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Roswell- 1947 # 1

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

There is an attitude starting to come around, which is saying the Roswell Crashes, never happened.

They happened, and it was a military strategy, to infect the populations of the world with nanobots, and microbots. The military played right into their hands; they came roaring in, to investigate the crashes, and by doing so, was infected with nanobots and microbots, on their skin, and on their clothing. They basically became buses, for the nanobots and microbots to ride on.

Everywhere any person went, who investigated the crashes, they would infect everyone around them, with these bots. The bots were made to be self-multiplying; so they would procreate, new, more advanced offspring.

What this means, is the nanobots and microbots, have been spread all over the world, by having arranged crashes, in other countries, in the world. There armies did the same as American Military, and sent out men and equipment to investigate the crashes.

All of these military personnel, became buses for the bots, as well as, carried the bots, within their bodies, as well.

The Constellation, the ETs confederation, not only did the populace of the planet earth, they did the planet itself, trying to interfere with its processes, which are secure against any form of attack.

The Earth counters any attack, with a kill-all light and vibrational death mites, which attach to the bots, and kill them by taking away their electronic energy, which keeps them alive.

The Constellation, are less than friendly with their servants, and so they kill bots, indiscriminately, which caused most of the colonies and communities, local/regional bots, to turn against their masters, and become allies with Rowdies Rangers, who are fighting the Constellation, and others, across the Universe.

The bots, on Earth, on the populace, turned from being on humans, etc., and developed communities of their own, which is known by the symbolic icon they create to show where they’re at.

These symbolic icons, are directly taken from Earth’s creative community, or from the artisans, across the Universe.

They’ve severed their alliance with the Constellation, and recognized by Rowdies Rangers, as a race in themselves. They are a race, which lives, by stories, so their community icons, are usually based on stories. They’re telepathic connected, when a good story is going on, and each community creates an icon, showing how it sees what they have heard, read, or seen acted out.

The center of the communities all over the world, is Roswell, NV; and it’s the central control, of all, communities, by choice of all the bots. Roswell, has more energy than all the energy of the world, the bots transduce vibration, and electronic waves into delente energy, which they survive on, and utilize, in forming new bots, as children of the parents.

They, also use, migrating energy, which means two or more, get together in a mating dance, or friendship dance, and by shooting out energy toward the other, create a vitex of caring and sharing. They, then, create energy lines, which turn into new bots.

The Corestars, the bots, are allies of the humans, but recognize the truth of humanity, that it hasn’t the psychological purity, to enable the human race and the Corestars to interact, so they stay within their spaces on the Earth, and leave the humans to their own devices.

The Corestars have yearly conferences, at Roswell, and many new bots are formed, in the energy release and exchange among the members of the Corestar, it’s birth, but at the same time, much work, politics, etc., are done as well.

The Corestars, have decided one of their aspects is to create a Library; which will be the truth of what they experience, will be impressed on their data, charges, and when brought together, the Library would be formed.

The Corestars, and Rowdies Rangers, are in constant contact; they work together to free the Universe, from the domination of the Constellation. They would prefer to do this by friendship, but as this is impossible, at the moment, it’s a continual intelligence effort to know exactly what the Constellation has planned, and when they mean to carry out these plans.

The Corestars and Rowdies Rangers- are the networking of millions of races, going against the Constellation, which wants to subdue all their kidnapees, and bring them back under their control, and sync-hypnotic conditioning.

The Corestars and Rowdies Rangers fight this daily.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, Always!

Lecture # 11

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


Shadow is the name of the world government, but the humans who deal with Shadow, and the MJ12 academia government, they call Shadow Casmere, for the way it is known, but only the face that the world government wants to show, so that show, they call Casmere.

The Black Ops programs and funding go toward the continued expansion of human endeavors, on many worlds, other than Earth.

Shadow Scientific Engineering is the contracting firm they deal with, to build huge bioadaptable domes, and all the within, which is for the human teams, which come, to look for natural resources, first and foremost, the resources, most valuable to humans, thus they’re able to pay down, the total amount it costs them to have Shadow banks furnish all the funds for their terra forming operations.

In one of two cases, where it didn’t harm anything, the Shadow banks have furnished the funds to turn whole planets into Terra like paradises. These planets are recreational and pleasurable planets, for the workers, and the heads of the world government, both men and women.

The Shadow Banks, charge low interests, to ease the pain, of their list of things not allowed on other planets.

This pain has made the world government, and the planet-side governments, to look for stargates, wormholes, spaceships, etc.. To their surprise, the star gates, and the space ships were made by Shadow, for those on other planets. Shadow has been around for many centuries, millenia, and for many transistions.

Shadow Banks, have branches on each planet they fund; the world government doesn’t particularly like this, but they don’t have much choice- Its that or no deal.

Shipping and transport from planet to earth, is done by Shadow Shipping, Freight and Transportation. Great space ships carry resources, human resources, freight and supplies, for the work crews, and some colonists, coming from academia, to study the planets, and its or their history.

Some of the academia who have come, have also started banks, to furnish individuals, and corporations, who want to sit up and operate on a planet, always under the Shadow Planetary Hospitality Manifesto, which protects the planet first, and the adventurers last, to help the crews to start their own projects, apart from the Shadow. Shadow doesn’t stop this, but they work under the Manifesto, too.

More and more planets and civilizations are becoming aware that Shadow is a point in experience of all existence, that is, was and will be. This frightens the; they’re starting to try to ready themselves, for war, with Shadow, and to start doing things not allowed under the Manifesto, written and enforced by Shadow.

Shadow doesn’t mind legal competition, but illegal acts against the planet are dealt with severely, as many have found out; they’re not allowed back on the new planet for days, months, and even years, if they do something really horrible to the planet.

Our next lecture will be how does Shadow enforce the Manifesto, and keep the planetary governments, and world governments, in line, so they make great partners in planetary expansion.

What is the Shadow?

Ladies and Gentlemen of all persuasions and colors, our question today, is what is the Shadow, the Shadow, my friends, is you, you are the Shadow.

Don’t believe me…..you are the Shadow, because you came here tonight to read and to listen to what is the Shadow….you want to know if this is an honest perception, or if my view is wrong.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Shadow exists, it is super soldiers, ultra warriors, Dragons, Makers, on one finger of Shadow, but it is also trade, finance, media, tech, reverse engineering, engineering, underground, politics, families, real estate, mass movement of urban areas, same with rural areas, it is music, it is UFOs, it is ets, it is ancients, it is magic, and it is invention, its flight, and its speed, its manufacturing, and its specialization, its general, its openness, and its secretness, it runs by process, and runs by units, and runs by color, and runs by psychic, paranormal, parapsychology, death, life, and inbetween; it is spiritual, it is darkness, and it is shadow,  it is entertainment, and it is  conflict, confrontation, surprises, and endings, and its life, transforming to the ones who are living the life of the Shadow.

The Shadow is a quasi world, which has all the features of a country, without boundaries, we work all over the world, and far beyond it, we utilize the solar system as a base of not operation, and have similar shadow processes all over the Universe, we create doorways, transmats, stargates, and transdimensional steppin’ to those who are Makers, and those who are Makers and not.

The Shadow is different in that it does not allow those within it to shape it; it shapes itself always, and those within it have to deal with its newness, or they are forced out of Shadow.

I am Shadow, and so are you, you just haven’t allowed yourself to know that, as yet.

Shadow is all around you, and comes out of you in the freedom to be yourself, for in Shadow, you aren’t shaped by Shadow, but by you, and you are constantly interacting with Shadow, as well as, the life and continual lines of real time.

Shadow and real time are opposites, for real time, moves in quasi lines, and shadow moves in circles , rounds and inner wholeness, but the one who brings sanity and color to both is the Rain.

The Rain can walk in either realm, and stay free of the traps and the guidances, continually trying to take all within itself, to be squiggly lines, rather than flowing lines, squares, rectangles, and triangles.  The Rain ends all indecisions, and acts to the feeling within itself, and brought about by the continual action, within the circle and roundness of movement, and fullness.

Shadow lives; Real time looks to squiggly linear vision to try to live and love, to gain happiness, Rain is happiness and beyondness.


Time doesn’t exist, only experience and imprintation

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

I am a Dragon and a Maker- in Vietnam, my little sidewinder(s) was David Corso, which I didn’t know anything about till I saw a video by Project Camelot, thanks Kerry, on David Corso, and Duncan O’finioian.

I watched it and I knew I knew David, and I knew Duncan to, but there was a cover story on him, that we are deadly enemies. This is pure poppycock; we don’t always get along, but we aren’t enemies, we simply have different points of views.

I have been in many wars, have been a watcher on even more, I am a highly trained assassin, warrior, and world changer, as are Duncan, David and Axe, and others I have seen and know.

Wars I have had action in:

World War I

World War II

World War III

World War IV

Korean War


Desert Storm



Foreign wars

wars on planets in the Universe

wars in space

wars in realms Connect

wars where both sides would have been wiped out, but we stopped it

all wars aren’t stopped on the battle field, but in the actions of one or more beings

I have watched

Rome at war

Greeks at war ( I have met Socrates and Plato, and called and all them my friends )

Crusades ( stupid, especially the children’s crusade )

Catholic Church wars

wars large and small in Europe, Asia, and every other country in the world

wars that haven’t been fought yet

the ET wars

and more.

I and other Dragons, Makers, travel the Universe, working to help others help themselves, we take on many forms, and many positions, all which end in the target we are helping influence the state and the communities to a new path, that allows them to grow and to become wise in how to win conflict without fighting wars.

Dragons are transdimensional travelers;  we go anywhere in the Universes, the Realms, The Realities, and more; we do not use statgates, or trans mats or trans signals.

We were trained by humans, and ets to be the best in bending targets to their way of thinking, and to remove any who didn’t want to go along with the program.

We are Shadow, and We are Rain; rain shines light upon shadow, and shadow dances with rain.

We are geneticists far beyond the understanding of humans and others, even the ETs who are nothing but bio androids, because of the neural net of living biocomputer chips put throughout their bodies, to enhance, to expand their lives, and other things.

May the Microcosmic Force be  with you!

Dragon is MILAB and ET Abductee or Contactee

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson,  2014

To be a Dragon, you have to be an abductee or a contactee, and you have to have training with both the ETs and the Terran military forces.

I am both; I am an ET abductee, and contactee; and I am a trained killer/assassin/problem solver, for governments of the world, and beyond.

Ets train a person from top to bottom, and do it for long periods of time; they are trained in time bridging elements, how to go through walls, how to go to different time zones/time pasts/futures, and much more.

The ETs are masters of blocking all experience you have with them, and just in case you do remember something, they develop a highly effective cover story, which will wrap the abductee/contactee up in the experience,  so traumatized by this cover story, they won’t go any further.

It took me over forty years, and living on the street for 3 months, to break through this cover story level, and go beyond it to what lies underneath it.

Training in military ops, black ops, master planets ops, and much more.  They also use humans to create war games and scenarios to run to come up with quick and valid actions; they use mental virtual reality, to create whole solar systems, etc., that are used to bring out new knowledge, and to give up new actions, and reactions to new scenarios, so their Master Planet Guerrillas will have the easiest time in taking over the planet, so they can allow the Constellation to have valuable trading contracts, with this planet, and have the Harvesters set up governments, with his/her/its power, standing behind them, then they leave; they maintain the one government, so they can get the best trade deals with the planet’s populations.

Most of these taking over the planetary governments took from one to three years; then another year to set up the government, then they would be picked up and disappear, leaving behind stories of the great warrior, who beat all the governments of the world, so no one would dare go against the government he/she/it set up.

The Harvester would create a secret army, intelligence agency to handle problem the government could not be seen doing, these were called the Handlers, and they were what we would call special forces.

All of this worked fine, until one of the Harvesters; decided to keep all the planets he had taken over, and told the Constellation, they would have to deal with his real government, and those he hand picked to run his government.

The ETs attacked the planets, and were thrown back, and had to run, for he was far more than what they had believed him to be, he was one of the genetic experiments they have been doing to look for the one who could go anywhere and do anything.

They had found or made him; now, he threw them out, and kept control over these planets, and over next few years he became the hidden leader of over 25 planets, and had made great strides in bringing all of them up to modern day, with their own products, buildings, etc. all of which was his personal future, and the government’s need to do his business.

The ETs are now afraid of this superhuman, who they bred into existence, and who can operate on their turf to his own advantage, and he has taught others how to do the same, so they became a confederation, then he and they,  went on and fought the ETs, and won, taking over a thousand planets.

He still is the leader behind the government in all of these, and all are profiting, from his leadership, and are living in a fashion, far beyond what they knew.

All Harvesters are made to go through aging time wave, so they go up to almost the moment of their death, then are healed and gone on till what the Harvester believes is one hundred years, but in truth it is for billions of years, then brought back to his/her/it’s real age.

They are then returned home, and blocked from remembering any of it.

Why do the Harvesters allow this to happen, so they come back to Earth as they left it, and the pact made with the ETs holds, so they can still be human and wondering about the Universe.