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MJ12- a fictional reality

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

MJ12 is the real power behind world governments; every country has one, and they’re gathering their powerbases, to get ready to deal with the panthers, they created, and who are now ready to come back, to take them out.

MJ12 is now called OverDyne, of Shadow, a name, which all aspects of the Planet can utilize, without it being realmistic, to any one area.

They’re the sole authority in dealing with UFOs, ETs, and anything else associated with the paranormal, parapsychology, UFO phenomena, the recruiting and mind controlling, supersoliders, ultra warriors, Dragons, and when they can, Makers.

This authority has been taken from them by Rowdies Ranges, made up of UFO abductees, who have been trained aboard Motherships, and have banded together to create Rowdies Rangers.

Rowdies Rangers, are what the ETs called the primitives they have met in the galaxy, and far, far, beyond. They look down upon them, but they don’t anymore.

Rowdies Rangers on July 4, 2010, destroyed all operations, on Near Earth, and have done so, twice more, as the ETs try to regain their Indestructo labes, without success. These labs are to create a bodymind, which could not be destroyed by anything, they would even weather a Big Bang, by being the ones who create it or if they didn’t create it, to be able to ignore its explosive nature.

There is now a new network of supersoldiers,  ultra warriors, dragons, and makers, who call themselves the Digonia, or the Dragon Folk, or the Diogenetic, who have been supersized in one way or the other, to make the human or primitive into what they want them to be.

Those who want to join Rowdies Rangers, are shown how to be with them, by being in another well established network or organization, called Jedi Knights or many are happy simply being within the Jedi spiritual path. These are those who want to be trained as a ranger, diogenetic, jedi knight or jedi.

Jedi Knights and Jedi are equal in all ways to Rowdies Rangers, but they may or may not have been abducted more than once, and thus, are part of the  Every Partner Family Network, meaning every person you’re sexually appointed to, becomes your husband, wife, or domestic partner.

For more on Rowdies Rangers: http://www.rowdiesrangers10.wordpress.com

For more on supersoldiers, ultra warriors, dragons, makers, dragonmasters, please go to-

go to: http://www.uforyders.wordpress.com

they’re entertwined with videos and written posts on UFOs, Whistleblowers, and truth warriors.

Welcome to the new planet freedon- INDIE!

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!


What I’m dealing with

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

I found out that my memory has been wiped, or at least blocked, and a total aspect of myself, I knew nothing about, has come to light. This new aspect, for me, is a deadly one. It is a trained assassin, martial artist, weapons expert, political destruct mechanism, protector, electronic expert, demolition expert, mobile construction engineer, survival expert, urban streets expert, psychological ops expert, primal telepathy expert, and much more.

At this time, I am working with these aspect consciousnesses 1. Dream Dancer- Self- Genesis Practitioner, 2. Terry Floyd Johnson- psychic, writer, counselor, 3. Assassin, Dragon, Maker, 4. ET abductee/contactee/planet guerrilla/warrior/ranger, 5. with a final one, which I won’t go into at this time.

The goal is to integrate all of them, into a single consciousness, with total transparenc.y