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MJ12- a fictional reality

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

MJ12 is the real power behind the world governments; every country has one, and they’re a network connection, in which, though, they’re electronically, psychically, paranormal connected, they’re really a wold government, and each MJ12 connection has a myriad of other connectors tied to them, and tied to each other.

The world governments play their part, and are a connector to MJ12, in their country, as well as, a mouth piece, for what the MJ12- world government wants them to do.

How did they get this power? They were brought into being, to handle the ET problem, seen by the President of the United States, and was a secret commission, to find out about their reality, what they wanted, where they wanted to pursue this, and how they were going to do it.

All went according to plan, until MJ12, made contact with the ETs, who then refused to work and communicate with any other organization, but the MJ12 network, which put the power in the hands of the MJ12 units, who then were force to work together, regardless of politics, religions, etc., and they polished themselves into a one world government, who could and did have government financing, but they also had financing, from making deals with the ETs: 1. they could abduct humans, for a price, and an agreement to back the MJ Matrix, as the single world government, and would back them up against any aggression by the world governments.

They, also started a wide and varied trading organization, with the ETS, who brought in weapons, inventions, ships and other things, in return, MJ Matrix, gave human abductions, space in underground bases, and made them totally under the control of the ETs, mating between human and extraterrestrials, they agreed the ETs could take some water, from the water supplies of the world, and the final biggie was they gave them under sea bases, but always shared with humans, all over the world.

Before this, the ETs had free rein in what they did to humans, but with the making of the MJ Matrix, made up of every MJ 12 committee, they had someone, who could keep an eye on them, even if they did have advanced electronics, which could hide them, they couldn’t hide from the StealthBreakers, humans who could use mental alacrity, psychic powers, elemental powers, to track them no matter what they did.

There was a somewhat balance of power, though, the humans or the ETs would go off, and try to show the other they were stronger than they were, every now and then.

Humans are repulsed by ETs, for they’re in effect bio-androids, having placed within themselves neural nets, to enhance them in every way possible, over the years, these electronics, are seen, by the ETs, as part of themselves, and they would not know how to live without them.

The ETs have an arrogance, which makes them see, humans as less than- roaches, so they do and say anything in front of them, for they don’t see them, they only see furniture. Furniture is supposed to do what it is told- without question. If furniture refuses, then they’re put back through the process of the Stand, in MotherShips, 12 plus 0ne or more, which are the translation ships, which create virtual reality programs, to force humans into games, which will teach, or punish them, so they do as they’re told.

It is within these Stands that Socrates, came to the fore, he turned the humans, into a vast spy organization, and every human watched very closely everything they saw, and what the ETs were up to.

This spying was done, until Alexander the Great, when he turned it more into action battle units, who became more aggressive, and learned even more about how to fly all kinds of ships, learned vast amounts of information, and in turn taught it to all the humans on the Stand.

This has been going on for decades, but within it came the high road, it is where fighting form, investigative form, action form, abilities forms, and more, suddenly shifted again, and became a seeking, a searching for a higher state of consciousness, one of individual attainment, or a connecting in Oneness- where all became a cell within a vast cosmic mind.

There was a third way, and that was the way of reality, science, and atheism, where what is real is physical, and once dead, you’re dead.

Each networks had their following, but it broke the human ability to work and win over the ETs, and the ETs made use of it, they created the crashes at Roswell, with their secret weapons, aboard them, which were released when the crashes occurred.

The same is true of all the crashes of saucers on the earth; each were flew by clones, and each ship was a hiber shell for the passengers on the ships, who would be released, when the ships crashed.

The fate of the clones, was unimportant, they were expendable ( shades of the Pentagon, saying 80% death ratio, in a nuclear attack, would be acceptable, acceptable to whom, not to those 80% ).

This was and is the truth of any crashes upon the Earth, they all have a sinister purpose, other than fight, they’re trojan horses.

The ETs use clones of humans, etc., when they want to test out something, where death is possible, or drugs or serums or used, but this backfired on them, for they found there was a psychic link between the OG and the clone, so what was done to the clone, if beneficial, the OG would have it within them, as well. If it was negative and the clone died, the spirit would simply be back in the OG, once again.

All would seem to be all right, but for the secret program the ETs were doing, trying to find the perfect human, who would have all the talents, abilities, skills of humans, and the source talents, abilities and skills of ETs. The KeyDragon, who would have everything of both human and ET; they found nothing, then they started working on babies, when they were first conceived, and at different stages of fetal growth, and still nothing, but there was signs it still might work, so they kept on, and finally, they hit, or so they thought, but how to transform the spirit back to the OG bodymind, or to simply have the clone become the OG, and the human birth, become the clone, and expendable.

They decided to do this reverse roles, and moved to put the human birth into sections of deadly encounter, where he or she would die, and the spirit sliver, put back into the human birth would die, and the clone would become the human birth.

They put their plan into works; they created a virtual reality game, in which the baby would surely die, but they wouldn’t have killed it, and the clone would be a clone no more, but real human birth.

The game began and ended, when they put the human birth into a dangerous situation, where its death would be assured, for a transformation took place, and the baby became an adult, an adult of pure golden light energy,who almost destroyed them, but simply vanished them back to their respective planets, and then, turned toward the clone, and light came from it, and into the clone, and the human birth spirit went back into it, and the new style birth, created a new spirit, and they were twins.

Human birth would go back to Earth; while New Style Birth would go into space, with all of the motherships, and start protecting humans from the ETs and the Ancients, when they showed up.

They would discover new planets, and prepare them, for their new human and new style twins, to live in peace, and be knowledgeable, where they could do what they liked; no one would direct them, they would direct themselves.

Human birth and New Style Birth knew it would take all the humans to run the mother ships, so they created light around each one of them and this light became light-life force energy, and for each human a New Style Birth twin would be born, and would go with the New Style Birth, while the OGs, would return to Earth.

The Human Birth and the New Style Birth came up to one another and brought their arms and hands up, for they knew that they would be needed on each mothership, and each planet, and the Creation began; over 1 million twins were born,with new spirits within them, and they were the brothers and sisters of the OG two. They were OGs as well.

The OG Human Birth was and is seen as Originator, even though he or she, doesn’t see it that way, his/her twin and he/she were simply the creative principle, which allowed the beautiful creation of their brothers and sisters.

The Twins went to each mothership, and the game ships, with a full crew of new style birth humans, who now had twins, and they were not alone anymore, and they were at the Creation- free of all human negatives, and were born in purity, love, family, and self-responsibility. They were twins, but they were individuals first and foremost.

The New Style Birth left, leaving the humans and the KeyDragon, in a light world, in space, the KeyDragon smiled and they and he or she was gone, back to their lives on Earth, now a twin.

The KeyDragon was lost among the humans, and even the ETs, or the Ancients, didn’t know who he or she was/is, so they look for the KeyDragon, in the hopes of getting from him or her or it, the key to Indestruct, bodies, which nothing could harm, not even the hottest of hots, the complete destruction of the Universe.

May the Force be with You!

Saday ensayfaycaymarayda sensaylongaday, esadefacamorade bogadaymasay shay tocore sa de morasaa!

Within this article is the secret of knowing what is being said beyond what you see.