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Worldwide Majestic 12- Enclaves of the New World Order

The Majestic 12 are enclaves in every country in the world, the world governments are white ops, to carry out the orders of the Majestic 12- of their countries.

Majestic 12 enclaves, meet seldom, but they’re in constant contact with each other, through their Protectors, the super soldiers, ultra warriors, Dragons and Makers.

They make decisions and order their decisions on their Protectors, who give them to the governments of the world.

MJ12 enclaves, are the sole reps to handling the ETs, who are coming to the Earth, and kidnapping humans, and checking on the rampages they have going on: 1. kidnapping humans, 2. bots, nano and micro, 3. working the underground bases they use for holding their birthing tanks, for hybreds, and cloning, where they clone governments officials, in case they have to supplant them for a short time, or permanently, 5. they want to keep the humans aware that they are superior to them in every way, 6. to watch their experiments, and see how they progress, 7. to find the answer to the greatest freedom in the Universe, and found across the Universe- the Created Solar Systems, 8. to find the Whisper, 9. to utilize humans and other primitives to be planet civilization takeover specialists, 10. to force their will on the humans, by controlling their leaders, and replacing them when needed, 11. to maintain their bases and watch human bases on other planets in this and other solar systems, 12. to watch the stargates, the transmats, the Niches, the Lei Junctions, the Steppin’, and most of all to try to keep an eye on the Travelers or the Mysts, who travel anywhere by simply moving or utilize their bodies into music and vibrational wholeness, 13. to keep the cover stories on their kidnap victims hot, and strong, and the blocks they put in them- working.

Obama was replaced, for several days in December, then in January, his clones are excellent and his wife and children didn’t recognize this Obama was not their real father and husband.

They routinely replace generals, admirals, captains, and others in the military, professors, researchers, and others for brief or longer period of times.

At the battles of Valentine day, 2014, this would no longer be allowed, and they were to stop replacing humans, and stop kidnapping them, but to do this, we’re going to have to completely win over them, and place them under subjugation, until we’re sure they won’t attack us again.

Rowdies Rangers have chosen an acting council to handle interactions with others, and to carry out the wishes of the Rangers: 1. Madonna, 2. Terry Floyd Johnson, 3. Sandra Bullock, 4. Arnold S, 5.. Princess Diana, 6. The Rock, 7. Lisa Presley.

Roving Council Representatives- 1. Patrick Stewart, 2. Carrie Fisher, 3. Michael, 4. David McCallum, 5. Miley Cyrus, and as alternate- Emily Osment, Jeannette McCurdy

These persons are not leaders of Rowdies Rangers, but their voice to those who want to deal with Rowdies Rangers.

Super Soldiers, Ultra Warriors, Dragons, and Makers, are very individual, though, they are set up as teams of controller and operative. They work on their own, or with their partners, though, they work freely within a telepathic bonding.

Kerry Cassidy calls herself and whistleblowers, Truth Warriors, but Kerry is an Ultra Warrior, well on her way to being a Dragon.