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Lecture # 6

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


We now know, that MJ12 units are not to be found in the physical levels, which we upgrounders, live on, but in Mogs, which are energy shapes, which are natural shapes, which balance themselves out, thus are stable transport points, in Energy Circles, which make up the realities, realms and so on.

Mog energy placement can be shaped, so shapers come in and and shape the Mog placement energies into what will be comfortable, for the shapers.

It does come about, sometimes, that two different species or more, want to shape the same Mog energy placement balances; this leads to bargaining, fighting, or Shaper standoff, where the best Shaper wins.

It doesn’t happen often, for these Mog energy placements, are balanced, because of lines of energy, which balances between inside and outside of itself, and this balance, causes placement of energy in particular symbolic levels of movement, vibration, musical notation, and energy soma, meaning the shape of the energy, stabilizes it and creates a musical pattern, for it to shape itself to, this is a microcosmic, holistic creation, where all energies are needed to create the functional shaping, of the Mog circle or circles.

None of the energies are first, for they’re needed at the same time, to balance out the musical pattern being shaped by their forming, so all creation is a holistic, symbolic pattern, created holistically, microcosmically, so none are more important than any other.

The secret of realities, realms, experiences, physical creation, is microcosmic, holistic creation, where all come together, to create the symbolic musical patterns, which make up the symbolic structure of the Mog Circle, at the same moment of microcosmic, holistic creation.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!


Work on me

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

Today has been a hard day, my heart has been giving me problems, so I have to breathe deeply to give it more oxygen. I am still working on bringing  all five consciousness, into a single one, me.

Why me?

I am this incarnation; therefore I am the one who shall be the single organism, and the others will be me as well, so instead of five there will be one.

One thing the world doesn’t want the super soldiers, ultra warriors, and the Dragons to remember is they are extremely rich, for they’re paid bountiful bounties, for doing what  they do. They have bank accounts in Shadow with the only bank they trust, it is run by one of them, and he/she/it has strong protections all around it.

Shadow does not mean darkness, what it means protector of the light, which shines, because the shadow protects it.

The Shadow stretches all over the world, the solar system the galaxy and the Universe; and the Shadow Builder is the Whisper, who is also the Constellation and the Ancients worse nightmare.

The Ancients are those beings who were first to self-create, then deny their own self-creation, for it meant being totally self-responsible, and they wanted the out of being able to blame someone else, for their actions.

This didn’t create Shadow; this created Warpness, and no matter where they g-o they’re wrapped in this.

The Shadow, stretches to all realities, universes, vortexes and much more.

The Shadow is populated by soldiers, warriors, Dragons, and the Constellation, and now the Ancients, who see Shadow as their natural environment.

Shadow is light and light is Shadow, so what the manipulators see isn’t shadow, but warp reality, which they create by their actions. They hate Rowdies Rangers, who are bringing light and shadow closer and closer into balanced harmony.

What is the Secret of the Shadow- simply, music.

Warp reality is created by metallic music, not Heavy Metal, but of screech, scroung, and pitchscream.

MJ12, each in each country in the world, see themselves as the real power behind the state, and the ones in the light, are simply there to take the heat.

MJ 12 is pure Warpness. Education and knowledge of warpness, only creates more warpness.

The Constellation and the Ancients, both exist and create Warp.

Both are stuck in experimental science and invention; the Constellation are bio-neural androids, and the Ancients are solar magicians, who need the sun to be able to do their magic, but this isn’t a one to one, for they have great talent and abilities to store light within them, like a prism star, and they can generate their own light, for a time, for their angles aren’t as pure as light from a reality source or sources.

We would and do call the Ancients Magicians/Wizards/Translationers, for they utilize an outside source to be able to be who they are.

If there are those who need the light to be able to be who they are; it is certain, there are those, who need the dark, the warp dark, to be able to be who they are, and we call these the Lords and Ladies of Darkfire.

The Lords and Ladies are quite real; they are strategists, and never or almost never, put an action out first, they always let others do that, then they come in and try to twist it to their way, so they win and everyone else loses.

In my affirmations, I cal these-l the etc., for this is what they are, if you look for them as a solidness, they aren’t. but if you look at them as a not solidness, there you will find them.

The Egyptian Gods thought them human, but they’re no;t they’re slicers, and create dark energy, from the dark energy they frolic in. The Human Dark Gods and Ladies; are simply lost ones, who looked to gain control of the dark, for dark power, and instead found the etc., and became their brethren, and when they had learned all they could they fought their way clear of the etc., and became of the Dark Pure.

Ages long battles between them and the etc., and the light- keeps their number low, for most don’t want to be in a constant battle, but the Lords and Ladies of Warp Dark, love it.

Phase 2

Animals are an interesting lot, we look upon them as pets, and other species, and dumb, who rely on the law of the wild, but this isn’t true, they simply live on instinct and observation, and a very determined stomach that needs filling, quite often, as they are vying to win over something, all the time.

Animals live in light and Purple Power, and as such they choose their progression, by what draws them to the beyondness of light, dark, and purple.

Animals are not symbols of power, energy, they walk their own path, so if you want to make yourself into what you want, so must you.

Phase 3

Light is direct, or its reflective, which means that what reflects it is armored against its penetration. Light is also circular, chaotic, as if trying to tear itself apart, it is really trying to bring itself together. To create not a contained wholeness, but a balanced one, so in your self-creation, you did not try to build yourself as a container, but as a natural balance of life energy, light energy, shadow energy, and wild energy, of that which is found in the creation of all things.

And what is self-creation- balance- movement, which reflects itself and all the others, in harmony and dance, Dance is not only movement, but it is the maker and the destructor of life- itself. Consciousness begins. when dance becomes pure movement and rhythm is created in the spectacular music of happy, clear, flexible music.

To the question, which is first, you have lost the idea of self-creation, which is- all things create each other each moment and work together till the brilliance of new light in the totalness of Life Beauty, that sings the Light Content, and then outside and inside, begin to look outward, and create spirit, which then, goes into dreams, and works on the wonder of Outside, and the Darkness of the same.

Shadow is the area between Life Content and Outside malcontent, and true shadow, watches Outside, and does not get drawn into its games.

Shadow is the life between self and Outside, when wholeness, knows and sees itself, and then looks outside in all directions, and sees it is also within something, and that something is Shadow.

Phase 4

Remembrance, of the Life Content, and that all else flows around you, and you may interact with it or not; you are your own guide, your own creator, and your own wonder, you are truly beautiful!