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Human militaries don’t breed soliders, they breed track stupidity

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

Where do governments go wrong, the first step is to call up a militia, and train them environmentally, rather than with Mental Storms, and Life Imprintation. Depth Reality Training, and Natural Implementation of Psi Ops, Psych Ops, and more.

Environmentally trained soliders,are pushed through outside training, that is made to become a part of them, through repitition, and a mindset, which allows them to kill, and push the killing out of their mind, so they can keep on killing, in war, or in oversight, and more.

This training is not natural to their natural life, so it becomes an overlay, which they must accept while a soldier, but when they come out, then this overlay wants to stay in command, and the soldier wants to go back to his natural born life achievements,

Why? The soldier is forced to put this within his being, as a robot, rather than a living person. The military and the governmen,t then dump these soldiers back on society, who, now, are expected to bring out their natural living achievements, and dump the overprogramming they received, followed by the truth of their new abilities, to end life, rather than to enhance it.

The soldier may put it to the back of his/her mind, and able to work, and to live, as if the same as he/she were before they became soldiers, others won’t, they will not be able to bring the natural them out again, for they have accepted the killing machine they have become, and if they try to hard to dump it, they become at war with themselves.

This is the Stupid Way to create Protectors of the Realms, not the governments, but the people, who live within the realms.

What is the Intelligent way, to train protectors, not soldiers, by enhancing them, so they know what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and  they’re capable of doing what’s necessary, to bring about a satisfactory ending, to the necessary movements, to bring about a furtherance of natural, organic, freedom, of every individual in the Universe or Universes.

This knowledge, education, and experiencing, isn’t told to the trainee, as do this or be shipped out of the military, but is done in a way to open him/her up organically, so the Path is always Discovery, and with Discovery, Surprise, Happiness, and Organic Understanding.

This Path, allows the trainee to experience his self, and what to do in outside circumstances, so it becomes a life record and immediacy action, to stop the danger, and create harmony, within the setting once again.

By learning this, the trainee, progresses along the Path of Dragonstrike, and becomes not a Dragon, but a ryder of the Dragon, or the realities, and thus may do all sorts of things, soldiers don’t, and may never learn or experience.

Soldiers progress along the path of Dragon, which means forcing an ideology upon the consciousness of the individual, a foreign stamp of directed living and experiencing, which is done with the goal, of doing it, when the time is right, by unconscious action, which makes it happen much faster, than if it’d been a conscious reaction.

Soldiers are basically AIs programmed by their training to not be who they are, but to be and live what they are trained, robotic soldiers.

Each of us must decide our paths- Dragon ( soldier ) or Dragonstrike ( Organic Wholeness ).

May the Microcosmic Fprce be with You!


(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

Black Ops controllers want to have ways in which to draw forth alter personalities that have been put into their victims, so they put in sounds, silence, symbols, etc., and use them to bring out the alters they want, for the job at hand.

They knew, when they were doing this, they were leaving themselves open, to the Spoilers, turning on them. The Trainees, were trained by black ops specialists, and ET trainers and other specialists, to turn these humans into killers, assassins, saboteurs, and much, much more.

To create these alters you might think it tooks months of torture, psycological and sociological retraining, and so on, but it didn’t, for they took psychics, paired them off with ETs and each alter was created within each victim’s mind with telepathic imagery, and setting up the alter in its own total cosnciousness.

The trainers and the ETs would only work three days on each alter, to create the total personality, then they would turn it over to the back ops trainers to put into them the harsh training, etc., needed to turn them into the best guerrilla warriors in the world and beyond it.

This training would go on for three months at a time, then the ETs would get them for three month; this would go on for three or four years, and by that tim,e at least seven alters, would be in each solider, in each warrior, and in each Dragon. They were mean, experienced in all kinds of situations, wars, etc..

The ETs would take the super soldiers and the ultra warriors through various kinds of environments, showing them how to adapt with the equipment or their own resourcefulness, to the environments they were in.

It was under a year, when suddenly all the super soliders, warriors and Dragons, suddenly were capable of surviving in any environment, by transforming their bodyminds to be a natural within it. This was neither the black ops, or an ETs training skill introduce into the fertile fields of consciousess of the victims they turned into killing machines.

Both the black ops and the ETs,  put them through every kind of environment they could, and it was a natural talent, and it was life specific, meaning it would happen without them having to do anything about it.

The fear of their creations began to come in, for there was a wild card within their ranks, and they had no idea who it was. They started doing vast scientific tests, the ETs began to run genetic testing on all the humans or to them, primitives- they picked up.

The next step, if they harmed one of the elite, one of them would be harmed, and fear of the soldiers, warriors and Dragons would multiply.

The black ops operators, took this lesson in hand, and began to teach the soldiers, warriors and Dragons, to deeper levels, than what they’d thought they would do, this early in the black ops program.

One thing we haven’t covered is that super soldiers, ultra warriors and Dragons have both sexes in the training and the brainwashing, both the black ops and the ETs, started making the training more difficult, and more psychological controlling and torturous;  they started using hypnosis, in various ways, the black ops training, was less adamant, than the ETs, who used futuristic techniques to put their trainees through deep and very controlling blocks, and introduced inplants, bots and etc.s. They wanted the soldier, warrior and Dragon, to be controllers; they could use, them, then, to make them special killers, under, their  control, and to start the visual creations, where the situation and environment matched what was wanted.

One of these was one I found when I busted through my own blocks, and found myself in a total solar system’  the planets were exact in virtual reality imagination and consciousness adaptation to what is needed.

To make the soldiers, warriors and Dragons, afraid of them and their scientific skills, talents and abilities, plus what they used of the races before them, who had left these great machines behind; they had figured out how to use them, and now they used them on the primitives, both human and other biological races, across the galaxy and the Universe, They began to use the Terrors, machines that could become the victim, and then put into place the benefits the ETs wanted in each alter, and tie them in so well, that the victim, couldn’t break the alters, or so they thought.

The ETs are bio-androids, they have within their bodyminds neural nets, to enhance, and allow them to travel in space, time, etc., without having to have special, lumbersome equipment to do so. They found that neural nets, could help them in all areas of this, including increasing psychic power, psychic powers, psychic energies, and so on.

One of the psychological attacks on the primitives, was to keep them naked at all times, to force them to have sex with each other, with the same sex, and with the opposite sex.

They tried to bring animals into it, but the humans revolted and almost killed the ETs.

The ETs and the Black ops operators decided, it was/is time to make the soldiers, warriors and Dragons, to fight in real, but simulated wars, so the Bargains were conceived, they would program each victim, to play a role, with the freedom to choose how to survive in war. They used the Stands of ETs, and the real environments on different planets, for these mock wars, but they weren’t mock all the times, sometimes they were real, and real injuries were allowed.

They created one ongoing war scenes and had the humans and many of their primitives involved in it, with the leaders of the human side three people, and they were great leaders, so the final battle came into being and two of the three were dead, and the third, grieved tremendously, for his friends and comrades.

The ETs and the Black Ops operators were interested in this, to see what the survivor would do, he and his people almost killed all the black ops operators and the ETs, they were coming in for the kill, when they all vanished, and the ETs and the Black Ops didn’t know where they had gone.

This leader had taken all of the combatants to where his friends were, in tanks, and were coming alive, and they helped them out, they knew then that the ETs were cloners, and was putting them into clone bodies that could be killed or whatever and the spirit of the primitive would come back here to its own bodymind.

The ETs and the Black Ops, tried to capture them, but they all disappeared.The dynamics of the Bargains had now changed, the super soldiers, ultra warriors and Dragons, knew the secret of how they sometimes came on board these ships, and could have dangerous and torturous things done to them, what they could do, and if the bodymind was hurt or died, they would simply return to the OG.

Yet wild cards kept turning up in the primitives, life specific wild cards, which gave them great powers, and great intellect to go with it. The ETs and the Black Ops were growing more and more afraid of the primitives, and the primitive forces were growing more and more capable of doing psychic, intellectual and war combats, which the ETs and the Black Ops Operators didn’t know how to control.

They started calling these wild cards- geronimos.

May the Force be with You!