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White Ops

We have said white ops are legitimate businesses, run and ruled over by Shadow, but they are synchronized to work together, even if they look totally different.

We call that Sunlight, operating fully in the open, and being money making, foundations, and supporting human resources, by supporting charities, who work directly with the people of the world.

Shadow is just the opposite, we work in the shadow, which supports our white operations, and the white operations support political, sociological, psychological, business, entrepreneurs the world over.

How many businesses, enterprises, etc., are there, wouldn’t you like to know, but know this the white ops of the Shadow, are not just on this planet, but many others, and they deal with ETs everyday, and have a vast knowledge bank, data bank on every ET race we have come in contact with, and now we’re doing the same with the Ancients, the Dark, and the Wind.

We’re not poor, and we spend our monies, goods, etc., wisely, and work the political systems, only as businesses, and private citizens, who donate to campaigns, back exploration, and work to spread the knowledge, there are other worlds, who are ready to take humans if need be, to planets ready, for their inhabitants, but with policies waiting, which will not allow them to destroy the planet as they have done to a large degree, this planet or origin.

Shadow protects this planet from the war fleets, that stay around the planet, to go to war with humans, if they try to spread to other planets. They will pretend to want to help humanity, but its a farce, they want to contain them, and if necessary- do genocide against them.

Shadow interacts with all kinds of aliens, animals, etc., from across the universe, and all are quite aware, that the head of Shadow is Whisper, and his/her/its followers. No race is ready to go to war with the Shadow, for they have firm examples of what happens to those who do. It isn’t a pretty sight.

Shadow reigns, White Ops do, and Light ops creates and expands.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!