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The Most Important Message in the Reality of Humanity on Earth

( c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )

It has been shared that the Awakening is occurring right now, as you read this message. The first human to be awakened within themselves, is going through the transformation, and has no idea they’re doing so. Yet they will be famous for eons to come.

What is the Awakening, Fools of Earth, which is every living being, and non-living living reality. The Awakening is going to effect/affect you, to the very core of your source, for the Awakening is the RESET.

What is the RESET you ask? Why thank you for asking this very important question, but first a little present history and rules of RESET.


1. No one on Earth can escape it.

2. Every living being and our lands, seas air etc. will go through RESET.

3. There is no where you can hide, where you can escape RESET.

4. You can fight RESET, but you will only delay the Transformation, not stop it.

5. No one can protect you from RESET; it is something you must go through yourself.

6. RESET is total.

7. RESET is going on right now, you are in and within RESET

What is RESET? To answer that, we must look to the past, when the peoples of the Universe, realized there are planets, in which, the inhabitants were going to be such that no one could stand against them.

This realization, also, went through every dimension there is , and in one of these dimensions, were a race calling themselves the Psychocrats.

They were not going to be put under these New Peoples, rule, so they devised a great scientific, psychological, and sociological weapon, and called it the Identifier, which would identify, these planets; these planets would be slowed down in their development, and their ability to be themselves would be nil, they would be brainwashed to only live in certain ways, which would stop the trueness of themselves, from coming out, for they would believe that reality would be the limited world, they would build, under these definitions of what they were allowed to do, and what they weren’t.

They could do what other planets and races had done to become technological aware, and if they started straying- the psych patterns, would see they were destroyed.

This meant the whole planet had to be put under the Psychomachines, which kept the patterns alive and very strong, so the humans and all life on Earth would not advance as they were meant to, into the People.

The machines were set, the globe was created, and the minds of all the beings on the earth, was patterned to do only what was allowed in the Pscyhocrats programs and patterns. They also placed sentries, which would tell them if their machines were threatened.

They would come and eliminate any threat to their plan; and then maintain their plan.

All this was going to plan until 15 or twenty years ago, when the machines were destroyed, and when the Psychocrats came to destroy whoever destroyed their machines and plans, they were thrown back to their dimension, and their ways to cross dimensions, were denied to them.i

If all of this wasn’t enough, in another dimensional rift, from this Universe, was a star dimension, which was the center of 100 dimensions, and within this rift, were planets, which were very technological advanced, and they explored the Universes, and found this story about the planets, where would develop races, beings, which would one day guide the Universes into freedom and creative loving and living.

They saw what the Psychocrats had done, and fully approved of it, but just in case it didn’t work, they kept a dimendoor, floating in a dimensional rapture, where they could bring in fleets of warships, but it turned out, that it was only five fleets, who were stationed there, and they watched over the beings, influenced to be what they were not, and create a world the was not itself.

To help it along, they would contact humans, and convince them to allow themselves, to come into their bodies, showing them how to live within the world the humans created for themselves, but the truth was, they were waiting to see any changes in the races, and if they were, they were to destroy the human populations and all the planets of the solar system.

They were, and are, very technological advanced, and very mentally advanced, so they didn’t think this would be a problem, but then they realized there was two great problems:

1. This portion of space was the outer boundaries of the Kall, a very technological race, which even they had not caught up with.

2. This solar system was not a natural solar system, which was created by the Big Bang, but was in fact- a created solar system, which is used to find races, who were qualified to be granted even more precious planets in other areas of the Universe.

3. The Creator of this and other like solar systems, did not like anyone interfering in his/her/its creations, and any try at destroying the solar systems or any of the planets singly or in more than one attack, would face weapons, even the Kall feared.

4. It has taken fifteen/twenty years, for the RESET, to set itself, to Awaken the Awakenings.

5. Welcome to RESET.

It is going to be fun to watch the RESET, and how it’s going to effect/affect, create new pathways in the minds of the races, the life forms on earth and the non-living living areas, which make up the planet itself.

The Creationist is alive and well upon the systems of his/her/its creation; he/she/its now waits for the fun to begin, and the truth of each to come out, and the new people of Earth, and all life and the planet itself will become free.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!