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Lecture # 7 The War of Wars

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


Shadow news, here, yes you are hearing it here first, the War of Wars has begun, on a Universe wide front, on one side is the Rangers, and Friends; on the other side is the Constellation, the Ancients, and the Dark.

The Constellation and Friends, struck on a wide range of places across the known Universe; they were surprised, when the Rangers & Friends, were there to meet them, and to keep them from hitting their target planets, star stations, and etc.

The battles were fierce, and either very long, or very short; the Constellation didn’t bring out their new fighters, but relied on the cone to do their fighting, for them.

The Rangers on the other hand, had new ships, never seen before, and they were deadly. They fought the formations of the ETs, and the Ancients, as well as action, from the Dark.

This first battle lasted for four hours, then the Constellation withdrew; satisfied with what they had learned with the engagements, in this opening move of the war.

The Rangers knew, very well, what they were doing, testing out their new fighters, and given them some idea what the Master Class battleships, frigates and destroyers had, as well as the star carrier stations, with brand new weaponry, and new inventions, to help these new planes, etc., along.

The Constellation is fairly smug, for having not had the best day of the first movement of the War of Wars.

The Physical War, was fought tooth and nail; the Psychic War was fought mind to mind, with those minds of distaste and stupidity, used their elemental, and such, to try to destroy the freedom fighters.  It didn’t work.

Rangers, and others, brought with them, in every corner of the war front, the Dune Healers, massive hospitals to handle the injured, shot, etc., they are marvels of the Universe, and they all project a large Red Cross, showing they’re hospitals, and not war machines.

The Dune Healers, are for everyone, our side, or the other side, wounded, etc.. We treat prisoners of war with respect and determination, to show them we will win this war.

A shockwave went through the known Universe today, along with the Start of the War of Wars: The Whisperer, was on the front lines commanding the battle, showing his military leaders, how to use the new ships, he had built, and then trained Rangers on, so they could train others.

He/she/it made an important announcement; on the request of the women of the Freedom Rangers; they were allowed full military duties in all situations.

It is hard for any of the Rangers, or the populations of the planets of the known world to be in the presence of the Whisperer, for his/her/its energy is so great and so demanding, that they do for themselves, what is best for them, that they have to find ways of controlling it, or rather disciplining themselves, on how to be in his/her/its presence

The Whisperer introduced his new second in command military, politically, socially and computer ranching; his/he.itsr name is Dymond. He/she/it is a Menta-Telepath/Ranger Wilder.

The Whisperer is to announce the new heads of the areas grided off; each of these new leaders, are only the Voice, of the Rangers, etc., within that section.

The Commanders declared this Hope Day!