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Where are all the little sidewinders within the warriors

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

I am a super soldier, ultra warrior, dragon and maker; I am also a star warrior, having been through the training of not only the military, cia, dia, and others, but I was trained by ETs to be a planet hopper, and destructor.

It didn’t turn out well, for the military, etc., and definitely didn’t turn out well for the ETs and the Ancients. I am their worse headache. Rowdies Rangers- rowdiesrangers10.wordpress.com, are made up of abductees, contactees, and silencos ( these are primitives, who have been made into silent killers, who are the best there are, and have a kill record. no one else has even come close to.

Since the last time I blogged, I have come up with 5 or 6 alters, each one has its own name, but I am working to integrate all into me, including all the training, etc., and much more, they and I have.

Tonight, I came up with two names- Silent Panther and Sliding Knife, when I’m on a job, no one says anything but one of these two names, for when I’m on a job, I am ruthless, relentless, and do it efficently, with no loose ends, or so they thought, but I left plenty of loose ends, trained warriors on every planet I was put on, who were the core of the Attack, the preliminary army, etc., to protect home planet, and to learn and to use the methods of travel, used by the ETs, and the Ancients, and the military on earth, intelligence included.

The military in their MILABS, thought they were training killer soldiers, and they did put all the ones they kidnapped and put through this program- scientific, anthropologic, killer moves, and much more, were in fact the Attack on Earth, and work to destroy all who would do what the MILABS and the ETs/Ancients do in turning humans into killer bioandroids, with electronics placed in them to control them, to turn them into super warriors,and to give them the way to accomplish their goals.

These include: inplants, bots, and etc. ( being the Dark, trying to take over the super warrior, for their own reasons.

Each of the alters, have names, I got two of them, but I’ve forgotten them, which means, they are simply cover names of no importance.

We have been attacking what is being done to us on two levels ETs/Ancients and military government world order of not only Earth, but every planet in the known universe.

This hasn’t worked out for them, for Whisper, has taken over Shadow, and runs it, and if the MJ12 committees try to do anything outside their parameters, they are stopped and showed, they have exceeded their authority.

Self-Authority is extremely important to all super soldiers, ultra warriors, dragons, and makers, for they are littered with electronics, and other alters, and so on, so they work to find their self-authority, and then, allow it to override all other controls put upon them.

Self-Responsibility is another very important acceptance that they look to maintain their control over the alters, and the triggers put in them. Any threat to these psychological understandings, and they trigger instant response; to stop that which is attacking their self-core.

The Attack can go off planet, and be anywhere in the Universe(s), which is scaring the crap out of the ETs, Ancients, and the human criminals, and we do much now in the Universe, to take it away from the ETs/Ancients and the human criminals.

Depending on what we’re doing, we can also do things on our own; one of the things I’ve done and still do occasionally, is I became a huge music star, and made tons of money, and that money is in Shadow banks all over the Universe, my banks, and I have other substance operations all over the Universes, as do all, super soldiers, ultra warriors, dragons and makers.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!


Who rules Shadow?

To start, let’s look at what we know to date: 1. Shadow exists, 2. it is underground, 3. it is worldwide, 4. the government overseers of Shadow and the underground is supposedly MJ12, 5. there are MJ12 committees in every country in the world, they have come together to form a new world government, which plays at being responsible to the real time government, but they are much more powerful, 6. the real power in the Shadow is the abducees and contactees of ETs and Ancients, 7. they are double abductees/contactees, for they are kidnapped by the military/armies of each of the world’s counties, and subject to torture, testing, psychological warfare and many more harsh subjugation techniques, and they are used by black ops to do many things, for they have been programmed to be at the beck and call of the ETs , and now the Ancients, so they are high resolution destructors, and assassins, 8. the military believe they are the power behind MJ12, and protect the MJ12 committees, but they aren’t, for they are unable to stop the super soldier, ultra warrior, Dragon and Maker, 9. Dragons are those who have been trained by ETs, to be erasers, and political saboteurs, super soldiers are to eliminate high profile targets, some of which are the MJ12 committee, when they fight among themselves, so the MJ12 committees are the front of Shadow, but the real power is held by the abductees/contactees in each of the countries of the world, 10. MJ12 is made up of the smartest humans in the world, in each country, and thus they have the intelligence to design, and operate military weapons, they design, and defense factories make them, under false names, and ship them to Shadow areas, for the MJ12 henchmen to pick them up, they also develop, and ship to earth many military weapons, made on the moon, Mars and others through dimensional havens and doorways, 11. ETs have created Shadow Dimens, who are not limited by the usual limtations of humans, these humans are super and physical manipulative, of themselves and that which they are around- physical, mental and beyonds, 12. beware the silence, 13. Psi ops are weapons of the supersoldiers, ultra warriors, Dragons and Makers,  they are trained by ETs, and enhanced by the military to create counter insurgence combat personnel.

The Shadow is run by MJ12 committess, in every country in the world; they are over seen by governments in real time; the underground power of the underground, lies with the abductees/contactees of the ETs and the Ancients, by their training, skill, psi ops and total talents, abilities and skills, which make them unbeatable, and their distrust of any government, real time or world, make them stay independent of governments, and they push the buttons of the MJ12 committees, when it is necessary, but they dislike politics, so are willing to let the MJ12 committees to run the world government, as long as it doesn’t interfere with truth and freedom, of themselves, and those who are effected/affected by Shadow.

The abductees/contactees are Rowdies Rangers; they are warriors all, and have struck against the ETs in a battle on Near Earth, where they destroyed all the labs, camps, weapons, robotic weapons, on the planet, especially the Indestructo labs of the ETs, the most fortified of all the operations of the ETs on the planet.

Shadow stretchers across the Universe, and the ETs and the Ancients, call those they kidnap Primitives, for they cannot stop them, and the Primitives are Rowdies Rangers.

The head of Shadow, Universes wide is Whisper, though, many within it have never heard of him/her/it, which ever; he/she/it controls everything behind the governments, etc., in real time, from the underground of Shadow.

The real time governments think they are in power over both real time and Shadow, they are wrong, abductees/contactees, are the real power of Shadow, Rowdies Rangers, and Jedi Knights.

Jedi Knights are those who have taken on the belief of a force in the Universe which guides and is guided by them. They have taken Red as their color.

Jedi Knights are those who have found the way to live by touch contact with the Microcosmic Force, they have taken on the color Blue.

The fourth way is the network of Native Americans, and they have taken on the color green.

SciBlast are scientists who want to get rid of power all together and create a world based on science, they have taken the color purple.

One more network, is the Amazons, made up of women, who want to create a world of peace for themselves and their children.

There are subgroups, etc., but this is the make up of Shadow.