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Time Travel Doesn’t exist

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

Time travel doesn’t exist, for the idea of time travel, in this manner, is linear, meaning time is a single line going on forever, never curving back on itself.

However, reality isn’t linear, and it curves and is rounded, throughout its existence, and that means doubling back on itself, time doesn’t exist, but existence, does. Existence is how reality shapes itself to what it wishes to portray.

What or Who shapes reality- those who are within it, throughout it, and outside of it, time or rather Existence, isn’t static, but is evolving, and is shaped here and now, by all that interact with it.

Existence is pragmatic, creative, and shaping, so that it fits what’s best, for those within it, throughout it, and outside of it.

Reality is created daily, and grows, as those within it, and throughout it, move, and build energy though their daily living.

The Universe Breathes!