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# 10 Butterscotch Ops

(c)  Terry Floyd Johsnon, 2016  ( Zoua, the OutRyder )


As I sit here getting ready to write this- the thought of this Black Ops theater of death, angers me, and goes directly to that within me, of all the Black Ops operations, I have been on, singly and in a network, of other men and women, who the government and the military, used to do their assassinations around the globe, and on other planets.

This is true of the ETs, who use special agents,  trained by them at first, then training fell to the ones already trained.

One of these agents, was and is, so dangerous, they took him/her out of these KillGhost agents. He/she was/is so deadly, that even the master agents, we’re afraid of him/her.

He/she was/is so diabolical, and such a genius, at taking over whole planets, that many wanted to use him/her to do their bidding. This might work for awhile, but soon, they found they had a cobra-tiger on their hands, and dropped using him/her, for they valued their lives.

This master terrorist and planetary design agent, at first, worked for the ETs and MILABS, military, intelligence and political gerrymandering. It didn’t last, soon, he/she started doing the same thing, but for his/jer/its own gains.

The ETs and the MILABS went after him/her, to their loss, they found out he/she is good at taking out, supposed friendlies, as well.

The master agent, reversed the treatment, the ETs and MILABS, and restricted their knowledge of him/her, thus freeing him/her/its  doing their own nefarious, but beneficial actions, to him/her.

Is this master agent still alive, and doing his/her activities, no one knows.

Now, for the Coverage found within Butterscotch:   savagery, assassinations, genocide, fireball, planetary destruction, military black ops, political black ops, weapons mastery, martial arts, body building, small/large weapons training and action, military bases, government agencies, target areas in nations, bribery, putting the screws to a target, torture, defense corporations, UFO recovery, ETs security targeting, nuclear bombs, strategic takeovers, acquisitons, funding for new businesses- fronts for military/defense organizations, telepathic control of anyone, telepathic attacks, guerrilla warfare, attrition counterinsurgency, hollywood, theaters, associated businesses with the above, scouting ETs bases of operations, kill squads, sabotage, computer destruction, takeover areas on planets, and they have to pay for a return of their special areas of choice, women organizations, men organizations and clubs, genocide considerations against native americans, hippies, businesses, Universe guerilla attacks, on military waryards, and war equipment building sights, hospital targets with high collateral attacks/kills, virtual reality military, intelligence operations, with reality quotients that kill the viewer if they lose, virtual reality brain programs, and learning new deadly skills virtual reality, science attack targets, famous people, etc. extraction, small bombs/large bombs, missle silo targeting and finding, advance weaponry, human and ETs, silent kills, crowd kills, planetary populations kill, firekill special ops, and more.



# 18 Sellouts for King/Queenship of planets in other solar systems

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


The US government and those secret societies, who work against humanity on a daily basis, as well as, corporate consciousness, who only sees profit, as the criteria, for being successful, are those, who are working to kill humans on a mass basis.

The US government is stockpiling deathstrike machinery ( guillotines ), military equipment, military forces into the country, all at the beck and call of a President, who has put all the pieces in place, to takeover the United States.

Bush and his criminal cronies, put the main parts of the plan together, but they couldn’t put the final pieces together, so they had to go out of power, without being able to put the final pieces into place.

Traitor Obama, then waited, until the defense act of 2012, passing it, with greatly expanded death powers given to himself, as President: 1. he can kill anyone he wishes, legally, 2. he can keep a kill list, 3. he can detain americans without trial, 4. he can attack americans in america, via drones, or other ops, and kill them and anyone around them, with no remorse about collateral damage, 5. within the last two to three weeks, he has put into place ” prolonged detention “, that means americans can now be arrested, without charges, and held indefinitely, without trial, or even telling anyone they’ve been picked up and are being detained.

This gives rise to death squads, nazi terrorist troops, russias kgb, and the way all dictatorships, run their countries, to be able to stay in power.

Another thing brought out by conspiracy theorists, is that the US government has bought 30,000 brand new guillotines, and split the order in half, one half going to Montana, and the other to Georgia.

What do they need these for, summary executions, just as Bush and the Republicans had made up a list of 8 million people, dividing them into blue and red. Blue lived; red died immediately- military would go into homes and drag out those on the red list, and shoot them in the head, summary execution, in the street.

Traitor Obama, now, has the power to take over the country, to kill off all who would oppose him, by in the street execution, guillotine execution, military operations against the Americans, who have supported them, and the armies of the private international corporations, such as Blackwell, who operated as criminals in Iraq, and showed they were simply thugs, sent out to kill as many as they could.

These death squads may be these private armies, who go out and root out those who would choose freedom over slavery, take them out into the streets and shoot them in the head. The bodies would stay in the streets, until cargo trucks would come and pick them up, and take them where plastic or concrete caskets, capable of holding many bodies would be filled, then the lid placed on them, and whatever chemicals etc., they would use to eat up the bodies.

Military forces would occupy the country, working under the private armies of the corporations, who have no compunction about killing americans, and stacking them in over 155,000 plastic or concrete caskets, which are huge, and stackable.

Jesse Ventura did a show about it on his TV series Conspiracy Theories, and when he found where they were stacking these coffins, about 125,000 of them, during the night they were all moved to another location, a secret location to be sure.

Homeland Security, Military, Paramilitary, political bosses, TSA, Coast Guard, NSA, FBI, CIA, DIA, etc., all are looking to get rid of those who aren’t within the party line. They call people terrorists, simply because they don’t like their political choices, the way they look, what they might do, what they think they’re capable of doing,they check all communication at home and overseas, looking for terrorists, what their looking for are more americans, etc., to put on their death lists.

America smells foul, now; we have within the so-called upper echelon, power hungry mad killers, who want to kill off all humans, except for 20%, thus leaving more resources, for those who matter, the rich, of course. They are, also, those who belong to secret societies, who want to be the supreme power of the planet, and who have been promised other planets to rule, if they help the ETs, Ancients, kill off the human race, or rather those who don’t deserve to live, for they’re taking away resources, from those who deserve life, where the riffraff don’t.

They’re still operating and planning to kill billions of humans; they have to be stopped, and since the ones who are sworn to protect us, are the killers, who want to destroy the human race, someone else has to come to the fore, and take out the Deathstalkers.

There is such a network- it’s called Rowdies Rangers, and they have declared these humans, etc., who want to destroy most of the human race, criminals, and war criminals, and will stop them from carrying out their nefarious plans.

Rowdies Rangers Rock!