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Alters and more

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

Before we start, here’s hoping Duncan’s SuperSoldier Conference, in Phoenix, AZ is a rousing success, today is the last day. Duncan’s great, and can do it, especially with Axe.

In this conversation, we are going to speak about Alters, alternative consciousnesses, built into each supersoldier, to make them able to take over the bodymind, and complete orders, given to them by their controls.

Each SuperSoldier, Ultra Warrior, Dragon, Maker, is teamed with a control, who is usually highly intuitive, and can be trained to be highly efficient, in whatever is needed on the operations, they are going to be sent on.

SuperSoldiers, Ultra Warriors, have controls, Dragons, may or may not go out with their control, for now, usually, their controls are Dragons, as well, and are quite capable of doing independent operations, for their Operators.

Operators are those who train, who program, who punish, etc., supersoldiers, ultra warriors, and talk to Dragons, but always by closed circuit tv, for the Dragon would take them out, if they were anywhere near them.

Operators are chosen, from the populace, and are the front men/women, or the cover, for the real  possessors, who are military, politicians, etc..

There are levels, because if there wasn’t- the supersoldier, etc., would find them and take them out, or take them, and put them through what they themselves were put through.

Training is utmost, in the program to turn humans, animals, etc., into silent killers; supersoldiers, ultra warriors, Dragons and Makers, train constantly, so they ‘e at potential violent level, in a nano instance.

Training is with controllers, and sometimes with collabrative personnel, materials, etc.. This is when the supersoldiers, ultra warriors, Dragons, and Maker are joined by special trained balancers, who come along for their talent, their skills and abilities.

Combat teams usually want only themselves involved in their operations, but sometimes, the team expands to three, four or five, because it becomes a dream team.

David Corso, Duncan, Axe, are a three finger shot; the fourth makes it a jukebox, and the fifth, make it a dream team.

There are other three finger shots, jukeboxes, and dream teams, around the world, and are used, for all kinds of operations.

They are trained in psy ops, psi ops, martial arts, symbol reading, tracking, stealth, weapons, explosives, electronic weapons, computer satellite operations, command centers, disguise, star blur, and others.

However, the main training is toward one thing, turning them into stealth killers, who will kill at the drop of a hat. This training is done by the MJ12 Shadow, and ET Star Shadow, they work together, but they’re enemies, at the same time, for Shadow is governed by the Whisper, who they consider their deadliest enemy.

They’re right- the Whisper, doesn’t like their free and swinging kidnapping of primitives across the Universe, and beyond. He/she/it has created a Shadow across all Universes, dimensions, and timeshadows.

The Shadow watches over the Whisper, if you learn the truth, it dies with you.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!