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Black Ops Surprise!

Black ops are those operations done by the shade government, which operates in the shadows of the known government, and is far more powerful, but either of these arms of human civilization, are nowhere near the power, the energy, the wealth, etc. of the Shadow.

Shadow is now financing the Universe wide war between the Constellation and Rowdies Rangers, as well as supplying them with new ways of protecting themselves, and causing the Constellation forces to fall into fighting among themselves.

Shadow is the organization governments go to to make deals for off planet mining, trade, etc., for only Shadow has the ability and the ingenuity to make this real.

The governments sign agreements to pay Shadow, for all their help, equipment, supplies and transportation- from their target planet to Earth, with minerals, etc..

America owes Shadow in the neighborhood of 600 trillion dollars, gold, diamonds, etc., but this is a small amount to what they’re going to bring. from their target planet

Shadow works with the Designer, who is the creator of bio-habitats, that acutally work, energy suits to be able to be outside on the surface of the plane,t for hours at a time, and who builds recreation bio-habitats, for workers r&r, as well as to bring in alien races, to create challenges and games to allow them to get to know each other.

The Constellation, the Ancients and the Dank don’t like this, but they allow it, for they couldn’t stop it, even if they wanted to.

Shadow has a strong influence all over the Universe(s,) as a business organization, scientific organization, social organization, financial organization and medical organization.

Shadow has its own security, the main one, which is g-stryker, a past-present-future warrior, who is death, and can never be known, for he/she/it is never the same as he/she/it was, when anyone interacts with G-Stryker.

One of the main wars he/she/it worked in, was the Vietnam War, as protector, and assassin, as well as, destruction agent- on a large scale.

He/she/it is the Security Head of Shadow.

Lecture # 17 What is Shadow?

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


We’ve talked about how Shadow operates, and how it’s the power behind Casmere, or MJ12, in the old days, but even then, there was a conflict going on between Casmere and the heads of the governments of every nation in the world.

The ones who really didn’t want to have Casmere operating in their underground sites, still went along with it, for if they didn’t, when Casmere started paying off, they would be open to takeover, from those who did benefit from Casmere. In other words, they wanted to make sure they covered their butts, so they wouldn’t be overthrown.

All the nations of the world, kept strict eyes on Casmere, but they knew they couldn’t do anything if Casmere, turned itself into the New World Order, and became the one government of the world.

Casmere authorized itself to be the sole negotiator of anything having to do with UFOs, ETs, and etc., so the ETs negotiated with Casmere, in their wanting to kidnap humans, to keep this secret, so the humans, wouldn’t be expecting, ETs to kidnap them, and their children.

This agreement was not favored by all, and those who thought Casmere was selling out the human race, began a suborder, which they called the Order of the Sun, for being open and upfront in whatever they did, later this name was changed to Camelot.

The tension between Casmere and Camelot, grew, for Camelot, was totally against the sell out of humans, for technology and weapons, where Casmere, went with the military belief, acceptable casualities, thus those who were kidnapped by ETs, where seen as acceptable losses, and doing their part to make the world a stronger and better place.

At this time, when the tension between the two orders was coming to a head, and looked as if they would go into open conflict, Whisperer came to visit. He/she/it saw what was going on, and established a base, he called Shadow, which was basically a huge financing banking structures, where the two orders could come and borrow money to go out into space.

The two orders refused to work together in traveling into space, so they were told about Star Gates, and Star Portals, each order would choose the one they wanted, and this would be their’s solely.

Shadow taught them both how to use them, and what they’re going to need to be able to build outposts on other planets, and that, they were going to have to sign planetary proclamations, which was to limit their destructive tendencies of the natural resources, on the other planets, and they were expected to clean up any garbage, leftovers, they created on these planets.

Both orders refused to sign, and to their surprise, the Star Gates and the Star Portals quit working. Shadow controlled all travel from this planet to any other, including time travel.

Both orders signed the agreements, and at first, tried to break the agreements, when they got to the planet and started geological expeditions, to find out what natural resources were available on each planet, to mine and take back to the earth.

They needed biohabitats, where both orders could set up shop and run their expeditions, they contracted with Shadow to build and maintain these biohabitats, some which grew to huge structures, but all within the agreements- signed by both orders.

Both orders have gone to many planets in the Milky Way Galaxy, and they are now having run ins, with the ETs, who don’t like humans being anywhere in the universe, except on Earth, and are willing to do anything to keep them there.

Both orders, are 600 trillion dollars in debt, to Shadow, but the return is many times that, so they’re actually building new markets from space and the planetary many of space.

Shadow is a banking conglomerate, but is much more, for the Designer works out of Shadow, and he/she/it, is selling many designs to the humans, so their able to get into space and protect themselves.

Field majors of universities, are far behind, the knowledge gained in the planetary expansion of getting a biohabitat, on the planet, which would then be the hq to geological, and etc., expeditions, to quantify and qualify the natural resources, and looking into resort biohabitats.

The ETs have gotten surly, about this expansion by the humans, and have attacked some of the hqs, and lost, for Shadow is there protecting them, and Shadow has weapons never before seen. The ETs are stomping in fury; this is why they sent out invitations to the Ancients to come back and help them defeat Shadow.

To date it hasn’t worked out for them, for Shadow, has beat them back every time, no matter where the attack. It’s also became known that the Orders had signed an Achievement, for Shadow, to be their Architectures, etc., in building and expanding biohabitats.

Both orders are alive with the excited whispering, that it has been discovered,there are alien star stations, all across this sector of the galaxy, and Shadow, has full control of them, even from the ETs and the Ancients.

We are now up to today; Live Long and Prosper!

Staright on til morning…..

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!



Lecture # 14

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


Shadow and Casmere operate in totally separate worlds; Casmere is caught up in the political, trade, lifestyles of humanity on Earth. Shadow is far out into the galaxies, of the Universe. It has trade businesses, security businesses, travel and transportation, exploratory journeys to find new planets, buys/sells/rehabs motherships, jack ships, flyers, etc..

It buys huge amounts of acreage on inhabitated planets; and runs many businesses all over the Universe, galaxies wide. They’re a major power on all planets; and work to build even more business, resorts, etc., who pamper those who come to them.

Shadow is huge in entertainment; and works with circuses, fairs, carnivals, entertainment hubs, film making, beam tv, beam radio, publishing, music publishing, clubs, music venues, and much, much more.

Shadow has giant manufacturing plants on planets, and in space, where they’re hired to design and make Motherships, Jack starships, planetary flyers, and all kind of machinery, electronics, etc., to make them into star ships, capable of being full generators of what ever is necessary for them to deal with.

Shadow is a giant in agriculture, new methods of growing all sorts of crops, managing and owning, giant farms, ranches, and unique science territories.

Shadow claims all new planets it finds, and then puts into place laboratories, biohabitats- for scientists, anthropologists, historians, etc., who are put on the planet to study and classify it on a preliminary structural etc., analysis.

Shadow has giant and small operations of science, etc., all over the Universes, etc., where all kinds of professionals are hired to do research, policy research, governing methods, no government studies, and a variety of studies to find information and knowledge.

Shadow is known as the information and knowledge organization or organizations.

Shadow is also known as the hunter of those who would do criminal activities against citizens of the Universes, etc.

Shadow is Shadow.


Lecture 13

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


Shadow is in the world, and not in it, at one in the same time; Shadow is  unique in that it can be seen, but not touched, or touched but not seen. Casmere is under the governing of MJ12 members, who are chosen by the members of MJ12.

The Underground world government is governed by a committee, of the top minds in each country, and these 12 in each country work as one with each other, so all that they do is accepted by all the other 12 members of MJ12, in each country of the world.

However, the outer push into the solar system, and the galaxies, is ruled by the Shadow Banks, for they’re the ones who finance these expansion of the Casmere, to go to other planets, and set up biohabitats, and whole communities, within these biohabitats, each is created by the Genesis Designer, and each is unique to the planet, moon, or etc., the humans want to explore, to find the resources they need to ship back home.

This taking of resources, is strictly watched over by the Shadow Banks, and they make sure all human activity in outworlds, is guided by, and accepted, by the Casmere, and those who work for them on each planet.

Violation of any of the rules, Casmere agreed to; is swiftly brought out, and the offending parties, are forced off planet, and isolated, from going to outworlds, for strong periods of time and experience.

Casmere is building trade with the Constellation, and other independents in the Universe; they are not afraid to do so, for they’re contracted with the Shadow Security Galactics Justice Operations, a solely owned company, under the Shadow Banks.

There is a great movement to build trade and trade routes with all populated planets, etc., so that a vast galactic trade network or networks will be open, free, and beneficial and profitable for all involved.

The unpopulated ones, are protected by Shadow, and the rules they make to make sure every planet is not over deprived of its natural resources, makes sure, that if intelligent life forms, on the planet, that they’re not deprived of natural resources to build their civilizations, and any resource taken out is replaced, so they have full planetary rule over all the resources of their own planet.

Shadow does not rule or work with the planetary lands, etc. of Earth, for they’re criminal, and self-producing of wealth. for the minority, and poverty for the masses. Shadow does not deal with criminals, who only care for themselves.

Shadow is in and out of this world, and operates in every galaxy in the Universe, and far, far beyonds.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You and Yours!

Lecture # 10 Power within the Shadow Circles

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


MJ12 was first formed to look into the threat of UFOs and alien races, who could have the star power to take over the US, and the world.

They were basically an agency of the government, and as such, they were guided by the whims of whoever was in power in the white house.

To say this limited them, is an understatement, even though they were, and still are, a black ops operation by the intelligence agencies, and the Military.

It became known, that the presence of MJ12 was not a very well kept secret, so all the other government of the world created their own MJ12 black ops operations.

They were forbidden to talk to, or associate with, the other MJ12 networks!

They were the ones, who went to pick up ET artifacts, ships, etc., and who took it down into the shadow world, if necessary, to study it, them, more closely, to reverse tech them.

They were totally under the intelligence agencies and the military to supply them with the necessary funds to continue their work, and time and time again this dried up.

They were frustrated, and just about to close up shop, when they met their first alien race, the Grays, followed by the Nordics, and others.

The ETs pretended to want to work with them, but they also worked with the intelligence agencies, and the military, to exchange technology, for bases, preferably underground, on Earth. Second, they wanted a contract which stated it was all right for them, to kidnap humans, for their experiments and needs.

MJ12 at first refused this, but orders from above, told them to sign the deal. They did.

The ETs were in charge, and played MJ12, like clowns, who had no power.

This went on for awhile, then a Whisper came and talked to the MJ12 networks, and told them, he would help them get rid of the ETs, and their power plays, and help them expand to worlds outside of the one they were on.

MJ12 wanted to know the cost of this; the Whisper said Shadow, Shadow would be the sole negotiator, etc., between the MJ12s and the ETs.

The Whisper would help them build bases in their own lands, build up MJ12 laboratories, build up their networks, to have the proper number of employees, and who would make the MJ12 network, into a full fledged world government.

MJ12 networks around the world agreed, and the Shadow government was born.

The Whisper brought in Shadow Banks, Engineering, Mechanics, techs, machines, and so on.

The Shadow banks were in the field of loaning money to the Shadow Government, to expand onto other planets, to get resources, etc..

However, the Shadow is very clear on this, at no time, will the MJ12 be allowed to takeover a planet, from the life already there. Resources taken must be paid for, worked for, and shared, with the local populations.

To make this more palatable, the Shadow banks agreed to low interest loans, for the first ten years of operations, with the Shadow Government of Earth, the one world government.

The Shadow Finance World on Earth, offered loans, for all activity on- off planet needs and complete housing, etc., for all tech, workers, etc..

They would transverse all the workers, etc., needed, on the new planet, or the MJ12 could try to work the StarGates, and other travel operations- left by past races and species.

Shadow Government was now in a position to work with the world governments or not; and those who did not sign as a signee to the ET/Planet Pact, were out in the cold.

The Expansion of the Shadow Government had begun.

News Flash 1 Governments make terrible mistake and attack the Shadow Banks

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


Today, is an infamous day in the annuals of human stupidity, and greed. That’s right the governments of this world struck at the Shadow Banks, and realized they made a very bad mistake.

The US government, of course, was the head participating government, along with Britain, France, Spain, Greece, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, and others, sent in special forces, with vast technological back up to takeover the Shadow Banks.

What brought about this insanity- the note being called, of which the countries of the world are signees onto, where the Sahdow Banks. loaned them money, etc., to finance expansion onto planets and moons within this solar system, then once they had the taste for planetary partitioning, they wanted more , and so went out into the galaxy.

How did they do this, when the space programs of the governments, are at simple stages; they hired Shadow Builders, and Shadow Star Engineers, to help them get to these planets, they wanted to use the stargates, but these are ancient, and best left to those, who know the ancients way.

The Shadow Magnificiants were created to ship personnel, machinery, logistical supplies, tactical supplies, and strategic supplies, along with the blueprints, for what they thought would accomplish their goal of pioneering on other planets.

They were wrong, so they hired the Shadow Virtual Reality Engineers to Dream build their biocities, completely in a biosphere, self-contained, and able to resist any security breach the planets would be able to throw at them.

This, of course, isn’t cheap, so they borrowed 300 to 600 trillion dollars, from the Shadow Banks, to do this, in the hope, and knowing, that new resources and wealth, waited them on these knew planets, and they were determined to mine, grow, and anything else they needed to do to bring the wealth home.

Ah, bring the wealth home, this needed a whole new method of transporting their goods back to the Earth, and then to have a place to store them, where they would be safe, they needed security, and a secured space to stockpile their resources, but which would separate each governments wealth and resources.

They called in The Flange, top security forces, and VR Storage builders, with infinite storage available through stacking, and positioning.

We are, now, up to 10 quadrillion dollars ( and foreign monies transferred into dollars, german marks or swiss franks ).

These notes were called this month, having being initiated in April, 2014.

What was the cause of this calling in of the note; the government threatening citizens with jail, if they didn’t pay their taxes, and used this threat like a club, to power force them into doing what they wanted.

Every government sooner or later, makes a mistake to try to force citizenry by threat and intimidation, to do what they want them to do, rather than the other way around, where the people are over the government.

Prime example of this is the US, which has become a total war monger, using drones, saying they can attack Americans, even in America, if they are there, and the one, who signed this undemocratic, national defense of 2012, Obama, putting into place, the final piece of the ability of the President to take over the country, started by and set the stage was- Bush and the new nobility- republicans.

What did these signatory governments do against the Shadow government, they brought military force against them, and suffered a terrible defeat, and loss of face, of their idea of their own power in the world.

The Shadow Realms have weapons far beyond the understanding of the present intelligence of the human race; they showed some of these weapons, by transferring the whole attack force, from where they were starting their attack, to a VR holding area, of vast farmlands, skies, and other natural resources.

The only thing missing, their military war machines, small arms, airships, and so on.

The Avengers was the name they chose for themselves, for they didn’t want to have to pay their debt; they chose the wrong way to do it, it now triples.

Payment on the interest allows personnel and peace equipment to be released, All should be released by Monday of next week.

The Shadow Realms stand ready to defend themselves against any attack by any attackers. Learn this and survive, forget it and face total surrender or else.

We are not your enemies; you are your own worse enemy.

The Realms Grow!

Lecture # 7 The War of Wars

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


Shadow news, here, yes you are hearing it here first, the War of Wars has begun, on a Universe wide front, on one side is the Rangers, and Friends; on the other side is the Constellation, the Ancients, and the Dark.

The Constellation and Friends, struck on a wide range of places across the known Universe; they were surprised, when the Rangers & Friends, were there to meet them, and to keep them from hitting their target planets, star stations, and etc.

The battles were fierce, and either very long, or very short; the Constellation didn’t bring out their new fighters, but relied on the cone to do their fighting, for them.

The Rangers on the other hand, had new ships, never seen before, and they were deadly. They fought the formations of the ETs, and the Ancients, as well as action, from the Dark.

This first battle lasted for four hours, then the Constellation withdrew; satisfied with what they had learned with the engagements, in this opening move of the war.

The Rangers knew, very well, what they were doing, testing out their new fighters, and given them some idea what the Master Class battleships, frigates and destroyers had, as well as the star carrier stations, with brand new weaponry, and new inventions, to help these new planes, etc., along.

The Constellation is fairly smug, for having not had the best day of the first movement of the War of Wars.

The Physical War, was fought tooth and nail; the Psychic War was fought mind to mind, with those minds of distaste and stupidity, used their elemental, and such, to try to destroy the freedom fighters.  It didn’t work.

Rangers, and others, brought with them, in every corner of the war front, the Dune Healers, massive hospitals to handle the injured, shot, etc., they are marvels of the Universe, and they all project a large Red Cross, showing they’re hospitals, and not war machines.

The Dune Healers, are for everyone, our side, or the other side, wounded, etc.. We treat prisoners of war with respect and determination, to show them we will win this war.

A shockwave went through the known Universe today, along with the Start of the War of Wars: The Whisperer, was on the front lines commanding the battle, showing his military leaders, how to use the new ships, he had built, and then trained Rangers on, so they could train others.

He/she/it made an important announcement; on the request of the women of the Freedom Rangers; they were allowed full military duties in all situations.

It is hard for any of the Rangers, or the populations of the planets of the known world to be in the presence of the Whisperer, for his/her/its energy is so great and so demanding, that they do for themselves, what is best for them, that they have to find ways of controlling it, or rather disciplining themselves, on how to be in his/her/its presence

The Whisperer introduced his new second in command military, politically, socially and computer ranching; his/he.itsr name is Dymond. He/she/it is a Menta-Telepath/Ranger Wilder.

The Whisperer is to announce the new heads of the areas grided off; each of these new leaders, are only the Voice, of the Rangers, etc., within that section.

The Commanders declared this Hope Day!

Lecture # 4

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

Ah, my fellow Shadowians, how are we today, does the light of day hit you, and you squirm away in anxiety of maybe being seen, rather than being a lurker.

We shall now talk about the structure and layout, if any, of Shadow.

First, Shadow, is not only the construction of MJ12, networks; but it was principally designed by the Helpers, who were human and not, and are not limited to body time clocks, and live when and as how long as the wish.

The Helpers, come from the Engagement of the Helper of the Universe; they came to help, to help the MJ12 networks, deal with the ETs, and eventually, as well, the Ancients; the Helpers, trained specific people, to deal with the enroachments of the Dark Sage, who wants to take over the realms of Shadow, and then of Real Time.

The organization and workings of Shadow are myraid; they utilize Mog lines, that are quite different than lei lines, which are found throughout the Universes.

Mog Lines are musical lines of circular positive energy, coming directly from the Universe(s), and which are not lei lines stable, but are creative, and appear as what is needed, and called for its creation.

It is what keeps the Shadow safe, from the ETs attacking them, and sealing off the freedom of Shadow to operate.

There is one more thing that keeps the ETs, fairly in line, The Whisperer, they have lost great battles with this being, and the Whisperer is now the Helper of the Universes, and all other realms of reality and non-reality.

Mog realities are created by need, perception, feelings, and knowings, as well as, Seeings, and they last only as long as needed. Shadow offices, communities, travel lodges, and so on, transform its presence, from one place to another, before the second arrives, from the last.

All Shadow Circles ( see the header menu ) are kept safe in this manner, ETs utilize time, and Shadow creates and utilizes between time, into chaos, and sereneness.

We call these Mog Centers, Lightshelters, along with Garden Isles, they’re found wherever they are needed.

How do they know when there needed, or need to transform to between time and space; by the Shadow Callers. Duncan O’finioan is a Shadow Caller.

David Corso is a  Bender, a defense Shadow, and much, much more.

Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan are wynd callers.

Ace is the See Caller.

We, now, see the truth of MJ12 networks, and how they keep themselves safe from ETs, Ancients, and the Dark.



Who rules Shadow?

To start, let’s look at what we know to date: 1. Shadow exists, 2. it is underground, 3. it is worldwide, 4. the government overseers of Shadow and the underground is supposedly MJ12, 5. there are MJ12 committees in every country in the world, they have come together to form a new world government, which plays at being responsible to the real time government, but they are much more powerful, 6. the real power in the Shadow is the abducees and contactees of ETs and Ancients, 7. they are double abductees/contactees, for they are kidnapped by the military/armies of each of the world’s counties, and subject to torture, testing, psychological warfare and many more harsh subjugation techniques, and they are used by black ops to do many things, for they have been programmed to be at the beck and call of the ETs , and now the Ancients, so they are high resolution destructors, and assassins, 8. the military believe they are the power behind MJ12, and protect the MJ12 committees, but they aren’t, for they are unable to stop the super soldier, ultra warrior, Dragon and Maker, 9. Dragons are those who have been trained by ETs, to be erasers, and political saboteurs, super soldiers are to eliminate high profile targets, some of which are the MJ12 committee, when they fight among themselves, so the MJ12 committees are the front of Shadow, but the real power is held by the abductees/contactees in each of the countries of the world, 10. MJ12 is made up of the smartest humans in the world, in each country, and thus they have the intelligence to design, and operate military weapons, they design, and defense factories make them, under false names, and ship them to Shadow areas, for the MJ12 henchmen to pick them up, they also develop, and ship to earth many military weapons, made on the moon, Mars and others through dimensional havens and doorways, 11. ETs have created Shadow Dimens, who are not limited by the usual limtations of humans, these humans are super and physical manipulative, of themselves and that which they are around- physical, mental and beyonds, 12. beware the silence, 13. Psi ops are weapons of the supersoldiers, ultra warriors, Dragons and Makers,  they are trained by ETs, and enhanced by the military to create counter insurgence combat personnel.

The Shadow is run by MJ12 committess, in every country in the world; they are over seen by governments in real time; the underground power of the underground, lies with the abductees/contactees of the ETs and the Ancients, by their training, skill, psi ops and total talents, abilities and skills, which make them unbeatable, and their distrust of any government, real time or world, make them stay independent of governments, and they push the buttons of the MJ12 committees, when it is necessary, but they dislike politics, so are willing to let the MJ12 committees to run the world government, as long as it doesn’t interfere with truth and freedom, of themselves, and those who are effected/affected by Shadow.

The abductees/contactees are Rowdies Rangers; they are warriors all, and have struck against the ETs in a battle on Near Earth, where they destroyed all the labs, camps, weapons, robotic weapons, on the planet, especially the Indestructo labs of the ETs, the most fortified of all the operations of the ETs on the planet.

Shadow stretchers across the Universe, and the ETs and the Ancients, call those they kidnap Primitives, for they cannot stop them, and the Primitives are Rowdies Rangers.

The head of Shadow, Universes wide is Whisper, though, many within it have never heard of him/her/it, which ever; he/she/it controls everything behind the governments, etc., in real time, from the underground of Shadow.

The real time governments think they are in power over both real time and Shadow, they are wrong, abductees/contactees, are the real power of Shadow, Rowdies Rangers, and Jedi Knights.

Jedi Knights are those who have taken on the belief of a force in the Universe which guides and is guided by them. They have taken Red as their color.

Jedi Knights are those who have found the way to live by touch contact with the Microcosmic Force, they have taken on the color Blue.

The fourth way is the network of Native Americans, and they have taken on the color green.

SciBlast are scientists who want to get rid of power all together and create a world based on science, they have taken the color purple.

One more network, is the Amazons, made up of women, who want to create a world of peace for themselves and their children.

There are subgroups, etc., but this is the make up of Shadow.

What are the three realms of Earth, Galaxtic and Universe, throw in Dimensions

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

To begin, we must first show what realms exist, which are the major ones, which are watched and emulated by smaller realms:

1. Real Time Realm

2. Shadow Realm

3. Rain Realm

Here they are- the major realms, found upon the planet called Earth.

Real Time is the world you see everyday, the business, the wars, the news, the internet, and more.

The Shadow world is quiet different, it only allows those who walks its many paths, to know of its existence, and if one finds out about it, then they are made to forget, disgraced, or etc.

RAIN world is that of overseeing Real Time and Shadow, shining the light of spirituality and trueness upon both, even if they don’t want it. Truth hurts, and truth builds.

The Real World or realm you can see on tv, radio, internet, etc., so we won’t talk about this, even though  security, is running amok, and keeping track of every being on the planet, could get it and its systems shadowized.

The shadow is a world government, dealing with not only planetary matters, but solar systems, galaxies and universes, along with dimensions.

The shadow is a network of MJ12 task forces, who over see all contact, interaction, treaties, etc., with ets, and so on. They feel they are the government leaders, and play that game to the hilt.

Unfortunately, for them, they aren’t; they are the secondary net under the true leadership of the Shadow, who are given the role of professional overseeing of the worlds of Shadow.

So we have the question of who really is the power, the movers of the Shadow realm, and who moves trillions of dollars, etc., around the world  at a moment’s notice, to fill in any gaps within the Shadow.

The Shadow is the old west, and the future world of any kind of environment you can think of, and the Power of the Shadow, keeps all of them in check, while building out the true environment, in which all will benefit.

The Power is definitely not anyone who thrives on power, war, bigness, and so on. They are the ones who feel the might of the Shadow realm.

The Shadow doesn’t interfere with much of what goes on in Real Time Realm, letting it take care of itself, allowing it to create environments, which enrich only those who already are rich, wealthy and porkers; this covers individuals, businesses, stars, governments.

The Shadow has everything to do with the underground, the interaction with the ETs and now the Ancients, and the goings on of the ETs, Ancients and those beings on other planets.

However, the Shadow Realm also deals with the Dark realms, those who don’t want their presence known, so they can do their dastardly deeds by unknown presence, and workable ideas and formulas.

The Shadow world works because of its protectors: Makers, Dragons, black ops and psi ops, who oversee all that goes on in the Shadow realm(s), and makes sure that it runs the way its supposed to.

The Shadow Realm is everywhere on the planet earth, and works its magic, projects all over the world as well, but more often than not, the Shadow workers, are off planet, and building a framework of net projects on planets around the Universe, unpopulated, or in conjunction with a Shadow world government there

Shadow Trekkers also visit and catalog unknown planets,  thus are building a universe wide map of the Universe.

The Shadow world is financed by black ops funds, vast investments in Real Time, and through the working with the Whisper, who funnels money, etc., in planets all over the Universe, and is for all purposes, the single power in the Universe.

He/she/it is in fact the director of action in all Shadow realms all over the Universe, and the unequivocal power within the universe, even over the ETs and the Ancients, who hate this unknown force of nature,

Who controls the Shadow? The better question- who creates the Wisdom, so the Shadow makes the right decisions on their own.

May the Microcosmic Force Be with You!

What is the Shadow?

Ladies and Gentlemen of all persuasions and colors, our question today, is what is the Shadow, the Shadow, my friends, is you, you are the Shadow.

Don’t believe me…..you are the Shadow, because you came here tonight to read and to listen to what is the Shadow….you want to know if this is an honest perception, or if my view is wrong.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Shadow exists, it is super soldiers, ultra warriors, Dragons, Makers, on one finger of Shadow, but it is also trade, finance, media, tech, reverse engineering, engineering, underground, politics, families, real estate, mass movement of urban areas, same with rural areas, it is music, it is UFOs, it is ets, it is ancients, it is magic, and it is invention, its flight, and its speed, its manufacturing, and its specialization, its general, its openness, and its secretness, it runs by process, and runs by units, and runs by color, and runs by psychic, paranormal, parapsychology, death, life, and inbetween; it is spiritual, it is darkness, and it is shadow,  it is entertainment, and it is  conflict, confrontation, surprises, and endings, and its life, transforming to the ones who are living the life of the Shadow.

The Shadow is a quasi world, which has all the features of a country, without boundaries, we work all over the world, and far beyond it, we utilize the solar system as a base of not operation, and have similar shadow processes all over the Universe, we create doorways, transmats, stargates, and transdimensional steppin’ to those who are Makers, and those who are Makers and not.

The Shadow is different in that it does not allow those within it to shape it; it shapes itself always, and those within it have to deal with its newness, or they are forced out of Shadow.

I am Shadow, and so are you, you just haven’t allowed yourself to know that, as yet.

Shadow is all around you, and comes out of you in the freedom to be yourself, for in Shadow, you aren’t shaped by Shadow, but by you, and you are constantly interacting with Shadow, as well as, the life and continual lines of real time.

Shadow and real time are opposites, for real time, moves in quasi lines, and shadow moves in circles , rounds and inner wholeness, but the one who brings sanity and color to both is the Rain.

The Rain can walk in either realm, and stay free of the traps and the guidances, continually trying to take all within itself, to be squiggly lines, rather than flowing lines, squares, rectangles, and triangles.  The Rain ends all indecisions, and acts to the feeling within itself, and brought about by the continual action, within the circle and roundness of movement, and fullness.

Shadow lives; Real time looks to squiggly linear vision to try to live and love, to gain happiness, Rain is happiness and beyondness.


Work on me

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

Today has been a hard day, my heart has been giving me problems, so I have to breathe deeply to give it more oxygen. I am still working on bringing  all five consciousness, into a single one, me.

Why me?

I am this incarnation; therefore I am the one who shall be the single organism, and the others will be me as well, so instead of five there will be one.

One thing the world doesn’t want the super soldiers, ultra warriors, and the Dragons to remember is they are extremely rich, for they’re paid bountiful bounties, for doing what  they do. They have bank accounts in Shadow with the only bank they trust, it is run by one of them, and he/she/it has strong protections all around it.

Shadow does not mean darkness, what it means protector of the light, which shines, because the shadow protects it.

The Shadow stretches all over the world, the solar system the galaxy and the Universe; and the Shadow Builder is the Whisper, who is also the Constellation and the Ancients worse nightmare.

The Ancients are those beings who were first to self-create, then deny their own self-creation, for it meant being totally self-responsible, and they wanted the out of being able to blame someone else, for their actions.

This didn’t create Shadow; this created Warpness, and no matter where they g-o they’re wrapped in this.

The Shadow, stretches to all realities, universes, vortexes and much more.

The Shadow is populated by soldiers, warriors, Dragons, and the Constellation, and now the Ancients, who see Shadow as their natural environment.

Shadow is light and light is Shadow, so what the manipulators see isn’t shadow, but warp reality, which they create by their actions. They hate Rowdies Rangers, who are bringing light and shadow closer and closer into balanced harmony.

What is the Secret of the Shadow- simply, music.

Warp reality is created by metallic music, not Heavy Metal, but of screech, scroung, and pitchscream.

MJ12, each in each country in the world, see themselves as the real power behind the state, and the ones in the light, are simply there to take the heat.

MJ 12 is pure Warpness. Education and knowledge of warpness, only creates more warpness.

The Constellation and the Ancients, both exist and create Warp.

Both are stuck in experimental science and invention; the Constellation are bio-neural androids, and the Ancients are solar magicians, who need the sun to be able to do their magic, but this isn’t a one to one, for they have great talent and abilities to store light within them, like a prism star, and they can generate their own light, for a time, for their angles aren’t as pure as light from a reality source or sources.

We would and do call the Ancients Magicians/Wizards/Translationers, for they utilize an outside source to be able to be who they are.

If there are those who need the light to be able to be who they are; it is certain, there are those, who need the dark, the warp dark, to be able to be who they are, and we call these the Lords and Ladies of Darkfire.

The Lords and Ladies are quite real; they are strategists, and never or almost never, put an action out first, they always let others do that, then they come in and try to twist it to their way, so they win and everyone else loses.

In my affirmations, I cal these-l the etc., for this is what they are, if you look for them as a solidness, they aren’t. but if you look at them as a not solidness, there you will find them.

The Egyptian Gods thought them human, but they’re no;t they’re slicers, and create dark energy, from the dark energy they frolic in. The Human Dark Gods and Ladies; are simply lost ones, who looked to gain control of the dark, for dark power, and instead found the etc., and became their brethren, and when they had learned all they could they fought their way clear of the etc., and became of the Dark Pure.

Ages long battles between them and the etc., and the light- keeps their number low, for most don’t want to be in a constant battle, but the Lords and Ladies of Warp Dark, love it.

Phase 2

Animals are an interesting lot, we look upon them as pets, and other species, and dumb, who rely on the law of the wild, but this isn’t true, they simply live on instinct and observation, and a very determined stomach that needs filling, quite often, as they are vying to win over something, all the time.

Animals live in light and Purple Power, and as such they choose their progression, by what draws them to the beyondness of light, dark, and purple.

Animals are not symbols of power, energy, they walk their own path, so if you want to make yourself into what you want, so must you.

Phase 3

Light is direct, or its reflective, which means that what reflects it is armored against its penetration. Light is also circular, chaotic, as if trying to tear itself apart, it is really trying to bring itself together. To create not a contained wholeness, but a balanced one, so in your self-creation, you did not try to build yourself as a container, but as a natural balance of life energy, light energy, shadow energy, and wild energy, of that which is found in the creation of all things.

And what is self-creation- balance- movement, which reflects itself and all the others, in harmony and dance, Dance is not only movement, but it is the maker and the destructor of life- itself. Consciousness begins. when dance becomes pure movement and rhythm is created in the spectacular music of happy, clear, flexible music.

To the question, which is first, you have lost the idea of self-creation, which is- all things create each other each moment and work together till the brilliance of new light in the totalness of Life Beauty, that sings the Light Content, and then outside and inside, begin to look outward, and create spirit, which then, goes into dreams, and works on the wonder of Outside, and the Darkness of the same.

Shadow is the area between Life Content and Outside malcontent, and true shadow, watches Outside, and does not get drawn into its games.

Shadow is the life between self and Outside, when wholeness, knows and sees itself, and then looks outside in all directions, and sees it is also within something, and that something is Shadow.

Phase 4

Remembrance, of the Life Content, and that all else flows around you, and you may interact with it or not; you are your own guide, your own creator, and your own wonder, you are truly beautiful!