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Lecture # 8 The Impossibility

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


Shadow is all agog, at the news, that Rowdies Rangers, has come to the point where they no longer hide, but have faced off the Constellation, the Ancients, and some of the Dark, who have found, their power is not as great as they thought it was.

Rowdies Rangers, those who have been abducted by the Constellation, and recently, been hunted down by the Ancients, while the Dark hunted others. Not very nice at all!

However, in time immemorial, nothing has surprised the Constellation, the Ancients, the Dark, as Rowdies Rangers, and their Shiver fighters.

The Shiver fighters are from the Zallion Carriers, who is protected by the Energie Battleships, and the Secre Destroyers, and backed by the fliv Frigates, while keeping in contact, at all times, with the Destination, the control center of Rowdies Rangers.

The Shivers have caused consternation with the ETs, Ancients, and the Dark, for they’re lethal against all of them, something that has not been seen, in trillions of millenia.

Their hatred is boiling over, for there is only one individual, who is known for his designs, his construction of those designs, and creates them from pure energy- the most hated enemy of them all- ShadowLight, opposites begin creativity.

Yet they’re not so stupid, as to try to go after ShadowLight, for if his inventions are deadly, he is many electra more dangerous, and doesn’t hesitate to erase, those who come after him. Thus, no one has ever seen ShadowLight, only his reputation, but that reeks of helping empires spread their boundaries, but without bloodshed, for he does no believe in killing, only putting the Rest on those they do battle with.

Along with ShadowLight, is DesignShadow, who designs, the reality of all realities, and who is the companion of ShadowLight. Together they make the Harmony of Shadows, and do not rule over Shadow, but keep it in harmony with itself, and because of that, those of Shadow are fanatical, in protecting them from harm.

The fighter/ship constructions are telepathic, and sentient, so those who ride within them, do not ignore them, but are in constant telepathic VibeNational, meaning- contact is individual, and not a group thing, which could turn into a menace.

The Harmony is joined by the fourteen, the SlenceShouters, who each have many talents a piece, and who are the structure of the harmony of all things.

Around these Shadow fighters, are the Rulings, vast numbers of beings, animals, etc., who walk, play, and practice being them, each and every day.

All are ShadowCreators.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!