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What does it mean to act in Black Ops, and ET Star Ops

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

Yesterday, I was watching videos from you tube, and I went deep in my interacting with these videos, and I touched two of my alter designed plastic consciousness. I felt them starting to move, so I stopped it, for now, but I will work through them and integrate then into the primary consciousness, Terry Floyd Johnson, Dream Dancer; Self-Genesis Practitioner.

I put Microcosmic Force Blessings on each of these consciousness, and alter designer consciousness, to bring them into full integration into me, so I become a single organism/bodymind.

How do these alter designs takeover me, and others, who are black ops kidnapees; by Triggers, and overflow in action.

Triggers, can be a voice, sound, music, technological stuff, etc., and it is always done to have the correct alter design ego, to come out, so there isn’t just one trigger, but many.

This means much of your and my life energy is caught up in maintaining these false ego trained consciousness.

What does a trigger, trigger, almost anything, so, if you accidentally trigger one in me, or other star trained, mental training, usually without our consent, and at these times, triggers are set in us, on a musical scale, which will be triggered at programmed call to action.

They can be non-violent, violent and/or deadly, where murder is done, of one or more combatants, and then we disappear, no one knowing of our presence

Each of us have our special loves in weapons, sabotage, undermining political systems, booby traps, explosives, landmines, disinformation, guerrilla warfare, war/attack strategy, planning, tactical, maneuverability, surprise, troop movement, keeping in contact with squad base, and more.

Each of us are expected to practice mentally, physically, consciously our training in self-defense, art of killing, silence and death, rape, fitting in with the local environments, urban environments, in the Shadow, and so on.

The training goes on even if we consciously don’t do it, it is running in patterns, that’s mind and unconscious patterns, all the time, even if we seem to be far removed from a super soldier, ultra warrior, dragon, inside, and especially in the design alters, we are doing this constantly, and especially at night, when we run through our training, and all up dates, mind exchanged, during the day, psychic talents, abilities and skills, and more.

Each design alter, carries within them full training, unconscious suggestology, and special skills, abilities and talents. They are deadly, and they will kill at the drop of a hat.

Each super soldier, ultra warrior, and Dragon in one of their design is an animal shaman, and they work only in that animals expression and deeds.

In another design, they are an imaginary dragon, and they are given the type dragon they are, but not with the limitations, as a dragon they can do anything.

Every super soldier, ultra warrior , dragon is trained in psi-ops, psych-ops, poli-ops, cult-ops, espionage, industrial ops, urban ops, cartography, and acting.

Now we come to the eraser part of each and every super soldier, ultra warrior, and dragon, this is a place of wild energy, lightning, wild, tumultuous energy, and this is the kill region, where mental projections of the above can kill with the mind alone.

Each of us are experts in illusion, and the creating of illusion, within the mind, or outside of it, where the target, experiences not reality, but illusion reality.

Do we get high tech weapons, we can, but we are the weapon, and we never fail, even if it doesn’t turn out the way it was thought it would.

I am experiencing aversion suggestions in my unconsciousness and subconsciousness, from that which makes me want to sleep, so new or stronger strengthening can be done to take me off the ideas I was/am thinking. I get this a lot.

Super soldiers, ultra warriors, dragons are under constant surveillance from ET, and Shadow Duck Blinds found all over the planet.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!