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Nakedness is a life choice

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2104

Both the MILABs and the ETs keep kidnapees naked, so they’re in a vulnerable state, and are more receptive to their line of indoctrination. The problem is that MILABs and ETs, are simply two organizations, and there is so much more going on than that.

The major organization, or so everyone thinks, is MJ12 committees, found in every country in the world, is the real power behind the scenes, and they can either strengthen or topple governments, who are not stable, already.

MJ12 committees are behind many of the rebellions going on in the world, and will not help those who try to go against their wishes.

They are the ones, who deal with the ETs, now, the Ancients, and the many other networks, who are at work in the Universe.

Nakedness bothered abductees, whether abducted by humans or by ETs, so humans and the primitives, of which humans are part, decided to turn it around, to spin it, nakedness became a fashion statement, and decorating, etc., the bodymind became simply another way of making a statement about who you are, even under criminal environments.

It helped that men and women both would be touched by something they could only believe in, and not necessarily see, and a nipple or a spot on a penis or balls, would suddenly transform the person into a color coordinated fashion model.

It was and is, driving the MILABs personnel, and the ETs/Ancients, up the wall; again the wild cards were coming in, in a way that strengthened the actions of the primitives, all primitives.

Hair, etc,. would be touched and color would abound, with knowledge attached to it, a suggestion, of seeing how color arrangements, could create further colors or turn black and not be able to be used at all.

Strips of color would show up in different areas of the bodymind, and would stay for awhile and then disappear on its own accord. It drove the criminals up the wall.

It was later, when they accused humans of being the wild cards, but they couldn’t prove it, because most humans weren’t doing it, only some or perhaps, even one.

Whispers started coming to the primitivesm; they shared them among themselves, without talking, through telepathic messaging. The ETs, and the military/intelligence communities, saw what had been going  their way, begin to turn against them, and the wild cards came fast and furious, for quite awhile, then they went away, but the color and the whispers continued.

It was at this time, the Fourth Way- Indigenous natives, began to utilize their own wisdoms, and began to create a unspoken language, which took into effect, all that they saw and what they didn’t see, but could by correlated to their movements, expressions, facial movements, bodymind muscular movements and so on.

This language became to be called the Wilding, for it was based on wild cards, and the being called the Whisper, who no one knew, or had any idea about who it was.

Along with this- music and song and dance began, and the African Americans led the way, by hiding real messages. within the words and actions of the old slave language, and by doing this created a second primitive language, for all to learn and use.

The third languages was by the white teenagers, and included all the other primitives, in singing, and dancing rock and roll, again the true message was underneath what was going on, that others could see.

The fourth language wasn’t a made up one, but star languages, were learnt, and messages would be tied to these.

The forerunners of this creative brilliance was the Indigenous Natives, and the African Americans, and was quickly picked up by all the black peoples of the world.

The fifth langauge was passed on when men and women, or men and men, would haves sex, and they would pass on messages and information, in their sexual gyrations.

All of these are still in use today, and have not been broken by the ETs or the MILABs personnel, and it frustrates the hell out of them.

May the MIcrocosmic Force be with You!