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News Flash 1 Governments make terrible mistake and attack the Shadow Banks

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


Today, is an infamous day in the annuals of human stupidity, and greed. That’s right the governments of this world struck at the Shadow Banks, and realized they made a very bad mistake.

The US government, of course, was the head participating government, along with Britain, France, Spain, Greece, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, and others, sent in special forces, with vast technological back up to takeover the Shadow Banks.

What brought about this insanity- the note being called, of which the countries of the world are signees onto, where the Sahdow Banks. loaned them money, etc., to finance expansion onto planets and moons within this solar system, then once they had the taste for planetary partitioning, they wanted more , and so went out into the galaxy.

How did they do this, when the space programs of the governments, are at simple stages; they hired Shadow Builders, and Shadow Star Engineers, to help them get to these planets, they wanted to use the stargates, but these are ancient, and best left to those, who know the ancients way.

The Shadow Magnificiants were created to ship personnel, machinery, logistical supplies, tactical supplies, and strategic supplies, along with the blueprints, for what they thought would accomplish their goal of pioneering on other planets.

They were wrong, so they hired the Shadow Virtual Reality Engineers to Dream build their biocities, completely in a biosphere, self-contained, and able to resist any security breach the planets would be able to throw at them.

This, of course, isn’t cheap, so they borrowed 300 to 600 trillion dollars, from the Shadow Banks, to do this, in the hope, and knowing, that new resources and wealth, waited them on these knew planets, and they were determined to mine, grow, and anything else they needed to do to bring the wealth home.

Ah, bring the wealth home, this needed a whole new method of transporting their goods back to the Earth, and then to have a place to store them, where they would be safe, they needed security, and a secured space to stockpile their resources, but which would separate each governments wealth and resources.

They called in The Flange, top security forces, and VR Storage builders, with infinite storage available through stacking, and positioning.

We are, now, up to 10 quadrillion dollars ( and foreign monies transferred into dollars, german marks or swiss franks ).

These notes were called this month, having being initiated in April, 2014.

What was the cause of this calling in of the note; the government threatening citizens with jail, if they didn’t pay their taxes, and used this threat like a club, to power force them into doing what they wanted.

Every government sooner or later, makes a mistake to try to force citizenry by threat and intimidation, to do what they want them to do, rather than the other way around, where the people are over the government.

Prime example of this is the US, which has become a total war monger, using drones, saying they can attack Americans, even in America, if they are there, and the one, who signed this undemocratic, national defense of 2012, Obama, putting into place, the final piece of the ability of the President to take over the country, started by and set the stage was- Bush and the new nobility- republicans.

What did these signatory governments do against the Shadow government, they brought military force against them, and suffered a terrible defeat, and loss of face, of their idea of their own power in the world.

The Shadow Realms have weapons far beyond the understanding of the present intelligence of the human race; they showed some of these weapons, by transferring the whole attack force, from where they were starting their attack, to a VR holding area, of vast farmlands, skies, and other natural resources.

The only thing missing, their military war machines, small arms, airships, and so on.

The Avengers was the name they chose for themselves, for they didn’t want to have to pay their debt; they chose the wrong way to do it, it now triples.

Payment on the interest allows personnel and peace equipment to be released, All should be released by Monday of next week.

The Shadow Realms stand ready to defend themselves against any attack by any attackers. Learn this and survive, forget it and face total surrender or else.

We are not your enemies; you are your own worse enemy.

The Realms Grow!

Lecture # 5

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


One of the ways you can find where Shadow hangs, is by finding StarGates, translation labs, time chambers, orgone chambers, lei junctions, poppers ( time distance hoppers, which are instantaneous ), natural leaps, where a person can leap anywhere in the Universe, as well, as any other life energy spot that exists, by hanging out at this particular areas, er, spot.

MJ12s are very aware of those areas/spots, that are tied to space travel, instantaneous stepping out onto a new planet, etc..

Americans, and I’m sure other governments, have allowed the kidnappings of humans, for the ability to space travel, anywhere, within the solar system, then anywhere in the galaxy, and finally the Universe.

MJ 12s are in constant awareness of each other, what’s going on, instant communication, and they’re in constant communication with every ET race, they, and we, have come in contact with.

There are many organization circles in MJ12, MJ12 centers have everything needed to govern, protect, and to interact, with those outside the realms of this planet. Each center Mog area, has an inner sanctum, with huge spaces, for any kind of activity, and an outer shell, where all the interaction goes on with the ETs, Ancients, and the Dark Lords and Ladies.

Shadow News is the newsline, which is given by Mog energy, and then translates itself, into an historical document, and archives itself, in MJ12 Libraries.

Shadow News is a hotline of news, which is updated automatically,with new news coming in from reporters, news balls, and vibrational shapes, from across the Universe, and Beyonds.

Shadow News covers all news as it happens, and sometimes, before it happens.

Shadow News is shaped into area departments, and any vibration within its realm, is instantly tuned into and allowed to shape itself to the true news, that is happening, that’s causing the vibration.

This instant news, is then shaped into readable news lines, by shapers, who work with the energy, and shape it into a readable hotline.

Those within the Shadow, are in one way or another Shapers, and humans can be trained to shape this vibrational energy, by will and telepathic harmony.

Is all news broadcast, through Shadow news, no, for some is too horrible to pass on, and others are going against an individual’s privacy.

How is this decided, by the way the news is shape; it by necessity, shapes out certain news energy feeds, by its shaping lines, and what isn’t controlled, within itself.

Humans shape the news captor, and at the same time, they gather information on many subjects, with the help of the Helix System Identifier. The HSI, is a vast shaping translator, and translates the vibratory streaming, into its shape, and then into the area of the library, by its vibration shapings, place it, by its rate of vibration, and its frequency shaping, into defined systematic energy shapings, which are defined by the vibrational rate, and the frequency of the vibration, to shape, and to vibrate in harmony with energy systemized into shapes of revelant .subject headings, for library sectioning, and cataloging.

This is what the ETs, do, within human, energetic vibration and frequency, where they implant vast catalogs of data, in the Great Library, which is found within all primitive societies, not only from those who have been abducted, but in those they’re in close contact with.

Any energy can be shaped, but not all energies should be shaped, for there, are representatives, of vast energies, which are not easily shaped, or corraled, to do someone’s bidding, even energies can’t control them, for they explode the corraling energy apart, and it dissipates, so it’s no longer a functional like energy captor.

There are many energy artists, musicians, dancers, etc., who work with these energies, and use them in streaming ways, not trying to control them, but to work within them, on their turf, and not to try to shape them into turf they want to create.

One of the areas, humans shape, is the special effects, shaping, which allows a person, to take on the facial-bodymind shape of another, or of anything they can imagine.

The intelligence agencies love this, as does the military, and underground, governmental operations, who want to operate freely, without being outed.

Any Mog Interference and Interferon vibrational center, can be translated to another area, instantaneously.

Shadow Shapes!



Wherein is the truth of the spirit and not of the mouth?

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

Now we know the realms of the Earth, and beyond, but do we really, the Planet Earth, is a mystery, even to those who think they have solved almost everything. What they have solved is what their interests bring them to.

Mathematics, physics, etc., are simply languages, and languages reflects those who create it, so if you want to design answers, you do so by limiting the language to what you believe it to be, and see only that which you want to see, and which language you use, limits your insight into what lies around you.

What does this mean? StarGates, Trans Mats, Transdimensional steppin are quite different; the first two are language bound, and the third has no language, only action, and not what is seen, but what is focused on. What is focused on, is as close as a step.

Stargates and Trans mats are outside dependent, and get lost in trying to figure out the distances, etc., of what is happening, they have lost the talent, skill, ability to be a Traveler. A time traveler, perhaps; no an experience traveler, for time does not exist, except in the language of the outer directed, who spend all their time, in learning the minute equations of outside.

True experience, has no language, only action, and it is only afterwards, that language is found to say what it is to experience without language.

May the Force be with You!

What is the Shadow?

Ladies and Gentlemen of all persuasions and colors, our question today, is what is the Shadow, the Shadow, my friends, is you, you are the Shadow.

Don’t believe me…..you are the Shadow, because you came here tonight to read and to listen to what is the Shadow….you want to know if this is an honest perception, or if my view is wrong.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Shadow exists, it is super soldiers, ultra warriors, Dragons, Makers, on one finger of Shadow, but it is also trade, finance, media, tech, reverse engineering, engineering, underground, politics, families, real estate, mass movement of urban areas, same with rural areas, it is music, it is UFOs, it is ets, it is ancients, it is magic, and it is invention, its flight, and its speed, its manufacturing, and its specialization, its general, its openness, and its secretness, it runs by process, and runs by units, and runs by color, and runs by psychic, paranormal, parapsychology, death, life, and inbetween; it is spiritual, it is darkness, and it is shadow,  it is entertainment, and it is  conflict, confrontation, surprises, and endings, and its life, transforming to the ones who are living the life of the Shadow.

The Shadow is a quasi world, which has all the features of a country, without boundaries, we work all over the world, and far beyond it, we utilize the solar system as a base of not operation, and have similar shadow processes all over the Universe, we create doorways, transmats, stargates, and transdimensional steppin’ to those who are Makers, and those who are Makers and not.

The Shadow is different in that it does not allow those within it to shape it; it shapes itself always, and those within it have to deal with its newness, or they are forced out of Shadow.

I am Shadow, and so are you, you just haven’t allowed yourself to know that, as yet.

Shadow is all around you, and comes out of you in the freedom to be yourself, for in Shadow, you aren’t shaped by Shadow, but by you, and you are constantly interacting with Shadow, as well as, the life and continual lines of real time.

Shadow and real time are opposites, for real time, moves in quasi lines, and shadow moves in circles , rounds and inner wholeness, but the one who brings sanity and color to both is the Rain.

The Rain can walk in either realm, and stay free of the traps and the guidances, continually trying to take all within itself, to be squiggly lines, rather than flowing lines, squares, rectangles, and triangles.  The Rain ends all indecisions, and acts to the feeling within itself, and brought about by the continual action, within the circle and roundness of movement, and fullness.

Shadow lives; Real time looks to squiggly linear vision to try to live and love, to gain happiness, Rain is happiness and beyondness.