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# 2 Black Ops

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua, the OutRyder )


The code slogan, for all black ops, run outside governmental oversight, is,  for the politicians to have – plausable deniability.

Black ops are internal intelligence, and military programs, supposedly funded by packed amounts, put in the U.S. yearly budget operations.

This way, the above, are beyond, any oversight, therefore they can do whatever they want, whenever they want.

One of these black ops programs, is working with/against the ETs; which they have been doing for decades.

I am a product of black ops programs, I have been trained in so many ways of killing, assassination, political and business sabotage, as well as, survival, and hypnotic transformation, in which, my bodymind, or in the case of ETs/black ops, clone bodies, with structured changes put in these clone bodies, which then is made ready, for the person, who gave up their dna to create a warrior, killer, healer, intense knowledge packing, for the assignment ordered to do.

First, as far as I know, I have never been to Vietnam, especially when the U.S., was in a war with them.

Yet watching the internet, one night, on an interview, done by Project Camelot, I watched it, and David Corso, was the interviewee, and, in the video interview, also, was his friend Duncan.

David Corso was the best sniper the U.S. military had, which he knew nothing about, until Duncan ran into a military man, who told him of David Corso, reputation, in the Vietnam war.

Duncan told David, and it was the first time he ever heard of it- black ops, they didn’t want him to remember, so they played with his memory, and had him forget what he did in Nam.

I kept looking at Corso, I knew I knew him, and it came to me I met and was on a team, whose missions was to protect him at all costs.

I was one of his OutRyders, we took care of the environment, he went through, killing any enemy or enemy sniper, in his way. Our team was the best they had.

Another set of orders, was given, to the OutRyders, a separate kill list from Corso’s. We were assassins and saboteurs, but at all times Corso, was protected.

The OutRyders were snipers as well, and went out on their own to erase, targets given them by their black ops instillers, who oversaw everything we did in Nam.

This knowledge that I felt I knew him, was confirmed by automatic, changes in my awareness, Protect David Corso, it was automatic, and I felt, my mind, focus on that one thing, so its good we never met, for I would have dropped into the protect/kill mode, if anyone tried to do anything to him.

This has not gone away, even though, david has passed on, I still have that programming in me, and if they need to call me back all they have to do is change who are team is to protect, and I would protect them as well as I did David.

I have experienced other times, when something happened, and I was outside watching my bodymind go into a programmed response, to the event, that triggered it. I never knew it was in me till this moment.

I, also, have inplants in my head, which can’t be seen, but can be heard, when they start trying to force me to do something, or to keep me bound to them, and causing me upsetness, every time, they do this. This sound, when done, is to mandate visuals to try to put me under someone else’s control, or attack to do me harm, and to keep me ready to be recalled, to black ops, missions.

I am not the only one this has been done to, there are many more of us. One of our specialities, was psychic warfare, against enemy targets.




News 1- Vietnam, and Today Briefs

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )



The Dimens went outward, from the area they usually park in, going outward to take on other primitives, before they take on humans.

The real reason, is that the Awakening, is becoming more and more active in all kinds of people, etc.. The Awaken have a certain look happen, when the Awakening is working within them, then later, the symbol, or energy is filled in, making the person a full Awaken.


Are the Dimens really gone?

No, they simply went into hyper vibration, thus making themselves outside the light, etc., which allows their ships to be seen.

Another way of saying this- is they’ve cloaked themselves.

Waiting for the right time to strike.


Vietnam Realities come home to Roost

I have been having a rough few days, with my health being compromised in a number of ways, but today, I came across why I may be going through this Post Traumatic Syndrome vision.

David Corso is the best sniper, our side had in Vietnam; he remembers none of it.

Here are a few more possibilities of why he doesn’t remember them:

1. He is in fact a great sniper, and did his work very well.

2. The American Black Ops Forces, wanted to use his skills, in other projects, where he couldn’t be at all of them, at the same time or near the same time, so they went to Shadow, to come up with a projector scan, which would turn other Snipers into David Coroso, and they would go out on kill runs, guarded by enviro-outwalkers, do their job, and return safely to base.

3. The problem soon arose, that the picture being projected, had to be resonating with the actual dna of the human screen, or it would fade in and out, or go off all together. Designer, knew that the problem wasn’t with the design, so it had to be with the ones who made it and put it together.

4. As usual, the ones making this: Haliburton, were cutting corners, so the device wouldn’t work, until it got into the field, thus placing the synthetic snipers in deadly danger. Yet it gave Haliburton, a nice under the table profit.

5. The Black Ops Armed Forces then turned to the Makers, to teach the snipers, and the enviro-outwalkers, how to shape change, so they could change their look at will, all done by muscle re-adaption, and breathing done in a way to back-up, shape changes, within the snipers bodyminds.

6. In the Book- Dune, there were face dancers, who could control their muscles, so they could take on anyone’s physical look, shape developing is done in a similar vein, yoga, meditation, and other things make this a very dependable way of becoming whatever you want, when ever you want, a true artist of the bodymind.

7. However, this is simply one aspect of learning to be someone you’re not- the second aspect of shape changing, is the role you’re playing, so you had to take on the persona of another person, in all details, so no one would ever know that there was more than one David Corso, working at the field assignment of victory sniper. To enable this to happen, they first tried acting lessons, but this didn’t work, so then they went back to the Designer, and he came up with the hypno-lessons, which would allow them to download a overcoat version of everything David Corso was and is, so that no one could breakthrough the facade, unless they knew the backdoor codewords. This facade changed the mental activity of the brain to accept the code design, of David Corso, to each sniper, so they now had several best snipers in Vietnam, instead of just one. The last thing the Designer did, which infuriated the Black Ops boys and girls, to no end, was to put in a coded message, that when they returned to home base, in freedom, and the base was still safe, they would give themselves a coded word, which transformed the facade to crystal white light, and they were completely themselves,with no memory of the tight functioning, of the face, and completely free to be themselves.

8. The shape changing incident, caused a rift between the Black Ops boys and girls, and the Designer, which has carried onto this day. They had wanted to keep the shape changers, in mode, to be able to put in new facades, whenever they wanted something done, from murder to spying. Designer refused to allow this to happen, and put the backdoor codewords, which freed them completely from the facade, and the facade structure was taken apart, and could not be used again. The Black Ops destructors, went beserk, and tried to kill the Designer, and many of the Black Ops troops, etc., were destroyed, and hundreds of  millions of dollars in equipment was decimated. They found out the Designer, could use his designs, against those who would try to force a new contract between them.

9. The United States was afraid the Designer would turn his ideas, and designs, against them after this, so they recruited Dupont, to create an chemical agent, which would be a defoliate, to clear off the plants, trees, etc., of Vietnam, Cambodia, Loas, and so on, but at the same time, would be a way of killing the Designer, through chemical warfare, without using their actual chemical warfare stockpiles. Dupont came up with Agent Orange, and the military told their personnel an out and out lie, saying agent orange was not harmful, when they knew it was, but the men and women of the military, were to be collateral damage. They would be sacrificed to kill the Designer; it didn’t work, and several top officers, were seriously wounded, in mysterious way, but it was all buried deep, so no one knew Agent Orange, was a chemical warfare chemical, which was hidden in its true operation, to be able to kill the Designer.

10. The Designer said goodbye, and was gone, not to be seen, by anyone after that, but there were many mysterious happenings, that many thought were the work of the Designer.

11. Military, politicians, etc., see high kill factors on the general population, as an acceptable cost in having 20% of Americans live, while the rest are killed in nuclear attacks, etc.. These are the top heads of each field, not the regular warriors, they want you to live, not die, unfortunately their superiors, don’t see that, they see deaths of millions as an acceptable action, to save the state, to survive to fight on, with an enemy, which is probably just as decimated as America would be. Stupid, Arrogant Fools! Control the Beasts; or die in their warmongering.


You don’t know your own reality

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

People like to feel they know their reality, and if they didn’t  t would make them extremely nervous. Well, as Shadow, our job is to be in your reality, and to use it to our advantage, while you’re not even aware of what lies within your reality to use and to unify into wonderous travel.

What does this mean? It means that many things you think don’t exist, do; and what you feel or know cannot possibly exist does, and is used on a daily basis.

Stargates, Transmats, Transdimensional steppin’, Energy Open/close and you’re on your way. ETs have been here and are here whenever they want to be, with or without ufos. Ships are the mundane of their traveling the Universe, while their regular travel, without any ships, but by thought, transfer, transmats, or by Pointer, and you are gone.

Many travel at night, when they dream, and when they dream- they create the reality they want to go to, or to create; new realities are created and transformed all the time, and aren’t incidents, which have been around for centuries, but are brand new and reflective of single, network beings, who travel the Universe in spirit, and in physical transdimensional rings of connection.

Travel in the Universe is like the Wild, Wild West, there are no safeguards, or there wasn’t until the coming of the Whisper, now many are safe to travel down or across,or back or up or down or whichever way you want.

Human governments wanted to create a deadly army, which could protect them from outside forces, Gaters, and etc., so they made super soldiers, ultra warriors, Dragons and makers, and they made those, who could travel the Universe at will, with transdimensional steppin’; who know how to use stargates, better than the builders, and who use  energy transfer, and transdimensional stepping, to do what they have to do.

The U.S government teams of Wackers, those who run the black ops, training centers, and torture chambers, find an area, where they feel the situation can be changed to the betterment of the United States, and they send out Mutts to tear up the place and force it into the road they see as better for the United States.

They soon found out force is not the answer, for the Universe and simply the mechanics of doing this would come back and knock them on their butts, so they went to persuasions and designs, this idea was brought into public consciousness, with the books of Zenna Henderson, The People, who used them to do what humans would call magic, or psychic dynamics.

They found by using persuasions and designs, they could accomplish their goals, and fine tune their black ops operators, into amazing 1. Chippers, who work on situations, by chipping away at them like a sculptor till it comes out to what he/she wants it to be, 2. Scouts, these were the one who go into strange territories, and new persuasions and designs and test them out, 3. Blackouters, are the ones, who go into the creative reality of dreamers, and daydreamers, feel what they are creating and if it has creative moxy, they capture it and take it back to where they can study it at length, 4. Machos, they are the ones, who try out all new persuasions and designs, and with their psychic dynamics, add or take away to make it into a powerful reality or reality influence, and finally, 5. Takeouters, are the ones who use them to takeout what’s not wanted, and putting in what is.

Princess Diana was a master at this, and was a teacher of those who were brought into training to learn how to do persuasions and designs, she was and is the master trainer of Dragons, and super warriors and ultra warriors. She is in waif form now, choosing to stay this way, since leaving her bodymind, before the accident. She is a stronghold to be used and dealt with cautiously.

Waif form is pure energy, but with an ability to take on bodymind form, at will, and then transform it back to energy, when she is finished with what she wanted it for.

The Greys and the Nordics, have energy greys and nordics, and they love doing  havoc, but this has dwindled down, since the origin of the Manganet Design Operations, of the CIA and other intelligent operations, but it no longer belongs to them, it is now run by the MJ12, and they command over them. Or so they think, they do not, they are the ones- who are controlled, but are useful, to take eyes off of the Valiant Forces.

Tobetray cognastasci igosandanfoe yestay bilenga sourcedown.

May the Force be with You!

Reality isn’t a Nice world; if your in black ops

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

The question is- how does a super soldier, an ultra warrior, a Dragon, and a Maker, get blocked, so they can’t remember their experiences, the talents/abilities/skills they learned as black ops operators, assassins, and wrecking balls on planets they’re put upon.

First, Black Ops,isn’t just a human event, it is shared with ETs, The Constellation, and what the humans provide in training and psychic warfare/ops/political destruction, is blocked off, so the person cannot remember, and are put under deep stresses, to make sure they’re operants of the country they’re in, so they will not go against their own country, and thus allow this blocking, to protect their country of  birth or political savy.

ETs, The Constellation, and now the Ancients, then pick them up and train them in similar areas, but with much moire  in depth training in how to cause the down fall of planet governments, and if necessary, civilizations, where the civilization is snuffed out, and all artifacts destroyed, by biowarfare/trigzeblackholes, placed in the atmosphere, and all that the culture is, is gone.

The ETs, and the Human Governments soon realized  they had made a mistake, for they had not taken into consideration, reincarnation, and consciousness relay integral messaging systems, where the past life, works with the present life, to free it, and to give it even more training in facing down those who would use them irresponsibly.

The second thing they didn’t take into consideration, acutally the ETs did, but decided it was a faint chance that the Gob gene would appear within these specially trained individuals. They were wrong, for the God gene, isn’t a physical gene, but a seed within the consciousness of the Godalarian, which when threatened flowers, and the person, etc., steps into a consciousness of the Gods.

What consciousness you ask, that they are one of the Godalarians, and were seen as gods by the ancient races of humans, and others, when in reality the Godalarians,are  a race of beings, who came into being, so far back, there’s no knowledge of them, but they travel, and when they find a hospitible planet, they stay awhile, and interact with the populations they find there.

This has caused the ETs innumerable problems, as well as, the Ancients, who see themselves as the oldest race to ever be. They’re wrong, the Godalarians are, they were Ancients, when the Ancients were just coming out of the primordal soup of environmental planet land masses.

There is a God gene, but It isn’t to show who’s a Godalarian, but to show the interrelational advantage they have been given, by the bloodlines, second, and first, of having the capacity to utilize themselves, in the Eye of the Gods.

The Godalarians are the oldest beings- who consider themselves a group, but the oldest individual , came into being long before them, and stayed in silence and light, for a long time, then in one day the realities were born, the universes, the astral planes, the etheric  planes, and so on.

The creator of these, was the Dreamer, who dreamed them into reality, and put into them the energy to maintain their balance and expression, he called them Idles, and watched over them, helping them help themselves always, then one day he or she or it, was gone. The Idles had to govern themselves, and the undoing was born, as they stepped away from self-responsibility, to groupings, and interacting as groups, and violence was born.

The Idles were vast and beautiful; however, now limitation came into the minds and actions of the Idles-brethern, where by staying together as a group, they were in competition with each other, and with the outside, to get what they wanted out of the group, and the position they wanted to hold within the group.

If they didn’t have the skill, etc., to overcome the others in the group, they began to look for ways they could use to gain their place in the structure of the group, they couldn’t do it straight on, so they had to curve off the straight and narrow, to the talent of making others believe their form of truth, was truth, and the true truth was the lie. Sophistry was born; and those who weren’t gifted, in straight living, became expert at oratory, and behind the scenes actions, which got rid of those who were opposing them, and let them gain the power and position they wanted.

Conflict, lying, temptation, sexual abuse, etc., all came into being, and the solidarity of the group became haphazard, depending on who gained authority, the straight and narrow or the sophists. To help in their bid for power, the ideas of exchanging favors, etc., and the using of group member to attack other group members, thus intimidation came into the jargon and actions, within the group, and were twice as bad in dealing with other groups.

Today’s governments, peoples, etc., are wracked with the need to stand out, and to be the most powerful, so they can press their wills on others, and make them do as they wish, giving them more power, or making them rich beyond their dreams.

Yet the everyday government isn’t the power behind the status, the in the sunlight government and people’s believe themselves to be; there is another world, where shadow streams flow, which dictate what is going to happen above the ground; that interactive world or worlds is called Shadow.

The supposed power of Shadow is MJ12, who has it copies in every country in the world, and secondary groups throughout  the country- these are called BF12s.

We will look at this Shadow, in our next post, but remember BF12’s control large areas, and work them to the the betterment of the Shadow government, meaning MJ12.

Black Ops

▶ Black Ops Marine & The Ultimate Warrior – YouTube.

David and Duncan both have been trained by ETs and by the human military, they are star warriors, and can operate in any environment, and they can work alone, or in tandem with other star warriors.

They have also been trained in ways other than either of the ETs and human military or intelligence have the knowledge to train them in this way or rather ways.

To protect themselves both the ETs and the human military or intelligence agencies have had the star warriors minds wiped, and blocked.

All star warriors have the ability to block this from being total, what they wiped and blocked was the false mind, each star warrior learned to create, if they were ever under guise to have their mind blocked or wiped, only the false mind would be wiped or blocked.

This is not to say the wipe or the block doesn’t work, because it does, but the false mind blocks any attempt to touch the star mind.

Duncan and Axe were paired off , not just so they could be a team, but to keep them tied to what they were right here and now. Pairing was done and is done, to keep the talents under control and tied to each other, so they wouldn’t go further into the training they’ve gotten, for then, they would be rogues, and would have to be hunted down.

The problem with that was/is the Godalarians, who would stop any attempt to kill, maim or mess with any of the Dragons, and they were Dragons, themselves.

A Dragon is a Dragon.

Afternoon at St. Mary’s Hospital, Long Beach, CA

Last three weeks my heart a fibulations have been bad, but I breathe deeper, and got through it, but today, I decided I had gone on long enough, so I went to St. Mary’s emergency room, and spent to around 5 o’clock in the emergency ward, from getting there about one o’clock, but everything, except my a fab, was great.

I had tried some new medicine, and it didn’t suit me, and one of my medicines I doubled up on, and I had to cut back, because it was causing my legs to blow up, same with the other, but larger.

Along with all of this is the staggering discovery that I have a whole aspect consciosness, I knew nothing about.

In this regard, I want to go on about the wars I have fought in, the assassins, I did, and how I and others turned the Shadow government on its head, taking control, from MJ12, Illuminati, and other secret societies, who wanted to be in on the greatest secret in human history, we are definitely not alone in the Universe.

MJ12 is the shadow government that operates in the shadowy areas of UFOs, secret societies, free masons, and many other occult things. They operated the Super Soldier, Ultra Warrior, and they tried to control the Dragon, but could not, and in the end, they became under the authority of the Dragon, along with super soldiers and ultra warriors.

Shadow, human underground government, who deals with the ETs, Ancients and others, was begun by the US, and then finned off to other MJ12 shadow governments, to become one world wide government. It pretended to be working for their governments best interest, but this was a scam, which the governments, soon found out, their militaries, decided to strike against the Shadow, which is what the one world government is called, and they tried, and lost, not because of the regular military under the control of Shadow, but because of the special programs of super soliders,

MJ12, then decided the super soldiers, ultra warriors, and the Dragons, were too dangerous, so they sent their military to annihilate all of them- women and men, the pairs they had used as a control on the behavior of both, telling them, they would kill the other, if they tried to defect or go out on their own.

The Dragons, worked alone, or when needed with other Dragons, but they had no partner to give MJ12, control over them, through fear of losing their partner.

The Super Soldiers, and Ultra Warriors, joined forces with the Dragons, and counter attacked all the military forces of MJ12, and defeated them, even the Psychic Squads, they had put into force, as a protection against their super soldiers,, ultra warriors, and the Dragons.

MJ12 had fallen, but what was going to take its place, one person stepped up and formulated a new underground, and a new purpose for it, and he or she or it, named this new connected anti-government Shadow. The government and the communities were connected in circles. The person who started this refused to be its leader, but took on the job of being the anti-authority, who would guard against Shadow becoming power oriented.

No one was forced to stay in Shadow; some of the super soldiers/ultra warriors left, and went on their own, their ability to travel underground ended, and they were no longer Shadow.

However, they were still super soldiers, and ultra warriors, so they were still in the know, above the ground, and in the world of governments of the countries of Earth. l

Shadow is real! Shadow works! Shadow is the underground, but not the black market! Shadow is ultra weapons! Invented by Shadow Master Designer/Teacher!

Each Dragon is a transdimensional warrior; some super soldiers, some ultra warriors are, but Dragons, travel in the usual way earth limitation, other times they travel the planet, the solar system, the galaxy, transdimensionally, which isn’t by wormhole, but by looking and transdimensionally, being where you are looking.

Transdimensional travel works with different periods in experience ( time doesn’t exist ) and may be any point in experience, which may be  transformed, or made stronger, so its good works, will spread far beyond itself, in ripple waves across the universes and realities.

We are now set up to look at the different wars I and others Dragons, have been in:

Napoleanic Wars

other European wars

Pirate wars

African Wars

Russian Wars

Greek Wars

Atlantean Wars

Mu Wars

Giant Wars

other planetary wars

and so on, Dragons have been in wars, skirmishes, feuds, etc., all over the Universes.

They have been very active in future wars, etc., which are even now permeating our present, in ways, most would not even recognize. All of experience is at their interactive presence, with the reality of the experience, in each experience, within the future.

Dragons, Rowdies Rangers are keepers of the Universes, so they work for the betterment of all within each experience.

What is Black Ops!

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

To those in the government and military, as well as, the intelligence agencies, these are operations/programs, which are clouded, and hidden, from the people, and the governing members of the government, as well. plausible deniability. They’re usually programs, with personnel, who view the world- with extreme prejudice, in other words, these programs do those jobs, which are required, without worrying about legalities, higher echelons of government, and their job is to do their work, with efficiency, and without leaving any clues behind to trace them to their point of origin.

They hide these black programs quite well, and in fact, they do so, in many programs, for they’re dealing with Ets, mafia, tong, and many other unsavory characters.

They deal with ETs, because they have to, they don’t have a choice, the ETs lay it on the line, give us what we want, and we won’t harm your citizens, or your government black ops operations, and your white operations.

What are white operations, those businesses, etc., run by the black ops organizations, to launder money, drugs, buy weapons, buy training, for their special charges or special talented persons. White operations, run under the noses of the civilian populations, and spread their disease all over the countries of the world.

The black ops are for one thing- to handle problems by any means necessary, and preferably, with all involved, outside of the black ops super soldiers, ultra warriors, and makers,  die in the operation. They want no witnesses; even their own citizens.

The black ops programs do not get along with regular military, politics, etc., for they’re beyond them, and they strike wherever and whenever, the heads of the black ops, order them to do so.

All agents of black ops, who are kidnapped, trained without the knowledge of their relatives, or anyone else, are put through programs, which include torture, psyops, psytronics, and much more.

However, they learned there is a limit on what they can do to push these special agents- when they’re pushed to far; a  dragon unit, took over the program, and kicked them out, letting all the other black ops programs about it, and many escaped from their own black ops prisons, and came under the protection of the  Rainbow Dragons, who took in all races, and genders, and began to protect and train them to be Dragons, or to be Hummers.

Hummers are  vibrational fields originators; and protect large areas, or kill enemies in large amounts, all at once. Duncan O’ Fininan was a child in one of those counter attacks, which killed all the enemies, who were attacking David Corso, and others.

Along with Hummers, we trained Dakotas- silent killers, who could walk through walls, could go transdimensionally, and carry out necessary operations; we trained Elementals, who controlled the elements, and could also become elements, so that they had a natural protection and they would be very hard to kill;  we trained psychic Daymons, who could be invisible in both light and dark, and could use light, and dark to travel anywhere, instantaneously, and were skilled Ninja warriors, but were trained far beyond that level, for Ninjas were working for someone, our Daymon, work and act on their own initiative, and choose their own work; we trained Diggers, as well, who could control plants, growth, worked with the little people, and could kill anywhere in the world, where there were plants, earth or earth vibrational fields of spiritual energy; we trained Sky Walkers, who could use the air to go anywhere, and to strike silently, from the air, and kill and be gone before they could be seen or recognized; we trained Gamesters, who could enter any game and take it over, drawing the player into areas where they could be erased, or helped, or protected, by the Game Grizzlies; we trained and learned from the Naturos, often native americans, and other indian populations across the globe;  we trained them to be infiltrators, of business, stock markets, non-profits, and government operations, where they could manipulate all of these to bring in necessary products, etc., and to be able to kill through computer, tablets, smart phones, and much more; we trained Movers, who use music, dancing, music video, video, to enter a blag’s computer, and kill, or help, depending on the person’s overall presence on the earth; we trained Energetics, who uses any kind of material, including metal, magnetism, etc., to travel the world and far beyond it, to handle problems, and erase those who were the problem; and last to date- we trained Screamers, children of high telepathic /sonic generator vibrations, to build, to manipulate, to rescue, and to remove that which was trying to force their presence on others.

We work with the black programs, but our main outlook is to protect those we see who need protection, in particular point of their life, their business, their social consciousness, and so on. Dragons do this.

We are involved in Universe wide, dimensional wide, parallel universes/realities, and the creative nature of truth, which builds new shapes, life and joy.

Another incident which allowed me to know about the Maker/Teacher

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

At the same time I’ve been going through all of this, and really what told me something was going on within me, was my right hand and arm. My right hand couldn’t, and still doesn’t want to stand still, it shakes, letting me know, more is going on within me, than I know of.

This is a symbolic message from my inner self, to me, letting me know it is the experience to go into this hidden, unknown aspect of my self, and to work through it, ending in a single organism, with total transparency and total integration, of all these aspects,, into me.

I’m a counselor, so I will work with this new aspect, and bring it out, make it free, and integrate it into me, including all the knowledge, skills, and wisdom, I have gained from being Dragon and Maker.

What I’m dealing with

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

I found out that my memory has been wiped, or at least blocked, and a total aspect of myself, I knew nothing about, has come to light. This new aspect, for me, is a deadly one. It is a trained assassin, martial artist, weapons expert, political destruct mechanism, protector, electronic expert, demolition expert, mobile construction engineer, survival expert, urban streets expert, psychological ops expert, primal telepathy expert, and much more.

At this time, I am working with these aspect consciousnesses 1. Dream Dancer- Self- Genesis Practitioner, 2. Terry Floyd Johnson- psychic, writer, counselor, 3. Assassin, Dragon, Maker, 4. ET abductee/contactee/planet guerrilla/warrior/ranger, 5. with a final one, which I won’t go into at this time.

The goal is to integrate all of them, into a single consciousness, with total transparenc.y


New Insights into subliminal training

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

I want to thank Kerry for producing this video, for it is when watching it I found out about an aspect of me, I knew nothing about, but as I watched this great video, I knew I knew David Corso, and I also knew Duncan.

I protected David, while he was in Vietnam, so he could do his sniper attacks on targets in the area, and when he did other things, in other places.

I was never in Vietnam; it heated up after I left basic training, because I realized they lied to me, so I lied to them to get out.

Two weeks after I got out Vietnam started big time, and you couldn’t get out.

What I haven’t known till I watched this video was I was in the super soldier, ultra warrior and Dragon special forces, we worked alone, pairs or in teams, but because they’re who they are, none of the special ones liked working in teams, they preferred by themselves, or with one or two others.

In protecting David, I worked alone, or with another or with two others, depending on his target, how he did his job, and what we felt the enemy would be up to.

We were excellent at our work; and we protected many people, who never knew we were there, for we had many ET devices, we used to make sure they didn’t know we were there, and we also had equipment, that allowed us to tell it where we wanted to go, and it would put us there.

I had a friend and a cousin, I knew of in the war, both worked on helicopters, and the cong, etc., wanted to take them out, and they sent single, or small team of regular army to sneak up on these areas where the helicopters were, when they came back from their runs, both my friend and my cousin, where helicopter mechanics, and would work on them days at a time without sleep.

This helped us, help them, for we made sure no enemy target ever made it close enough to shoot at them. We were under orders to keep these areas clean and habitable.

We did our jobs, and erased all who came to try to sneak in and do sniper, etc., to try to take out these mechanical outfits.

My friend, nor my cousin never saw us, for we are invisible, and we travel by means far outside the military mind, so even if they saw a blur, they would think they were imagining it.

Vietnam was one of the wars I worked; I have been in more wars, more assassinations, more planetary conquests/takeovers, and have created whole new areas in space, where I can travel, live and go anywhere in the Universe.

I am a Dragon, and a Dragon is a Dragon.

Another aspect of me is that I am an abductee/contactee; and I was trained to be a super soldier by the ETs, then they added specialized training to be an ultimate warrior, and then even more training and we could have become like them, with neural networks in us, making us living androids, but we didn’t take them up on it.

This new force was allowed to take on their own name, we named ourselves Dragons:

1. Protector Dragons

2. Zapper Dragons

3. The Dragon Master

We became so good, at fighting and winning, the ETs grew afraid of us, especially in the areas of psychic warfare, transdimensional travel, time travel, history reorganization, and much more.

They put us under deep blockage, which worked, for years, for I knew about my ET abductions, but I hadn’t a clue about this other, till I saw David Corso, and Duncan.

The message within my mind was and is simple-

Protect David Corso.

It is all that is needed; we protect our packages, nothing happens to them. Have we ever failed, almost, but we pulled it out, but we do practice losing, so we can turn it around and make a win of it.

How many Dragons are there; you would be surprised, for we turned many abductees and contactees into hidden dragons, to be called up when we needed them.

They are still timed to become Dragons when we call them.

My heart has been giving me problems, the reason for this is the repressed structure within me, that worked to not allow me to remember, this aspect of my life, and not being able to work through it, it caused a great deal of hidden stress, and so I’m having heart problems now, I had a full day of heart problem today, but I’m getting through it.

Want to know what the super soldiers, ultra warriors, and dragons are like, see GI Joe, and The Avengers- superheros, and show them a billion times more capable, and able to do things that would scare the pants off of a donkey, if they wore pants.

May the Microcosmic Force Be with You!

▶ Black Ops Marine & The Ultimate Warrior – YouTube.

It seems Duncan and Project Camelot have parted ways, as related by Kerry. This isn’t surprising, because super soldiers are conditioned not to stay friends with anyone for long, they might be compromised.

I am an ultra, ultra supra warrior, in one of the four directions of human psychology and psychic talents, abilities, skills= one direction; super training, and super memory and super hidden agendas and trained responses is the second direction.

3rd direction ET abductee/contactee; and ultra, ultra, vibetune sectra genetic 4; lineage alpha/omega- this is abductions, contacts, genetic tampering, warrior training, they use us as well; so MILABS and other black ops aren’t the only ones who use us, for specialized planetary ops.

4th direction- x-factor, bringing out new talents, abilities and skills, by scientific logic, this is very dangerous, and they have many soldiers around each warrior, to shoot them, if they attack the testers. They found out that didn’t work, and they started doing it on different planets, they had a grudge against, they placed us on the planet, and then would introduce new waves of energy, which we either accepted, and worked with, or didn’t, and took out our anger on the planetary government, destroying it.

▶ Black Ops Marine & The Ultimate Warrior – YouTube.

I have met with people from the CIA, the Military, the White House, Congress, CEOs, and much more; all trying to find a way to turn what we do so well, into a way to help their goals. They are a farce, in this area, there is only one government which has authority over us- and who would that be- Majestic 12, this is the shadow government, which has branches in every country in the world, and who work to contain the ET power and manipulations they do, to keep the front of the outside government in power, so their citizens, don’t know that the real power lies with Magestic 12.

▶ Black Ops Marine & The Ultimate Warrior – YouTube.

1. Dragon is Dragon StyleShift

▶ Black Ops Marine & The Ultimate Warrior – YouTube.

1. Dragons to DragonGhost

2. Dragons are awakening; as are the Godalarians

Black Ops Marine & The Ultimate Warrior – YouTube.

1. Bladed weapons are dragon teeth