ET Abductions

ET abduction is a very real, and a very detrimental, interaction, between the kidnappers ( ETs ), and the humans they kidnap.

Abductions are real, enough said.

Abductions happen any time of the day or night; not just at night, though, many do, many others happen during the day.

Not all abductions are done of the bodymind, many are simply the spirit leaving, and going to a cloned body, waiting for you, so you are capable of being tortured, beyond the body’s ability to heal itself. 

All abductees have gone through the death of the bodymind their in, where they leave the body, but they don’t go on, only hang out with the ETs, who then work with them, while they’re in spirit. This is very dangerous, for they don’t have the controls on the spirit, they have on them, when they take the body, as well as , the mind. 

To help oversee this, they bring in energy ETs, who have no body, but live in energy, they’re living beings, who exist in energy and not in the physical limitations, universe dwellers  do. 

ET abductions, have been discovered by other kidnapees, and they relive them with a beautiful cover story, which the ETs do, to trick the primitives ( us ) and others, from other planets, into seeing only that level of the experience they have had. There is a whole mess of other interactive experiences below it, but by all of these abductees saying the same thing, staying within the cover story, it adds another block, to keep the abductess, from going deeper than the fear, pain, etc., they’re experiencing in the cover story: picked up, taken to a mother ship, tests done, genetics, babies born, etc., this helps the ETs, but its mainly to make the cover story as real as possible. 

ETs work with human organizations, military, etc., in allowing the human governments to believe they have a real say in who is picked up and who isn’t.

The ETs were trying to find a super being, and they did, but it turned out, he/she or it didn’t play their game, and turned the tables on them, and is now the real freedom energy in the Universe.