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# 7 Blue Ops

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Blue ops is watchdog of hospitals, clinics, pharmaceuticals, parar-military forces, in cities across the United States, Department of Justice, torture, assassinations, of blue collar workers, who are working on top secret works, and have signed a secrecy contract, Department of Justice, CIA, military electronics and overseeing defense contract corporations, etc., theater, musicians, symphonies, specialized ops, and more.

.International police forces, international hospitals, clinics, pharmaceuticals, the CDC, WHO, international spy agencies, national police forces/para-military, sleeper cells, terrorists, foreign governments, departments, sections, teams, scientists, musicians, symphonies, theater, and more.

Level of Ops levels- from red to oblivion-black!

You don’t know your own reality

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

People like to feel they know their reality, and if they didn’t  t would make them extremely nervous. Well, as Shadow, our job is to be in your reality, and to use it to our advantage, while you’re not even aware of what lies within your reality to use and to unify into wonderous travel.

What does this mean? It means that many things you think don’t exist, do; and what you feel or know cannot possibly exist does, and is used on a daily basis.

Stargates, Transmats, Transdimensional steppin’, Energy Open/close and you’re on your way. ETs have been here and are here whenever they want to be, with or without ufos. Ships are the mundane of their traveling the Universe, while their regular travel, without any ships, but by thought, transfer, transmats, or by Pointer, and you are gone.

Many travel at night, when they dream, and when they dream- they create the reality they want to go to, or to create; new realities are created and transformed all the time, and aren’t incidents, which have been around for centuries, but are brand new and reflective of single, network beings, who travel the Universe in spirit, and in physical transdimensional rings of connection.

Travel in the Universe is like the Wild, Wild West, there are no safeguards, or there wasn’t until the coming of the Whisper, now many are safe to travel down or across,or back or up or down or whichever way you want.

Human governments wanted to create a deadly army, which could protect them from outside forces, Gaters, and etc., so they made super soldiers, ultra warriors, Dragons and makers, and they made those, who could travel the Universe at will, with transdimensional steppin’; who know how to use stargates, better than the builders, and who use  energy transfer, and transdimensional stepping, to do what they have to do.

The U.S government teams of Wackers, those who run the black ops, training centers, and torture chambers, find an area, where they feel the situation can be changed to the betterment of the United States, and they send out Mutts to tear up the place and force it into the road they see as better for the United States.

They soon found out force is not the answer, for the Universe and simply the mechanics of doing this would come back and knock them on their butts, so they went to persuasions and designs, this idea was brought into public consciousness, with the books of Zenna Henderson, The People, who used them to do what humans would call magic, or psychic dynamics.

They found by using persuasions and designs, they could accomplish their goals, and fine tune their black ops operators, into amazing 1. Chippers, who work on situations, by chipping away at them like a sculptor till it comes out to what he/she wants it to be, 2. Scouts, these were the one who go into strange territories, and new persuasions and designs and test them out, 3. Blackouters, are the ones, who go into the creative reality of dreamers, and daydreamers, feel what they are creating and if it has creative moxy, they capture it and take it back to where they can study it at length, 4. Machos, they are the ones, who try out all new persuasions and designs, and with their psychic dynamics, add or take away to make it into a powerful reality or reality influence, and finally, 5. Takeouters, are the ones who use them to takeout what’s not wanted, and putting in what is.

Princess Diana was a master at this, and was a teacher of those who were brought into training to learn how to do persuasions and designs, she was and is the master trainer of Dragons, and super warriors and ultra warriors. She is in waif form now, choosing to stay this way, since leaving her bodymind, before the accident. She is a stronghold to be used and dealt with cautiously.

Waif form is pure energy, but with an ability to take on bodymind form, at will, and then transform it back to energy, when she is finished with what she wanted it for.

The Greys and the Nordics, have energy greys and nordics, and they love doing  havoc, but this has dwindled down, since the origin of the Manganet Design Operations, of the CIA and other intelligent operations, but it no longer belongs to them, it is now run by the MJ12, and they command over them. Or so they think, they do not, they are the ones- who are controlled, but are useful, to take eyes off of the Valiant Forces.

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May the Force be with You!