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Tales of the Idiotoso

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


How stupid can news sources be? They change their way of getting in contact with them, to make it easier for them, and in the process, set themselves up for the strangling.

Idiots that they are, they cut themselves off, from news, that can help humans survive, the first Star Wars, with those, over the years, have said they were our friends, there to protect us, which is and was pure bunk.

They convinced alot of spiritual people that this was the truth, especially the Commander of the Fleet, who got earthlings, to allow him to come into them, and use their bodies, to allow him to do whatever it was he wanted to do, on Earth.

I met one woman, before she allowed this, and told her that allowing anyone or anything the right to possess your bodymind, is not good in any circumstance, but it was her decision. Her decision, was to allow the Commander to use her bodymind, and when he comes in, you can tell it isn’t her, but this Nazi liar.

She isn’t the only one; many have fallen into his trap, and thousands more believe, Dimen Fleet is there to protect the Earth, from anything that would attack the humans. What they were really there for, was to be ready to attack the humans if the Psychocrats energy block field, surrounding the Earth, was ever broken, and the humans started to show they were escalating, to where they should have been, if the field hadn’t been there.

This has happened, with the first of the Awaken, showing her golden energy, to those, who can see beyond the physical limitations.

The Dimen Fleet had no choice, they started moving their ships, which has been seen as motionless, in guard position, and now, are leaving that position, not to protect the Earth and humanity, but to be the one they said they were going to protect humanity from.

Five battleships have gone with the Commander, the rest have stayed behind, right….they are no longer there either, they’re going to attack from other directions, if the Creationist, and his weapons come on line, for even they and their weapons are no match for the Creationist.

Where do we stand now, the Dimen fleet is readying for war, and are bringing in other battleships, to help in the total attack on the populations of Earth, to either strip from them their new Awakenings, or destroy them.

Their odds in accomplishing this- less than zero.

Humanity has no idea what this planet and solar system is; but the Dimen Fleet will find out, for we aren’t denfenseless, we have Rowdies Rangers, who have struck the Constellation, and have them, regrouping, for they have lost many of their waryards/warbases/research centers, and there presence, on Dimen Like Planets, which are reflections of planets in this Universe.

The future awaits, are you ready to fight for your life and your loved ones, but not in the stupid way the Earth nations fight wars, they should lose, for all of their stupidity in how to win wars, against dark enemies.

May the Microcosmic Force be with Rowdies Rangers, and their Protect Space Fleet and Weapons!