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Memory 2- Feb, 25, 2015

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Today, I was watching you tube, when I started having memories, to start shifting, from Vietnam, to planetary warrior.

I felt myself, back in Nam, and not being around any soldiers, etc., or outfits, etc., but doing my work and spending my nights in relative comfort, with a linear dimension home.

During the day I would go out and do my assignments, then would go somewhere nice, and flip out the Linear Home Pack, and I would have a total home, when I stepped into it, it created a pocket dimension, so anyone or anything could walk through that location, and would never know I was there.

Over the top of this movement, I had memories of my time as a planetary warrior, where I would topple governments; at first, I did it for ETs, but that got old quickly, I turned the tables on them, and started doing it for myself.

I had other technology to help me then, most of which I created, and was such, that the ET and the planetary populations, couldn’t find me, no matter how hard they tried.

I would go out and do what I had to do, to sew distrust in the present governments, and they would take over countries, until I had the whole planet under my thumb. I would then choose the ones who would run the world government, for me, and the Presidents of each country, would work for the Fields Prime Minister.

The Presidents would rule over their countries, in harmony with the Fields Prime Minister, and his or her staffs, councils, etc. The President had the same set up.

I would then go to another planet, and start the whole process again. I wouldn’t start co-operating as a guerrilla warrior, until the government did something I didn’t like, then I would start a campaign against them.

I got so good at this, that I could cause a planet to fall, and not even be there; next I could do whole solar systems; next, I started doing regions of solar systems, finally, I started to do whole Galaxies, that’s when I quit. It wasn’t fun anymore.

All were set up with Field Prime Ministers, Presidents, and then below them, Toggers, which were local officials, working directly under the President and the Prime Minister.

I had plenty of technology to help me in my wars with planets, solar systems and Galaxies. I was and am known as the red/white Teacher, or what earthlings call Santa Claus.

Obviously, not the same, as the Santa Claus on Earth, but as a benefactor of all the galaxies I controlled.

My finances, grew and grew, now, I am the richest single person in the Universes, having spread my control out to ten galaxies, strategically placed in the Universe, to be a doorway, to adding more galaxies, if necessary.

At this time, I took on a persona, which was wild, I became a singer/musician, and traveled the Universes, and made zillions of dollars, doing this, by concerts, e-comps, which could play my music, and sell knew songs, as they came out.

I made zillions of dollars, in this endeavor, as well, but then I got bored with it, though, I did and still do keep my musical hand in creating new songs, and placing them in trading posts, and over the net, so they could be traded, or bought.

To those who think I may be soft now, not a planetary warrior, at all, don’t make the mistake of coming against me, for you will fail, and I will take over your planet, or planets, and all the solar, star systems you have under your control.

This makes the Traders, extremely nervous;  they’re afraid, if they do something wrong, in my galaxies, they’ll have to answer to me. They’re right! No, thievery is allowed, but business can thrive, if they follow the rules, Protect the Planet, at all cost, and only do that which will grow the planet’s beauty, thus increase tourist trades.

Entertainment is always a good field to go into, to work in, to try to work you way into, but the entertainment field is overseen by the Elvan, not police, but more humanistic than that, they’re Stoppers; they make sure not cheating of any kind, goes on in my galaxies.

Technology is another field I got into, and architecture, for I am the Cosmic Engineer, and Traders, Lords, Adventurers, etc., pay me to build what they need, when they’re out doing their work, no matter, where it takes them.

The business of technology, and architecture, is extremely profitable on Earth, and other planets, wishing to have a Cosmic presence, for I find planets, and then make contracts with countries, to mine, to farm, etc., these planets in areas of plenty, always with the understanding they do nothing to harm the environment.

They complained about they couldn’t do that and do their business; I showed them how, and it cost them a pretty penny, but they would get thousands of times more profit, than it cost them.

Every country on Earth, now owes me 600 Trillion dollars, for- 1. space travel- getting them to the planet, they have contracted with, 2. bio-habitats, and work-habitats building, 3. oxygenation- of areas where they’re at, yet not influence the environment in any way, 4. new ways of gathering gold, gems, and other natural resources, never more than the planet, the environment can handle, then they were through; we had to, and have to, make new contracts, for the next planet, they’re going to be allowed to use, to get natural resources, etc.

Shadow controls all of this, and its an organization, business I put together, to watch over the contracts, be the bank, where they borrowed the money to do their planetary operations, have a security and help force, watching over all, and a technology operation, that made what they needed to do what they were there for, and still, not harm the environment.

Shadow operates Casmere, which is the banking, etc., organization of the Earth, and it is the oversight of humans handling the planet’s environment, which they have failed miserably, soon the humans will have to go, and then the terra farming of the New Earth, can begin.

Cheers! Chow!