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Lecture # 6

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


We now know, that MJ12 units are not to be found in the physical levels, which we upgrounders, live on, but in Mogs, which are energy shapes, which are natural shapes, which balance themselves out, thus are stable transport points, in Energy Circles, which make up the realities, realms and so on.

Mog energy placement can be shaped, so shapers come in and and shape the Mog placement energies into what will be comfortable, for the shapers.

It does come about, sometimes, that two different species or more, want to shape the same Mog energy placement balances; this leads to bargaining, fighting, or Shaper standoff, where the best Shaper wins.

It doesn’t happen often, for these Mog energy placements, are balanced, because of lines of energy, which balances between inside and outside of itself, and this balance, causes placement of energy in particular symbolic levels of movement, vibration, musical notation, and energy soma, meaning the shape of the energy, stabilizes it and creates a musical pattern, for it to shape itself to, this is a microcosmic, holistic creation, where all energies are needed to create the functional shaping, of the Mog circle or circles.

None of the energies are first, for they’re needed at the same time, to balance out the musical pattern being shaped by their forming, so all creation is a holistic, symbolic pattern, created holistically, microcosmically, so none are more important than any other.

The secret of realities, realms, experiences, physical creation, is microcosmic, holistic creation, where all come together, to create the symbolic musical patterns, which make up the symbolic structure of the Mog Circle, at the same moment of microcosmic, holistic creation.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!