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# 7 Blue Ops

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Blue ops is watchdog of hospitals, clinics, pharmaceuticals, parar-military forces, in cities across the United States, Department of Justice, torture, assassinations, of blue collar workers, who are working on top secret works, and have signed a secrecy contract, Department of Justice, CIA, military electronics and overseeing defense contract corporations, etc., theater, musicians, symphonies, specialized ops, and more.

.International police forces, international hospitals, clinics, pharmaceuticals, the CDC, WHO, international spy agencies, national police forces/para-military, sleeper cells, terrorists, foreign governments, departments, sections, teams, scientists, musicians, symphonies, theater, and more.

Level of Ops levels- from red to oblivion-black!


# 1 Black Ops/White Ops, etc.

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


We are going to talk about governmental power behind the power, the hidden military brigades, ETs ops- against human and primitives.

Here is a list of the dastardly ops, used by humans and Ets:

1. Black Ops[ special brigades, and intelligence units to clandestine operations, against target.

2. White ops- watching over businesses, and having business for cover ups.

3. Gold

4. Orange

5. Blue

6. Yellow


8. Red



11.Earth Brown- human and ETs


13. Pink


15. Amber

16. Aquamarine




ETs Black/White Ops

1. Burgundy


3. Ruby


Is Black Ops, the only secret Ops being played by governments

The answer is a sound No! Black ops is definitely a large one, but there are many other ops going on at the same time, and doing just as much harm, or more, than black ops.

Here is a list of some to them:

White Ops- legal businesses, fronts- for all kinds of military and intelligence operations, as well as FBI and other clandestine programs.

Brown Ops- cultural busters, where groups are infiltrated, and the mole, tries to make the group do violence, so they can bust them, and say their were violent perpetrators, this is an old trick, used by dictatorships, which America is one.

Purple Ops- this is operations pertaining to religious orders, churches, etc., and do use informants, and moles, to create agitation in church groups, as well as, to push them into doing things, that will get them in trouble. Intelligence community, military, clandestine offroad groups of paramilitary operations.

Green Ops- these are operations, mainly in the midwest, where moles, agitators, etc., go into farming communities, and farm co-ops, and try to keep them off kilter, to be able to get a less expensive cost to the goods produced. Second, these moles and agitators, try to infiltrate environmental. peace, etc. groups. to get them into the violent label, so they can arrest them, or harass them.

White noise Ops- military, intelligence, and computer agencies, trying to control the operations of isps, and individual/work/group computers, data and invention. Controlling investors and entrepreneurs, to force innovation in computers and data industries.

Yellow ops- the recording of every citizen and groups, etc., NSA, Transportation, etc., all have computers getting information on american citizens, to be able to find any american, if a drone murder is needed by the government, so the people serve the government and not the other way around.

Blue ops- trying to control all of the oceans seas, lakes, rivers, etc. of the world, and all the water spots, which have fresh, drinkable waters.

Red ops- Intelligence, military, government agencies, using computers, moles, agents, to keep a tab on all the medical usage of women, in doctor visits, pregnancy visits, etc., so if they can kill the woman, before she has a baby, one that is going to cause trouble down the road, they can kill her and those around her with a drone strike, and come up with a reason for doing so.

Silver ops- the continuous manipulation of currencies all over the world, money markets, stock markets, and up and coming markets.

Burgundy ops- is where intelligence, military, government agencies try to manipulate the wealthy, food, wines, all higher priced and more sophisticated, real estate, businesses, airplanes, satellites, rockets, money flow, and anything else happening in the world, where they can manipulate it.

Rainbow ops- intelligence, military, government agencies, work to control the media, news, video, dvd, blue ray, and other photography, etc., devices to enlighten the public, and make them more aware of what is being done to them.

Gold ops- where intelligence, military, government agencies, work to manipulate, use and eliminate criminal families, elements and corporate moguls, trying to do criminal activity against the government, military and intelligence, and care nothing about the citizens of the country.

You’re government sees its citizens as only suppliers of mass power to do the work needed to be done, to make it stronger, more powerful, slim and merciless. This means eliminating populations, such as 80% of americans, in a nuclear war, so the 20% would have enough to live on. The elite, would feed on the bones of the limited.

There are other ops, but those have to deal with ETs, Ancients, and Ancient Aliens, who may not be so ancient after all.

They’re also aware that the Whisper is human; and on the Earth, any try at taking over the government as a dictatorship, could bring the Whisper, and his vast armies, and mighty war machines, to take over the Earth.

They walk slowly, while hiding the big stick of dictatorship behind their backs.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!