Military Abductions

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

ET abductions, are not the only abductions going on- there is another kind, even worse than the one of ETs, for it is done by those who are supposed to protect you as citizens of the country you live in.

They don’t; they kidnap you to, and try to learn what you told the ETs, what they wanted, what they did to you, what you did aboard, and if you went other places other than aboard starships and motherships.

These are called MILABS, or the underground, which is known as Shadow. MJ12 committees run these operations, as part of their overall duty to protect not only the country they are from, but the world. Thus the building and implementation of Shadow, worldwide ops to control and contain ET interference in human lives.

Two people who know alot about MILABS, but maybe not about Shadow, are Melinda Leslie and Niara Isley; both have been kidnapped by military and take to underground establishments, and put through torture, mind control, brainwashing, and many other unlawful testing, and situational outcomes) both have been interviewed by Project Camelot, Kerry Cassidy ).

The underground or Shadow, started out and continues to do so, be an outlaw organization, who kidnap and torture their own citizens, to keep up with what the ETs are doing, and what they want each person for.

This still goes on; but the Shadow is much more than that now; the MJ12s of each country are now the overlords of Shadow, and deal with all operations that deal with the ETs, Ancients and the Spiral.

They feel and think they control the Shadow; they do not, there is only one network who controls shadow operations, apart from the illegal activities of kidnapping citizens of each country, and that is the abductess and contactees, and their friends- Super Soldiers, Ultra Warriors, Dragons and Makers.

All the planets in the known Universe, who the ETs and the Ancients, kidnap from, and call these kidnapees Primitves, they are the ones, who run the Shadow, and who make it work.

The Shadow is filled with trained and deadly Dragons, and Rowdies Rangers.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!