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Kal: Star Empire

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

The OverDyne, of Shadow, want more and more technology, not at the cost of what the ETs charge them, but the ones left by the Star Empire: Kal.

They don’t want technology; they want the ones, who exist, in the many lands of the world, the planetary wonders of the Craigs, offshoots of the Mountains of the Himilayas, which are one of the outposts of an old star race, who lived here, as part of a vast Star Empire, and this was the farthest outpost of that great empire, so they put in place vast virtual weapons, to protect this end of the Kalllaalll Empire.

Or rather they hired the Weaponia, to do it for them, for they could make it, but it would cost too much,so they hired the virtual reality expert/wizard/creator to put into place the Nangerene, or the line of destruction, to any who would try to come into the empire, without permission, or who attacked the Kal colony, which was both military outpost, and scientific teams, as they tried to figure out how the Weaponia, made weapons of virtual reality, be real, and be able to use them with deadly force, if the need arose.

These weapons are still around, and just as deadly now, as they were when they were created, nozzled by the Weaponia.

The OverDyne of Shadow, are using everything they can to find these weapons, virtual weapons, which are here, but you have to know how to get to them to use them, so the OverDyne and the ETs are in a race to find those who can help them do this, being the reincarnated peoples of the Kal, and who know how to work the Virtue, virtual reality weapons, of far beyond mass destruction, and to get beyond the Nangerene, defense system, for to awaken it, is to be destroyed, if you do not know how to power them down.

They do whatever they have to to help in their search, for these memory treasures, are you one of the reincarnated Kal, and have you been abducted, or used as a section of the Great Library, with hidden codes, seeking Kal memories within you.

Good living!