Super Soldiers

Super soldiers are those children, who grow into manhood, who are kidnapped, and put through torture, mental torture, rigid training, punishment/reward, humiliation, achievement brotherhood/sisterhood, and more.

Super soldiers are trained by actual physical training, hypnosis, meditation, psychic blocks put in their minds, to protect them from foreign influences getting into their minds, taught how to survive in any situation, to plan, to develop, to pick teams with an expertness and an expert eye, to pair off psi-tronics pairs, or groups, to sabotage, to undermine, to use explosives, to be able to track, to stalk, to go into enemy country and survive, and protect themselves, most are being protected by ultra warriors, dragons, while they are on their missions.

They are taught cartography, directional energy, compass reading, how to read the stars, how to know you way by the sun, navigation, boating, autos, planes, and any mechanical equipment used for escaping dangerous situations.

They are taught many ways of utilizing what you can find around you, most of this is directional pictorial hypnosis.

If they have been picked up by ETs, they are also put through hypnosis, and more, to try to break into the ets blocking framework, they use to keep the primitive from remembering their kidnapping.

One of these is the reproduction and genetic programs they run, how they train these primitives and use them, and how they do psychological, medical, physiological, etc., experimentation and tests on them.

In MILAB kidnappings they also use drugs and serums to increase the mental capacities, and the bodymind strength, precision, speed and movement, to try to create automatic reactions to situational actions or dangers.

They have developed a twinning technique- where they take one super soldier. who is aces in particular fields, and then tie them into new recruits, other super soldiers, and imprint their ability onto the mind of the other.

They do this with all the brilliant minds in the country, and out of the country, and place these talents, skills, abilities and brain functioning brilliance, into others, there are in fact, several Albert Einstein, Brain clones, alive and well in the United States, and other countries.

They kidnap those who have special talents, skills, etc., and place those talents in super soldiers, ultra warriors, Dragons, and Makers. They are only kidnapped, for these skills, and left alone- other than that.

Princess Diana, talents, abilities and skills are spread out among several young women, and are being used daily to help others train in royal management, on a daily basis.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!