rines and supersoldier

  1. Black Ops Marine & The Ultimate Warrior

    Project Camelot interviews David Corso with Duncan O’Finioanhttp://projectcamelot.org/duncan_o_finioan.html We interviewed 

I am a Dragon, and a Dragon is a Dragon.

Dragons are Black Ops; they are kidnapped citizens, who are turned into assassins, super soldiers, and beyond.

This new force was allowed to take on their own name, we named ourselves Dragons:

1. Protector Dragons

2. Zapper Dragons

3. The Dragon Master

We became so good, at fighting and winning, the ETs grew afraid of us, especially in the areas of psychic warfare, transdimensional travel, time travel, history reorganization, and much more.

They put us under deep blockage, which worked, for years, for I knew about my ET abductions, but I hadn’t a clue about this other, till I saw David Corso, and Duncan.




Super Soldiers, Ultra Warriors, would seem to be enough, but in reality, there was another network of special operatives, trained from birth to be hidden agents, not only on the Earth, but in operations among the Stars.

Dragons are highly trained operatives in all areas of warfare, government downfalls, special operations, assassinations, technological experts, survival trained, and can slip in and out of any environment, without being detected or captured, they are rescuers, and are individual, and do not like to work in networks, so they are made to work in them, through nerual nets, strategically put around the bodymind.

Dragons have special talents, made possible by technology, and by their own special talents, abilities and skills. These skills make them impossible to find, hurt, kill or exterminate.

Dragons are also used as a storage of the Great Library, as are all on the planet earth, and this knowledge is passed on through bio-heritage, to earthlings children. Twinning is where the chips, nano bots, micro bots, inplants, etc., reproduce, to go into the child’s bodymind, as it’s growing, within the mother’s bodymind.

They get their father’s through sexual intercourse and intimate touching.

Dragons are possessors of great weapons;  they can use them as the dragons of old did, when they used their flame or plasma fire.

The normal dragons have one click on these talents, and learn to use them, with great effect, but there are some, who are such, they can create all dragon energy conversions, these we call dragon masters.

Shape Shifting is both neural net, and naturally done by dragons, who are born with this talent, or are taught it by another dragon,

Dragons are loners, and only really feel comfortable with their partners, which they are Iden with, when it is the right time ( time not experience ).

Dragons have a tendency to love dragons, all kind of dragons, and they will have dragons around them, or on their person; Duncan has a dragon on his arm.

Dragons are Beyonders, meaning they go beyond what is known, or what comes up in knowledge banks, of strategy, tactics, maneuverability, surprise. They start where others end.

Dragons love to surprise, and to do this, they trust their feelings, and let go of mind, and knowledge, and simply act/do.

You can not accomplish if you do not do.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!