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Lecture # 10 Power within the Shadow Circles

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


MJ12 was first formed to look into the threat of UFOs and alien races, who could have the star power to take over the US, and the world.

They were basically an agency of the government, and as such, they were guided by the whims of whoever was in power in the white house.

To say this limited them, is an understatement, even though they were, and still are, a black ops operation by the intelligence agencies, and the Military.

It became known, that the presence of MJ12 was not a very well kept secret, so all the other government of the world created their own MJ12 black ops operations.

They were forbidden to talk to, or associate with, the other MJ12 networks!

They were the ones, who went to pick up ET artifacts, ships, etc., and who took it down into the shadow world, if necessary, to study it, them, more closely, to reverse tech them.

They were totally under the intelligence agencies and the military to supply them with the necessary funds to continue their work, and time and time again this dried up.

They were frustrated, and just about to close up shop, when they met their first alien race, the Grays, followed by the Nordics, and others.

The ETs pretended to want to work with them, but they also worked with the intelligence agencies, and the military, to exchange technology, for bases, preferably underground, on Earth. Second, they wanted a contract which stated it was all right for them, to kidnap humans, for their experiments and needs.

MJ12 at first refused this, but orders from above, told them to sign the deal. They did.

The ETs were in charge, and played MJ12, like clowns, who had no power.

This went on for awhile, then a Whisper came and talked to the MJ12 networks, and told them, he would help them get rid of the ETs, and their power plays, and help them expand to worlds outside of the one they were on.

MJ12 wanted to know the cost of this; the Whisper said Shadow, Shadow would be the sole negotiator, etc., between the MJ12s and the ETs.

The Whisper would help them build bases in their own lands, build up MJ12 laboratories, build up their networks, to have the proper number of employees, and who would make the MJ12 network, into a full fledged world government.

MJ12 networks around the world agreed, and the Shadow government was born.

The Whisper brought in Shadow Banks, Engineering, Mechanics, techs, machines, and so on.

The Shadow banks were in the field of loaning money to the Shadow Government, to expand onto other planets, to get resources, etc..

However, the Shadow is very clear on this, at no time, will the MJ12 be allowed to takeover a planet, from the life already there. Resources taken must be paid for, worked for, and shared, with the local populations.

To make this more palatable, the Shadow banks agreed to low interest loans, for the first ten years of operations, with the Shadow Government of Earth, the one world government.

The Shadow Finance World on Earth, offered loans, for all activity on- off planet needs and complete housing, etc., for all tech, workers, etc..

They would transverse all the workers, etc., needed, on the new planet, or the MJ12 could try to work the StarGates, and other travel operations- left by past races and species.

Shadow Government was now in a position to work with the world governments or not; and those who did not sign as a signee to the ET/Planet Pact, were out in the cold.

The Expansion of the Shadow Government had begun.

Dragon is MILAB and ET Abductee or Contactee

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson,  2014

To be a Dragon, you have to be an abductee or a contactee, and you have to have training with both the ETs and the Terran military forces.

I am both; I am an ET abductee, and contactee; and I am a trained killer/assassin/problem solver, for governments of the world, and beyond.

Ets train a person from top to bottom, and do it for long periods of time; they are trained in time bridging elements, how to go through walls, how to go to different time zones/time pasts/futures, and much more.

The ETs are masters of blocking all experience you have with them, and just in case you do remember something, they develop a highly effective cover story, which will wrap the abductee/contactee up in the experience,  so traumatized by this cover story, they won’t go any further.

It took me over forty years, and living on the street for 3 months, to break through this cover story level, and go beyond it to what lies underneath it.

Training in military ops, black ops, master planets ops, and much more.  They also use humans to create war games and scenarios to run to come up with quick and valid actions; they use mental virtual reality, to create whole solar systems, etc., that are used to bring out new knowledge, and to give up new actions, and reactions to new scenarios, so their Master Planet Guerrillas will have the easiest time in taking over the planet, so they can allow the Constellation to have valuable trading contracts, with this planet, and have the Harvesters set up governments, with his/her/its power, standing behind them, then they leave; they maintain the one government, so they can get the best trade deals with the planet’s populations.

Most of these taking over the planetary governments took from one to three years; then another year to set up the government, then they would be picked up and disappear, leaving behind stories of the great warrior, who beat all the governments of the world, so no one would dare go against the government he/she/it set up.

The Harvester would create a secret army, intelligence agency to handle problem the government could not be seen doing, these were called the Handlers, and they were what we would call special forces.

All of this worked fine, until one of the Harvesters; decided to keep all the planets he had taken over, and told the Constellation, they would have to deal with his real government, and those he hand picked to run his government.

The ETs attacked the planets, and were thrown back, and had to run, for he was far more than what they had believed him to be, he was one of the genetic experiments they have been doing to look for the one who could go anywhere and do anything.

They had found or made him; now, he threw them out, and kept control over these planets, and over next few years he became the hidden leader of over 25 planets, and had made great strides in bringing all of them up to modern day, with their own products, buildings, etc. all of which was his personal future, and the government’s need to do his business.

The ETs are now afraid of this superhuman, who they bred into existence, and who can operate on their turf to his own advantage, and he has taught others how to do the same, so they became a confederation, then he and they,  went on and fought the ETs, and won, taking over a thousand planets.

He still is the leader behind the government in all of these, and all are profiting, from his leadership, and are living in a fashion, far beyond what they knew.

All Harvesters are made to go through aging time wave, so they go up to almost the moment of their death, then are healed and gone on till what the Harvester believes is one hundred years, but in truth it is for billions of years, then brought back to his/her/it’s real age.

They are then returned home, and blocked from remembering any of it.

Why do the Harvesters allow this to happen, so they come back to Earth as they left it, and the pact made with the ETs holds, so they can still be human and wondering about the Universe.

What is Black Ops!

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

To those in the government and military, as well as, the intelligence agencies, these are operations/programs, which are clouded, and hidden, from the people, and the governing members of the government, as well. plausible deniability. They’re usually programs, with personnel, who view the world- with extreme prejudice, in other words, these programs do those jobs, which are required, without worrying about legalities, higher echelons of government, and their job is to do their work, with efficiency, and without leaving any clues behind to trace them to their point of origin.

They hide these black programs quite well, and in fact, they do so, in many programs, for they’re dealing with Ets, mafia, tong, and many other unsavory characters.

They deal with ETs, because they have to, they don’t have a choice, the ETs lay it on the line, give us what we want, and we won’t harm your citizens, or your government black ops operations, and your white operations.

What are white operations, those businesses, etc., run by the black ops organizations, to launder money, drugs, buy weapons, buy training, for their special charges or special talented persons. White operations, run under the noses of the civilian populations, and spread their disease all over the countries of the world.

The black ops are for one thing- to handle problems by any means necessary, and preferably, with all involved, outside of the black ops super soldiers, ultra warriors, and makers,  die in the operation. They want no witnesses; even their own citizens.

The black ops programs do not get along with regular military, politics, etc., for they’re beyond them, and they strike wherever and whenever, the heads of the black ops, order them to do so.

All agents of black ops, who are kidnapped, trained without the knowledge of their relatives, or anyone else, are put through programs, which include torture, psyops, psytronics, and much more.

However, they learned there is a limit on what they can do to push these special agents- when they’re pushed to far; a  dragon unit, took over the program, and kicked them out, letting all the other black ops programs about it, and many escaped from their own black ops prisons, and came under the protection of the  Rainbow Dragons, who took in all races, and genders, and began to protect and train them to be Dragons, or to be Hummers.

Hummers are  vibrational fields originators; and protect large areas, or kill enemies in large amounts, all at once. Duncan O’ Fininan was a child in one of those counter attacks, which killed all the enemies, who were attacking David Corso, and others.

Along with Hummers, we trained Dakotas- silent killers, who could walk through walls, could go transdimensionally, and carry out necessary operations; we trained Elementals, who controlled the elements, and could also become elements, so that they had a natural protection and they would be very hard to kill;  we trained psychic Daymons, who could be invisible in both light and dark, and could use light, and dark to travel anywhere, instantaneously, and were skilled Ninja warriors, but were trained far beyond that level, for Ninjas were working for someone, our Daymon, work and act on their own initiative, and choose their own work; we trained Diggers, as well, who could control plants, growth, worked with the little people, and could kill anywhere in the world, where there were plants, earth or earth vibrational fields of spiritual energy; we trained Sky Walkers, who could use the air to go anywhere, and to strike silently, from the air, and kill and be gone before they could be seen or recognized; we trained Gamesters, who could enter any game and take it over, drawing the player into areas where they could be erased, or helped, or protected, by the Game Grizzlies; we trained and learned from the Naturos, often native americans, and other indian populations across the globe;  we trained them to be infiltrators, of business, stock markets, non-profits, and government operations, where they could manipulate all of these to bring in necessary products, etc., and to be able to kill through computer, tablets, smart phones, and much more; we trained Movers, who use music, dancing, music video, video, to enter a blag’s computer, and kill, or help, depending on the person’s overall presence on the earth; we trained Energetics, who uses any kind of material, including metal, magnetism, etc., to travel the world and far beyond it, to handle problems, and erase those who were the problem; and last to date- we trained Screamers, children of high telepathic /sonic generator vibrations, to build, to manipulate, to rescue, and to remove that which was trying to force their presence on others.

We work with the black programs, but our main outlook is to protect those we see who need protection, in particular point of their life, their business, their social consciousness, and so on. Dragons do this.

We are involved in Universe wide, dimensional wide, parallel universes/realities, and the creative nature of truth, which builds new shapes, life and joy.