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ET kidnapping humans and their black ops programs

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

Horrors! ETs kidnap humans- whenever, and wherever they want to, and human can do nothing about it; not that human governments would, for they care nothing, for their citizens, but only want to destroy their privacy, and put them into concentration camps, via the fusion centers created by Homeland Security, 750 of them all told, for 50 states.

These fusion centers are a central network, where all police, security, etc., feed into, and give to them, all they have been doing and what is being done in their area of overseeing.

However, that’s for another blog- ETs kidnap humans and put them through many reprehensible acts, most, is to keep them psychologically on edge, so they’re manipulatable, and easily programmed for whatever experiments, and so on, they want to do.

First, when you are brought aboard the mother ships, you’re kept naked, for your whole stay there, if you leave, then appropriate clothing and weapons are given.

First level experience is the level where most kidnapees remember their kidnapping experience. This is where you go through decontamination, then you go either to medical, psychological/physiological, or sociological torture chambers, then after that, you’re usually paired off with someone to have sex with.

If you are well behaved, you are paired with a star, politician, musician, etc., if you’re not you’re deprived of sexual reward, for your behavior under stressful conditions.

If you’re only meant to be on this first level, you’re taken through many sexual situations, and this is where humans are matched by genetic pool, with others, they want to match with them, to blend the genetics, to see what comes about, from this scientific matching.

While you’re here, you become the handdog of an alien, and are his servant, and he teaches you the right way to be respectful to him/her, and all of the alien races, who are superior to humans. This is always rubbed into our faces; they are trying to make us believe it.

We don’t, and we have Socrates and Alexander the Great for this, for both were kidnapped, and when aboard the mother ships, Socrates started a spy organization, of gathering knowledge; all knowledge- they could find out about  the aliens, their ships, knowledge, and so on, and especially how to fly all of the ships. Alexander the Great, turned us into a universal army, and taught us, to remember everything we went through, and to do sabotage and other acts, to show the ETs we were not handdogs.

Sometimes, humans are taken with the aliens, when they are going to do trading, with another primitive, or not, species, but these are really military excursions, for the human is expected to tell them everything they observed in how to take over the planet, to do sabotage, and to rabble rouse the populations.

If you didn’t, then you were punished, with sexual play, but were not allowed to come, they would give you a shot, that would allow you to get hot, but not to come, so you had blueballs, while both men and women played with your body, other times, you were given something,t hat would allow you to come for hours upon hours, and you would have woman or man after man/woman.

At this time you were implanted with egg suits, which means eggs were kept in bubble like units, and only semen could penetrate them, so they could fertilize the eggs- where did these eggs come from, women, alien women, and from petri dishes, and all of them would be fertilized, because you couldn’t stop until you had many partners who gave up their semen, both men and women, to fertilize every egg, then after this you wore them for about 72 hours,  then the egg suit was taken from underneath your skin, and if you were still being punished, a new egg suit would be placed under your skin, but you would be allowed to rest, then they would come in and give you something to get your sexual appetites at fever pitch, and you would be making love hours.

This is done very scientifically, and all eggs and the partners were recorded, so they could keep a great genetic database, so they knew where each egg had been fertilized.

What did they do with all the eggs, they put them into hatching tanks, the petri dish eggs, have less than 5% chance of living, the alien eggs, are given a binder, to help the fertilization and of these 50% usually make it, of the human to human, the process is usually 97%, with three percent of genetic mutation in the egg.

Sounds very sexual doesn’t it; very energetic, but no great deal, wrong, for what they do is they put in sounds which go off in your mind, when you are sexually active, so when you finally come, you have put into the seed, your emotional response to it, the only one they don’t do it to is the human to human fetus, for the humans block it out, and won’t pass it on to the fertilized fetus.

The petri eggs, and the alien eggs are watched to see what kind of development they show, then they’re aborted, or taken to special tanks, and kept there while they grow, until nine months then a poison is released into the tanks and the offspring of the experiment are killed, and disintegrated to fluid, after which the poison is drained away, and the leftover is drained into seeds chambers, where it binds with the seed, and is traded with other alien races, more blood thirsty, and they taste is just right, for them.

On the first level, humans created the Extended Family Network, both females and males, were having a hard time with all the sexual activity, and the many partners they had, so the proclamation simply said whoever you have sexual relations with is your husband or wife.

This brought into being the Enclaves, where a couple would start a family based upon an idea, book, experience, work, etc., and others could join with them, and a man and a wife, could join as many of them as they wanted, so that each enclave would have the backing and help of others, through this man/wife family line.

There is a great air flow in the center of the rec area of the humans, and some of the other primitives, who were sexually compatible with them, and here you could step off the edge and float on air, which was spiced with a sexual stimulant, which cause the humans to have sexual relations, and the serum to keep them going for hours, was breathed in, so they could go on for days, and not get tired.

There was another great fear among the humans and the other primitives, this was the Disappearance, in which, you could disappear, from First level to this area, the training area of the black ops.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!