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Lecture # 10 Power within the Shadow Circles

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


MJ12 was first formed to look into the threat of UFOs and alien races, who could have the star power to take over the US, and the world.

They were basically an agency of the government, and as such, they were guided by the whims of whoever was in power in the white house.

To say this limited them, is an understatement, even though they were, and still are, a black ops operation by the intelligence agencies, and the Military.

It became known, that the presence of MJ12 was not a very well kept secret, so all the other government of the world created their own MJ12 black ops operations.

They were forbidden to talk to, or associate with, the other MJ12 networks!

They were the ones, who went to pick up ET artifacts, ships, etc., and who took it down into the shadow world, if necessary, to study it, them, more closely, to reverse tech them.

They were totally under the intelligence agencies and the military to supply them with the necessary funds to continue their work, and time and time again this dried up.

They were frustrated, and just about to close up shop, when they met their first alien race, the Grays, followed by the Nordics, and others.

The ETs pretended to want to work with them, but they also worked with the intelligence agencies, and the military, to exchange technology, for bases, preferably underground, on Earth. Second, they wanted a contract which stated it was all right for them, to kidnap humans, for their experiments and needs.

MJ12 at first refused this, but orders from above, told them to sign the deal. They did.

The ETs were in charge, and played MJ12, like clowns, who had no power.

This went on for awhile, then a Whisper came and talked to the MJ12 networks, and told them, he would help them get rid of the ETs, and their power plays, and help them expand to worlds outside of the one they were on.

MJ12 wanted to know the cost of this; the Whisper said Shadow, Shadow would be the sole negotiator, etc., between the MJ12s and the ETs.

The Whisper would help them build bases in their own lands, build up MJ12 laboratories, build up their networks, to have the proper number of employees, and who would make the MJ12 network, into a full fledged world government.

MJ12 networks around the world agreed, and the Shadow government was born.

The Whisper brought in Shadow Banks, Engineering, Mechanics, techs, machines, and so on.

The Shadow banks were in the field of loaning money to the Shadow Government, to expand onto other planets, to get resources, etc..

However, the Shadow is very clear on this, at no time, will the MJ12 be allowed to takeover a planet, from the life already there. Resources taken must be paid for, worked for, and shared, with the local populations.

To make this more palatable, the Shadow banks agreed to low interest loans, for the first ten years of operations, with the Shadow Government of Earth, the one world government.

The Shadow Finance World on Earth, offered loans, for all activity on- off planet needs and complete housing, etc., for all tech, workers, etc..

They would transverse all the workers, etc., needed, on the new planet, or the MJ12 could try to work the StarGates, and other travel operations- left by past races and species.

Shadow Government was now in a position to work with the world governments or not; and those who did not sign as a signee to the ET/Planet Pact, were out in the cold.

The Expansion of the Shadow Government had begun.