universe.

The solar system, is more than it seems, and less than what people believe it to be, so it can be itself, and not what others think it is.

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